The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 125

Chapter 125: The frost king
Chapter 125: The frost king
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The wedding ceremony continued.

The emcee was joyously singing. The guests were all in a jovial mood.

Amidst the fun and laughter, no one took notice of Xianer's pitiful plight.

In Xu Rong's eyes, Xianer was a tool for her family to gain connections to nobility. To Han Zhi, she was the artistic sculpture soon to be his. To Cao Xuan, she was going to be his plaything, something for him to lord over. In the eyes of the guests, she was a puppet that had nothing to do with them. Even though they knew of Xianer's plight, they could not do anything to help her.

Clenching her fists, Xianer was lonely, pitiful, and bitter. While the Earth was vast, no one could help her.

The complicated rituals were almost over, they were finally arriving at the final step.

"A bow to the heavens!" The emcee joyously shouted.

Xianer's heart trembled and tears welled up in her eyes. She was going to be married, but not to Su Yu!

Under the cold stare of Xu Rong, Xianer's petite frame trembled. She slowly bent down, bowing down to the heavens together with Cao Xuan.


The sound of ice forming could suddenly be heard! The crowd was shocked.


Crack, crack

A wave of crackling ice flooded the room!

"What's that? It's so cold!" Multiple disciples gasped. Their breath turned into white frost. It was in the middle of summer, but it felt like winter.

"Look outside!"

Everyone looked, their eyes narrowing! A blanket of white fog had suddenly appeared outside the hall! The cold of the fog seeped into the souls of many. The frosty white cloud obscured everything from view. Furthermore, the fog was billowing out rapidly, rolling forward with incredible might. From afar, it looked like a tsunami about to engulf them.

Everything the ice touched froze in place. Radiant flowers dancing in the wind were frozen in a split second. Their petals turned crystalline, frozen in their most beautiful moment. The grass on the side of the road stood alone. As the chilly energy passed, it became a field of silver crystals, shining radiantly under the sunlight. The ancient trees in all their green glory had their bark, branches, and even leaves frozen under the chilly energy. Multiple insects were frozen in the air, causing them to crash down with a thud onto the frozen bed of grass.

In a blink of an eye, every inch of the Earth, sky, animals, and plants had been frozen. The surrounding area had turned into a beautiful winter wonderland

The red lanterns decorating the yard frozen and could not support their weight. They crashed down to the ground, shattering into ice shards.

The fanfare and music gradually stopped. The joyous atmosphere in the hall was swallowed by the icy world, slipping it into a dead silence.

As it approached the house, the icy fog stopped just outside the yard. The fog's pressure was much more intense than before, like the calm before the storm.

It was silent in the hall. Everyone gravely looked on, unable to speak.


Any icy carpet rolled out from within the fog. It rolled past the yard and the pavilions, through the icy wasteland before coming to a stop before the hall.

Thud, thud

The sound of rhythmic footsteps walked into the hearts of many.

With every footstep, the cold seemed to get worse.

Everyone stared, their hearts gently thumping. They could feel the arrival of a frost king!

A purple figure gently stepped out of the fog, wrapped in a scarf of ice. He danced gently, his noble aura indescribable. His silver hair gracefully swayed, mysterious and elegant. His purple left eye and his red right eye were inhuman, secretive, and unfathomable.

Su Yu felt like a divine king in control of all the ice in the world.

"Su Yu!"

Staring at the person who had appeared, exclamations of surprise rang through the hall!

Xu Rong's ancient face showed deep awe!

Yuan Hu screamed in shock!

Sun Tianyang could not believe his eyes!

Cao Xuan's eyes narrowed and he grunted in surprise. Su Yu had plunged into the Icy Azure Lake. His corpse should have disappeared without a trace.

How had he reappeared like an immortal king? Why was he still alive? What had happened to his body?

Xianer was frozen with shock. She had been apart from Su Yu for too long!

She had cried every night as she thought and reminisced about the time she had spent with Su Yu.

The person she had thought about day and night had shown up at the loneliest, most pitiful point of her lifeas he had that day in the Xianyu prefecture.

His eyes had changed, his demeanor had changed, but his soul was the same one she had loved all along!

Tears silently fell down her cheeks. Xianer finally showed a smile.

Thud, thud, thud

They had been apart for too long. She had suppressed her longing for too long. Finally, her emotions erupted.

Her fiery-red slender figure flew toward the embrace of Su Yu like a ball of fire.

"Su Yu!" She wept with happiness. Her shout shook the hearts of many. The atmosphere was cold, but in Su Yu's embrace, Xianer felt warm.

Su Yu's heart wavered, ripples of light flashing in his purple and red eyes.

He shakily extended his palm, placing it across Xianer's waist.

Finally After the goodbye at the Xianyu prefecture, he could finally have her in his embrace once again.

The unease he had felt in his soul finally dissipated.

Xianer was back where she belonged, in his embrace.

