The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1244

Chapter 1244 The Giant Goes Ashore

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Su Yu groaned. Was the Demon Emperor being controlled? The unusual behavior of the Demon Emperor over hundreds of years can indeed explain some of the problems happening now.

For example, Princess Yunxia dared to kill the nine children of the Demon Emperor. Isnt she afraid that the Demon Emperor will be furious when he is finally awake? Therefore, this rumor may not be groundless.

He inquired again about the Holy Magic Hall.

The gods of the Holy Magic Hall are all named generals, and according to their strength, they are divided into three levels of heaven, earth, and demon!

Su Yus eyes flickered slightly. What level was the general at? The one who came to capture me previously?

Master, for your report, its the heaven level!

What about the level of Demon Cloud City Master?


The rest are at the lowest level of Demon.

In addition to this, there is a commander of the Holy Magic Hall, who leads all the generals of the Holy Magic Hall.

Commander? Su Yus eyes glowed with the essence of light. Who is it? How strong is he?

The commander in chief is the former disciple of the demon emperor, the Demonic God of Six Paths! In terms of strength It is said that except for the demon emperor, the Demonic God of Six Paths has no other rivals.

Hearing this, Su Yus pupils shrank slightly. Even the eldest prince is not considered a worthy opponent?

He should not be! During the demon emperors retreat, the Demonic God of Six Paths is responsible for teaching the eldest prince. In fact, the Demonic God of Six Paths is the master of the eldest prince.

Su Yu was shocked by this news.

Among the nine princes and princesses, Su Yu has only witnessed the second-ranked, the sixth princess, display her powers. She is comparable to the Dakini in terms of power, so how powerful is the eldest prince indeed?

Alas, the commander-in-chief hidden in the Holy Magic Hall, is truly hidden.

What is his strength, compared to the god of death?

Knowing this, Su Yu was in a heavy mood. It seemed that if the nine princes and princesses want the coup to succeed, it may not be that easy.

Well, how did it go? The last thing that I asked you to do? Su Yu said.

The Prospective Deities that came earlier to report their findings took out a bunch of black beads that seemed rather common. However, on closer inspection, each of them was a Cavern world.

We succeeded in our mission and exchanged all the resources entrusted to us by you, sir. We finally succeeded in finding a refining demon who was willing to make us a string of beads with Cavern worlds secretly.

Su Yus eyes lit up, and he took the beads for further inspection.

There are nine sacred beads, each of which is a Cavern world.

Okay, send it to the Purple-Eyed Demonic god outside the imperial capital. Tell him to choose a bead with a Cavern World to hide in, and then bring back that bead to me.

As a god, the fluctuation of his divine power that cant be converged is too obvious. If he appears in the Demon Emperor Capital, he will be immediately discovered, but not so if he is hidden in the Cavern World.

In order to forge this series of small portable Cavern worlds, Su Yu emptied nearly 30% of the resources in the Jingyu world. Otherwise, no demon would dare to make a small Cavern world privately.

Everything was ready, and Su Yu said, Heir of the Purple-Eyed Demonic God, have you found him?

Like Su Yu, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God began to prepare as early as six months ago and hid his heir in the capital of the demon emperor in advance.

Ive found him. He is here in the house. Should I bring him over?

Su Yu thought for a while and shook his head. There is no time, tell him, dont leave the house at will.


Waiting for everyone to leave, Su Yu sighed and counted the time. Soon, it was time for the princes and princesses to launch a coup.

This turmoil is the only chance for me to leave the Demon Realm, and I have no other option! He has been wanted by the entire Demon Realm, and if he does not escape this time, there will be no chance to leave in the future.

Looking at the sky, Su Yu murmured, There are still 20 days before the coup, no, only 10 days now!

Bitter sea

The sky is blue, and the wind is fine.

Several beasts chased each other around and played on the bitter coast.

Suddenly, the two little beasts seemed to perceive something amiss, and they plunged into the jungle. They disappeared.

Large swarms of birds in the jungle were also startled and panicking. They flew towards the depths of the mainland.

Deep in the grass, the buzzing bugs snorted, as if there were signs of something taboo that was about to happen.


It was dark and peaceful, like a bitter sea with a smooth mirror, near the coast, when suddenly, a bubble the size of a human head popped up.

Then, the bitter sea fell into peace again.

However, on the shore where that first bubble bubbled up, the same bubble appeared again.

The number is increasing, one, two, three, and finally, millions of miles of coastline, at the same time, were filled densely with bubbles.

It seems that the bitter sea has evaporated, and there are boundless behemoths walking under the bitter sea.


Suddenly, a roar that penetrated the demon world burst out from the depths of the bitter sea, sweeping hundreds of thousands of feet of the water of the bitter sea, and washed everything ashore.

A million miles of grass and trees along the way were destroyed, and the stable demon world started to decay into an endless gap. The water of the Xing River outside poured in at ferocious speeds.

Groups of hungry and ferocious beasts poured into the demon realm along the Xing River.

Among them, there is a beast of god level!

However, when its front foot stepped into the demon world, the god-level beast halted abruptly, his ferocious eyes stared at the bitter sea where the bubbles rolled, showing its hesitation.

It stepped one of his feet in the demon world, and after a moment of thinking, it slowly withdrew its foot back.

