The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1252

Chapter 1252 The Second Passageway

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Besides, we have just entered the Bitter Sea. I dont know how to head to the exit of Xing River. We still dont know how the undead emperor escaped from the Bitter Sea.

Everyone lowered their heads. Escaping into the Bitter Sea was only the first step, and leaving the demon world was their ultimate goal.

The sea is so vast; we have no clue as to how to find the exit; it is as if we were searching for a needle in a haystack, The Eldest Prince said. We must find a way to limit the scope of the search.

Everyone stayed silent. Judging from the coastline of the Bitter Sea, the length of it was as big as the entire demon world.

How the Undead Emperor left at the beginning was completely unknown. They now had to find clues as to how he did it.

If there are clues, I have some, but they are very weak. I have limited information about the Devil Realm, and you need to analyze them.

The prince and princesses were taken aback.

What, do you have a clue?

Su Yu bowed his head and said, I have them through my analysis of things!

The Undead Emperor was dragged into the bitter sea by the giant. He could not withstand the water of the Bitter Sea for too long, as he did not have a boat like ours, made out of Golden Flames Forbidden Wood! Therefore, the passage he found must have been not too far away from the coast.

In this regard, the prince and princesses nodded and agreed.

And as far as all the records of the Giant of the Bitter Sea have written about, as well as what I have observed, each time the giant appears, it is also close to the coast. I am guessing that the nest of the giant is probably not far away from the coast. That may be the place where the Undead Emperor found the passage and escaped.

After listening to Su Yus analysis, the eyes of the prince and princesses were bright.

The Eldest Prince said softly, The old nest of the Giant of the Bitter Sea I know where it is!

Yep! Su Yu was overjoyed. Sure enough, they possessed more comprehensive information then he did.

The Second Princess said, I also know about it. There are relevant records in the Royal Secret chambers. Each time, whenever and wherever the Giant of the Bitter Sea landed, and wherever he went ashore, there are detailed records. After years of summary, it can be speculated where the giants nest is located.

Its true, the Sixth Princess nodded.

Su Yu smiled slightly. It seems that our hopes just got brighter.

After a short while, they reversed their direction and moved quickly towards the waters where the Giants nest was possibly located.

Throughout a period of two months, they traversed from one end of the coastline to the other.

If they traveled through the air, the gods could arrive in an instant.

However, in the Bitter Sea, the golden boat could only be as fast as the Dust Fairy, and it took two full months to sail the full length of the sea.

Coming soon! On this day, the Eldest Princes eyes brightened.

In the past two months, reading the abnormal fluctuations of the seas water flow, they could infer that the Giant of the Bitter Sea was always chasing behind them. Now, with the bitter water of the sea being more and more turbulent, it was certain the giant was getting very close.

At this moment, the waters of the Bitter Sea around them were stormy.

A stream of undercurrents swayed, making their boat extremely unstable.

Make an opening and prepare to find the exit! Su Yu said. Under his control, eighteen pieces of Golden Flames Forbidden Wood inside the ship contracted, revealing a gap.

However, the water of the Bitter Sea outside did not pour in, as there was a transparent layer that could not be seen with the naked eye blocking the water at the gap. It was made by the meridian of the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood.

Suddenly, the external situation in the sea appeared before their eyes.

In front of them was a vast rocky area.

Pieces of abnormally large stones were put together into a huge stone bed that stretched over a million square feet.

Is this the giants nest? The Second Princess took a breath of cool air.

This place was the lair of the Giant of the Bitter Sea!

If her inference was right, the passageway to leaving the devil world was definitely nearby.

The passengers of the boat looked around through the windows.

As they ramped up their search of the surrounding waters, the Giant of the Bitter Sea seemed to notice something and suddenly roared towards the sky. It took a step forward and leaped forward in the sea.

What happened to the giant? The Book God was startled.

Princess Yunxia was surprised and shook her head slowly. I dont know. It must be something that they have done. The Giant of the Bitter Sea is anxious.

Dont let them run away now!

Time passed bit by bit, but they never found out where the passageway was. There was simply no trace of it.

They had searched the entire nest of the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

Are we looking in the wrong place? The Eldest Prince was in doubt of their plans now.

The Sixth Princess was also lost in thought.

The Second Princess was anxious: How about leaving the place first and coming back quietly later?

Looking out of the window at the turbulent waters of the Bitter Sea, the Second Princesss heart pounded hard. The Giant of the Bitter Sea was approaching them.

This was the most critical moment in their journey so far!

Su Yu didnt know what to do. After all, the existence of the channel was all based on speculation and there was no evidence of its presence at all.

However, the more critical the moment, the calmer Su Yu was.

Quiet! This is the place where the passage is most likely to exist; therefore, we must have missed something.

The Second Princess hurriedly said, What could we possibly miss? We searched everywhere. All that is left is digging at the bottom of the sea three feet deep.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through Su Yus mind.

Digging three feet deep? Su Yus eyes became brighter. Looking through the window and staring at the huge stone bed below, he said, How could we have forgotten about the stone bed?

