The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257 The Gongsun Family

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No! I dont want to go onto the fire. I dont want to be grilled! I dont want to!

Hey, then how do you want to be eaten by me?

Woohoo, I dont want to be eaten, please let me go!

Well its not impossible to let you go, but Ill still want to take a bite.

Can you not eat me at all?


Well Well, where do you want to eat? Gongsun Wuxie still didnt dare to look at Su Yu, and subconsciously covered her flat breasts. You cant eat here. There is nothing here anyway. If you eat them, they wont grow anymore.

Su Yu laughed secretly in his heart. Even if he doesnt eat it, those wont grow much too, right?

How about I eat a finger?

Okay okay, but only one. As you said, just one! Gongsun Wuxie trembled and stuck out her index finger. Then, she suddenly changed her mind and replaced it with a little finger. Eat this.

Su Yu was secretly amused. He leaned over, put his lips on her fingers, and tried to bite on it.

Ah!!! It hurts! It hurts! Gongsun Wuxie screamed immediately, and tears came out. She screamed very loud.

Su Yu let go of his bite and couldnt help laughing. I didnt even start to eat you. To think that you are so afraid. Wuxie, If I really bite into you, wouldnt it hurt you very much?

Gongsun Wuxie, who was twirling herself up from the anticipation of pain, suddenly said, What did you call me? How do you know my name?

She doesnt remember if she had told this cannibal demon her name.

Also, why did this demons voice sound so familiar? Although the accented pitch was thicker than before, it was nevertheless obviously of a tone that was deliberately disguised

Her eyes that were closed tightly, quietly, she opened a slit carefully, for fear of widening it too much, and then the other party would bite down on her finger.

Through the fine seams of her eyes, the other persons nose, mouth, and jaw were blurred.

Oh, you seem really familiar. Gongsun Wuxie opened her eyes a little more this time, and when she finally saw the whole picture, she stared at those eyes. Ah! You are you are

As she was too surprised by what she witnessed, Gongsun Wuxie opened her mouth and tried to breathe whilst trying to call out Su Yus name.

Nevertheless, she could not call out Su Yus name. Instead, the sound that came out was much like a muffled cry. She threw her neck back, and the crying really came out.

Su Yu found it funny. He patted her back slowly, soothing her to calm down.

After crying for a long time, Gongsun Wuxie stopped crying, staring at Su Yu with a look of anger, opening her small, cheery mouth and bit on Su Yus shoulder. She said, How dare you scare me, how dare you scare me! I will bite you, too!


Su Yu pushed her away. Looking at her, she really left a tooth mark on his shoulder.

How dare you. You really bit on me!

Who made you scare me so! Gongsun Wuxie said. Thinking of his performance just now, her face flushed red, and she couldnt wait to find a place to drill into and hide.

It was so shameful!

You two are kissing and playing with each other, do you want to see whether this is the appropriate occasion? The second princess interjected inappropriately.

Gongsun Wuxie looked around, and her face was pale. Everyone here, they are all demons! Su Yu, why dont they eat you?

The second princess stared at her and said, What kind of image did my demons project in your galaxy?

Residents of the Demon Realm and creatures of the XIng River are not much different.

The ones that swallowed and ate the realms creatures are the transformed monsters in the Holy Magic Hall.

Seeing Gongsun Wuxies frightened look, the second princess parted her lips and said, Relax, we wont eat you! We all are very gracious; we are even thankful that Su Yu did not eat us, so why would we even eat you?

Gongsun Wuxie opened her eyes wide. Ah! Su Yu, you really eat people you eat the demons!

After a while of helplessness, Su Yu covered his right palm over his chest and took out the demonic blood in his body. In this way, his transformation into the form of the demons quickly faded away. He quickly recovered the image of the human race.

They are now used by me. They are my people.

Gongsun Wuxie pointed at the sixth princess. Including her? She, she doesnt seem to be a strong dust fairy?

Dust fairy uh, she doesnt count. Su Yu was somewhat speechless.

What about her? Is she not at the realm of the dust fairy as well? Gongsun Wuxie pointed to the second princess.


What about him?

And what about all of them?

Neither, Su Yu said.

Gongsun Wuxie suddenly tumbled and got up. She raised her neck up high like a peacock, and said, What is this? You scared me! It turned out everyone here are the small miscellaneous fish of the demons! There is no one here at the realm of the dust fairy!

With that, Gongsun Wuxie shook her fist, and she shot out the power of the dust fairy.

Did you see this? Do you know what it is? It is the power of the Dust Fairy, and I can easily smash all of you into dregs since all of you are not at the realm of the Dust Fairy!

Hearing this, the gods, including the sixth princess, could not help but try hard to hold it in.

They are not like the other gods that emit god light at all times.

Gongsun Wuxie never thought of them to be in the higher realm of the gods because of their physicality here. Instead, she regarded them as mere simple creatures of the demon world.

She took it for granted that they were simply a bunch of nobodies that didnt even cross the realm of the dust fairy.

Hum! How dare you laugh at me? You all are really a group of demons who do not know where your place is! Gongsun Wuxie gritted her teeth and smiled.

However, her threatening look made them laugh even more.

Well, lets go all the way to the Great Western Alliance. Su Yu was also amused, but he knew that Gongsun had no evil temper. If they continue this further, she would really attack them, so he made up a quick distraction to discourage her from striking anyone.

The gods all went off to do their own things.

