The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250 Way Out Of The Bitter Sea

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Su Yu cast a piteous look at them. Theoretically speaking, they were doomed to be devoured by the Giant of the Bitter Sea since birth. Their destinies were tragic, indeed.

Heaving a soft sigh, Su Yu said, I wasnt entirely certain at the beginning. Besides, if I told you, would you still choose to conduct the coup?

I The Sixth Princess did not retort. Indeed, if they were informed of such a terrifying truth, would they still have the courage to start the coup?

Because not only were they going to face Consort Yunxia, but they would have to face the Giant of the Bitter Sea upfront!

The Eldest Prince gazed at the gradually approaching Bitter Sea, and said, Do you have other motives for luring the Giant out of the Bitter Sea?

Su Yu nodded. Yes, the Bitter Sea is, in fact, the ultimate way of retreat that I have prepared! The altar is just an alternative option, it is best if we can leave through it, but it doesnt matter even if we cant, we still have the Bitter Sea.

The Second Princess looked astounded. The Bitter Sea is our way of retreat? Are you insane? We cant fly for long above the Bitter Sea, even with a deitys teleportation, we cant get far either. Well have to return immediately. Otherwise, it will be normal for deities to perish in it.

The Bitter Sea was apparently a hopeless place of desolation. The Second Princess was almost driven crazy by the fact that Su Yu had brought them here.

The Eldest Prince and the Sixth Princess were silent. Judging from Su Yus personality, he had always been one to take precautions beforehand. If he had brought them to the Bitter Sea, there must be a reason for it.

However, just like the Second Princess, they had not a single clue as to where the way of retreat was in the Bitter Sea.

The Sixth Princess blinked. No living creature had ever crossed the Bitter Sea in the past ten million years, how are you so certain that there is a way of retreat for us in it?

Hehe Su Yu chortled softly. No living creature? Not necessarily. Have you forgotten about someone?

Who? The three royal heirs were taken aback for a second. Could there be any other creature apart from the Giant of the Bitter Sea that could cross the Bitter Sea?

The Death Deity! Su Yu said.

He appeared in the tribulation that I underwent, which was enough to explain it. He was the Demon Emperor of an era, and he should have been in the Demonic Dimension. Yet, he was seen in the galaxy, dont you find it strange?

The three royal heirs were stunned for a moment. According to the Ten Thousand Demon Mantra Reincarnation, all the past incarnates had been engulfed by the Giant of the Bitter Sea. Nonetheless, the Death Deity was an exception. He was still living in the galaxy.

Su Yu nodded. In the record of the Demonic Dimension, there was a Demon Emperor who was dragged into the Bitter Sea by the Giant, and has disappeared without a trace ever since then, his status of life has remained unknown.

Upon hearing that, the three royal heirs blurted out, The Demon Emperor of the Ninth Generation, the Undead Demon Emperor!

How could they not know about the only Demon Emperor that had been taken by the Giant of the Bitter Sea?

Yes, that is him. I suspect that he is the Death Deity that has escaped from the Demonic Dimension!

In the history of the Demonic Dimension, the life and death of the past Demon Emperors were jotted down in great detail. They were born in the Demonic Dimension, and passed away in the Demonic Dimension, ultimately returning to the First-Generation Demon Emperor!

But not for the Undead Demon Emperor, who had gone missing and was nowhere to be found! Hence, the Undead Demon Emperor should be the Death Deity in the galaxy!

The appearance of the Death Deity had always been a mystery in the galaxy.

No one knew from where the Death Deity had come; neither did anyone know how profound was his capacity. He seemed to have appeared overnight, joining the World of Divine Remains and establishing the Netherworld Faction.

That was all that the starry sky knew about him.

Perhaps, his identity could explain it all now.

A Demon Emperor who had escaped the Demonic Dimension.

The Sixth Princesss crystal eyes shone brightly as she stared at the Bitter Sea and said, Youre saying that there is a second route in the Bitter Sea that would allow us to leave the Demonic Dimension?

Su Yus eyes shimmered with shrewdness. Exactly! He got dragged into the Bitter Sea and had gone missing ever since. When he emerged again, it was in the galaxy!

