The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Fight to the Death
Chapter 126: Fight to the Death
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"Xianer, do you want me, or do you want her?" Su Yu asked coldly.

Today Su Yu was able to step on Xu Rong. He could probably let her go. But in the future, when Xu Rong had the upper hand, would she show him the same mercy?

Xu Rong had already attempted to kill Su Yu three times. The first time was when he first entered Fenghuang Valley. She failed in her attempt to break off the engagement between him and Xianer and had attacked him, only to be stopped by Li Guang.

The second time was during the battle in the forbidden grounds, where she had failed to force him to spare Liu Guang. She had again been stopped by Li Guang.

The third time was today when she had tried to murder him in front of everyone.

Every time, Xu Rong had not had a shred of pity. She would never show him mercy.

If he let her go today, she would gather the full force of her family and, one day, she would step on Su Yu's head.

Su Yu would definitely die.

Thus, Xianer had to choose between Xu Rong and Su Yu.

Xianer was silent. She thought for a moment before burying her head into Su Yu's chest, closing her eyes. "In this world, Xianer is satisfied to have Su Yu alone."

Su Yu nodded his head, coldly staring at Xu Rong. He softly sighed. "For Xianer, you are better off dead than alive."

"No" Xu Rong howled in panic, but she was suddenly silenced as her head was completely frozen.

With a light tap from Su Yu's toe, her entire body crumbled into icy dust, scattering into the galaxy.

"Let's go. Let's leave the Liuxian faction and roam the world." Su Yu hugged Xianer, turning to leave.

Xianer batted her eyelashes, dimples adorned her happy face. "Alright! I'll never leave you again."

Looking at the two step into the snow holding hands, many regained their senses.

Seeing Su Yu strike, then kill Xu Rong seemed like a long moment, but in reality, it only took a split second.

No one had the time to interfere. They hadn't expected someone to commit murder in front of the elders of the faction!

"Stop! Su Yu, you disrupted the wedding ceremony of Cao Xuan. Do you think you can just leave from here?"


Sun Tianyang approached the couple, his expression sinister.

Yuan Hu also approached furiously from the side, cornering Su Yu between him and Sun Tianyang.

Su Yu had stolen Cao Xuan's bride in the presence of everyone.

Su Yu's eyes harbored an intense cold. "Scram! I just want Xianer, I do not wish to kill anyone else!"

Sun Tianyang was looking for a battle. "Losing the chance to fight you to the Icy Azure Lake was the only regret of my life! I did not have the chance to get my revenge! To think you've now delivered yourself to me! Let us have a rematch for my honor!" Sun Tianyang let out a low growl.

"Golden Transformation Mantra!" In his fury, Sun Tianyang transformed into a man of ancient copper in the blink of an eye. A massive energy spread throughout his body, pressuring the people around him. He had improved since the Fallen Star Contest!

"All thanks to you! I have finally reached the lower tier of this legacy level technique! Kneel!"


His powerful fist struck forward!

The wind generated by the fist blew out in all directions, dissipating the icy fog and causing Su Yu's silver hair to dance.

Yuan Hu also seized the opportunity to strike from the other direction, his gaze cold. "Let's see how arrogant you are after this!"

One was a Second Level Lower Tier Holy King and the other was a Second Level Peak Holy King. Who could doubt the power of their combined attack?

Su Yu stood at his original position, letting the wind blow past his purple robe and silver hair. His supernatural eyes were calm and peaceful.

Only when the attacks came within a few feet of him did he extend his palm, grabbing at the space in front of him.


Sun Tianyang and Yuan Hu both howled pathetically at the same time!

Their bodies were fully covered with frost!

The frost on their skin spread to their muscles and organs. In the blink of an eye, they were both reduced to ice statues. They were forever sealed in the world of ice, still braced in attack stances.

Sun Tianyang's eyeballs wavered, showing his unbridled fear!

To think that Su Yu could kill him with just a palm!

Su Yu lightly shook his head. "Your abilities are average."

Su Yu struck his palm forward, attempting to shatter the ice.

"Vermin, how dare you!" A thunderous howl came from outside the yard!