Hey, you all should be fortunate that brother Su Yu saved your life. Gongsun Wuxie spoke and acted as if she was of high status.

Su Yu looked at Gongsun Wuxie and said, You cultivated so fast to achieve a breakthrough in your cultivation. Thus, so to speak, the undead herbs in your body have been completely resolved?

Gongsun Wuxies small face had a look of bitterness. She pointed to her body that is still like that of a little girl. Do you feel like it has been resolved?

Doesnt look like it, Su Yu replied.

Gongsun Wuxie was extremely distressed and said, The Glittering Jewel Fairy Cane you gave me did purify part of it so that I am no longer restricted to being a Stage Nine Fairy. With my fathers rigorous training, I just about barely broke through the realm of the dust fairy. However, nothing else improved.

Su Yu understood. He thought about it again and said, Yes, so how did you become a death row prisoner? Where is the Duanxian Cliffmaster?

Unexpectedly, just as Su Yu asked that question, Gongsun Wuxies small face had a dejected look. Gradually, her eyes were filled with water mist, and then soon turned into crystal tears.

Finally, she threw herself into Su Yus arms and burst into tears. Father, he is dead!

The Duanxian Cliffmaster is dead? Su Yu was shocked but was not too sad upon hearing this news.

As long as there is his breath in this world, resurrecting him will be as easy as with a thought.

The question is, how much trouble would it take to raise a dead person from, well, his death.

He will think about this later.

How did he die? Speaking of which, at the same time, you were still in the Great Eastern Alliance, so why did you suddenly appear in the Great Western Alliance now?

Gongsun Wuxie sobbed for a long time before replying, My father was originally from the Great Western Alliance. His family members are from the top ten anti-demon family houses. Although they are not descendants of the gods, they really did belong to the god bloodline.

At this point, Su Yu was not surprised at all.

As early as when he was in Jiuzhou, Duanxian Cliffmaster gave people a sense of mystery, and his origin story had quite a number of abnormalities.

When the mainland of Jiuzhou finally moved, his identity as a non-Jiuzhou creature was revealed.

Today, it is not surprising that his true identity is that of a child of a god family.

My father was persecuted by his clan and forced to leave the Great Western Alliance, and for some reason, he hid in the Jiuzhou Cavern World. He stayed there until Jiuzhous mainland moved, before returning to the Xing River and taking root in the Great Eastern Alliance.

Su Yu frowned. Are you being persecuted? So, you came here, but cant get revenge. Instead, you ended up being captured and becoming a prisoner?

No! Gongsun Wuxie shook her head. Father knows that he cant avenge for himself now, so he wants to take root in the Great Eastern Alliance for a while and gradually cultivate his own power.

Su Yu looked surprised and replied, How did the Duanxian Cliffmaster die? How could you possibly be exiled to the Great Western Alliance and become a death row inmate?

Our father and daughter were extradited to the Great Western Alliance by the Great Eastern Alliance! Gongsun Wuxie shook her fist, her eyes filled with hatred.

Extradition? Who decided this? Su Yu was surprised.

It was decided by the gods when they convened a meeting. All the prisoners wanted by the Great Western Alliance were captured and handed over to the Great Western Alliance. So, my father and I were caught by the Great Eastern Alliance and soon sent to the Great Western Alliance. Soon after my father arrived, he was persecuted to death. I was also controlled by them and was to become the cannon fodder to the demon world!

Su Yu frowned deeply and replied, Why did the Great Eastern Alliance do this? If they wanted to extradite you, they would have already done so. So, why wait till today?

I heard that it is to boost cooperation with the Great Western Alliance, so we have to sacrifice us as a gift to the Great Western Alliance.

Su Yu thought, You are high on the Great Western Alliances wanted list?

Not that high. My father is just an insignificant member of a tribe of the gods. He can only be regarded as a sixth-level wanted criminal, much less than those high-level wanted criminals! Gongsun Wuxie said and continued, Moreover, our enemies in the Great Western Alliance did not know that we were in the Great Eastern Alliance at all and they did not name us or call for our extradition. In fact, my father and I were very low-key in our time in the Great Eastern Alliance. My father and I just couldnt figure out why we would be extradited!

Wanted criminals who are extradited at the same time are notorious in the Great Western Alliance and are well-known first-class wanted criminals. Only my father and I are at the sixth-class wanted criminals.

Su Yu heard this and gradually felt that something was amiss.

Have you inquired about who decided to extradite all the prisoners here?

Gongsun Wuxie shook her head. We have no foundation or relationships in the Great Eastern Alliance. Where can I possibly find this information? Moreover, we were quickly caught and had nowhere to ask. It would be good to know which gods decided our fate.

When he heard this, Su Yus heart was crystal clear.

It is clear that this father and daughter duo were intentionally stuffed into the extradition list.

The Great Eastern Alliance may have already changed, Su Yu murmured. To think that the situation of the Great Eastern Alliance changed dramatically after he left for merely two years.

At this moment, however, he is not that concerned about the situation in the Great Eastern Alliance. He first needs to go to the Great Western Alliance.

He is not only seeking justice for the Gongsun family, but he also has a more important thing to do there.

There is nothing wrong with the gods of the Great Eastern Alliance meeting up with them.

Invasion is imminent, and it is time to connect the two major alliances, of the east and west, to fight against the demons together.

It is just that, he wondered, if the Great Eastern Alliance ever sent out messengers over here.