The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261 Boundless Pride

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He was just at the cultivation of the Mortal Fairy of Three Realms, so how could he possibly exert such divine power?

Eh? I did not manage to blast your body to bits? Do you have a great defense artifact on you? Is it an imitator of the emperor-based saint artifact? Su Yus expression became calm.

Gongsun Shan was taken aback. You can take them away, I would not stop you, but if you forced me to retaliate, then the outcome would only be you dead and me alive!

You would be dead and I would be alive! Su Yu glared coldly and moved forward.

With a shrouded history, the divine power of the Strength of Five Elements was overwhelming.

After several ages of refinement, even the gods could only suppress one or two of the elements. How would a middle stage prospective deity possibly fare any better?


Feeling intense oppression, Gongsun Shan shouted loudly. He bent his legs and raised his arms.

However, when the Strength of the Five Elements came pressing down, his legs were crushed and the breaking of bones could be heard. He was in pain and screaming. Pinned to the ground by the Strength of the Five Elements, he could no longer move.

Walking in front of him, Su Yu said lightly, Tell me now, who had you wanted to torment Gongsun Wuxie?

Gongsun Shan was in fear. Only now did he know the kind of powerful being he was facing!

He raised both his hands and feet but he was unable to put up any form of resistance. Even a late-stage prospective deity would not be able to withstand this!

You are you a god?

Su Yu touched his chin: Oh, I guess you can say so. A deity acting on behalf of the Great Eastern Alliance.

Gongsun Shans heart beat profusely. Becoming the acting deity of an alliance meant that Su Yus strength was comparable to that of the primeval gods.

His eyes glanced at Gongsun Wuxie faintly. Restraining his hatred, he said softly, To think this wretched girl actually had connections to an acting deity!

However, his face was begging for mercy: I will no longer hold the father and daughter accountable, all the grudges will be dissolved, I swear!

If he could not pursue this matter, his father could pursue it on his behalf!

Haha Su Yu laughed. Even on the brink of death, you never change. You still think they owe you!

Su Yu went on: You persecuted them in the past, causing their family to split up. Now they are persecuted again; you tormented Duanxian Cliffmaster to death, and sent Gongsun Wuxie to the Demon Clan! These two debts that you owed them have you never thought about it?

I Gongsun Shans eyes turned sharply, secretly filled with hatred. The father and daughter deserved retribution, but his face had to appear remorseful: Yes, I was wrong

Forget it; ones nature is difficult to change. If you could earn forgiveness by merely saying a few words, it would be too easy.

Then what do you want?

Of course, a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye. Su Yu flicked his fingers and the force of the Five Elements pressed down even harder.

While he was screaming like a slaughtered pig, Gongsun Shans body was crushed completely, leaving only his soul and Divine God Source Origin.


As Su Yu turned the palm of his hand, there was a flash and a black cage appeared on it. It was the demonic gods cage.

A ray of demonic light flashed, and Gongsun Shans soul was sucked away.

After losing his body, Gongsun Shan knew that Su Yu would never release him. His expression became savage, and he shouted, Bastard! My father will not let you go!

Oh, dont worry, I will reunite your father with his son soon.

As soon as the demonic light dissipated, his soul was captured. Soon, loud screams were heard as his consciousness was quickly wiped away by the cage.

Soon after, the screams ceased, and a bunch of Celestial Energy that lost its master flew out.

Su Yu held it in his palm for a while and looked back at Duanxian Cliffmaster. Here, I shall give you a chance to become a deity.

Upon saying that, he threw it to Duanxian Cliffmaster.

What, are you giving it to me? This The hands of the Duanxian Cliffmaster shivered. He could not believe that Su Yu gave him such precious Celestial Energy.

Oh? If you can become a deity yourself, you wont need it. The deity that seizes others Celestial Energy to become a god himself would occupy a low godly position. Such a god was called an artificial deity and would be much weaker than ordinary gods.

Duanxian Cliffmaster said eagerly, Yes! I do need it! How could I not need it?

Becoming a deity was the dream of all the strong Mortal Fairies.

