The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1246

Chapter 1246 The Blood Of The Giant


Su Yu shook his head secretly. This is a lady who pretends to be clever, seemingly weak, but nevertheless is a proud woman.

“That’s because you haven’t seen enough,” Su Yu said faintly, stepped out, and teleported. He disappeared in the courtyard.

The pretty face under Bi Wanqing’s white veil displayed a few traces of dissatisfaction, and her red lips were gently pursed. She calmly said, “Is this the source of the chaos that my master made me follow? He can’t even hear the slightest suggestion from me. A person like that, can he really bring me unexpected results? ”

Gently, she shook her head, and Bi Wanqing sighed helplessly. She followed and stepped forward. To think that he actually disappeared into thin air!

Except for gods, only a few of the late-stage quasi-gods can control teleportation!

She followed the breath of Su Yu and came to the ancient altar.

In her heart, she secretly said, “You claimed that you do not intend to listen to me, but didn’t you actually come here? Man, you just did not want to lose face in front of me.”

Su Yu flew closer, sniffing the bloody breath remaining in the air, and he confirmed what he had thought. “It seems that the escape route must be guarded first.”

“Giggle, I waited for you for a while now, why did you take so long to come?” The sixth princess playfully teleported towards Su Yu, her hand still stained with a hint of blood.

Su Yu said, “A little thing delayed me. The eldest prince should have broken into the palace by now?”

The sixth princess’s eyes looked at Su Yu, her eyes filled with joy. As she experienced the situation with the Book God as predicted by Su Yu, she became more interested in Su Yu. He far exceeded her ability to foreshadow the future.

Su Yu’s strategy play really convinced the sixth princess, who was arrogant, that he was a fine specimen indeed.

“Well, there should be no problem with the strength of my big brother and our army. After all, 70% of the demon gods in the palace are dispatched to deal with the giant of the bitter sea.” With that said, the sixth princess couldn’t help but admire him. “Thank you around this time. Even my brother praised your idea of attracting the giant of the bitter sea! ”

Su Yu smiled, his eyes firmly on the god blood on her. He had some ideas.

“Also, thanks to your arrangement in advance, we were able to enter the palace with the element of surprise. Haha, you are, in fact, the leader in this coup.”

Bi Wanqing, who was standing aside, heard this, and her eyebrows bent slightly. “Well? What does the sixth princess mean? The giant of the bitter sea comes ashore, and the coup of the princes and princesses…What has this to do with Su Yu?”

She looked at Su Yu and the sixth princess, and the sixth princess also noticed her. “Who is she? Well, she has the breath of the Purple-Eyed Demonic God. Is she the heir? Why is she following you?”

“It was a promise,” Su Yu murmured.

How clever is the sixth princess? Her eyes turned, and she smiled and said, “Is the Purple-Eyed Demonic God approaching his end, and is ready to entrust his heir over to you?”

Looking at Bi Wanqing, the sixth princess laughed. “You are in luck, following such a person, you will have endless benefits in the future.”


Bi Wanqing was a little confused. For her master to say so, it is fine. To think that the sixth princess will say exactly the same thing.

Why did she say that she would get endless benefits by following Su Yu?

From the brief contact she had, from her point of view, he was clearly a mediocre being, merely trying to save face.

Su Yu didn’t have time to think about what she thought, and he walked into the temple to collect the god corpses and blood on the ground.

These things, the sixth princess doesn’t care about, but for Su Yu, they have a lot of uses.

Looking at Su Yu’s actions to remove the blood of the gods, Bi Wanqing said nothing, shook her head, and sighed softly.

The sixth princess stared at her, and her piercing eyes spoke aplenty about what she thought. “Hehe, it seems that you are not satisfied to follow him.”

Bi Wanqing looked indifferent and replied, “Her Royal Highness thinks too much.”

“Hehe …” The sixth princess had read countless people. Bi Wanqing’s thoughts, she knows immediately with just a glance. She shook her head and laughed. “You are really a woman who thinks that she is so smart. The Purple-Eyed Demonic God entrusted trouble to the Feather Demon indeed.”


