The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1248

Chapter 1248 Disappearance Of The Demon Emperor

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Attack with full force! Victory is within grasp! The Third Prince bellowed, and along with the surviving Princes and Princesses, as well as the city masters, they chose to bet it all on the final throw.

Creak! Crack!

As the seams expanded one after another, their breaths were quickened and hurried.

Once they saved Father, victory would be theirs to claim!

The faces of the Eldest Prince and the Second Princess fell suddenly. All come back!

However, having staked everything and all their hopes on the last game, seeing the restrictive barrier on the verge of falling apart, why would they listen to their advice?

There is no need for more advice. They have made their choice. The Sixth Princess shook her head.

The Eldest Prince and the Second Princess heaved a deep sigh and quickly headed to the altar along with Su Yu and the Sixth Princess.

The moment they left, demon clouds emitting savage, violent energy arose all over the outside of the Demon Imperial City, gradually forming an enclosing force and besieging the imperial city.

Amidst the demon clouds, nearly a hundred waves of terrifying divine brilliance illuminated all corners of the world.

The leader of the hundred Demonic Gods, a humongous Demonic God with a body twenty thousand feet in height, stood with magnificence, more than two times taller than the ordinary Demonic Gods!

The color of his body wasnt blood red but a dark, profound shade of red instead, and numerous strange talismans hovered on the surface of his body, adding to his savage, ferocious aura.

He was the Great General of the Holy Magic Hall, the only pupil of the current Demon Emperor, the Demonic God of Six Paths!

He was holding a long sword of Golden Flames Forbidden Wood that was soaked in blood.

The Giant of the Bitter Sea had been defeated!

Sensing the advent of the Holy Magic Hall, the Third Princes face fell theatrically. The Holy Magic Hall had come for real!

However, it was too late to hurry over to the altar right now!

Break past the barrier, bring Father out! The Third Prince yelled fiercely. The entire army of the Holy Magic Hall spurring into action stimulated their nerves, rendering them to besiege the restrictive barrier like madmen.

Crack! Creak!

Finally, at the most critical juncture, the restrictive barrier shattered.

The recalcitrant army surged inside all at once!

Consort Yunxia, as well as the group of deities that were persevering, were all engulfed by the waves in the fraction of a second.

Apart from Consort Yunxie, all of them were executed on the spot.

The deities of the Holy Magic Hall had arrived at that exact moment, closing in on the recalcitrant army till it was absolutely impenetrable.

Including the Third Prince, the over thirty deities held Consort Yunxia hostage immediately, and bellowed, Step back! Or see Consort Yunxia be killed!

The Great General had a pair of dark red blood eyes, which were staring at them with indifference. He gave his order coldly. Time for dinner.


The ravenous, brutal roars and growls of a bunch of savage, bloodthirsty Demonic Gods sounded from the demon clouds, like a bunch of cruel, famished beasts that hadnt been fed for a long time.

At the same time, Consort Yunxia, who was tamed, flashed with a bright shine all of a sudden, and turned into a book!

That wasnt the Original Form of Consort Yunxia!

What? Everyone gasped in shock. The one they were besieging wasnt Consort Yunxia at all!

If so, where was she?

However, now wasnt the time to be concerned about her.

The Third Prince and the rest of the royal heirs bowed to the secret chamber at once. With all respect, we welcome you out of isolation, Father!

Their voices were clear and bright, reverberating through the heavens.

The secret chamber that had been sealed for hundreds of years slowly opened after a creak.

The royal heirs couldnt conceal the delight on their faces. They were ultimate victors, after all!

Father had come out of isolation!

As long as their Father awoke, the outcome was decided.

The Third Prince was secretly elated. The Eldest Prince had left the Demonic Dimension, and among the remaining royal heirs, his competence was the greatest. So long as the Eldest Prince did not return, he would be the next Demon Emperor, undoubtedly.

The giant door opened, but the secret chamber was filled with dead silence inside, showing not even a sign of life.

The Princes and Princesses could not help but raise their gazes, and the scene in the secret chamber made their pupils constrict forcefully.

It was completely empty in the secret chamber, besides the thick layers of dust that had accumulated throughout the hundreds of years!

The Demon Emperor wasnt inside the secret chamber!

