The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1245

Chapter 1245 An Advance Coup

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The sixth princess looked at them coldly. Do you think that you are my opponents?

As the second strongest member of the royal family, the sixth princess is qualified to say this.

Hehe, if you were in the heyday, the five of them would not be your opponents, but you are seriously injured Book God remembers very clearly that the sixth princess was wounded and secretly inquired. It was known that she was injured when fighting with Princess Yunxias three maids.

This is also the reason why the five-city owners finally decided to jump sides.

Since the sixth princess is seriously injured, there is no hope at all during the coup. Instead, it would be better to go back to Princess Yunxia and kill the sixth princess along the way.

Kill her, while she is seriously injured! Book God ordered indifferently. The chance of her having a serious injury happens only once in a lifetime!


The five gods are full of murderous intentions, and all attacked together.

The sixth princess, during her heyday, they would not even have the courage to do it, but now

Du Du

Two loud noises came suddenly.

The five gods who besieged were suddenly startled.

Even the Book God was taken aback. You

Does the sixth princess even look like she was seriously injured? She held a ball of Divine God Source Origin in both her left and right hands, and two city masters were killed on the spot!

The corner of the mouth of the sixth princess evoked cruelty, and she swallowed up their Divine God Source Origin and sneered. Su Yus strategy works really well. Only my suffering can lead you to show your true colors!

Su Yu! You mean, you pretended to be seriously injured? That is Su Yus suggestion? Book God stared, his face quickly became gloomy.

The sixth princess sneered. Yes! He gave me a message, and he guessed that a villain like you would not be willing to risk joining a coup with me and would choose to be with the most favorable party. So, you must have taken advantage of when I was absent and turned sides to join Princess Yunxia! Secondly, he guessed that you are good at calculating and manipulating peoples hearts, and so while I am away, you must have taken the initiative to persuade those under my command!

Now, it seems that his speculation is correct! The sixth princess had previously received the jade pendant left by Su Yu. She was still skeptical at first, but she also knew that the matter was of utmost importance, and she had to try it.

She pretended to be seriously injured, and at the same time, she summoned the city gods to escort and protect her.

Today, she suddenly changed her mind and immediately wanted to launch a coup.

They then hurriedly react to the situation, finally showing their true colors!

Su Yus prediction was really correct!

If one seriously thought about it, to launched a coup without knowing this, the sixth princess would have been first attacked by the Book God and the five gods, and she might even be killed on the spot!

Even if she was lucky, Princess Yun Xia, who had already received the news, must have prepared a death trap in the Demon Capital. Once all the princes and princesses rushed over, it was as if courting their own death!

Fortunately, Su Yu foresaw what may happen and gave her this jade penny in advance, telling her to remove all hidden dangers first!

Book Gods face changed drastically, and he turned around to run away immediately.

The sixth princess sneered. She paid no regards to him, but first dealt with the three rebellious city lords in front of her.

Her Royal Highness, I, I was blinded for a while, and I never would dare to do so anymore. I am willing to follow Her Royal Highness to overthrow Princess Yunxia. Please give me the opportunity to make up for my crime!


As soon as his voice fell, he was destroyed by the sixth princess.

No need to! Betray me, and you shall face the consequences! The sixth princess killed without hesitation, much like Shura.

There was a drizzle of blood, and the last two city masters fell into a pool of blood.

As for the Book God, the sixth princess did not chase after him but waited quietly.

Soon, the endless magic cloud came.

There was a wave of divine light inside, and in it was a team that was forty demons strong!

Among them, seven of them exuded the royal breath!

The team is headed by the eldest prince, who was surrounded by the other princes and princesses, including the seventh prince.

Behind them were the city-lords who were loyal to them and were ready to accompany them to the coup.

The eldest prince held a book in his hand, dropped it, and threw it to the sixth princess. Feather Demon is right, this person turned to Princess Yunxia, and the ones who stayed with you must not be his real self! For his true self, he is sure to hide it in an extremely safe place!

The sixth princess scrutinized the book in their hands and whispered, Even he expected this! What a fun thing this is!

The seventh prince wondered, Brother, sixth sister, why did you not tell us about the coup in advance? Didnt you tell us that it is in ten days time? If the coup is now, my people are completely unprepared!

The second princess stared at them too with displeasure. You two made up your own minds, and dont bother to ask us for advice, huh!

The sixth princess had only told the eldest prince about Su Yus message, only him and no one else.

This is also instructed by Su Yu. Even if the rest of the princes and princesses are credible individuals, are their people credible?

To launch a successful coup in advance, the fewer people who know about it, the better it will be.

Of all the princes and princesses, only the eldest prince can be trusted, and the rest are more difficult to trust.

Therefore, when the giant of the bitter sea came ashore, the eldest prince notified the other princes and princesses without warning, summoned the city lords loyal to them, and quickly went over to the sixth princess area.

Until this moment, they didnt know that they were going ahead with the coup ahead of time. Before that, they simply thought that it was only to rescue the sixth princess.

The eldest prince said, I didnt tell you, and that is my decision. Is there a problem?