Bi Wanqing was clearly unhappy. Not so long ago, Su Yu had said that she was behaving too clever for herself. Why did the Royal Highness bluntly accuse her of the same thing again?

Inheriting eyes that understood everything in the world, Bi Wanqing often has a sense of superiority over others.

Today, however, she has been underestimated by others. This is enough to make her unhappy.

“Her Royal Highness, although you are a princess, there is no need for you to be so insulting, isn’t it right?” Bi Wanqing said lightly.

“Insult?” The sixth princess smiled, with a little irony. “The reason why I said that you pretend to be clever is because of your ignorance! I am too lazy to explain it to you.”

At this time, Su Yu came out, and there were three deities’ blood and corpses. Su Yu had collected all of them and left nothing behind.

“Oh? What do you want to do with the blood of the Gods?” The sixth princess came forward and asked curiously.

Su Yu’s eyes flickered slightly. “There are some functions from them. This place has been entirely protected. We shall leave two guards behind. Now, let’s go to the palace.”

“We don’t need to go, my big brother, given that he is attacking, plus there are not many guards in the palace, the ending is almost guaranteed! Moreover, as long as we hit the forbidden area of the palace and reach the place where the demon emperor recuperates, we can wake my father emperor up. By then, no matter how many cards Princess Yunxia has up her sleeves, nothing will be able to help her.”

Su Yu thoughtfully folded his arms and shook his head. “You are too optimistic. Listen to my suggestions and support them immediately. I will go with you.”

The eyes of the sixth princess turned around and said decisively, “Okay! After all, you are the mastermind behind this coup, and after listening to your suggestions, we did minimize our losses. I will listen to you! Let’s go!”

She pulls Su Yu together with her teleport.

Bi Wanqing was full of shock. She appeared truly shell shocked. She almost thought that she had heard it wrong.

The sixth princess said that the mastermind behind the coup was Su Yu?

How is this possible? Why will the descendants of the royal family obey an outsider to launch a coup?

But the sixth princess is unlikely to lie!

There was a roar in her mind, and she thought of a conversation in front of the house!

She thought she saw everything in the sky and on the earth, saw the giant of the bitter sea come ashore, saw the royal coup, saw the opportunity to break away from the demon world, and then reminded Su Yu not to be complacent and seize his opportunity.

It turns out that all of this is orchestrated by Su Yu!

He is like a martial arts cultivator who shows the essence of a certain method to a passerby who cares less. As everyone knows, that method is the creation of the passerby!

No wonder Su Yu would say that she is too smart for herself. When she was not convinced of this evaluation, he merely told her that she did not see enough.

Her eyes only saw the development of things, but she could not see the thinking behind-the-scenes that guides all development!

She recalled her dispute with the sixth princess, who judged her for acting clever and being full of ignorance. Bi Wanqing started to feel really hot.

From the interaction earlier, she really did appear to be really ignorant!

However, she is still not convinced by all of this. She has no way of believing something without seeing it with her own eyes.

“If you want me, Bi Wanqing, to stay willingly, then show me your skill that can truly convince me. Otherwise, I would rather die on my own than be buried in your mediocre hands!” Bi Wanqing took a step forward and also teleported to catch up.

When Su Yu and the others rushed to the palace, the palace was already bleeding badly.

There are quasi-gods’ bodies everywhere, interspersed with the bodies of the gods.

In the past, the splendid royal palace also fell apart during the war of the gods, and most of it turned into a ruin. Only the central forbidden area of the palace is still intact.

The army of coup d’ tat also invaded here, forcing the living forces in the palace to congregate to this place.

After a terrible battle, only five out of the twenty gods in the palace were left. Alas, all of them were wounded.

On the other hand, the coup d ‘tat, the princes and princesses are safe and sound, and the momentum they ride on is much like a rainbow. Only three or four city leaders have fallen.

This is a great victory, much easier than expected.

They have to give thanks to the giant of the bitter sea, which will attract the vast majority of troops.

They stared at the forbidden area, the defeated soldiers in front of a palace, and the middle-aged women in royal clothing. The princes and princesses, who were tightly protected by the crowd of city masters, all shot extremely murderous eyes at the figure.

