The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1251

Chapter 1251 Vanishing Into The Bitter Sea

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The five Demonic Gods had no facial expression, as if someone else was controlling them. Despite their repugnance inside, they put up no fight at all as they rushed towards the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

The Giant turned his head around sharply and opened his mouth, sucking the five deities into it. Then, he ate them alive.

All the while, the five Demonic Gods did not retaliate in the least bit.

The Demon Cloud City Master felt his scalp go numb as he watched. That was the ultimate phase of consuming the dark green spiritual liquid- losing all sense of self, where all they knew was obeying commands and their own nature.

When he was done eating, the Giant of the Bitter Sea looked like he wanted more. Stretching out a colossal hand that could conceal the heavens, he pointed at the Bitter Sea, where Su Yu and the others were.

There were the Eldest Prince, the Second Princess, and the Sixth Princess. The three of them were the outstanding ones among the royal heirs.

Theoretically speaking, they were the most powerful incarnates among the reincarnates of the Giant of the Bitter Sea, right after the current Demonic Emperor, so they had to be swallowed.

Consort Yunxia stared at the Bitter Sea, and a devilish smile blossomed on her face. Let us begin the game of catching a turtle in the jar!

The Demonic Gods of the Holy Magic Hall stepped forward.

Capture the three royal heirs alive, and preserve the intact corpse of the Yu Demon.

When she finished speaking, she followed them under the escort of the Holy Magic Hall.

At the shore of the Bitter Sea.

The small boat of the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood was gradually formed. It was a hundred feet in length and could accommodate more than thirty people.

To prevent the water of the Bitter Sea from splashing into the small boat, the extra material of the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood was crafted into a shield, with the joint effort of the ten deities.

When they sat in it and covered themselves with the shield, the water of the Bitter Sea could be blocked completely.

Even Su Yu was somewhat startled when he saw its appearance.

It looked like a submarine from his previous lifetime

However, on the Bitter Sea, this was the only kind of boat that could navigate safely.

Alright, board the boat and set off right away, they must be coming to their senses by now! Su Yu said.


The group of people hopped onto the small boat and quickly raised the shield.

As they finished the moves, surge after surge of divine brilliance waves flickered at the shore like dense drops of rain.

You actually ran to the Bitter Sea, are you at a dead end! Before he appeared, the Demon Cloud City Master sneered.

However, when he opened his eyes, he was startled by the golden small boat, which had half of its bulk immersed in the Bitter Sea already. Is that the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood?

Consort Yunxia also showed up. When she witnessed the small boat half-submerged in the Bitter Sea, her placid confident smile shattered abruptly, replaced by utter shock.

How could there be such an enormous craft made of the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood?

Was it secretly cultivated by some prince who had spent years nurturing his schemes for a chance to strike?

No, no way! The Golden Flames Forbidden Wood could not survive in the Demonic Dimension.

The Book Deity emerged and his eyes grew solemn. In a low voice, he rumbled, He kept a means of retreat indeed! Consort, let them strike right now, or else itll be too late!

Consort Yunxia decisively gave her command before the Book Deity even reminded her. Change of plans! Kill all of them, leave none alive!

They were about to run away. How could they still have any mercy on them?

The great general, Demonic God of Six Paths, bellowed and took the lead to teleport over. The instant before the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood small boat could fully immerse itself in the Bitter Sea, he grasped its tail!

The faces of the people on the boat fell.

It is the Demonic God of Six Paths, the pupil of the current Demon Emperor! The Eldest Prince had an awful look on his face. As a tutor who taught them in person, the Eldest Prince knew how frightening the Demonic God of Six Paths was.

Even if the nine princes and princesses joined forces, they would never be a match for this Demonic God of Six Paths, the greatest Demonic God below the Demon Emperor.

The Sixth Princesss gorgeous face turned to ice as well. At the final moment, they still got caught!

The worst part was that it was the Demonic God of Six Paths who attacked.

He could obliterate them all by himself!

The only one who remained calm on the boat was Su Yu.

Five Elements Divine Prison! Su Yu called softly.

