The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1260

Chapter 1260 Casting Out Ones Inner Demons

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There, Su Yu felt the strongest aura in the mansion, a middle stage prospective deity!

Although there was a huge commotion, he remained unmoved. The only explanation for this was that he was at a critical juncture of his cultivation.

Stop him! Dont let him take another step forward! The housekeeper yelled.

However, given Su Yus vast experiences and prowess, who could stop him? Who dared to stop him?

He destroyed everything in his way, and most of the mansion was razed to the ground.

Su Yu walked to the entrance of the secret basement that was heavily guarded by soldiers.

The two early-stage prospective deities there were calm and composed.

Despite the huge ruckus, they were still guarding the place firmly. It could be deduced that the middle stage prospective deity in the room behind was of an extraordinary status.

It looks like Gongsun Shan is inside, undoubtedly, Su Yu said to himself. His eyes then swept towards the two guards. This has nothing to do with you. Move away!

Without waiting for the two early-stage prospective deities to make their moves, Su Yu blasted them away with the power of his five-colored divine light.

Apart from the guards, the huge stone gates behind them were also blown to pieces by Su Yus power.

Su Yu marched forward, making his way underground without hesitation. He walked down a long flight of stairs to reach the underground chamber.

It was a vast cavernous space. There was a boiling blood pool, and sitting in it was a young man with a stout body.

He looked to be in his thirties. His skin was dark and his face wore a fearsome look. His pose gave off a menacing aura that was most visible between his brows.

On top of his head, traces of blood-red threads were continuously extracted from the top of his skull.

Every time a thread was extracted, his form became even more imposing.

Oh? What a coincidence, are you trying to break through to become a late-stage prospective deity? Su Yu said, glaring at the blood-red silky threads coldly.

Those blood-red threads were intertwined with the soul realm.

Every time a thread was drawn, it would show signs of struggle before releasing a trace of demonic energy.

Su Yu was no stranger to this phenomenon, especially since he had just returned from the Demon Clan. These were his inner demons.

Long-term obsession and depression could give birth to inner demons, hindering cultivation and the ability to comprehend.

The man had to resolve his long-term obsession and depression before he could begin to dissolve his inner demons.

Judging from his increasingly magnificent form, he was supposed to be able to break through to become a late-stage prospective deity soon.

Dong Dong Dong!

Gongsun Wuxie trotted along a narrow path, and when she witnessed the scene, her beautiful eyes started to fill with hatred. Gongsun Shan!

After torturing my father to death, have you finally vented your years of grievances and started to break through? Gongsun Wuxies body was trembling as she recalled her fathers inhuman torture before his death, his face beyond recognition and his heart full of pain.

With a sudden move, Gongsun Wuxie rushed forward, intending to interrupt his breakthrough.

As soon as she moved, Su Yu gently caught her shoulders. Dont act rashly. He has an enchantment surrounding him created by the Gongsun God. If you rush over, you will only burn to death on the spot.

With a flick of his fingers, a ray of Mortal Fairys Strength shot towards Gongsun Shan.

Within a hundred feet, it started to ripple away, as if hitting a soft film.

Then, the Mortal Fairys Strength simply burned to nothingness silently.

If the Mortal Fairys Strength were not effective, how would a mere Gongsun Wuxie possibly do much more?

Heh, I wondered who was creating trouble in the Gongsun Mansion. Turned out it was you, along with this barbaric man from nowhere, Gongsun Shan opened his eyes and sneered.

Gongsun Shan! Gongsun Wuxie could not restrain her killing intent, and her hatred went through the roof.

Hehe, your expression is exactly like your fathers when he was dying! Its really pleasing to see! Gongsun Shans mouth curled into a cruel grin.

Do you know how your father was like when he was tortured in the end? He was begging me! Gongsun Shan smiled savagely and laughed wildly, the blood-red threads in his body extracting even faster.

He begged me not to hurt you anymore. I refused. I told him that after he died, I would kill you. It would be a hundred times more miserable than what I did to him, and I said I would toss you to the demons to eat you alive! Gongsun Shan said. So, he regretted it, regretted your birth and giving you such a miserable and painful life!

That scene was simply wonderful! Hahahaha! Immersed in the thrill of revenge, Gongsun Shans inner demons were extracted even faster and his momentum soared sharply.

Tears filled the eyes of Gongsun Wuxie. Her father had died so painfully and his final thoughts were actually about protecting her?

You beast! Gongsun Wuxie clenched her fists tightly, her former lively and charming eyes gone. Only hatred remained.

For too long, she had been living with hatred and pain.

This is ridiculous! Your father took away my woman, got together with her and gave birth to a bastard child like you, making me a joke in the Great Western Alliance. Do you know how many people still laugh at me? Do you all know how ashamed I had been all these years? Gongsun Shan shouted, his eyes brimming with hatred. Your fathers selfish actions had hurt me so much, did you all forget it?


Suddenly, Su Yu, who had not spoken before, laughed.

Gongsun Shan asked coldly, What are you laughing at?

Its funny that the heir cultivated by your Gongsun family is so insufferable! Su Yu laughed. Pot calling the kettle black!

At that time, it was clear that you were jealous and lustful and opposed their marriage. In the end, you were unsuccessful and made yourself into a joke. You were not regretful, even blaming the innocent father for being selfish? According to your theory, if I fancy your woman, you are not allowed to resist; resistance is selfishness and would hurt me?

Surely this kind of self-centered ugly character can only be cultivated by the Gongsun family.

