The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249 The First Generation Demon Emperor

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Su Yu looked at Consort Yunxia with a placid look on his face. Never thought that the woman whom Tian Jizi misses so much is someone like you!

Shaking his head, despite his reluctance, Su Yu still delivered Tian Jizis message. Tian Jizi asked me to send you his words. He has never forgotten about you, Rosy Clouds Fairy.

Upon hearing that, hints of emotion flickered across Consort Yunxias face, before it was quickly replaced by indifference.

Su Yu felt unworthy of Tian Jizi.

Su Yu had brought her the words that he was asked to. He thought it would be the deep affection between a man and a woman, yet all it received in return was indifference.

No matter what, the message had been delivered. Su Yu loosened his grip, and it felt like something in the Milky Way Star Sand had been reduced to ashes.

That was the last hindrance dissipating as the promise was fulfilled. The Milky Way Star Sand had completely become Su Yus possession.

Father is the Giant of the Bitter Sea? How could that be?

Hearing Consort Yunxias confession, the Eldest Prince, the Second Princess, and the Sixth Princess were stunned beyond words.

Since the very beginning of the existence of the Demonic Dimension, the Giant of the Bitter Sea had been around. The ancientness of its life was almost equivalent to that of the heavens and the lands.

But the current Demon Emperor was a creature born a hundred years ago. He couldnt possibly be the Giant of the Bitter Sea that had been existent for millions and billions of years no matter what!

Consort Yunxia gazed at them with sympathy. The phenomenal ambitions of the Demon Emperor transcend all eternities, you petty insects of the world will never understand it!

You have always thought that it was me who usurped the throne and wreaked havoc across the Demonic Dimension, harboring malice against you. In fact, I was only obeying the commands of your Father, oh, which are the wishes of the Giant of the Bitter Sea, offering you to your Father to savor!

Impossible! The Second Princess shrieked in horror. She could not believe the ridiculously absurd reason.

Consort Yunxia gazed placidly at her. That is why I told you, petty creatures like you would never understand his noble dreams.

When she finished, Consort Yunxia closed her eyes slowly and stood quietly on the altar.

The deities beside her stepped forward one by one, thoroughly sealing off the entrance to the great hall of the altar.

The Book Deity stood at the great hall, looking down at Su Yu in a condescending manner and said with indifference, It should come to an end now, Su Yu.

The enmity between them had extended all the way to the Demonic Dimension from the Great Eastern Alliance, and they had fought openly and in secret countless times. It was finally drawing to an end this time.

Su Yu stared at the Book Deity. What a haunting ghost!

The Sixth Princess eyes were sizzling with a murderous smoke. Humph, you really have turned to Consort Yunxia!

Those who act as the circumstances demand are wise, do you not understand it, Your Highness? The Book Deity replied dispassionately.

Right at that moment, waves of divine brilliance began surging, the recalcitrant army that had been forced into a state of despair began the war with the Holy Magic Hall.

Once the Holy Magic Hall spared a hand to deal with them, they would have no more hope left.

The Eldest Prince stared at Su Yu profoundly, suspicion hidden in his eyes.

Knowing that the Demon Emperor was the Giant of the Bitter Sea, why hadnt Su Yu told them earlier? And he even drew him here!

Re-seizing the altar is the only way for us to leave the Demonic Dimension. The Eldest Prince glanced around at them.

There were nine deities on their side, the Eldest Prince, the Second Princess, and the Sixth Princess, as well as six city masters who were still loyal to them.

While the opponents consisted of Consort Yunxia, the Book Deity, the generals of the Holy Magic Hall, as well as four deities, including the Demon Cloud City Master.

If they put up a rigorous fight, they might stand a chance of re-seizing the altar.

However, Su Yu shook his head. No need to waste your effort, since they have retaken the altar, theyll never allow you to despoil it again! They must have laid traps within the altar, you fighting against them here is exactly what they wish to happen.

The formidable face of Consort Yunxia revealed her murderous intention.

Although the look vanished in an instant, it did not go unnoticed by the Eldest Prince and the others!

Su Yu got it right. They had indeed laid traps within the altar.