All of a sudden, a small tower with five colors emerged abruptly from beneath the ground at the shore of the Bitter Sea.

The small tower bore down on the Demonic God of Six Paths head fairly and squarely.

Boom! Boom!

The ground started to thunder and roar, as though an enormous force was compressing the Demonic God of Six Paths body. Soon, half of him was pressed into the ground.

Numerous cracks spread across the surface of the Demonic Gods body like the web of a spider.

If it had been any other ordinary Demonic God, such an abrupt blow would have been enough to kill them with the oppression.

However, the Demonic God of Six Paths was completely unruffled and kept a tight grip on the small boat.

Consort Yunxia and the others heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that Su Yu had underestimated the Demonic God of Six Paths. If other Demonic Gods of the Holy Magic Hall had attacked, they could have escaped already.

Right when they felt relieved, Su Yus voice sounded on the boat once again.

Star River Scripture!

With the pungent stench of divine blood, an outraged growl sounded.

A wild beast of a deitys level sprinted out from the boat. Roaring furiously, it brutally tore and bit the Demonic God of Six Paths arm that was holding the boat.

Seeing the scene, the Book Deitys face turned gloomy. Those were the divine-level wild beasts that he collected one by one through tremendous efforts!

Su Yu plundered it last time, but he never expected him to deploy it here!

However, the arm of the Demonic God of Six Paths only shed a layer of skin from the bite of the divine-level wild beast.

The strength of his physical body was matchless!

With a cold snort, the Demonic God of Six Paths opened his mouth wide and spat a mouthful of demonic air, sweeping the divine-level wild beast off its feet.

The Demonic God of Six Paths put on a murderous look as he exerted force on his arm, nearly extracting the boat from the water of the Bitter Sea.

It was a precarious moment.

Another yell sounded from the boat:

Sacred Demon Summon! Su Yu bellowed thunderously, and a revolving formation emerged in the sky out of nowhere.

Ferocious growls that shook the heavens and the land reverberated one after another, relentlessly.

As they watched the scene, everyone was astonished, including the Eldest Prince and the rest who were on the boat.

The secret technique of the royal house, the Sacred Demon Summon! You The Sixth Princess stared at Su Yu in disbelief. Su Yu was holding a mass of the Seventh Princes divine blood in his hand, and he was even giving off the royal aura of the Seventh Prince.

The Eldest Prince was startled, while the Second Princess shrieked in shock, You are an imperial kinsman of the Demonic Dimension?

The Sacred Demon Summon was a top-notch secret technique that only the royalties of the demon race could practice. Apart from Demon Emperor, none of the members of the royal house had practiced it before.

They hadnt even been trained in it, yet Su Yu, a man of the galaxy, had succeeded in acquiring the technique.

Besides, what was the matter with the Seventh Princes scent that he carried?

Amidst their shock and suspicion, nine ferocious, hideous heads of a beast dashed out from the formation.

They were delirious and brutal, ravenous and agitated as they rushed out with thunderous growls.

When they noticed the Demonic God of Six Paths standing right in front of them, they howled in delight and pounced onto him!

Beasts of Chaos!! The Holy Magic Hall, as well as Consort Yunxia, were shocked and took a step back.

The most horrendous creature of the Demonic Dimension, the Beasts of Chaos!

There were 18 of them in total. Nine of them had been tamed by the current Demon Emperor as his spiritual pets, and the other nine were sent into exile in the galaxy.

How could they show up here in the Demonic Dimension?

However, before he had more time to ponder, the Demonic God of Six Paths had been beleaguered by the Beasts of Chaos.


With a mighty growl, one of the Beast of Chaos bit off the hand of the Demonic God of Six Paths that was clutching the boat!

The divine-level wild beast could only tear off a layer of skin, yet it took just one bite from the Beasts of Chaos.

The Demonic God of Six Paths was utterly shocked. He switched to grasp the boat with his other hand, but the Beasts of Chaos pounced onto it ruthlessly and started tearing at it with their fangs.

The other hand that he extended was severed in the blink of an eye.