Is it not enough to explain the problem? The Bitter Sea must have a route that connects the outside world. Back then, it was because the Undead Demon Emperor could flee from the Demon Dimension out of a stroke of luck to avoid his fate of being devoured by the First-Generation Demon Emperor.

When they finished listening, they were all in disbelief and bafflement.

Amidst the fine traces and clues, Su Yu had discovered a route that connected the Demonic Dimension to the outer world, which no one had ever found throughout the past ten million years.


The group of people was engaged in a conversation, as they quickly teleported to the shore of the Bitter Sea.

A group of early-stage Prospective Deities was refining a hundred-foot-tall tree that was ablaze with golden flames at the expense of their own divine energies.

When they first saw the scene, apart from the Purple-Eyed Demonic God who knew every part of the plan, none of the others were stunned, including the princes and princesses.

This is The Sixth Princess deemed herself shrewd, but as she stared at the humongous tree a hundred feet in width, she couldnt quite believe her eyes.

The familiar scent, the familiar flames, what else could it be if it wasnt the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood?

But there was no way the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood could survive in the Demonic Dimension. It had been extinct for a long time. What was the matter with this dense, exuberant giant tree that seemed to have been excavated just a while ago?

All of a sudden, the Sixth Princess recalled Su Yu asking the dying Golden Flames Forbidden Wood from her.

Could this have been cultivated from that seed?

However, the Sixth Princess banished the preposterous thought quickly. Cultivating a dying seed into a mature Golden Flames Forbidden Wood in just half a year?

Even if the First-Generation Demon Emperor was there, he couldnt have been capable of it either.

The Eldest Princes pupils constricted forcefully. The Golden Flames Forbidden Wood?

The Second Princess hurried over in surprise, and circled around the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood once, her face full of stupefaction. Goodness! How is this possible?

Theres actually a complete Golden Flames Forbidden Wood growing in our Demonic Dimension! From the age, it is at least 500 years old!

Where did you find this? The Second Princess was flabbergasted.

Bi Wanqing was stupefied as well. She knew there could not be a second one in the Demonic Dimension.

The only possibility was that the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood had come from Su Yu!

How much had he hidden from them?

Up till this day, Bi Wanqing recalled her own arrogance when she first met Su Yu and was flushed with embarrassment.

In the face of such a figure, what did her meager Divine Path amount to?

No wonder even Master had much respect for Su Yu.

Bi Wanqing finally laid down her pride and lowered her head that was once held high.

At the moment, a group of early-stage Prospective Deities was fully engaged in the refinement. They chopped off the branches and boughs on it in an attempt to refine it into a small boat.

Everyone, let us give them a hand in refining it, Su Yu said.

These early-stage Prospective Deities were those whom Su Yu instructed before the coup, to come beforehand and craft the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood into a boat.

Upon hearing that, peoples eyes emitted scorching hot, sharp rays.

Right! The Golden Flames Forbidden Wood was the only material known to be able to withstand the water of the Bitter Sea. A boat crafted from this item could certainly navigate the Bitter Sea.

And once it entered the Bitter Sea, regardless of how powerful the Holy Magic Hall might be, would they be able to chase after them in the Bitter Sea?

By the time they arrived, they could only stand at the shore of the Bitter Sea, and watch them enter the depths of the Bitter Sea without being able to do anything.

As the thought occurred to them, the dark despair in their hearts was replaced by hope, and they looked vivacious again.

Including the three royal heirs, ten deities joined the process of refinement.

Although the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood was difficult to be refined, with the combined effort of the ten deities, the contours of a small boat became gradually visible despite the hardship.

Hurry up, even if the Book Deity has divine schemes, he would never have predicted that there is a second route to leave the Demonic Dimension.

Right now, they must be guarding the altar, waiting for the Holy Magic Hall to strike, and then capture us as if we are tortoises in a vessel. Su Yus eyes flickered with the gleam of acumen.

He could see right through the motives and schemes of Consort Yunxia and the others.

Hahaha! That devilish Consort thinks she has the advantage of time, geography, and people on her side. Unbeknownst to her, you have ruthlessly made a fool of all of them! The Sixth Princess was jubilant as if giving Consort Yunxia a huge blow made her especially proud.

Staring at Su Yu, the Sixth Princess found him even more pleasing to the eye than before.