A muscular man in black-armored descended from the sky, his face full of fury!

He grabbed down and retrieved Sun Tianyang and Yuan Hu, protecting them from Su Yu's death blow.

Su Yu recognized the man as the guard of the steel bridge with black-armored.

His abilities were at a terrifying Third Level Lower Tier Holy King!

Once, he had stopped Su Yu outside of the steel bridge. His palm had caused Su Yu to vomit blood as he retreated.

Su Yu had finally passed him at the speed of light, not giving the guard a chance to stop him. He had been in pursuit of him until now.

Furious and murderous, the black-armored guard finally had a clear look at Su Yu. He angrily realized Su Yu looked familiar. "So you are the ignorant Outer Sanctum disciple! Small vermin practicing a strange movement technique, why are you trying to cause trouble in the Inner Sanctum?"

Protecting the steel bridge and not allowing people from the Outer Sanctum to pass was his duty. Su Yu had not only snuck in, but he had also caused trouble during the wedding ceremony with the elders present. If he did not kill Su Yu and redeem himself, he would definitely be punished!

Su Yu calmly retracted his palm, looking back. "Sneak in? I didn't sneak in, I just did not want to fight you."

"Hmph! Of course you do not want to fight me, how could you ever defeat me? Immediately kneel and surrender!" The black-armored guard scowled in fury, stepping forward with large strides.

He was looking down on Su Yu, for he had previously beaten Su Yu with a single palm.

But Su Yu's expression was peaceful as he slowly shook his head. "You're wrong, I just didn't want to kill you!"

Xianer's forced marriage was underway; had he been caught in a tangle with the black-armored guard, Su Yu might find it hard to hold back!

The black-armored guard shivered slightly, then laughed angrily. "Five days ago you were a vermin that vomited blood after receiving my palm. Today, you are really arrogant."

Su Yu shook his head. He did not pay much attention to what the guard was saying. He hugged Xianer as he walked out of the yard.

Seeing he was ignored, the black-armored guard became visibly furious. He clenched his teeth. "Vermin! Kneel!"

"Five Mountain Seal!" the black-armored guard let out a low growl!

The horrifying vital energy of a Third Level Holy King encircled in his palm! It was a world-altering energy, one that trailed waves of fire across anything it touched.

Su Yu's chilly energy was forced back, the energy pouring out in waves! Strong winds howled, inspiring fear in the hearts of many!

Sun Tianyang, who had just been freed from the ice, was thrown in the air by the currents, crashing into a corner. He let out a grunt as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

"This is a Third Level Holy King? It completely surpasses the levels of a Second Level Holy King!" Sun Tianyang was in deep awe. He felt helpless under the pressure, unable to muster any attempts to fight back.

Third Level Holy King its power was greater than imagined!


The Third Level Holy King ferociously struck out in the direction of Su Yu's head!

"Kneel! Accept your punishment!" The black-armored guard looked down on Su Yu as he growled!

But Su Yu's eyes remained calm as he peacefully extended a finger! "Perish!"

Chilly energy billowed and consolidated on his finger!


A great impact did not come as expected. But!


A pathetic howl was heard!

Everyone looked toward the direction of the sound and gasped!

A Third Level Holy King, the black-armored guard, spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew backward!

A finger had completely suppressed a Third Level Holy King!

A mere finger!

How powerful had Su Yu become since he had returned from the Icy Azure Lake?

Sun Tianyang's breathing was rapid and his eyes were opened wide. He couldn't believe what he saw before him!

His throat seemed to have been blocked by something and he was unable to speak for a moment. "He he is already this strong?"

A numbness spread throughout his scalp.

He fet a fear he'd only felt before when he had faced his senior. He felt powerless.

Multiple elders observing the spectacle raised their eyebrows, their expressions turning grave. They looked at each other, speculating about Su Yu. Su Yu's fight at the Fallen Star had made him famous in the Outer Sanctum. But, in the eyes of the high and mighty elders, the Fallen Star Contest was not worthy of attention. They did not know of Su Yu's existence.