Without any restraint, the boat finally slid into the Bitter Sea and rapidly sank into its depths.

Even if they had more deities, they wouldnt dare to venture into the Bitter Sea to arrest the fugitives.

The Demonic God of Six Paths was suppressed by the Five Elements Divine Prison and rendered immobile. The Beasts of Chaos feasted on their prey that couldnt budge, and in just a few breaths, nearly a half of the Demonic God of Six Paths was devoured.

Luckily, Consort Yunxia gave her order to the deities of the Holy Magic Hall to attack at once, chasing off the Beasts of Chaos.

Although they couldnt be killed, they had come here because of the summons. Once the time was up, they would be transported back to where they came from.

The Green-Black Flood Dragon in the Five Elements Divine Prison seized the opportunity to take control of the Five Elements Divine Prison as well. It plummeted into the Bitter Sea and caught up with the boat that was navigating underwater.

When the last ripple disappeared from the Bitter Sea, Consort Yunxias stern look finally became dark and gloomy.

The Book Deity and the Demon Cloud City Master did not look quite well either.

The Demonic God of Six Paths, who had wounds and injuries all over his body, was even more furious.

It was silent and calm at the shore.

With so many people on their side, they had expected it to be a game of catching turtles in a jar. Who would have thought that the opponents could make such fools of them?

Dong! Dong!

Right at that moment, the magnificent Giant of the Bitter Sea came ashore and slowly squatted down.

Consort Yunxias eyes shone. Climb onto the Giants shoulder.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Over a hundred deities from the Holy Magic Hall leaped onto it.

Unexpectedly, the Giant of the Bitter Sea did not devour them as they had thought he would.

Staring at the Giant of the Bitter Sea at such near distance, all of the deities were trembling in fear. This nightmare had disturbed the Demonic Dimension for hundreds of thousands of years.

What if he turned around all of a sudden and ate them?

Or perhaps he would sink into the Bitter Sea suddenly and all of them would fall into the water of the sea. What should they do then?

Perturbed, they followed the Giant of the Bitter Sea as he stepped into the water.

In the depths of the Bitter Sea.

A small enclosed golden boat was sailing swiftly in the Bitter Sea like a lively little fish, leaving a trail of shadow in its wake.

The boat was filled with dead silence.

The Sixth Princess was gazing at Su Yu with her pretty eyes, unusual colors swirling in them.

She finally understood why Su Yu was unbothered when they were busy crafting the small boat, claiming that he had more important matters to deal with.

It turned out that he had prepared three means of retreat.

Without these three deciding means of retreat, the mere thought of the consequences would have been enough to give them chills.

With the involvement of the Demonic God of Six Paths, would luck be on their side?


She wanted to say something but had no idea how to express the emotions she was feeling.

Instead, Su Yu was the one to break the uncanny silence. We have temporarily escaped!

Right. Even the carefree Second Princess had a bashful look on her face as she stared at Su Yu like a mortal looking up at a deity.

The Eldest Prince paused for a second and clapped his hands. Brother Yu always has brilliant schemes up his sleeve. I truly admire you!

Su Yu was probably the only person who could make the eldest royal heir of the Demonic Dimension make such a remark.

Bi Wanqing moved a little and got near Su Yu. Beneath her veil, her dainty face was flushed red. Her red lips parted slightly, and she said softly, You are judicious, my lord. Wanqing is willing to follow you for life.

It was difficult not to gain any benefits following such a wise man with flawless plans.

Su Yu shot her a look and decided to let go of her past disrespect towards him.

My real name is Su Yu, you could call me Su Yu, Su Yu said casually. We cant let our guard down yet. Entering the Bitter Sea was merely to escape Consort Yunxias hunt for a while. We still have to face the killing of the Giant of the Bitter Sea! Never forget, the three of you are his targets.

The Eldest Prince, the Second Princess, and the Sixth Princess were silenced.

Indeed, Consort Yunxia might not be able to venture deep into the Bitter Sea, but the Giant of the Bitter Sea definitely could.

The Giant would never sit back and watch them escape without doing anything.