The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1247

Chapter 1247 Acting Decisively


“Formation!” the Eldest Prince whispered.

The princes and princesses retrieved their respective Golden Flames Forbidden wood weapons and formed around.

Their city masters, loyal to them, also retrieved their respective magical defense tools and decisively sought to protect the princes and princesses.

“A senseless struggle,” the seventh prince said lightly. He was just about to commence the next round of bloody red centipede attacks.

Suddenly, one of the quasi-gods holding a bloody red centipede turned his head and threw it at the Seventh Prince!

The seventh prince was shocked and responded extremely quickly. He teleported away to dodge it.

Alas, at this moment, as he tried to avoid it, a wave of divine light suddenly appeared, and it was three strong city masters who had always been hidden and never appeared until now.

They have been secretly hiding behind the coup army and did not show up to fight, but appeared at this a critical moment!

The three gods descended upon the boundless light of God and decisively interrupted the seventh prince’s teleport.

The seventh prince was shocked, but he could not avoid it. Angered, he screamed, “How dare you, ah!”

He spewed out divine power and bombarded the early-stage quasi-gods who rebelled on the spot. Alas, this was to no avail. The bloody red centipede thrown at him quickly submerged into his body.

The blood of the giant of the bitter sea was completely integrated into the body of the seventh prince.

Just listening to the severe pain he experienced was heartbreaking. The seventh prince spurted out blood from his mouth, and his body was constantly rotting. In a flash, from a handsome prince, he turned into a flesh-dead dying man.

The eldest prince stared at him, coldly. “I don’t know if you are really stupid or fake stupid. Do you think that Princess Yunxia will give you the throne? For you to believe this kind of lie, it is not like that of my seventh brother!”

Among the many princes, second only to the great prince is the seventh prince.

In terms of intelligence and intellect, he is not much beneath his brother.

Such an obvious alienation plan…to think that he would even believe it.

The flesh of the seventh prince dropped off and gradually decayed. However, he whistled at princess Yunxia in exile in the corner, his eyes filled with strange affection, and eagerly said, “Yunxia, save me!”

Hearing how the seventh prince called the princess, everyone present was somewhat shaken.

In theory, Princess Yunxia is the concubine of their father and the emperor. Therefore, in theory, she is their elder.

For him to call her by her name, everyone seemed to understand something.

The sixth princess looked deeply at Su Yu. “I’m curious, how do you know that the seventh prince has such a unique relationship with the princess.”

Su Yu said, “On that day, you and the seventh prince appeared together in the land of the gods. The seventh prince took away from the Sheng Deity an item that solely belongs to her ancestral family, the Xuanlan Hairclip, and said to himself that it is to be given to Princess Yunxia.”

“Isn’t it obvious enough when a man gives a hairclip to a woman?”

The sixth princess was stunned. “No wonder you can predict the rebellion of the seventh prince in advance and told the eldest prince to plant his own person in the confidante of the seventh prince in advance! Unfortunately, the eldest prince also lost a lot of his power from the blood of the giant of the bitter sea.”

Bi Wanqing, who hurriedly arrived at this moment, overheard the conversation and was shocked. The Seventh Prince actually rebelled!

Neither of her eyes could see this, but Su Yu had predicted this in advance?

With a sense of suspicion, Bi Wanqing kept silent and remained that way.

The seventh prince failed to get Princess Yunxia to intervene. The blood of the giant of the bitter sea completely wasted him. With her not intervening at all, she was letting him dig his own grave.

Until the seventh prince had rotted into a pool of muddy water, Princess Yunxia did not look at him further.

Although this man would rather betray his brothers and sisters for her sake, although he knew that Princess Yunxia would eventually get rid of him, he was still willing. Alas, she showed him no mercy.

When the seventh prince died, a group of people under him, who were holding the blood of the giant of the bitter sea, lost their leader and momentarily did not know what to do.

Three city masters, like thunder, cut through all of them and seized the bloody red centipede in their hands.

Su Yu’s eyes flickered slightly, remembering the three city masters.

