The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1258

Chapter 1258 Peace And Calm

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Wuxie, Ill take you back to the Great Western Alliance, Su Yu said.

Gongsun Wuxie shook her head vigorously. I dont want to go! If you are with me, you will be regarded by my group as being with my father. I dont want to involve you, you should return to the Great Eastern Alliance.

What about you? Su Yu asked tentatively.

Gongsun Wuxie smiled. I Im fine, Im free now. I will hide in the Great Western Alliance, and no one can find me there!

Su Yu said, Can you really survive alone?

Why not? Who would bully me? Gongsun Wuxie waved her fist and said, Let s go, leave me alone and dont think about me.

Su Yu touched her arm, and his heart was moved. If I dont c take care of you, who will help you to resolve the internal restraint inside you?

Gongsun Wuxies body was stiff and she looked surprised. You how do you know?

Looking at her, pretending to be innocent and not wanting to affect them, Su Yu felt a sense of duty towards her.

Although she was naughty, she was a good girl after all.

Well, so how can I ignore you? Who gave you the imprint? Ill go to him, Su Yu said.

Gongsun Wuxies eyes brimmed with tears, and her expression filled with gratitude. She wiped her eyes, choked and replied, Dont bother. I am grateful for your attention. However, you really dont need to do anything more. The people who gave me this imprint are not ones you can deal with.

She was really touched. At the last moment of her life, she could see Su Yu again and feel his care.

She was content.

If you dont try me, how do you know that I cant deal with them? Su Yu laughed and added, You should know that I have an identity of an acting god in the Great Eastern Alliance. Maybe in the Great Western Alliance, it will work well for us too?

Gongsun Wuxians eyes lit up. Yeah, how could she possibly forget this?

She hesitated for a while before she spoke. It is one of the ten anti-demon families, the owner of the Gongsun family, a true god.

Well, then lets go to him, Su Yu said casually.

Gongsun Wuxie hurriedly said, Dont be so rash; use your brain and plan your strategy. Otherwise, he may not pay attention to your identity and sentence you to the death row immediately.

Alright, Ill negotiate with him.

Negotiate? Gongsun Wuxie frowned and immediately regretted asking Su Yu to stand up for her. She was suddenly anxious.

Well, it must be negotiated, Su Yu smiled. Tell me about your grievances with them. Why, the god himself decided to act and place that imprint on you.

Gongsun Wuxie bowed her head and talked about the grudges between her father and the Gongsun family.

It turned out that in the early years, the Duanxian Cliffmaster was just an ordinary member of the Gongsun family. In terms of skills, he was light years away from the dazzling gods.

The Duanxian Cliffmaster was humble and simple and his qualifications were very mediocre. However, he had perseverance. Finally, he managed to achieve some results amongst his people.

At a certain alliance meeting, Duanxian Cliffmaster unexpectedly met with the eighth daughter of the alliance leader.

She was the daughter of the supreme leader, a descendant of the gods, while he was from a lower branch of the family.

The two, who did not interact much at that time, met again in a later expedition.

A group of demon army leaders headed by a group of Holy Magic Hall gods invaded, and the eighth daughter led the anti-demon team to resist the invasion. Alas, she was seriously injured by her resistance.

By coincidence, she was rescued by the Duanxian Cliffmaster and hid in an area occupied by the Demon Clan for several years.

With time, they grew attached to one another. The Duanxian Cliffmaster was highly caring and attentive. His warmth and affection soon conquered the heart of the eighth daughter.

After the invasion was defeated, the eighth daughter begged the alliance leader to allow her to marry the Duanxian Cliffmaster of the Gongsun family.

At that moment, the alliances vitality was severely damaged, and the family also lost some of their strongest warriors. They were not that stable and the position of the alliance leader was seemingly wobbly as well.

Therefore, they agreed to the marriage with the Gongsun family in order to receive their support.

It was originally a beautiful event for the lovers to come together, but alas, there was a twist of events at the last moment.

When the alliances marriage contract was issued, Gongsun Shan, the first heir to the Gongsun family, was jealous.

He lusted for the eighth daughter, who was famous for her beauty. His jealousy of the marriage was further fueled by the fact that his rival was the mediocre Duanxian Cliffmaster!

He asked the Gongsun Deity, his father, to displace the Duanxian Cliffmaster so that he could marry the eighth daughter instead.

Gongsun Deity, in fact, was not satisfied with the marriage either. At the stage when they were negotiating the marriage, he personally met and discussed this with the alliance leader.

As one could imagine, the leader of the alliance naturally preferred Gongsun Shan over the Duanxian Cliffmaster. He was the first heir in the family, so the marriage would bring both of their families closer than ever.

After the two met and agreed, they objected to the original marriage contract and decreed that the Duanxian Cliffmaster will be replaced by Gongsun Shan.

No matter how the eighth daughter begged, the leader was indifferent.

The Duanxian Cliffmaster also kneeled down and asked the gods to be kind. Instead, he got the cold shoulder and was scolded. They asked him to consider the overall situation, for that was the most important thing.

In the end, the two had to escape from the Great Western Alliance. They chose to elope and fled all the way to the Great Eastern Alliance.

The leader of the Great Western Alliance and Gongsun Deity were so angry that they sent people to hunt them down.

When they finally caught up with them, three years have passed. They had hidden in various places for those three years, and in the meantime, they did get married in the end and gave birth to the young Gongsun Wuxie.

After a huge battle, the eighth daughter was seriously injured, and the Duanxian Cliffmaster was deprived of almost half of his powers. Even their daughter was regarded as a sinner by the people. The alliance decided that they should all be killed on the spot.

The eighth daughter used the only undead spirit grass found in heaven and earth to keep Gongsun Wuxies innocent life. The medicinal power would last for ten years and its effects would end when she was ten years old.

