The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1253

Chapter 1253 Rebellion

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Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye! Su Yus eyebrows suddenly burst into light, exuding the power to devour the heavens.

Suddenly, the boulder the size of a small hill swayed slowly.

The giant, who was aware of their actions, once again issued a roar of anger. Each step it took in the water of the Bitter Sea rumbled like thunder.

In the boat, they could dimly make out a wall-like existence that had now appeared in the water.

That was the giants calf!

In less time than was needed to take ten breaths, the Giant of the Bitter Sea would reach them!

The boulder was still slowly moving away, gradually revealing the edge of a dark hole.

The water of the Bitter Sea rushed into the hole immediately and gushed into the bottomless depth.

The time for five breaths had passed and the hole was now half exposed.

The entrance to the hole was not large. Only when it was fully exposed, a small boat of about ten feet could enter the cavern.

Two breaths left!

The Giant of the Bitter Sea was there!

Its infinitely large body stood in front of them, much like Optimus Prime.

It lifted its giant foot, covering the sun and causing the bitter seawater to roll upstream fiercely. Then it stepped down ruthlessly toward the hole.

This step would not only seal the hole but would also break the whole boat.

At this critical moment, the hill was finally moved away, and with the sound of a whoosh, it was swallowed up by the Gluttonous Eye.

The whole hole finally appeared, completely unblocked!

The giants feet were less than one hundred feet away from their boat. The giant would only need a moments time to cover this distance.

However, the small boat dived into the cavern instantly, with a powerful current of bitter seawater flowing into the cave with it.

Almost immediately, when the small boat got into the hole, the giants feet stomped down hard on it.

The sole of his foot touched the tail of the boat and stepped on it with a loud stomp. A crack immediately appeared.

At the same time, the tail of the boat, made out of Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, pierced the foot of the giant very easily, causing streams of white liquid to ooze out from it!

Propelled by the force of the giants feet, the small boat whirled wildly into the hole and fell straight down.

The people sitting in the boat were all horrified and felt true fear.

However, what made them even more alarmed was that when the giant failed to step on them, he squatted down, opened its mouth to cover the cave, and sucked hard.

At once, the water that had been pouring down changed direction and was flowing back to the Bitter Sea.

Su Yus boat was also affected somewhat and was almost sucked back into the sea.

Fortunately, Su Yu responded extremely quickly. He stabilized the boat, pushed it against the water, and worked hard to steer it forward down the hole.

However, the suction force generated by the giant was getting stronger and stronger. It seemed that it will not stop until it managed to capture the boat and get hold of everyone on board!

The countercurrent was getting stronger and stronger, and their boat was moving ever so slowly. Once they could not hold back and were sucked back into the Bitter Sea, no one could survive.

Su Yus heart sank a little. Would he still fail in the end?

However, he didnt give up. He clenched his teeth in his effort to control the boat. Even though the speed of their movement became slower and slower, he didnt give up.

With every breath, they fell ten feet!

With every breath, they fell eight feet!

With every breath, they fell five feet!

Three feet!

Two feet!

One foot!

One inch!

By this time, the speed of the boats sinking was negligible, and they were almost hanging in the air.

Then they were gradually floating upwards.

They wouldnt be able to make it!

The God of Death could do it! Why cant we? Su Yu had never been willing to give in to fate. How could he die here?

Struggling, Su Yu suddenly saw a golden rib from the passageway, deep within.

What was that? Su Yu had an epiphany. There was no sign of corrosion on it from the water of the Bitter Sea, and it was indeed extraordinary.

As soon as he could, Su Yu steered the boat there and slowly approached the golden rib.

Upon approach, it was clear that it was made of a bone-like metal, full of Buddha-nature.

The water of the Bitter Sea pounded against it without causing corrosion.

Were these the bones of the Buddha deity?

Su Yu froze. He also saw that there was a groove on the side of the golden rib. It seemed that there was once another rib at it, but now it was no longer there.

After looking around, Su Yu manipulated the boat, and the stern swept past the golden rib, sweeping it out of the wall.

Suddenly, the golden rib peeled off the wall and was sucked up along the current.

Soon after, they heard a painful roar and the suction suddenly disappeared.

Su Yu and the others got out of trouble. Along with the collapsing water column, they fell down an almost endless path.


Without warning, the boat seemed to hit the surface of the water, making a roaring splash.

Looking out through the window, they saw they actually appeared in another vast galaxy!

The water of the Bitter Sea that flowed from earlier now converged into a large river and ran into the distance. It gradually integrated into the Xing River and all traces of it disappeared.

Looking up above them, their pupils shrank.

Here, they had a glimpse of the entire Demon Realm!

They had thought that it was similar to the shape of a Cavern world, but looking at it now, all were creeped out by what they saw.

The shape of the demon world resembled a human womb!

The huge uterus hung in the galaxy, beating constantly.

A baby sleeping in the womb was faintly visible.

The outline of that baby looked like the Giant of the Bitter Sea!

So the Demon Realm is like a uterus, constantly absorbing nutrients and using it to help this creature grow? The prince and princesses came from the Demon Realm. This was the first time they saw the entirety of where they came from.

No matter how one looked at it, the Demon Realm was like a womb dedicated to the nurturing of the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

The bitter seawater was the amniotic fluid in the womb, and the gods of the land and members of the royal family were the nutrients.

The people on the boat sucked in cold air, deeply shocked by the scene in front of them.

