The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1259

Chapter 1259 Entering The Family Mansion

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Gongsun Wuxie was shocked by Su Yus recklessness. Was he trying to get himself killed?

She grabbed Su Yus arm and pulled it back without saying a word, her heart pounding furiously.

Who would dare to be so bold? This place was, after all, one of the top ten mansions of the Anti-demon Families. Now that it seemed that he had insulted the family, how could he possibly be let off so easily?

The guards within the mansion grounds turned around and flew out past the mansion walls, trapping them. They had a murderous look.

At this moment, an old housekeeper in a green soap gown hurriedly appeared and screamed, How could this even happen?!

It was not like nobody dared to abuse the anti-demon gods behind their backs. However, those who actually had the guts to come forward to the mansion and insult them directly were rare. The housekeeper had lived here for a few years, and this was the first time she had witnessed this.

Su Yu stood upright, arms folded across his chest, and said lightly, Are you Gongsun Shan? You are old, yet still lusty.

Dont insult the young master!

Su Yu frowned. You are not Gongsun Shan? I asked for Gongsun Shan to come out to meet me, so what are you doing running out here like this?

Presumptuous! The young master is of a noble anti-demon family! How dare you insult him? Men, catch him! With an arrogant madman like Su Yu, severe punishment was necessary to teach him a lesson.

Su Yu snorted and said, A mere descendant of the gods! He is not even in my league!


He flipped his palm, and a token full of divine power flashed in it.

A few guards who rushed over raised their eyebrows and stopped abruptly. They looked very startled.

The housekeeper was also stunned. Divine power Are you a god?

Well, Im an acting god! How about that? If your young master pays such close attention to rank, shouldnt he come out to greet me? When a god visits, dont you think it would be appropriate?

The housekeeper was astonished. A god was not a being a mere housekeeper could afford to offend.

However, the housekeeper thought for a while and said, May I ask which Acting God you are?

There were several acting gods in the Great Western Alliance, but none of them was this young.

Great Eastern Alliance Crane God acting deity.

The housekeeper nodded and simpered, Oh, Crane God acting deity! I am so sorry for the disrespect wait, where are you from? Great Eastern Alliance?

Where else? Su Yu said coldly.

The awe on the housekeepers face was replaced by horror, then laughter. An acting deity of the Great Eastern Alliance! To think that you would come here to the Great Western Alliance!

Men, hold him down! The housekeeper ordered.

To be an acting god was really amazing. However, if this acting god was from the Great Eastern Alliance, his specific identity was not worth mentioning.

The guards who surrounded Su Yu gathered their courage and rushed forward again.

They were all strong and in the realm of the dust fairy. With resolute temperaments and excellent training, they were all elite soldiers.

They soon approached Su Yu and were within three feet of him. Su Yu was covered with golden light, turned into a golden dragon and swept them all down.

It was as if an autumn wind swept through fallen leaves. The guards were all turned upside down and flew back into the mansion.

The dragon then landed and Su Yu returned to his body, leaving a touch of golden light upon him, much like a golden Buddha statue.

Since Gongsun Deity and Gongsun Shan are unwilling to greet me, I guess I have no choice but to come into your mansion as an uninvited guest.

The housekeepers mouth twitched. This insolent acting god would call this being a guest?

Stop! Before you make a big mistake, there is still the possibility of redemption. If you step into the house of the Anti-demon Family, the Great Western Alliance will have no place for you in the future!

Su Yu turned a deaf ear to this and walked straight into the mansion, saying: First, the family who seized someones wife, killed innocent people, and tore up families, is not qualified to redeem me! Second, whether I have a place in the Great Western Alliance is not for you to determine! Even the Gongsun family is not allowed to determine that. Only I, Su Yu, can decide for myself!

Gongsun Wuxie opened her small mouth so wide one could almost stuff an egg inside.

When did he become so powerful? As a single person, he was able to wipe out more than a dozen strong men in the realm of the dust fairy? Among them, there was no shortage of those at the peak realm of the dust fairy!

She vividly remembered that during the time she spent on Jiuzhou mainland, Su Yu was in danger of death fighting head-on with the Central Prefecture King.

Just a few years had passed; how could his power have been so enhanced?

Moreover, where did the condescending disdain for the family of gods come from?

They met again, but Gongsun Wuxie found that the Su Yu in front of her was different and distant. She did not recognize him.

Things have developed to the point where, even if she persuaded him to change his plans, it would do nothing to improve the situation. She took in a deep breath, raised her head high to follow Su Yu, and entered the feared and hated Gongsun family mansion.

Stop him! The housekeeper was desperate.

Those who showed disrespect to the Gongsun family would be forever damned!

This time around, four early-stage quasi-gods appeared. They were much like four King Kongs, glaring at Su Yu.

Breaking into Gongsun Deitys family mansion? Its against the law!

Su Yu glanced at them and said, I am looking for Gongsun Deity and his son. This has nothing to do with you, so back off.

What a joke! Do you really think we will stand aside simply because you said so?

Unexpectedly, Su Yu, who was in front of them, flashed in all colors and suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Almost at the same time, they felt that a cold chill around them. Then, a strong metallic atmosphere burst out of nowhere.

The next moment, each of them took a severe beating. It was as if a god hit them until they were nearly dead.

When I tell you to retreat, you must retreat! Su Yu turned his back on them, looking deep into the mansion and walking across the span of the house.

The four early-stage quasi-gods were so horrified that they forgot to breathe. They couldnt quite believe what had just happened.

The punching was not merely powerful; it contained divine power!

Was that really someone from the third Realm of Dust Fairy?

Gongsun Wuxie was also stunned. Su Yu had beaten the early-stage quasi-gods seemingly without effort. How strong was he now?

Walking past the four early-stage quasi-gods, Gongsun Wuxie chased after Su Yu all the way, trying in vain to keep up with him.

The housekeeper rushed over and was taken aback: Cant you stop them?

Seeing that it was an emergency, she took out a conch-shaped instrument from her neck and immediately blew into it.

There was a loud, trumpet-like sound.

The deep, loud sound rapidly penetrated the air and spread up and down the entire mansion.

This was the first-level alert signal of the mansion, which would only be blown when Demons invaded.

The response from the guards in the mansion was extremely rapid. They immediately took off from a high altitude to scan the entire area.

They easily found two unusual beings ramming their way through the mansion, and the guards seeking to stop them along the way were all beaten.

There is an enemy attack! The guards were now on high alert and swarmed the area overwhelmingly.

Suddenly, even though the midday sun was illuminating the land, all fell into darkness.

Go! Su Yu didnt even bother to look as he waved his hand.

The earth behind him suddenly turned into waves and the prohibition that should have protected the mansion was torn apart and destroyed.

It was as if there was something huge, like an enormous animal, waking up underground.


Suddenly, a towering giant tree slowly rose from the ground. Its huge canopy covered the sky and shaded the land beneath it.

Hundreds of branches rapidly stretched out from the giant tree, each of them sweeping at the air like a whip.

There were sounds of piercing screams. Black pressure from the sky was crushing the guards. Then the dark clouds scattered and soon disappeared.

In mere moments, the entire Gongsun family house was razed to the ground!

However, the creator of this destruction did not seem to have any intention to stop. Instead, he glanced into the center of the mansion and brazenly walked towards it.