This was also the origin of Gongsun Wuxies special constitution. The 10-year countdown was merely a kind-hearted lie that Duanxian Cliffmaster told her because he could not bear to tell her the truth.

In order to protect the father and the child, the eighth daughter burned her Divine God Source Origin and sent them across the border into the Jiuzhou Cavern world.

Due to the existence of the Jiuzhou Cavern world barrier, the people who pursued them did not find them, and only managed to recover the eighth daughter.

Today, the eighth daughter was still in prison.

A good and solid marriage and union between the two families were broken up because of their elopement. That was why the Gongsun Deity family had such grudges against the Duanxian Cliffmaster, who did not seem to have understood the bigger picture of his actions.

Now, they were extradited by accident and the Duanxian Cliffmaster was already executed. In addition, Gongsun Wuxie, the sinner, had not been released. All of these actions seemed reasonable enough on their part against this family.

After listening, Su Yu had a realization. What a great big picture indeed! Because of the big picture, you want to give up your own daughter to someone else? Such a grand reason to hide the favoritism of Gongsun Deity towards his own son.

Su Yu had not yet seen the Gongsun Deity, but he was already feeling disgusted.

Gongsun Wuxie comforted him, rubbing Su Yus palm with her small hand, and whispered, You know, just dont show dissatisfaction when negotiating. Im really afraid you will fall too deep into this.

Oh, rest assured, I am only venting. I will negotiate well on your behalf, Su Yu replied.

After one month, at the Great Western Alliance

Beyond the brightness and distance of the light, the Great Western Alliance was far superior to the Great Eastern Alliance. They also had many gods and there were no less than a hundred stationed in the Alliance at any given time.

The gods of the Great Western Alliance were all within the grounds of the Alliance and no god had traveled far.

Moreover, the entire alliance exuded a sense of tension and an intention to fight. This was observable, from the gods high up above to the ordinary creatures below.

Compared with the Great Eastern Alliance, which was as peaceful as could be, the Great Western Alliance was at another extreme.

Su Yu couldnt help but think of the Dakini: The type of leader will determine the environment the person creates.

A Dakini who was kind to her enemies would be a loose organization without a sense of strategy.

However, if the Great Eastern Alliance constantly had to fight with the demons, much like the Great Western Alliance did, it would help to shape up a batch of strong warriors. Then, when the final war came, the situation might not be that bad for the alliance.

It was a pity, though, that with only a few years left, the entire Great Eastern Alliance could change immediately.

It was imperative to reach a truce with the powerful Great Western Alliance.

Before he came to the Great Western Alliance, Su Yu let the ten gods who had come with him enter the beads of small cavern worlds on his wrist. Each of the beads could fit just one person.

If he did not let them reside in the beads, ten demon gods would have suddenly appeared here within the Alliance grounds. It would most certainly alarm the entire Great Western Alliance.

With all that done, he brought Gongsun Wuxie into the alliance grounds.

Compared to the Great Eastern Alliance, where gods were in charge of their respective Cavern worlds, the Great Western Alliance was different. All the Cavern worlds were connected and collectively referred to as the Alliance mainland.

The gods who created the Cavern worlds also lost their jurisdiction over the Cavern world they belonged to, and all their powers now belonged to the Alliance.

The alliance leader was the supreme one, followed by the heads of the top ten anti-demon families, who together provided ten top generals to defend the motherland.

Once the supreme leader gave an order, he would lead all ten gods, who would lead the quasi gods, dust fairies, and the army of Vientiane cultivation beneath them.

Then, by the order of the leader, the Great Western Alliance war machine could start.

Amongst them, the status of the top ten anti-demon families was not trivial.

Every family had control over huge forces, which was enough to affect the vitality of the entire Great Western Alliance. Therefore, they had a very high status within the alliance.

Even the supreme leader would not seek to offend any of these families at will.

The Gongsun family was ranked tenth and last of the top ten families. Even so, no one dared to underestimate an anti-demon family.

The ten top anti-demon families, in order to facilitate obedience to the orders of the alliance leaders, were all located in the Alliance City, making it the largest city in the Great Western Alliance.

On this day, two guests were welcomed into the Alliance City.

One was a girl in disguise, unable to hide her petite figure.

The other was a handsome character with silver hair that fell like a waterfall.

When they came to the gate of the Gongsun Mansion, Gongsun Wuxie hesitated a little, bit her lip, and pulled on Su Yus sleeve. Lets forget it, she said.

Once the important moment came, the more she thought about it, the more it seemed that the venture was dangerous.

If she had to die, she should die alone; why should Su Yu be involved again?

We are already here, how can we give up now? Su Yu pried his sleeve out of her fingers and walked towards the main entrance.

Gongsun Wuxie was helpless and hurried to catch up. She lowered her voice. Then you must maintain restraint, no matter what happens. Be patient, and never irritate the other party!

Su Yu replied, You have told me this no less than ten times along the way. Dont you get tired of repeating it so often?

I I am worried about you. Gongsun Wuxie was still worried about him.

Su Yu smiled with a comforting look. Rest assured, Im only here to negotiate today.

You must talk calmly.

Okay, calm and peaceful! Su Yu nodded, walked to the main entrance, puffed up his chest, and shouted loudly, Gongsun Deity, Gongsun Shan, quickly come out to greet your guests!

The sound was loud and shook more than half of the Alliance City.

Several vast markets seemed to run all the way to the horizon line. Now, they seemed to be frozen in time and space. Everything was silent.

They have lived so long. However, now, for the first time, they heard someone calling out for the anti-demon family to come out and greet their guests.

Gongsun Wuxie was so stunned her chin dropped. Where were the peaceful and calm negotiations Su Yu promised?