They dared to show contempt to the sixth princess, but they had no such courage towards the Eldest Prince.

The sixth princess cast a grateful gaze, for her elder brother took the initiative to help her bear all the pressure.

The speculation of Feather Demon, everything has proven to be correct, and undoubtedly, our coup has long been known to Princess Yunxia! The prince said loudly, Only with a coup in advance can we still have a chance to win!

The giant of the bitter sea is our opportunity and the signal that the Feather demon created for us. When the giant of the bitter sea comes ashore, it is the time for us to proceed with the coup!

The giant of the bitter sea went straight to the Demon Emperor Capital, and it would draw away most of the firepower of the Holy Magic Hall in the Demon Realm. Such a rare opportunity; is there ever going to be a better time to launch a coup?


Although the giant of the bitter sea coming ashore must cause unimaginable damage to the demon world, it is better then if they die in the mouth of the giant, isnt it?

Princess Yunxia imprisoned the demon emperor, seized powers, persecuted the descendants of the royal family, and destroyed the order of the demon world. This demon must now be killed!

Today, as one of the descendants of the royal family, adhering to the will of the royal family, I will launch a sacred war against Princess Yunxia! The eldest prince shook his arm and shouted, Kill the demon concubine and save our father!

He raised his arm and shouted out loud.

The princes and princesses looked at each other, then followed.

Kill the demon concubine, save our father!

Gods loyal to them also joined in. Kill the demon concubine, save the demon emperor!

The shout of the gods shook the earth.

This day is bound to be a day that will be remembered in the history of the demons.

Nine princes and princesses of the Demon Realm, launch a coup!


Together with the princes and princesses were a total of forty gods. They headed straight for the demon capital.

The sky was full of god light and infinite magic clouds. It was an unprecedented spectacular scene.

Wherever they passed, the masses gathered, and all souls bowed down to them.

With more than forty gods working together, they prepared a long sharp arrow and shot it at the Demon Capital, heading straight for Princess Yunxia, who caused much trouble in the Demon World!

The uproar caused by the giant of the bitter sea coming ashore has not yet subsided. Now, news of the coup led by the princes and princesses hit the Demon capital like a tsunami as well!

When the coup army arrived at the Demon Emperors Capital, the preparations made by Princess Yunxia were not even fully operational, and they were destroyed by the sudden coup.

There are three gods guarding the demon emperor. Under the mighty army of forty gods, they are extinguished like fireflies.

The troops were divided into two paths. One was led by the sixth princess, which headed towards the ancient altar to protect their retreat.

The other path is headed by the eldest prince and went straight for the demon palace!

Suddenly, the Demon Capital was boiling with activities!

The princes and princesses collectively rebelled. This had never happened before!

There is no need to pass on this news. The demons in the Demon Capital can also feel the fluctuations of the gods in the heavens and the earth.

In his mansion, Su Yu, who had been sitting quietly for ten days, opened his eyes suddenly, and his face was tense. The coup has finally begun!

Everyone, listen to your orders! Immediately perform the task as I told you! Su Yu yelled. From the vicinity of the house, more than 70 prospective deities shot out like raindrops, and they went in all directions to perform their assigned tasks.

Su Yu was now alone and stepped out of the house.

At the door of the squatter house stood a beautiful woman in a white veil and a rather slender figure.

Her figure was albeit too slender, which gave people a feeling of morbidity.

On her head was a white gauze bucket, and he could only dimly make out some parts of her face.

Who are you? Su Yu glanced sharply and said.

He was inside the house, but to think that he actually didnt realize or detect that she was outside!

What made Su Yu even more amazed was that, even with prospective deities guarding outside his house, none of the prospective deities came to report her to him.

They are totally loyal to Su Yu and would not have betrayed him!

For her to stand here silently, she must have done something to those guards!

I am Bi Wanqing, and my teacher is the Purple-Eyed Demonic God. The womans voice was weak, and she was a bit sick, but her tone was calm.

Its you? Su Yus eyes flickered. The pupil of Purple-Eyed Demonic God was indeed within the mansion, but he didnt know that, in fact, this demon was a woman.

Follow me! Su Yu was too lazy to talk more.

The woman bowed her head lightly. Are we going to the altar? The giant of the bitter sea came ashore, and the prince and the princesses took the opportunity to launch a coup. If they are smart, they will occupy the demon realm altar exit as a backdoor for escape. If you want to leave the Demon Realm, now may be the best opportunity.

She is reminding Su Yu that now is the time to act.

Su Yu turned his head and looked at her lightly. You seem to think that you are smart?

She is not the same as Purple-Eyed Demonic God. His heir seems to like to show off her sharpness and intelligence!

She had manipulated the guards outside his door, to show off her unique points. Now, she cleverly reminded Su Yu of his next steps.

Compared with the low-key modesty of the Purple-Eyed Demonic God, his heir apparent is very different, as if they are two different types of demon.

No, I dont dare, but it is just that my eyes have seen it all through, the woman calmly said. Her eyes hidden under the white veil flickered with a hint of purple.