The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1255

Chapter 1255 Great Western Alliance

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But would the six of them ever think of unlocking the imprint?

It was said that the Sixth Princess had always been cruel to traitors. In addition, as things stood today, the one who gave the six gods all the benefits was Su Yu and not the royal siblings. It was therefore far-fetched to think that they would ever do so.

After struggling a while, the Sixth Princess finally lowered her proud head.

She and the sleeping Eldest Prince were implanted with the six god imprints.

The other end of the mark was in the hands of Su Yu. A mere thought from him could destroy them instantly.

As powerful as they were, being the two strongest descendants of the demon deities, they were now firmly held in the palm of Su Yu.

Especially the Eldest Prince!

His strength was at his peak level. Looking throughout the entire Xing River, except for the first demon emperor, the god of death, and the Demonic God of Six Paths, who else could rival him?

At least, no one was his rival in the two major alliances here.

In addition, the strength of the Sixth Princess was comparable to the Dakini. Along with the six god city masters, Su Yus source of power was terribly strong!

Hahaha With a chuckle, the dog got out of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl and stretched out her paw with a smile. She then touched the head of the Sixth Princess. Sister, congratulations, youre going to be a dog now, hahaha why am I so happy? Hahaha

The Sixth Princess turned blue. A dog?

Yes, you are a doggy that wants to warm the bed!


As if struck by lighting, the sixth princess stood paralyzed at the spot she was at.

Hahahaha, finally, the other princes and princesses can also be turned into dogs. Wow, hahaha why cant I stop laughing? Hahaha the dog laughed until her legs buckled.

Even though her stomach was starting to cramp up, she couldnt stop laughing.

Everyone stared at her, their brows furrowed.

That was it. The Ninth Princess was crazy.

What about me? Su Yu, what are you going to do to me? The Second Princess chimed in loudly.

Su Yu glanced at her. You? You are of average strength. Keeping you wont do much for me. You can look after yourself for all I care. I wont bother you.

What did you say? How can you utter such insults without any sense of shame?

Well, Ill be gentler with my words. You are simple.

That sounds good wait, what is the meaning of this? I dont care, you took me away from the demon world, so now you are responsible for me!

Although she was straightforward, she was not stupid. She was thinking about what could happen to a demon emperors daughter who appeared at Xing River. Once the news spread, what would the local gods do?

Of course, all the gods across the Xing River would seek to capture her, take her for research, make some specimens out of her and tour her around as if she were an exhibition.

Following Su Yu was no doubt the safest bet for her.

At this point, Su Yu was finally relieved.

From entering the demon world until now, Su Yu has been nervous and could not rest well.

Where exactly in the Xing River are we? Su Yu asked.

One of the city gods said, I have a map of Xing River, which was prepared many years ago in case of an escape. Now, I suppose, it is useless, but I will nevertheless give it to you.

Su Yu took it, looked, immediately confirmed his position, and said in amazement: Eh? How can we possibly be here?

According to the map, he was extremely far away from the Great Eastern Alliance, but only one months travel distance away from the Great Western Alliance.

The Demon Realm is so close to the Great Western Alliance? Its incredible and unexpected.

The demon god who provided the map said, The Great Western Alliance is really close to the Demon Realm and has been attacked by the Demon Realm over the years. For this reason, there are many powerful people in the alliance who fight against the demons, and they use very effective means to do so.

The gods of the Great Eastern Alliance are different and rule in a rather piecemeal fashion. The Great Western Alliance has achieved great unification. All the gods obey the orders of the leader, and each god establishes an anti-demon group. They all obey the orders of the leader at any time to unite together and fight against the demons.

Su Yu vaguely remembered that the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy came from a well-known anti-Demon family.

Did the fairy actually come from the Great Western Alliance?

Unfortunately, she was not found in the Demon Realm. If found, she could be brought back from there.

It was at this moment that the Sixth Princess stared into the distance and saw something. There are creatures approaching.

The remaining deities did not confirm it until they had looked around for a while.

One could easily see that the Sixth Princess was more powerful than they were.

Who is it and how strong are they? Su Yu asked.

These must be the people from the Great Western Alliance. They often have survey teams who come out here to investigate the demon world, the Sixth Princess said. As for their strength, most of them are not very powerful. An investigative team is actually cannon fodder.

This batch is not high in strength. The strongest is at most at the third Realm of the Dust Fairy. Moreover, they encountered some trouble along the way. A group of patrolling demon soldiers found them and is quietly approaching them. They still dont know what is going to happen.

The Sixth Princess looked at Su Yu and asked, Shall we go to help the demons and kill them all?

She still hasnt been able to completely change her standpoint of being on the side of the Demon Realm, and subconsciously took the demons side.

No need, lets go and look.

The gods moved.

In the starry sky, a medium-sized battleship quietly slid past the demon world in the Xing River.

There were strong men of different ages on the battleship.

The ship was commanded by an old man with a broken arm. His figure was bent and his face was full of killing intent.

The rest of the men on board also had a fierce look across their faces.