Evacuate immediately, they are holding us back, while waiting for the Holy Magic Hall to spare a hand. Su Yu touched the band of beads around his wrist.

One of them flickered with violet light, and the Purple-Eyed Demonic God emerged out of nowhere.

Staring at the situation before his eyes, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God muttered, So things still turned out this way in the end?

Upon finishing, he grasped Su Yu and Bi Wanqing, each with a hand, and shifted his thoughts for teleportation.Read more chapter on our

The direction they were headed was the Bitter Sea!

The Eldest Prince, the Second Princess, and the Sixth Princess hesitated for a moment, and reluctantly cast a stare at the heirs whose rebellion was getting weaker and weaker. With a low growl, they took off after the Purple-Eyed Demonic God.

Consort Yunxia had a wicked, murderous look in her eyes, and her face was icy cold.

Consort, what should we do? The General of the Holy Magic Hall stared at Su Yus back, and his lips twitched into a callous smile.

When he was hindered by Cailin the last time, Su Yu managed to escape. As for now, hehe!

Wait. Consort Yunxia was steady and collected. The altar is the only exit of the Demonic Dimension, as long as we keep guards here, there will be tortoises in the vessel. Once the Holy Magic Hall gets to spare a hand, that will be the deaths of them.

The Book Deity flashed a praising smile. You are right, Consort, they cant escape even if theyve got wings now.

The Sixth Princess and the rest caught up with Su Yu very soon.

Yu Demon, make yourself clear, what is the whole matter about Father being the Giant of the Bitter Sea? The Sixth Princesss pretty eyes were filled an icy gleam, a murderous desire hovering in them.

The Eldest Prince and the Second Princess were hostile too. How could Su Yu conceal such an important matter from them?

It means what it literally means. With the protection of the Purple-Eyed Demonic God, Su Yu wasnt afraid if the royal heirs would attack him. The Demon Emperor is the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

I am asking you, how did you know about that, and why did you not tell us?

Su Yu replied calmly, While negotiating the divine trial, I met three people at the same time, the former Demon Emperor, the current Demon Emperor, and the Death Deity.

But based on my investigation, only the former Demon Emperor would appear during the trials in the Demonic Dimension. With three of them appearing all at once, wouldnt you relate it to something? Su Yu squinted his eyes.

The Sixth Princesss pretty eyes turned. You mean they are the same person!

Precisely speaking, they are three different people transformed from the same person! Only then could it be explained, the former Demon Emperor should have shown up, yet three people showed up in the end! If not mistaken, the three of them were most likely transformed from the same person.

The Second Princess rebuked, Preposterous! The former Demon Emperors of our demon race were one of a kind, how could two different Demon Emperors actually be the same one? Let alone a non-demon Death Deity!

Su Yu shrugged. He did not bother to explain further.

The Second Princess was about to berate again, when the Eldest Princes spoke softly after a long while of gazing, He is perhaps right, the two Demon Emperors could be the same person indeed.

Among the secret classics of the royal house, there is one which has never been made public, the Curse of Reincarnation of the Thousand Demons!

The Second Princess and the Sixth Princess were stunned for a moment. Why did we not know?

That is a forbidden book that only the Demon Emperors heir could read, the Eldest Prince stated unhurriedly.

He was the heir!

This forbidden book records a radical forbidden technique passed down from the First-Generation Demon Emperor! Once accomplished, one could create hundreds and thousands of duplicates with their own consciousness, to enter the cycle of transmigration and become new creatures.

The creatures born could train on their own, and once they attain a certain competence, they will be engulfed by their Original Forms, thus achieving a radical improvement in cultivation.

If the Yu Demons speculation is right, the current Demon Emperor could possibly be the reincarnated duplicate of the former Demon Emperor! They could be the same person!

The Second Princess and the Sixth Princess were stupefied to the point of speechlessness.

The First-Generation Demon Emperor had left behind such a frightening forbidden technique?

Creating countless duplicates, each undergoing transmigration and rebirth, growing on their own, and devouring each other.