It seems to be aware of what is extremely dangerous and chose to step back.

What a pity that its hesitation cost its life.

A dark, ink-like chain suddenly shot out of the bitter sea, splashing a large area of the water of the bitter sea, decaying the water of the Xing River into bubbles.

The wild beasts in the Xing River have also been poisoned by it, and not one was left alive!

The chain contains the rules of the Silk Road, and when the god-level beast tried to release itself from it, it was, alas, wrapped around the body by the chain.

Roar! With a terrifying roar, the god-level beast finally panicked, dragged the chain, and turned to run.

Yet despite it being infinitely powerful and at the level of the gods, the chain budges little.

Instead, the chain carried the water of the bitter sea into its body, causing it to growl in pain.

At the same time, great power came from the other end of the chain, dragging the god-level beast into the demon world, and it fell into the bitter sea.

Just as it was about to fall into the bitter sea, suddenly, the water of the bitter sea was separated. A huge Five Fingers Mountain, the size of hundreds of thousands of feet, suddenly appeared from the bottom of the bitter sea.

Looking carefully, of this unknown origin mountain, it was, in fact, a giant hand covering the sky.

The giant hand grasped hard, holding the giant beast of thousands of feet tall in its palm!


Then, the water level of the whole bitter sea suddenly dropped, because a huge creature stood up from the bitter sea!

It was a giant humanoid with a height of one million feet. It was extremely towering.

A deity of a thousand feet tall is less than one percent when compared in front of a giant. His size would only be half of its finger.

Giant of the Bitter Sea has appeared!

He opened his mouth, indifferently squeezed the god-level beast in his palm, and chewed.

One can only hear the screams in his mouth, which gradually weakened with the sound of chewing, and finally died off.

The giant of the bitter sea stepped on the demon realms land.

Suddenly, the earth cracked, and the demon world shook.

It walked to the place where Su Yu met with the three maids and sniffed with his huge nose.

Among the dust, a drop of gods blood-covered by the dust flew up.

In the blood of the gods, there is the imperial royal breath.

That is the blood of the ninth princess.

It was intentionally left behind by Su Yu.

The giant of the bitter sea greedily sucked the blood into his mouth, and his indifferent face showed an excited expression.

He looked up and looked forward. After taking a few steps, he found another drop of blood.

He was getting very excited. As he went on, every one million miles, there was a drop of blood of the gods.

He walked along with the route.

That direction is headed for the demon emperor!

Wherever he went, there was chaos and death.

This message was passed on to the Demon Emperor in just ten days.

The nine princes and princesses, the Holy Magic Hall and Princess Yunxia, were all shocked.

Giggle, the heavens are really helping me. The giant of the bitter sea is coming ashore again after only half a years time! The sixth princess was surprised when she heard the news.

The Book God has a different face. Her Royal Highness is preparing

Haha, of course, the coup will be launched in advance! The eyes of the sixth princess flashed coldly!

This we have not discussed this with the rest of the princes and princesses. If they changed their minds and failed to go along with you, wouldnt you be putting yourself in danger? A flash of anxiety flashed in the eyes of the Book God. He calmly advised the princess otherwise.

The sixth princess turned her head and stared at the Book God whilst smiling. It is only if someone temporarily changes their minds that the coup can be successful! Otherwise, if someone informs the others in advance, even before we launch the coup, we would have been discovered. If that happens, wouldnt that be a joke instead?

The Book God looked calm, and said lightly, Her Royal Highness is suspecting that I would betray you?

Well, yes, I have my doubt! Feather Demon, no, Su Yu said, you are a totally untrustworthy person, and whoever believes in you is choosing death, the sixth princess said lightly.

Book God said, So you based your actions solely on his words?

So what? Since you are a hidden danger, then I shall remove you first and then talk later! The sixth princess yelled and immediately attacked.

Book Gods face changed slightly, and he shouted, All come out!


Five strong gods appeared in the four corners, besieging the sixth princess.

The five deities are the city masters of the Jingxuan Realm, and the sixth princess had secretly persuaded them to trust in her and follow her to launch a coup.

You all dare to betray me? The sixth princess said with cold eyes.

The five gods didnt say a word but looked very calm.

The Book God hid behind the five gods and relaxed just a little. He said lightly, You betrayed the demon world. They are demon world gods. Of course, they must kill those who betray to uphold righteousness!

The sixth princess said lightly, Oh! What righteousness, using that to destroy the family? Is it because you promised them greater benefits?

The book god smiled lightly. You are indeed a princess who can be compared with the eldest prince. Very resourceful! Yes, I am acting on the order of Princess Yunxia. Whenever you have any rebellious actions, you will be killed immediately! These five city masters were influenced by me and decided to abandon the dark and threw themselves towards the light. If they take your head, they can get a great reward from Princess Yunxia, far better than risking a rebellion against the demon world with you.

The sixth princess scorned and said with hatred, You actually turned and sided with Princess Yunxia? When did it happen?

Just when you went to Seawatch City for talks with the princes and princesses. The Book God was already in an absolutely triumphant position, and he did not hesitate to tell the truth to the sixth princess. He thought that she had no other way to escape. He smiled slightly. The one with the surname Su is correct. Those who believe in me usually do not end well.