The eldest prince held a magic sword in his hand, pointed at the middle-aged woman, and said indifferently, “Princess Yunxia, you have no way back, surrender! Don’t make unnecessary resistance!”

Su Yu looked from far away at the woman in the dress, his pupils shrinking slightly. Is that Princess Yunxia?

That is a middle-aged woman wearing a red phoenix robe with a golden hairpin in her hair.

A pair of eyes, calm as mountains, exude a majestic flair that rivals that of the emperor.

She sat quietly in front of the palace at this moment, facing the mighty coup army. Even with this sight, she remains unchanged and unfazed.

Such an imposing aura. Even if one is part of the coup d ‘tat, one is likely to be affected by it.

This is especially true of the city masters, who did not dare to look at those calm and majestic eyes.

“Those who create chaos, rebellious, and disregard filial piety deserve to be guilty and killed!” Princess Yunxia said gently. With great majestic flair, she uttered those words. All the city lords could not help but feel a pang of immense guilt.

The eldest prince said lightly, “Fairy concubine, you have exhausted all your life source. If you are willing to repent, I will have to use brute force to destroy the prohibition! Although our father emperor in the retreat will be alarmed, the royal household will nevertheless eradicate you. I believe our father will not blame us. ”

Princess Yunxia’s expression was dull, and she did not intend to surrender.

“Attack! If our father is alarmed, I will bear the blame!” said the great prince.

With that, all the princes and princesses suddenly released their powers and attacked together.

To seize Princess Yunxia and get rid of the evil in the Demons, the only chance is here!

However, in the process, the seventh prince suddenly flashed a light, and while he was following the great prince, he threw a bloody red centipede at him that he took out from his sleeve.

The eldest prince did not notice, and the red centipede was attached to him.

The bloody red centipede flashed and immediately penetrated into the body of the eldest prince.

The eldest prince screamed, and his god’s body rotted quickly!

“The blood of the giant of the bitter sea!!!” Within the bloody red centipede contains a trace of the blood of the giant of the bitter sea!

The blood of the giant of the bitter sea giant is extremely powerful in combating against the royal family.

It was for this reason that the ninth princess was returned back to her original body.

“Seven Strand Seal!” The eldest prince quickly raised his eyebrows, and a powerful divine power spurted out from his body. It washed out most of the giant’s blood that was integrated into his body.

However, there is still a small amount of residue in his body. The great prince has to use most of his divine power to suppress the blood of the giant from spreading further.

“I didn’t expect that my big brother had secretly practiced the seven strand seal that the royal family had never practiced successfully before!” A surprised voice came from behind.

He turned back abruptly, staring at the seventh prince who attacked him suddenly and said, “You have taken sides with Princess Yunxia?”

The seventh prince turned pale. With the temperament of a scholar, he drifted backward and said lightly, “Yes, because when all of you are dead, I can become the sole heir to the royal family.”

Behind the seventh prince, a large number of late-stage quasi-gods appeared one after another. They each held a bloody red centipede, and each contained the blood of the giant of the bitter sea.

They are surrounded!

As they are restrained, Princess Yunxia stood up calmly and looked at them with pity. “I waited for you for a long time. If you all stayed in line, I would have needed to clean you up one by one. Alas, unfortunately, you are incapable of trying to launch a coup! The blood of the giant of the bitter sea; they have waited a long time for you!”

All the princes and princesses who were present felt chills down their spines!

The blood of the giant of the bitter sea giant is the devil against the royal family. Even if they touched it a little, they would be beaten back to their original shape!

He was the one who surrounded Princess Yunxia, but now instead, they were surrounded by the betrayed seventh prince!

In addition, the great prince suffered much from the blood of the giant of the bitter sea invading him. They had effectively lost their leader!

The situation was very much in their favor earlier on, only for such a massive upheaval in the blink of an eye!

However, Su Yu, who was watching the drama from afar, had on an indifferent look, as if everything happened according to plan.

The sixth princess was worried about the eldest prince and looked at Su Yu’s eyes again with deep admiration. “It has been speculated again by you. The seventh prince is indeed, a problem! Fortunately, you have already taken precautions. Otherwise, my siblings will really suffer, and they would be completely wiped out!”