"Xianer," Su Yu said shakily. His breath caused the ice around him to spread, freezing multiple lower level disciplesbut Xianer was unaffected.

In the icy world, under the witness of many, Su Yu had been reunited with Xianer. They passionately hugged each other!

Many slowly came to their senses.

This purple-robed, silver-haired youth with strange eyes had descended like a king, only to fetch away Qin Xianer?!

Many elders had strange, expectant looks.

Han Zhi's raised his thick brows, his expression turning darker. Someone had actually interrupted such a solemn wedding ceremony! Now, he was going to steal the bride away! He coldly glanced at Cao Xuan, his expression merciless. Under the presence of many of the elders, he could not strike out immediately without reason.

Cao Xuan also had a nasty expression, dark and sinister. How could Cao Xuan maintain his reputation if his wife was taken away from him?

He fiercely glared at Xu Rong! Had she destroyed the engagement between Su Yu and Qin Xianer earlier, would they be in this situation? Even if the wedding ceremony were conducted again, the events today would leave a mark on Cao Xuan's heart.

Xu Rong was shocked for a long moment. Su Yu had clearly dropped into the Icy Azure Lake, but he was still alive!

Feeling Cao Xuan's cold gaze, Xu Rong's body shuddered. A fury ignited within her heart!

Su Yu had harmed her in multiple ways!

"Su Yu! I have already given you many chances to let you survive! You are still not going to let go of Xianer! This time, I will not spare you!" Xu Rong's face was filled with fury!

She had heard that Su Yu had become very powerful, capable of defeating even Sun Tianyang. But Xu Rong had been cultivating for years. With a Legacy level techniques in her arsenal, Sun Tianyang was not even comparable to her!

Her abilities were enough to kill Su Yu!

"Grandma, no! I'll marry! Please don't kill Brother Su Yu" Xianer was flustered, struggling to break free from Su Yu's embrace as she sobbed.

So she's being forced?

Su Yu blocked Xianer's petite frame, hugging her even tighter. He would not let her go, not again. He would never give her up again, he would never let her down again.

Purple and red, his eyes coldly stared at Xu Rong.

"Give me your life!" Xu Rong struck out furiously! Had she known this was going to happen, she would have killed Su Yu back at the start, even at the expense of fighting Li Guang!

"Bone Fracturing Finger!" Xu Rong struck him mercilessly, wishing to get rid of him as fast as possible!

Many of the disciples present were warned not to strike by their elders as they watched the fight begin. Seeing how merciless Xu Rong was, they all felt concern for Su Yu.

Even though Su Yu had the ability to defeat Sun Tianyang, it would be difficult to last more than ten moves against a senior fighter.

Suddenly, all the disciples gasped in disbelief.

Su Yu's expression was calm, merely taking a step forward into Xu Rong's attack.

His step was filled with a terrifying cold energy!

Xu Rong had been reduced to an ice sculpture in the air!

She was in the midst of charging forward, but an extremely chilly energy had enveloped her and turned her into an ice sculpture.

She fell and rolled toward Su Yu's feet. Her face twisted with merciless fury!

Su Yu lowered his head, looking down impassively. He lightly stepped on her forehead.


The ice on her forehead disappeared, replaced with Su Yu's shoeprint.

Xu Rong awoke from her frozen state. Her killing intent had been replaced by cold fear.

To think that she was frozen with just a step! Now, Su Yu's foot rested on her forehead! Her anger was quelled by her surprise and terror. To think he had once been so weak!

The stark difference in his strength assaulted her mind, causing Xu Rong to shiver in fear.

"You wish to kill me I am Xianer's grandma, you best consider Xianer's feelings." Xu Rong could feel death creeping up on her. Her heart thumped wildly.

Her ancient eyes shifted about vigorously, seeking Xianer's help!

Su Yu's foot was firmly on her forehead. He made it hard for her to move, much less look into Xianer's eyes.

"Unremorseful even in death" Hearing Xu Rong's attempt to make use of Xianer's emotions caused Su Yu's expression to turn colder. He slowly increased the pressure of his step, sighing mercilessly. "When you first manipulated Xianer into marriage, you should have already prepared for death. You deserve death!"

Xu Rong felt a mixture of remorse and fury! Had she known that Su Yu would grow to become this powerful she would have never forced Xianer! She would have never used Su Yu's death to threaten her!

"Su Yu let's forget it. I'm fine." Qin Xianer was a compassionate lady. Even though Xu Rong had forced her into such a pathetic circumstance, and while she really hated her, she could not bear to kill her.

Xu Rong was elated! Her ancient face showed manic happiness. She was going to cheat death!

She was lucky that Xianer was still young and her mind was still pure. Xianer ultimately could not bear to kill her. It looks like the plan was correct. No matter how much Xianer hated her, she was still her granddaughter. With their blood ties, she could ultimately control Xianer.

But a cold voice completely shattered the fantasies in Xu Rong's heart.