Apart from him hiding the relation between the Giant of the Bitter Sea and their Father from them that roused her killing intention, it was a smooth-sailing, pleasant experience getting along with him.

By now, after carefully sorting out the circumstances, it was clear how prospective Su Yu had been.

All this while, Su Yu had never pinned his hope of escaping the Demonic Dimension on the altar, but the Bitter Sea.

Through a series of plans, he had helped them start the coup and lure out the Giant of the Bitter Sea, all for the sake of this day.

Of course, what she didnt know was, besides providing the convenience to divert the Holy Magic Halls attention, Su Yu had planned the coup, more importantly, to wreak havoc in the Demonic Dimension, so to buy time for the creatures of the galaxy.

Otherwise, Su Yu had many opportunities to leave the Demonic Dimension.

But The Sixth Princess rolled her eyes. We get busy while you do nothing?

Su Yu replied indifferently, I have more important matters to deal with.

More important? The Sixth Princess muttered, and shot a doubtful glare at Su Yu, before delving proactively into the refinement project of the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood.

In the Imperial City

The great war between the Holy Magic Hall and the recalcitrant army had drawn to an end.

On one side, there were the ferocious, brutal Demonic Gods with more than a hundred in total; while on the other side, there were the ordinary Demonic Gods that had been cornered, adamantly resisting in a state of despair.

There was a marginal difference in terms of capacity and number between the two parties. Hence the outcome was conspicuous.

All the treacherous deities, including the princes and princesses, had ended up as snacks in the mouths of the Demonic Gods of the Holy Magic Hall.

Six Paths Demonic General, greeting Consort. The great general of the Holy Magic Hall, the Demonic God of Six Paths, took the lead as all the ferocious Demonic Gods walked forth. They were unusually respectful as if she was the true owner of the Holy Magic Hall.

Consort Yunxia nodded in a formidable manner. You have proven yourselves to be the Holy Magic Hall, which I single-handedly founded!

During the great war between the two parties, the Holy Magic Hall did not lose any deity, only a couple of them sustained severe injuries.

For such a beastly, rapacious army, who in the Great Eastern and Western Alliances could be a match of them?

Not forgetting more than 50 ordinary deities in the Demonic Dimension.

An enormous force like that was enough to tame the entire galaxy.

Consort Yunxia retrieved a bottle of spiritual liquid mixed with a forest green from her sleeve. Your performance today was decent, take this.

The Demonic God of Six Paths accepted the spiritual liquid, and hints of delight appeared on his cold face. The other Demonic Gods of the Holy Magic Hall seemed covetous.

Whereas the Demon Cloud City Master who had just joined the Holy Magic Hall was having a mix of fear and other complicated emotions.

His transformation was enough to elucidate the origin of the Holy Magic Hall.

All the deities of the Holy Magic Hall were once ordinary deities, who had later transformed into Blood Red Demonic Gods.

After swallowing the peculiar, dark green, spiritual liquid, ones body would undergo gradual changes. Not only would their capabilities be strengthened, but their temperaments would also turn brutal and savage as well, gradually losing control.

They had to swallow the dark green, spiritual liquid once a month.

Otherwise, they would be overwhelmed with pain to the point that they lost the desire to stay alive. Many deities of the Holy Magic Hall could not endure the agony of being tormented in Hell and had chosen to commit suicide.

Only by swallowing it would their pains be relieved.

However, the more they consumed it, the more cruel and brutal they became. Gradually, they lost their own rationality, eventually becoming beasts that only ever knew to kill.

More terrifyingly, the dark green, spiritual liquid made them slaves to Consort Yunxia ever since. Without the spiritual liquid that she gifted, none of them could live longer than a month.

Su Yu, it was you who made me end up here! The Demon Cloud City Master resented inwardly. All thanks to Su Yu, he had turned into a deity of the Holy Magic Hall!

The coup had been appeased. Consort Yunxia cast a look at the Giant of the Bitter Sea that was slowly walking into the Bitter Sea and swept a glance across the deities of the Holy Magic Hall. Indifferent, she said, Those who have eaten the royal heirs just now, step forth.


Five deities stepped forth. They were the ones who ate the Third Prince and the rest.

Go offer yourselves to the Giant of the Bitter Sea.