“Fairy Princess! You are indeed disgusting and must die!” The second princess saw the fall of the seventh prince with her own eyes, and she was filled with hatred.

Princess Yunxia said indifferently, “He himself willingly did it, I never forced it. Besides, he died in your hands, shouldn’t it be you who must die for it then?”

“I will kill you!” The second princess screamed angrily, and with a deep sense of anger, rushed in for the kill.

The other princes and princesses also felt the same because of the fall of the seventh prince.

Under the siege of many gods, the restraint was crumbling.

The situation fell in their favor again.

Su Yu’s brows were tightly locked, and whether they could succeed at all depended on this move.

“Oh, you look uneasy.” Bi Wanqing pretended to act surprised. In fact, her purple pupils had already discovered some secrets of Princess Yunxia.

Princess Yunxia secretly placed an ambush. The group consists of some of the most powerful gods from the Saint Magic Hall! They will soon come over and wipe out all these princes and princesses!

This secret, only her purple pupils were able to detect. A little sense of pride caused the corner of her mouth to smirk, giving her a sense of superiority beyond ordinary people.

Su Yu ignored her and stared at the sixth princess, saying, “If they cannot breakthrough within the time of one cup of tea, immediately persuade them to give up. Counting on the amount of time we have, the people from the Holy Magic Hall should be coming soon.”

Sixth Princess said, “Yes, my brothers and sisters; they will act strictly according to your plan.”

What? The smug Bi Wanqing’s heart shook fiercely. He had anticipated that the Holy Magic Hall would assist in the fight against the coup d’tat? He had a rigorous plan that took this into consideration as well?

She doesn’t quite believe that one person will be able to foresee and plan so far ahead!

On the battlefield…

Although there are many gods besieging the place, the resistance is extremely tough as well. They cannot be broken down in a moment’s time.

The eldest prince was secretly impatient. According to Su Yu’s speculation, the Holy Magic Hall will strike soon.

The longer they delay, the worse it will be for them.

Only by breaking the prohibition and rescuing the father emperor, in the name of the father emperor, can he stop the Saint Magic Hall strongman.

So time is everything.

Break the restrictions before the Holy Magic Hall arrives, and they win.

Otherwise, they will fail.

However, the time of a cup of tea passed quickly, and despite some shakes in the resistance, there was no sign of fragmentation of the prohibition.

“Retreat!” The eldest prince made an immediate decision. Otherwise, if they were surrounded by the gods from the Holy Magic Hall, there is no chance of them leaving.

The princes and princesses were extremely reluctant to leave. The coup d’tat ended in failure after all. Before the whole army was overwhelmed, they had to leave.


However, just as they were preparing to retreat from the prohibition that could not be brought down for a long time, a crack suddenly appeared! It was a sign that the prohibition was about to be breached!


They were going to retreat but turned around and looked ecstatically.

However, at this moment, Su Yu, in the distance, stared deeply and yelled, “That’s a trap. Don’t be fooled. Go now! The Holy Magic Hall is here!”

Su Yu was alert to the situation. His reminder calmed the hearts of the princes and princesses. Is this a trap set by Princess Yunxia?

They know that Su Yu is right, but they could see the growing cracks, and they can’t restrain their inner emotions.

If they persisted some more and break the prohibition, wake their father from the retreat, so what if they are surrounded by the Holy Magic Hall?

After struggling for a while, the princes and princesses finally looked at the eldest prince together. “Brother, what should we do?”

There is also struggling in the eyes of the eldest prince.

Give up on this, and they will miss the only opportunity to kill Princess Yunxia. They will seek exile in the Xing River, never to return to the demon world.

But the last trace of reason controlled his thoughts.

“Leave! Don’t fall into the trap!” The prince clenched his teeth and fled, along with the three deity gods who are loyal to him and met up with Su Yu.

However, those who followed him were only the second princess and the three city lords who were loyal to the second princess.

After struggling for a long time, the other princes and princesses locked their eyes on the prohibition.