Father has clearly been in isolation for the past hundreds of years, where is he? Where is he? The Princes and Princesses could not believe the scene before their eyes.

They had always steadfastly believed that Father was kept in the dark because he was in isolation, hence not having a clue about the plight of his royal heirs.

However, the vacant secret chamber hit them forcefully like a bolt from the blue.

They had staked everything on this single throw, pinning all their hopes on the Demon Emperor, whom they had believed was in isolation.

But it turned out that there was not a single soul inside the secret chamber!


Countless growls of fury that trembled the heavens resonated in the demon clouds, one by one, the bloodthirsty Blood Red Demonic Gods pounced down like locusts.

In an instant, divine blood splattered all over the place, and the sky bawled with tears of blood, as the deities perished one after another.

Including the Princes and Princesses, none of the thirty deities managed to free themselves, all of them ending up as snacks in the mouths of the Blood Red Demonic Gods, swallowed alive.

At the altar

When they arrived, it happened to be the time the Holy Magic Hall appeared at the Demon Imperial City.

Watching the Holy Magic Hall that had sent their entire army, their hearts went cold.

They are hopeless, Su Yu said, without emotions.

The Second Princess seemed hopeful. Not necessarily, if they could open the secret chamber

The Demon Emperor was never in isolation. Opening the secret chamber is useless. Su Yu shook his head. Its probably empty inside the secret chamber.

What? Not just the Second Princess, the Eldest Prince, and the Sixth Princess gasped in shock as well. Father is right inside the secret chamber amidst his isolation. It is widely known by the whole Demonic Dimension! And it is because of that, that the devilish woman Consort Yunxia wreaks havoc in the Demonic Dimension!

They could not believe the truth.

Because, if Father hadnt been in isolation, where could he be? Why did he watch his royal descendants being landed in a miserable plight of being offered as sacrifices to the Giant of the Bitter Sea, without doing anything?

No, when I negotiated the divine trial the other day, Ive realized that the Demon Emperor has never been in isolation. Instead, he is right in front of you, Su Yu stated calmly.

Upon hearing that, the three of them were petrified.

Where is Father? When did we ever meet him? The three of them stared at Su Yu as they fell into an endless astonishment.

Bi Wanqings violet crystal eyes flickered relentlessly, peering into the hidden secrets of the world, following Su Yus words.

But the result made Bi Wanqings face turn pale with fright.

The Demon Emperor really wasnt in the secret chamber!

However, despite the sweat that broke out all over her forehead, she couldnt probe the true whereabouts of the Demon Emperor.

The Demon Emperor, havent I brought him here? Su Yu revealed the answer, gazing in the faraway direction of the Bitter Sea.

An enormous giant a million feet in height could be faintly discerned over there, standing between the sky and the lands!

The Giant of the Bitter Sea!

The Second Princess took in a cold breath. You mean, the Giant of the Bitter Seais our Father?

Su Yu nodded. Cant be wrong! The Giant of the Bitter Sea is the Father whom you have painstakingly been searching for!


Bi Wanqing clasped her hands over her violet eyes all of a sudden, as stabbing pains began in her eyes, her face full of shock and anguish.

The shocking part was, following Su Yus words, she had indeed succeeded in deducing the truth, an unbelievable truth.

The true form of the Giant of the Bitter Sea was, in fact, the Demon Emperor who had been missing for hundreds of years!

Even more to her stupefaction, she could not find even a single trace. It was all a conjecture made from Su Yus wisdom.

At that moment, Bi Wanqing suddenly felt her whole body go cold, as unknown fears crept into her like streams of water.

Standing beside Su Yu now, she finally understood how terrifying he was.

That was an entity that overrode her Divine Path, solely depending on his wisdom!

Clap! Clap!

Right at that moment, crisp sounds of applause resonated from the great hall of the altar, as the faint stench of blood wafted through the air.

What a frightening intelligence, finding out something like that. Tian Jizis heir truly surprises me!

Thud, thud

Graceful, brisk footsteps approached gradually. A woman clad in elegant clothing with a stern, formidable manner showed up.

Behind her, stood the Book Deity, the Blood Red Demonic God, and the Demon Cloud City Master.

Beneath their feet was the blood of Demonic Gods.

They had re-seized the altar, and the city master who guarded the altar had been eliminated.

They had lost their opportunity to leave the Demonic Dimension!