Hold on! Even if Father is the reincarnated duplicate of the previous Demon Emperor, he cannot possibly be the Giant of the Bitter Sea. The previous Demon Emperor was born ten thousand years ago, which had a long history from the era in which the Giant of the Bitter Sea emerged. The Sixth Princess was the first to consider it.

The Eldest Prince shook his head gently. This is something that I cannot quite get my head around too!

He looked at Su Yu, waiting for his explanation.

Su Yu smiled a little. If you can accept that the current Demon Emperor is the reincarnate of the previous Demon Emperor, then you might as well think further a little, whose reincarnate was the previous Demon Emperor?

And the one before him, whose reincarnate could he be So on and so forth, and you can extrapolate till the First-Generation Demon Emperor!

As for the Curse of Reincarnation of the Thousand Demons, wasnt it a creation of the First-Generation Demon Emperor?

What? Once again, the three of them were astonished by Su Yus unbridled speculation.

Even the Eldest Prince was in disbelief. Youre saying that the Demon Emperor of our Demonic Dimension throughout the eternities, were all in fact, reincarnated and reborn from the First-Generation Demon Emperor?

Su Yu nodded. Exactly, it is the First-Generation Demon Emperor!

When I first came to the Demonic Dimension, I was curious about it. The Demonic Dimension was a creation of the First-Generation Demon Emperor, why is there a supreme entity that could threaten all creatures of the Demonic Dimension exist?

In any cavern world, there was only one supreme entity, and that is the First-Generation Deity that created the cavern world!

And then later, while negotiating the trials and seeing the appearance of two Demon Emperors at once, I came to a realization!

The Giant of the Bitter Sea was the First-Generation Demon Emperor! The Curse of Reincarnation of the Thousand Demons says the Original Form engulfs its reincarnates of every generation, so if the past Demon Emperors were all duplicates, where could the Original Form be? It must have lived for hundreds of thousands of ages!

In the Demonic Dimension, there is only one creature that is capable of living for more than millions of years, and that is the Giant of the Bitter Sea!

Upon hearing that, the Eldest Prince, the Second Princess, and the Sixth Princess were terrified and shocked and were rendered unable to speak for a long time.

They could hardly believe Su Yus surmise, but they had no choice but to admit that it was the most possible and most reasonable explanation.

The birth of the Giant of the Bitter Sea had been explained. It was the Original Form of the First-Generation Demon Emperor!

It also explained the Giant of the Bitter Seas desire to devour the royal house, because all descendants of the royal house were only duplicates of his reincarnation.

All of them felt like being struck by bolts of lightning from the sky, as they followed Su Yu by teleportation, absentmindedly. They did not even contemplate what the purpose of Su Yu heading for the Bitter Sea was.

That was a place of dead desolation, and not even deities could traverse it.

Bi Wanqing, who had been arrogant, felt the bolts of lightning as well. Su Yus surmise had penetrated the million-year history of the Demonic World, marginally transcending time and space. The Divine Path she had inherited would never add up to such greatness.

The ways she looked at Su Yu had completely changed.

This was, indeed, an entity that horrified people, as if nothing in the world could hide anything from it!

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God wasnt amused by the stupor of the trio when he looked at them, because when Su Yu told him about the same exact speculation, she had had the same facial expression.

Until today, when Consort Yunxia admitted personally that the current Demonic Emperor was the Giant of the Bitter Sea, Su Yus shocking conjecture was validated.

A remarkable conspiracy lying latent in the world for millions of years had emerged on the surface!

A black silhouette behind the scene that had resided in the Demonic World for millions of years had shown himself!

The First-Generation Demon Emperor!

The Giant of the Bitter Sea!

He spent thousands and millions of years to practice the Curse of Reincarnation of the Thousand Demons, continuously expanding himself.

Looking at the petrified Bi Wanqing, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God was completely relieved. Only a matchless wise man like Su Yu, who could see right through the Time and Space of the eternities, could override his pupil.

Only after a very long while did the three Prince and Princesses recollect their thoughts from the shocking conspiracy of millions of years.

The looks on their faces were awful.

The Sixth Princesss face was gloomy as the dark water. Since you know all these, why didnt you speak up early on?