What? Everyone was shocked. Could the passageway be within that stone bed?

Everyone, why dont we think of it this way? This channel, if it is the second channel to the outside world where is the best place to keep it protected? Where would the Giant of the Bitter Sea spend most of its time?

Of course, in the place that was closest to the passageway.

For a giant who has been sleeping for thousands of years, the closest place would be, of course, under the bed!

Everyone, focus on the stone bed! The escape of the Undead Emperor was a thousand years ago, indicating that there was at least one loophole at that time that he managed to exploit! Now, if we cant find it, the giant must have blocked it. We just need to find the stone that it is blocked with. With that, we can find the way out!

The Second Princess blinked and said, But it is such a large stone bed and there are countless stones here. How can we know which stone was used to block the passageway?

This time, Su Yu didnt answer. Instead, the Sixth Princess unkindly knocked her on the forehead and said. Sister, you are so stupid! This world has existed for 10 million years, and the stone used would be a new one. The difference between an old and a new stone would be very striking!

The Second Princess realized this was true.

At this moment, the water of the sea became more and more turbulent, forming a vortex at the bottom. This made it even more difficult for them to find the stone.

However, they have narrowed their goals to a specific target and what they now needed to do was extremely clear.

After having half a cup of tea, the Second Princess screamed suddenly and pointed through a window to a rather ordinary hill. Look, that hill, it looks less rotten than the rest of the stones around it. In addition, the traces of the bitter seawater erosion on it are far less than in the other areas of the seabed.

Everyone looked around, and sure enough, the hill was significantly newer than the rest of the stone bed.

When they sailed past it in their boat, they were even more pleased with what they found. There was a very weak current near the hill.

Although the bitter seawater at this moment was very stormy, they could clearly feel that a small and distinctive current different from the rest of the water flow surrounded the hill.

There is a continuous stream of water penetrating here from below the hill. Therefore, there must be a bottomless pit under the hill! Su Yu analyzed.

The people on the boat all showed signs of excitement.

The passageway! Sure enough, it was here!

Their speculation was not wrong!

But how do we push the hill aside?

Suddenly, everyone on the ship froze.

Despite enduring thousands of years of erosion within the Bitter Sea, the stone was still there. Needless to say, it was as hard as the Golden Flame Trees.

It would be unrealistic to try to smash it with a boat.

However, at this moment, they were stuck in the boat and it was impossible to leave it and use their own strength to break the stone.

As soon as the boat opened itself to the sea, the water would flood in and they would all rot away whilst inside.

There was dead silence on the boat.

They had finally found the passageway, but it was blocked by a hill.

After a short while, a soft sigh came and said: It is time for us to float upwards.

Master! Bi Wanqings purple eyes flickered, understanding the intention of the master.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God patted her palm and said, Oh, Im about to die anyway. If I do not go, who will?

Su Yu, float up and let me out. I will dive into this place again, move the hill away, and with my remaining divine power, I should be able to persist until the hill is moved away.

The prince and the others were silent. In the immediate predicament, a god had to be sacrificed.

Life and death were at stake, but no one wanted to dive in.

The self-sacrifice of the Purple-Eyed Demonic God moved them deeply.

Su Yu shook his head. No. Even if you sacrifice yourself, you may not be able to move this hill.

With that, he maneuvered the boat to crash into a fist-sized stone by the hill.

Compared to the stones, this giant boat was like a behemoth of force!

Coupled with the properties of the boats material, even the deities could not withstand the impact it created.

However, the results of the collision surprised the entire crew.

They felt the boat shaking violently, and a strong anti-seismic force came from the bow.

The entire boat turned over several times, and after a few consecutive turns in the sea, it became stable.

If not for the special material of the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, this anti-seismic force would be enough to break up the entire boat.

How can the material that is able to withstand the erosion of the bitter seawater be something ordinary? Su Yu shook his head and went on, The hills and rocks here have been concentrated by the seawater for many years and have become extremely heavy and abundant. Therefore, even if you sacrifice yourself, you will not be able to move the hill.

Hearing this, everyone was desperate. Would they then need an entire boat of people to move this hill?

There is no other way. Let me do it, Su Yu sighed deeply. If he could, he would never want to use it again.

However, there was no other way now!

He pointed at his brows. They squirmed, and a silvery-white eye suddenly appeared.

The gods on the boat trembled suddenly. They said in shock. Gluttonous Eyes!

According to legend, it was the beast of heaven and earth that would feed on gods.

All the present were aware of its eyes.

This was the fourth time that Su Yu has used these eyes. The more frequently they were used, the faster the Gluttonous Eyes would grow.

Now the eye was already in a semi-mature state. If it evolved to a mature stage, Su Yu would have to feed on the gods, and the Gluttonous Eyes would be infinitely expanded. With each usage, the eyes would need to consume even more, until there came a time when Su Yu himself could no longer satisfy the Eye and would end up being consumed by it.

However, now there was no other way.

The Giant of the Bitter Sea was here!