Su Yu also felt a bit frightened. Where was the Cavern World in this scenario?

Everyone was shocked and felt a sense of being a pawn in the greater scheme of things.

The journey was full of ups and downs, which made people frightened and somewhat shaken.

Several gods still trembled slightly.

Its alright, we finally left the Demon World alive, a god said, wiping his sweat.

However, the words just left his mouth when suddenly, from the hole that still had the bitter seawater leaking from it, out came fingers hundreds of thousands of feet long. As if they were falling from the sky, they crushed straight into their golden boat.

The Giant of the Bitter Sea still did not give up. It crossed the Demon World with his fingers and sought to crush them!

The boat, which was caught off guard, had no room to dodge and was struck by his finger.

The horror of the giants finger was such that no creature in the galaxy could resist it!

The boat made out of Golden Flame Forbidden Wood was no exception.

At this critical moment, seeing that there was no escape, Su Yu screamed, Fight it! I dont believe that we cannot win against a finger!

Su Yu straighten the boat and took control once more. The ten-foot-long boat suddenly looked like a javelin, facing that finger straight on.


The giants finger was easily pierced by the boats bow, which penetrated through it.

All the way from the Demon Realm, the anguished roar of the giant came through the hole.

However, this move failed to make the giant retreat. It was even more motivated to attack them fiercely. Regardless of whatever was piercing its finger, it brought down upon them unbelievable Holy Power between heaven and earth.


The bow of the boat made out of Golden Flames Forbidden Wood broke and cracks spread across the bow in all directions.

The Second Princess shivered. Looking at the finger, she cried in despair, Its over!

Even Su Yu felt an emptiness in his heart. He was ready to give up.

It was really over!

The power above the Xing River could not be resisted at all!

Are we really finished here? Su Yu smiled bitterly as he uttered those words.

All the trials and tribulations that came before After all of that, this was the only thing that he failed to conquer. He was indignant about this.

Witnessing such power, anyone would feel a sense of desperation.

The giant fingers were as huge as the sky and could crush them all into dust. There was no way for them to escape at all.

In the end, he failed.

However, at this moment, Su Yu suddenly opened his eyes wide.

He felt a familiar atmosphere!

However, he heard a trembling universe flood, as if the souls howling, which was transmitted straight to his own soul. The Giant of the Bitter Sea suddenly roared in pain, as if suffering unprecedented trauma.

It was in so much pain that he did not even care about Su Yu, who was about to die, and quickly retracted his fingers!

At the same time, the giant quickly closed the hole, as if he was afraid of something!

Su Yus pupils shrank with surprise. He rushed to turn the golden boat and looked around.

He could never have mistaken that fleeting breath he felt.

It was Yun Yazi!!!

Master! Su Yu shouted excitedly at the dark and starry Xing River.

However, apart from the echo of his own voice, there was nothing else in the Xing River.

Su Yu was confused. Yun Yazi clearly came here, so why did he refuse to show himself?

Since the relocation of the Jiuzhou mainland, he said that he had to rush to Xing River to investigate a matter. He never showed up again. Now, however, he finally showed himself, helping him to scare away the Giant of the Bitter Sea. Alas, with that, he disappeared again.


Suddenly, a light spot came from the distant starry sky and fell between the brows of Su Yu.

The voice of Yun Yazi came from inside.

Hello from your teacher. I miss you! Be careful now, dont get closer to the Demon World.

His message was quick and short, and there were no other words beyond those brief phrases.

Su Yu was stunned. What exactly was Yun Yazi doing, and why didnt he show up?

Also, what was that sound? How did he scare away the Giant of the Bitter Sea? To what extent has he recovered his own soul?

While they were in distress, his Master came forward and rescued Su Yu and the rest.

The hole from the Demon Realm was closed, and they finally broke away from the Realm completely.

Everyone who miraculously survived the ordeal quickly left the place and arrived at an abandoned Cavern World far from the Demon World.

This place was swallowed up entirely by the demons of the Holy Magic Hall. This was nothing here now except for silence and darkness.

I didnt expect that we would be able to leave the Demon Realm alive, The Purple-Eyed Demonic God looked around, filled with emotion.

The Eldest Prince was also in an uncertain mood. The experience of the last six months was more thrilling than his entire life in the Demon Realm!

This was especially so after they entered the Bitter Sea and fled the Demon Realm in one go. It was even more dangerous.

He looked up at Su Yu. The great prince sincerely bowed to him. Thank you, Brother Su. If not for you, we, descendants of the imperial family After a pause, he shook his head and sighed. We should say that, even with three reincarnations, there is no way we could have escaped.

The Second Princess smiled and said, Thank you. If we can help you in any way in the future, say it. I, the Second Princess, will offer you my help no matter what!

The one who never spoke anything was the Sixth Princess.

She was silent for a long time before she finally sighed and said, Thank you. It is thanks to you that we can leave the Demon Realm. I think the Holy Magic Hall will chase after us soon. Could I kindly ask you to help us all the way and remove our royal breath?

Su Yu looked at her and then down at the Eldest Prince, who bowed his head. A twitch of irony appeared at the corners of his mouth. Me helping you remove your royal breath is a promise I gave and I will act upon it. However, if I may ask, what are you planning to do?

Unknown to them, the six city masters who followed them calmly and quietly surrounded Su Yu, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God, and Bi Wanqing.

The Eldest Prince and the Sixth Princess also each pulled out a royal sacred artifact.