The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1256

Chapter 1256 Gongsun Wuxie

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Su Yu stared at the old man with a broken arm.

The old man with a broken arm had a cold heart, and his dry lips trembled as he spoke. Master Lord Demon Master, if she is not enough, there is still a full ship of people, please let me go

The crew on board the ship was horrified and furious.

No need to. I only want your life, Su Yu said coldly.


Without him attacking first, a demon city master flicked a finger and turned the old man into dust.

What about the rest? Kill them as well?

Su Yu looked at them in panic and shook his head slightly. No need to. I have something to ask them.

On the warship, Su Yu held the girl in his arms and asked, Why is she on the warship, and who are all of you people?

In terms of appearance, most of the people present were extremely vicious and fierce.

The girl in his arms, however, is Gongsun Wuxie!

She first came to the Great Eastern Alliance with the All-Access merchant ship. How then did she ended up within the Great Western Alliance and being with these fierce-looking individuals?

If he had not seen it all with his own eyes, Su Yu couldnt have believed it. This girl is indeed Gongsun Wuxie.

She is here, but why didnt he see the Duanxian Cliffmaster?

All the crew members trembled upon meeting Su Yus eyes.

We are the death row prisoners of the Great Western Alliance, and she is also a death row prisoner. We were assigned on a mission to come to investigate the enemys situation within a million miles of the Demon Realm. Only with a completed mission can we go back alive. Otherwise, the imprint in our body will take effect and kill us.

On death row? Su Yu frowned. Why did Gongsun Wuxie become a prisoner on death row?

Sixth princess, see if her imprint can be lifted.

The sixth princess glanced at her, and then at the rest on death row. Frowning, she said, Strange, is she special? She is the same as the rest and is on death row. However, the rest on death row are controlled by prospective deities, but for her only, she is controlled by the gods.

Cant lift it? Su Yu asked again.

The sixth princess shook her head. This imprint is very special. It is mixed with the blood of the gods themselves. Unless we extract out the blood of the other party, is it then possible to remove it. If we forcibly tried to with external force, it will only trigger the imprint and kill her.

Looking at Gongsun Wuxies frightened and unconscious face, Su Yus mind went into a frenzied thinking mode.

Why did she end up with the Great Western Alliance? Which god imprinted this on her?

Lets go to the Great Western Alliance first and then talk about this later. Su Yu had a cool look that was visible across his eyes.

What do we do with them? The sixth princesss eyes squinted into a crescent, shooting out dangerous radiants.

Su Yu glanced at them lightly and replied, Leave them to their own accord.

A group of death row prisoners, from the point of view of their breath, are mostly doers of evil crimes. Why should he go on to rescue them?

Besides, this place is close to the demon world. To move forward with such a large group of creatures will only attract the attention of the rest of the demon soldiers. They will never be able to escape.

The sixth princess said regretfully, Master, you are too kind.

If she can, she prefers killing them herself.


The nine gods condensed into a huge magic cloud and headed towards the Great Western Alliance.

Demon World

On the coast, staring at the thundering bitter sea and hearing the roar of the giant of the bitter sea, all the gods were startled. They feared that the giant of the bitter sea would eat them all instead.

He was injured! Plus, it was a very serious injury! Princess Yunxia screamed.

That scream pierced directly through their souls and howled throughout the entire Xing River.

They also felt it.

Such a middle-level power is, for them, a source of overriding power.

To think that the mighty giant of the Bitter Sea Giant was also hurt by it!

Is there such a strong individual hidden within the Xing River? said the Demonic God of Six Paths.

Princess Yunxia shook her head and then nodded. No one can say for sure. After all, Xing River was part of the ancient gods of the past, and it is not impossible that the best of the ancient gods were left behind.

Ancient God Realm Every demon was shocked by what they heard.

No matter who the person is, he did not intend to harm the first demon emperor. I guess he must be restricted in some way. Otherwise, he wont stop so easily. Therefore, it doesnt pose a threat to us for the time being!

As soon as Princess Yunxia said those words, her murderous intent was clear. However, the eldest prince, the second princess, and the sixth princess fled from here. They were the reincarnation of the first demon emperor. In the past, an undead demon emperor managing to escape; so be it. However, now that three are also joining his footsteps, this does not bode well for the first demon emperors Ten Thousand Demon Mantra Reincarnation.

You have to get them back. If you cant get them back, at least bring back their flesh and blood.

The Demonic God of Six Paths stood up and said, Let me lead my men out to catch them.

The commander of the Holy Magic Hall is doing this, in person? Everyone was surprised. For six years, the Demonic God of Six Paths never voluntarily requested to execute a capture task, and never once had he stepped out of the demon world.

Princess Yunxia shook her head. You? No, the Demon World has just experienced great chaos, and peoples hearts are unstable. It is precisely now that you are needed to suppress it. You cannot leave.

No! I must go! For the first demon emperor, and for myself!

For yourself?

Yes! On that silver feather demon, I felt a breath of curse. The Demonic God of Six Paths had an indifferent look that was filled with hatred. That is the mark left by my son.

Princess Yunxia froze. That mixed child you sent to the Jiuzhou Cavern World to abscond for the throne?

Regarding the fact that Demonic God of Six Paths had a mixed child, it is not a secret she did not know about.

The Demon Emperor was so angry when he knew about this that he wanted to kill the half-man and half-devil child.