Among the crowd, there was a girl of about ten years wearing makeup over a porcelain-like face. She had bright eyes and looked very much like a porcelain doll. She stood in stark contrast to the fierce fellows on board of the ship with her.

Boss Wu, I think this is enough. Any farther forward and it would be very easy to be found by the demon soldiers! A strong man of the second realm of Dust Fairy carefully warned.

The old man with the broken arm was Boss Wu.

Do you think I dont want to retreat? Boss Wu said with a grim mood. However, the god-damn anti-demon guards left a mark on our battleship. If we dont follow the agreement and enter a million miles within the Demon world to investigate, It will be recorded by the mark and all our hard work over the last year will amount to nothing!

There were many fierce people onboard, and they were annoyed. Damn anti-demon guards! They rarely come so close to the Demon Wolrd. However, they want us to do so right now; its clear that we are forced to die!

The most hateful thing is that they have this mark on us. We must do what they say, otherwise, there is no choice for us but to die!

Hey, I mean, who made us into death row prisoners? I only accepted this mission so that I could live.

They were talking, and suddenly Boss Wu turned pale: Keep silent! There seems to be something around!

The battleship suddenly went quiet. With narrowed eyes, they all looked into the darkness, searching for movement.

Suddenly, they saw a warship carved from bone rushing towards them.

On the white bone ship, there were dozens of strong demon soldiers. The lowest-ranked demon was also in the realm of the Dust Fairy. The highest level was a bloody-red early-stage quasi-god!

Ah!!!! Yes, yes, its a quasi-god! Boss Wu heaved out cool air and looked horrified. At this moment, he had no courage to sail forward. Instead, he screamed: Turn the rudder! Retreat!

With fierce roars, the team scrambled and guided the ship to flee from the spot.

Alas, the demon soldiers had already spotted them and quickly caught up.

Compared to them, the white-bone Ship of the Demon Soldiers was faster and soon caught up with them.

From the white-bone ship, a dozen smaller boats were lowered and surrounded them in all directions. They completely blocked the warship and slowly moved closer together with the ship in the center.

Hey, the Great Western Alliance has sent a big supplement gift for us again! Eat them all! The early-stage quasi-god smirked coldly. He stood with his arms crossed at the bow, enjoying the crews panic.

At this moment, the crew of the ship was utterly desperate.

Its over!

We cant go back!

Boss Wu has seen many things throughout his life and was able to remain calm in times of crisis.

There was a vicious flash in his eyes, and he stuck his remaining right hand out, much like an eagle claw. Catching a crew member, he flung his arm hard and threw him out of the ship. That man fell into the Xing River.

Boss Wu, what are you doing Ah! Before he could resist, he was surrounded by the raging demon boats. As they picked him up, they ate him on the spot!

The bloody scene greatly jolted the rest of the men and stimulated their instinct for survival.

They saw the intention of Boss Wu and immediately started to throw crew members off the ship. This was to distract all the demon boats and use the opportunity to escape!

Alas! No matter how hard they tried to escape, they was only so much they could do.

Without flinching, Boss Wu threw another crew member off the ship.

The demons in front of the barge were distracted by the fallen crewmembers.

However, no one dared to stand beside Boss Wu at this moment.

Boss Wu rushed into the crowd like lightning and grabbed at anyone he could each.

The crew was so frightened that they tried their best to escape.

Boss Wu made a few grabs and only managed to catch thin air. Finally, he made a sudden jump and caught a crewmember who had no time to escape.

Boss Wu swept her out without a glance, throwing her off the ship without saying a word.

The one thrown was still in the air, and she gave out a piercing scream.

Witnessing this, one would realize that it was the little doll-like girl.

Her eyes widened. She was both frightened and angry, but her body was completely out of her control. Alas, she too was thrown off the boat.

The demons below were in a frenzy. They were screaming madly, opening their bloody mouths that were thirsting for meat. They were anticipating the pink tender flesh of the girl.

Looking at the demon faces closing in, the girl screamed in fear and fainted on the spot.

Many demon soldiers rushed towards her like locusts and wanted to eat her immediately.

However, at this moment, just when they were about to begin their feast, a boundless divine power rose up from the Xing River, breaking through the barriers, and penetrated the demon soldiers white-bone ship.

The early quasi-god on the ship had a tortured grimace on his face. However, he was unable to react in any way before he was turned into nothingness by the divine power.

The hull was perforated and quickly sank. The demon soldiers on the ship all fell into the Xing River.

The terrible force brought about by the divine power tremored throughout the Xing River and all the boats were overturned in an instant.

Even the warship was sloshing around, moved by the force and about to be overturned by the immense power.

Boss Wu was startled: God the demon god!

At the edge of the sky, black clouds were rushing over; all the people on the warship felt utter despair!


There was a flash of purple light, and then, a handsome demon with silver hair appeared.

He did not attack the warship. Instead, the silver demon reached out a large hand and picked up the ten-year-old girl who had fallen into a coma inside the Xing River.

Beneath that handsome face was murderous intent.