The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1254

Chapter 1254 Collective Betrayal

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The Second Princess was dumbfounded. Big Brother, Sixth Princess, what are you doing? Are you all crazy? How can you treat your allies like this?

The Sixth Princess shook her head and sighed. Sister, we have a common goal in the demon world, so we are allies, but if you look around you where are we now?

Xing River!

Xing River creatures and the Demon Realm have always been at loggerheads and unable to reconcile their differences.

After returning to the Xing River, Su Yu regained his identity as an acting god within the Great Eastern Alliance.

Meanwhile, they were still demons from the Demon Realm.

There was an irreconcilable rift between them.

What Su Yu did all the way was unpredictable and they could never see what he would do next.

Even as an ally, what they saw along the way made them feel terrified of him.

The Eldest Prince said, Su Yu is simply too dangerous; we have to guard against him!

It was unexpected that the Eldest Prince and Sixth Princess would switch their attitudes so fast, much like how one would do so flipbooks.

However, Su Yu and the Purple-Eyed Demonic God were not shocked. It was as if they had expected such a reaction from them.

Hahaha, you deserve to be the best descendant of the royal family in the demon world. You did choose to sever all ties once the need to work together was completed. If I were you, I would have done the same, Su Yu laughed.

The pupils of the Eldest Prince and the Sixth Princess started shrinking, fast.

Did you expect this?

Of course!

I dont believe it! The Sixth Princess looked around suspiciously. She didnt believe that before leaving the Demon Realm, Su Yu would analyze the situation so thoroughly that he could possibly anticipate this.

It was exactly at this moment when, behind the Eldest Prince and the Sixth Princess, a gust of cold wind started to blow.

The Eldest Prince was seriously injured, and the blood of the Giant of the Bitter Sea was still left in his body. Therefore, he was too late to resist the attack and was severely hit by the gust of wind. He immediately vomited blood and fell into a semi-coma state.

The Sixth Princess was unhurt and turned around irritably. You dare to betray us!

The ones who attacked were, in fact, the six gods who were supposed to be loyal to the Eldest Prince and the Second Princess!

We have never betrayed you because we have never been loyal to you. Instead, we have always been loyal to the lord of Seawatch City!

The Sixth Princess felt as if she had walked directly into a trap. How can you be loyal to him?

Why are we loyal to him? Quite simply, he can take us away from the demon world, thats it! As for you, you are a group of princes and princesses who cant protect themselves, so why would you be worthy of our allegiance?

The Sixth Princess was stunned. Their rebellion was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day.

When did this happen? She gritted her teeth and asked grudgingly.

One month before the coup dtat, the six city-lord gods smiled and replied. The early-stage quasi-gods sent by him convinced us to do so.

How could you be so easily persuaded? If you didnt choose to join the coup, wouldnt it be better for you to stay in the Demon World? the Sixth Princess asked.

The faces of the six city gods were gloomy and they sneered, How can you still pretend that you dont know? How did the Holy Magic Hall develop from nothing, from being weak to being strong, all up till the present day? We all know it very well!

The face of the Sixth Princess sank even further. In the beginning, there were only six demon gods in the Holy Magic Hall. Today, there were more than a hundred. Where did they come from?

Of course, they did not merely appear out of thin air but were instead city masters who were transformed, one by one.

The change of the Demon Cloud City Master explained everything.

This was an open secret, and the gods of the cities always knew about this.

Once inducted into the Holy Magic Hall, we will completely lose our freedom and eventually become monsters! The six of us wanted to escape from the Demon Realm long ago, but there was no way to get out. In the long run, we will one day be transformed into the monsters of the Holy Magic Hall! The ambassadors of the Seawatch City Master gave us the opportunity to escape from the Demon World. Therefore, we will definitely be loyal to him!

When she heard this, the Sixth Princess was speechless.

It turned out that from the beginning, all the princes and princesses were merely pawns in a bigger plan!

They thought the city owners had pledged their loyalty to them. In fact, they have been on Su Yus side all the while!

But you all have already left the Demon Realm. The Xing River is large and you can go wherever you want. Do you still need to remain loyal to him? The Sixth Princess turned and looked around.

Oh, Her Royal Highness, you do not need to seek to create tension amongst us. We can see things more clearly than you can! This place is Xing River, the land of all living things. Once we demons appear, coexistence would be incompatible between us and the creatures already here. How long can we live in the Xing River? The Seawatch City Master promised us that as long as we are under his control and agree not to harm the Xing River, he can give us the status of gods of the Xing River without us having to worry about being attacked.

The Sixth Princesss silver teeth clenched hard as she stared fiercely at Su Yu. You bastard, you have thought it all out!

However, do you really think that just the six of you will be able to suppress me?

The six city gods started to laugh, grinning wildly. Of course we cant win over you in a straight fight, but the Seawatch City Master has prepared some gifts for you!


The six gods took out several blood-red scorpions at the same time. They exuded a corrosive breath. If it was not the blood of the Giant of the Bitter Sea, what could it possibly be?

You! Where did you get that from? The pupils of the Sixth Princess shrank, showing her fear.

She vividly remembered how the seventh prince died tragically from the blood of the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

However, she also remembered very clearly that these bloody scorpions prepared by the Seventh Prince were not taken away by the other three city-lord gods. Therefore, they should have been buried along with the monsters of the Holy Magic Hall.

Naturally, it was the Seawatch City Master who secretly ordered us to search for them. Those three Lord Gods were also with us. Alas, unfortunately, they were dragged down by those stupid princes and princesses and failed to escape.

What! The Sixth Princess was completely terrified by Su Yus methods. She was feeling lost.

She claimed to be clever, but she was just a pawn in Su Yus palm.

Her Royal Highness, it is not easy to escape from the demon world. Therefore, I urge you to simply obey the Seawatch City Master and keep your life. It is better than to fall into the hands of the giant.

She looked around at the bloody scorpions. Then she smirked and stared at Su Yu. Did you plan to control all the princes and princesses like this from the very beginning?

No, Su Yu shrugged. Im just guarding against your mutiny. If you do your part, I will dissolve your royal breath and then we can go our separate ways. However, if you have still have dissent, these backup plans are prepared to thwart those thoughts!

Hearing this, the Sixth Princess was stunned. Is this the truth?

Well, there is no need to lie to you at this point.

There was a bitter smile and the red lips of the princess parted slightly. The Eldest Prince and she thought themselves to be clever, but instead made themselves look like fools!

She struggled for a long time and finally said, What do you plan to do to u?

Its impossible to simply let you go. The strength of the two of you is too strong. If I do not use some form of extreme technique, it will be difficult to deal with you. Therefore, I will have to control and contain you with my palm. If anyone was to blame, it was because of the choices they had made now. Thus, Su Yu has no choice but to watch out and be cautious against them in his approach.

How do you mean to control us? the Sixth Princess asked.

The six city gods looked at each other and smiled. One of the gods took out two six-color marks. Ive long prepared them for you.

You bastards! The Sixth Princess was really annoyed and angry. Even the six god imprints were prepared in advance!

Her Royal Highness, please let me remind you that this is a special six god imprint. Unless the six of us deactivate it at the same time, even if you find a hundred gods, it cannot be removed. In addition, if you are not careful, you might activate the seal and, well, just die.

The Sixth Princess laughed hard. Even this last loophole was thought about and plugged.

The nine god imprints on the Dog could be neutralized if nine gods were found.

However, the six god imprints in front of her contained the blood of the six demon gods. Unless they would all agree to remove it from her at the same time, there was no way she could ever get rid of it.