As a result, the Demonic God of Six Paths secretly sent him away and placed him in the land of the gods, allowing him to grow up there. Finally, he then sent him to a declining Cavern World, enabling him to devour the entire Cavern World, thereby becoming a god.

Unexpectedly, news of his childs fall came several years ago.

He didnt expect that the murderer was so close to him at this moment!

He should have used some means to cover up the curse breath, but at close range, he cant hide from me. He is the murderer who killed my baby!

Princess Yunxia frowned slightly. She knew that the half-man and half-devil child was something that mattered a lot to the Demonic God of Six Paths.

However, todays demon world, except for the first demon emperor, the six demon gods are the next in line to claim the seat of being the strongest.

Thinking for a moment, Princess Yunxia bowed her head and said, OK! I allow you to go, but you can only take ten gods with you to help out.

The rest of the creatures in the Holy Magic Hall needs to stay behind and calm down the chaos of the demon world.

OK. The Demonic God of Six Paths agreed.

Book God, you are familiar with Xing River; you will lead the way!

Cai Lin, you are responsible for serving the needs of the Demonic God of Six Paths!

White Bone Admiral, you lead a few new gods from the Holy Magic Hall and sharpen them up along the way.

Yes, sir!

Finally, Su Yu either gets caught, or we will bring back his dead body, do you understand?

We understand!

Then lets go!

As she stood behind and watched them leave, and Princess Yunxia returned to the ruins of the palace.

Su Yu! As soon as you enter the demon world, you turned everything upside down! Princess Yunxia hated the man.

If there were no Su Yu, the coup of the princes and princesses would have been annihilated before it had the chance to germinate. Alas, Su Yu planned the coup in advance and hit them by surprise.

Although the coup d tat subsided, it affected the hearts of many city masters.

The news that Su Yu and the three princes and princesses, as well as six city demon gods, had successfully escaped from the demon world cannot be concealed and hidden from the masses.

After all, the hardships suffered by the giant of the bitter sea in its pursuit of them cannot be hidden from the gods.

Judging from the information she possessed, many city master gods regretted their decisions, especially those gods who had been lobbied by Su Yus early prospective deities.

Therefore, many city gods are eagerly on the move, and many gods secretly send out spies to come to search for clues near the bitter sea to find a second passageway to leave.

In this regard, Princess Yunxia is stuck in a spot.

The rebellion is not terrible. The terrible thing is people that are rebellious but have not acted on it much. Therefore, it is difficult to predict when they will launch a coup.

For this reason, Princess Yunxia had to spend a lot of energy, a show of benevolence, to deter and stabilize the demon world.

At the same time, the forces of the Hold Magic Hall had been sent out had been recalled to help stabilize the internal affairs of the demon realm.

So hateful! The first demon emperor is going to lose a lot of nutrients from this. The time to break a stage to become a median god will be delayed by at least ten years! Princess Yunxia was resentful. A little pawn like Su Yu was able to hold back the first demon emperor from going along with his ambitious plan that was in the making for thousands of years.

He had delayed the time he needs to become a median god!

The evil god once said that the wildness of Xing River is birthed by that of a median god.

Alas, how is it possible to collect all those resources in the Xing River?

Through the demon soldiers of the Holy Magic Hall, they devoured all the living beings in the heavens and the earth, and then the first demon emperor swallowed these demon soldiers. Indirectly, he is grabbing the resources of the entire Xing River.

Finally, paired with the Ten Thousand Demon Mantra Reincarnation, there may still be a chance for a breakthrough.

Su Yu! You better pray that you can escape the hunting of the Demonic God of Six Paths. Otherwise, you will die!

The Demonic God of Six Paths attached great importance to that child of his.

Somewhere in the Xing River, a desolate Cavern World that was devoured by the demons.

Yun Yazi is transparent and looks extremely weak.

The sound that stunned the first demon emperor was extremely costly, and Yun Yazi, whose soul had never been restored since, was once again hit hard.

Did the Demon Emperor grown into as such? Yun Yazi constrained his eyebrows and asked, Looking at his shape, he will break out within ten years. At that time, the entire Xing River will be reduced to being his food source after his birth.

The situation of the Xing River is critical. If this part of the ancient god realm is destroyed, I dont know if it will alarm those outside the Xing River

The vast starry river.

A group of demon clouds overwhelmingly sailed towards the Great Western Alliance.

On the demon cloud, Su Yu sat cross-legged, while Gongsun Wuxie leaned on Su Yus legs.

As they moved, Gongsun Wuxie soon woke up.

When she opened her eyes, a demon with silver hair came into the picture.

Ah!!! Gongsun Wuxie screamed, threw pink fists, and yelled, Dont eat me! I havent taken a bath for three years. I havent changed my socks for ten years. Im smelly, very smelly!!

She didnt dare to look directly at the demons in front of her and fluttered with her eyes closed.

Su Yu laughed. I do not mind that. I will simply throw you in boiling water and wash you clean. Then, I will be able to eat you. Hey, what a tender and delicious creature you are. I havent eaten such a superb thing for a long time now!

I will string you up, slowly cook you on the fire rack, and then spray you with the condiments of the demon world. Wow, fragrant, this must be a delicacy of the Xing River!

Gongsun Wuxie listened carefully, her heartbeat fast, and her face turned pale. She struggled to escape, but she was easily suppressed by Su Yu. Hey, you cant wait to get on the roast now, is it?