Gongsun Shan did not take it seriously. What is my status? What was that bastards status? Only my status was worthy of the marriage! Marrying me would be good not only for Fei Er, but for the entire Gongsun family, and even more so for the Alliance Master!

After listening to such ridiculous and warped logic, Su Yu shook his head.

This kind of self-intoxicated egocentric thinking was something that words simply could not describe.

I dont know who you are, but since you dared to break into the Gongsun mansion, I presume you are ready for death? Gongsun Shan laughed and said, When I break through to become a late-stage prospective deity, I will kill you myself, oh, and in front of Wuxie too. The look of despair on her face would really be wonderful.

Su Yu shrugged. Speaking of which, you are very confident in dissolving your inner demons and breaking through to a late-stage prospective deity.

Of course! From my suppression to this release, my heart had finally untied itself after so many years, allowing me to break through to the late-stage prospective deity; all thanks to the miserable end of this pair of father and daughter, hahaha! Gongsun Shan continued laughing. Once I come out, you two will have a taste of unbearable pain.

Su Yu rubbed his chin. Thats strange. Wuxies father hasnt died, but you are so happy. Alas, your woman is finally going to be married to him. Have you accepted this fact and therefore your heart was finally untied?


Gongsun Wuxie trembled. Her father was not dead?

Haha, this is a joke. I personally tortured him to death. You dont need to bluff here and affect my breakthrough! I will break through to the late-stage prospective deity. It is inevitable. No one can stop it! Gongsun Shan smiled, treating it as a joke.

I never lie, Su Yu also smiled, and an emerald dragon floated from his left palm and landed on the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl on his arm.

In the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, under rays of emerald light, a human figure was gradually appearing.

Calm and restrained, it was none other than the Duanxian Cliffmaster.

There were ten true dragon spirit tendons that Duanxian Cliffmaster had cultivated in the body of Su Yu. As long as even the tiniest breath remained, it was easy for him to perform the resurrection.

Duanxian Cliffmaster was bewildered, and the pain from before his death still remained on his face. Where am I?

Duanxian Cliffmaster, by order of the master, I am here to relay information to you.

Master? Who?

Su Yu!

The pupils of Duanxian Cliffmaster began to dilate.

The master used his great mystical power to recover your body and soul and reshape your body back together when you were on the brink of death. Now, he is waiting for you outside.

After the words were spoken, the space surrounding him diffused, and the dumbfounded Duanxian Cliffmaster rolled out.

Almost immediately, his eyes caught Su Yus familiar appearance.

Although he still had several questions, he sensed that the words he heard just now were true, and said, Thank you for your help, Su Yu!

Father Father! Gongsun Wuxie uttered in shock.

She had seen her fathers body and it was clear as day that he had already passed away. How come did he suddenly appear beside Su Yu?

Duanxian Cliffmasters body shook and he suddenly looked up, tears welling up in his eyes. He hugged Gongsun Wuxie tightly. Wuxie, you you are fine!

It was Brother Su Yu who saved me, father. How come are you still alive? Gongsun Wuxie muttered, still unable to believe the scene in front of her.

Duanxian Cliffmaster was stunned. Its Mr. Su Yuhe rescued me when I was on the verge of death, using his great magical power.

Although he could not explain how he did it, it was the only possibility.

The father and daughter were reunited, safe and sound.

Meanwhile, this warm scene had incurred someones wrath.


A mouthful of blood spurted out, and Gongsun Shan, who was violently agitated, was unable to comprehend the situation that unfolded in front of him. The inner demons swiftly poured back into his body, and the blood flow reversed, causing him to spit out blood.

Oh? Dear Gongsun Shan is also happy that the father and daughter were reunited? You are so excited that you just vomited blood

Impossible! Gongsun Shan said with blood in his mouth as his eyes widened.

Su Yu said, Nothing is impossible. I used my great powers to recover his soul and reshape his physical body. What is so impossible about that?

Waving his hands, he said, Well, I will take both father and daughter to meet The Eighth Lady. The family will be reunited. Gongsun Shan, my buddy, you can now slowly continue to cultivate.

After Gongsun Shan heard his words, the blood flowed back even more rapidly, and all his previous hard work was irrevocably lost in the blink of an eye!

Staring at the father and daughter who were both safe and sound, the shame in his heart began to surface again.

He simply could not afford to let them go. Otherwise, he would be an even bigger laughing stock.


With a loud noise, Gongsun Shan broke the enchantment set up by the Gongsun Deity.

Dont even think about leaving! Gongsun Shan bellowed in a deep, low-pitched and angry tone.

At the same time, there was also an oppressive divine power suffocating the father and daughter.

You puny ants, this time I will make sure to kill you once and for all! With a roar, Gongsun Shan shimmered like a ghost, and his divine power turned into a hundred-pound golden spear soaring through the sky, intending to annihilate the father and daughter, as along with Su Yu, altogether.


Su Yu smirked. He had successfully fooled Gongsun Shan and made him get out of the enchantment that was protecting him.

His whole body flashed with golden lights, and the gold of the five elements covered both fists. At the same time, the two Celestial Energies in his body released their divine power. They all condensed into one punch that met the golden spear head-on.

Boom Boom!

The golden spear smashed into pieces. The golden fist was like a dragon, impacting the spear that broke like bamboo in front of Gongsun Shans chest.


There was a loud noise, and Gongsun Shan, like a smashed fly, slammed into the stone wall of the underground secret chamber, trembling fiercely.

Gongsun Shan could not believe it. This divine power you who are you?