In fact, a huge bulk of Inner Sanctum disciples did not care about the Fallen Star Contest. They did not know what had happened and did not know of Su Yu's existence.

"This person was an Outer Sanctum disciple? I can believe he beat the new disciples Sun Tianyang and Yuan Hu, but to defeat a Third Level Lower Tier Holy King?!"

"This guy's potential is horrifying! Even I misjudged him!" The eyes of multiple elders ignited with passion.

Sun Tianyang and Yuan Hu's talents were already considered brilliant, they were highly sought after in the faction.

What about Su Yu, who had defeated the both of them?

Quickly, the passion in their eyes died down. They caught a glimpse of Han Zhi and their hearts filled with a shred of pity.

His talent was above average. Unfortunately, he could not live past today.

Stealing Xianer meant that Su Yu was fated to die.

Su Yu calmly stared at the surprised black-armored guard that he had sent flying.

His mouth was full of blood. His pupils contracted, full of fear. He was severely injured by a mere finger! Was this the vermin that he defeated with just five days ago?

Retracting his finger, Su Yu unfeelingly shook his head. "You're much weaker than I imagined."

The face of the black-armored guard turned red, but he could not find any words to retort.

Hugging Xianer, Su Yu continued to leave. He had a look of satisfaction, a look of relief and bitterness as he lightly sighed. "Xianer, seeing you once again, I no longer have any regrets."

He had taken Xianer in front of the elders of the faction, Su Yu knew that it was the end of the road for him.

When he had decided to take the bride away, he had understood that he would ultimately have to bid farewell to Xianer for forever.

He was going to die at the hands of Cao Xuan, the Tenth Elder, and the Great Elder.

Xianer would still be forced to marry Cao Xuan. This was a predetermined outcome. Under their absolute power, Su Yu was but a weak ant. Su Yu was unable to change this predetermined outcome. All he could do was see Xianer for the last time before he died.

To tell her that he, Su Yu, had once come and that he still loved her.

To make sure she knew he had died in a blaze of glory.

He knew that he would definitely die, but Su Yu still came forward; he could not bear to see his fiance, the person he had sworn to protect with his life, the slender figure that he could not erase from his heart, marry someone else.

Even if he would die, he wanted to see Xianer one last time.

Feeling the grief in his voice, the young Xianer seemed to understand.

The pain of a permanent loss, of an imminent farewell, spread into her soul.

"Brother Su Yu don't go!" Xianer hugged Su Yu's neck, choking as she wept. Silent grief flowed into her heart. Heart-wrenching feelings of loss assaulted her young soul.

Su Yu caressed her, bending down to kiss her forehead. "I no longer have any regrets."

"Xianer, please keep your eyes open. I will fight for you for the last time!" Su Yu lifted his head, his purple and red eyes giving out an unparalleled glow. The glow fell on the figures who had appeared out of nowhere at their backs!

The ceremonial red robe, the ordinary appearance, the sinister expression, the cold gazecombined, it all gave Su Yu a terrifying appearance!

Cao Xuan had appeared behind them in an instant, standing with his hands behind his back, his eyes full of contempt!

While he remained silent, everyone could feel his killing intent. Su Yu was like a volcano waiting to erupt!

"Su Yu! I'll give you a chance, die for your sins!" Cao Xuan did not have any form of energy surrounding him. Had he surrounded himself with an aura, Su Yu would already have died!

A powerful warrior who had entered the Dragon Realm, Cao Xuan had a power of unimaginable heights. Even his aura would be enough to kill Su Yu a hundred times over!

Su Yu had a look of decisiveness! A pitiful smile appeared on his face.

"All my life, I, Su Yu, have been a failure! I have not healed my father-in-law's arm. I have not avenged my teacher. My fiance was kidnapped and forced into a marriage by others, but I, can do nothing about it!"

But!"an astonishing killing intent rumbled out of Su Yu's chest like a thunderbolt, striking the hearts of many"While I am incompetent, while I have been a failure all my life, I want to do something for Xianer before I die! I want to kill you!"

Su Yu let out a deep howl. His dying wish turned into willpower, piercing through the clouds!

Even if he had to die, he would drag Cao Xuan down with him!