But can I give it to Wuxie? She failed to inherit the divine blood of the Gongsun and has no hope of becoming a deity.

Su Yu casually said, You use it yourself. When Wuxie cultivates herself to become a Spire Mortal Deity, I will find another one for her.

The way Su Yu said it, it sounded like getting Celestial Energies from early-stage prospective deities was as easy as pie.

Recalling how Su Yu managed to suppress Gongsun Shan so easily earlier on, it was natural that both father and daughter were surprised by what they witnessed.

In the Great Eastern Alliance, Su Yu was a well-known figure. The father and daughter knew it, but they did not imagine him to be so powerful, easily killing off a middle stage prospective deity.

It was obvious that in the two years since Su Yu left, his strength got a massive upgrade.

Come on, lets go. Su Yu strode out of the underground secret room, looking around at the guards who did not dare to approach him.

His eyes flickered and spotted the housekeeper hiding in the distance.


With a flash of five-colored divine light, Su Yu teleported in front of her, grabbed her shoulders, and asked coldly, Where is the Gongsun Deity?

There was no trace of him in the mansion.

The housekeeper trembled as if she was going to die and muttered, He he is holding an alliance meeting.

Alliance meeting? No wonder that even with such a huge commotion, no deities appeared.

Pushing the housekeeper away, Su Yu said, Forget it, I will respect the Alliance; I will not go and create a ruckus where they are! When Gongsun Deity comes back, tell him that I took away his precious son. If he wants him back, he can find me at Jiuli Cavern World!

After that, he took off with the father and daughter.

No one dared to chase after him. Everyone was rooted to the ground.

Damn! This is crazy! What is he talking about? Respect the Alliance? Not make a scene at the meeting?

Im going. I had seen enough! Such arrogance, disrespecting the Gongsun family he took away the young master, and is asking the Gongsun Deity to meet with him!

Yeah, its so damn crazy. Who would have expected this?

The housekeepers face was grim. She looked around at the destroyed mansion, and her heart sank.

A lowly acting god managed to destroy the Gongsuns family house in such a devastating manner and even took the young master away.

This was such a disgrace, even more so than back when clan members fled to marry privately!

In the housekeepers mind, she was only thinking of how to make up for the losses.

Everyone, shut up! She overheard the guards gossiping. They were becoming more and more talkative. The housekeeper scolded: Send someone to the Palace of the Alliance now, and immediately inform the master out of what happened!

From the housekeepers point of view, it seemed as though the sky was falling.

In addition, all the happenings here are confidential and must not be exposed! She warned sternly.

However, looking at the number of people watching from afar, the housekeepers heart was bitter.

A commotion had broken out within the Alliance City.

The Gongsun family, one of the top ten demons subduing families, was attacked by a mysterious person. Not only was their mansion destroyed, but their young master was taken away as well!

Even more absurd was that he asked Gongsun Deity to go to Jiuli Cavern World to recover the young master.

Hello, have you heard? There was a badass fellow in the Alliance City!

Huh? He is the proxy deity of the Great Eastern Alliance, right? The one that single-handedly flattened the Gongsun mansion and kidnapped the young master? Come on! That is not fresh news anymore! I heard that many of the Alliances strongmen are now rushing to Jiuli Cavern World to see what he is like.

Why do you think the proxy deity of the Great Eastern Alliance is so daring? I have lived for a long time, and the audacity to attack an anti-demon family is simply unheard of!

Whats so great about that? He only caused a big upset when Gongsun Deity was not at home!

Idiot! If that were the case, would you call the Gongsun Deity to come and recover his young master? According to the people who returned from Jiuli Cavern World, he is waiting for him there right now!

Damn! The Great Western Alliance is going to get lively. Let us hurry over to see what will unfold.

Jiuli Cavern World, an independent Cavern World not far from the Great Western Alliance, was invaded by the demons many years ago.

The Jiuli Deity had fallen, and most of the Cavern World was devoured. Only a small part of it remained.

In the barren mountain range stood a dilapidated gazebo.

Su Yu sat cross-legged, waiting patiently for Gongsun Deity.

Suddenly, several unidentified strong men came one after another toward the area, but they were afraid to approach within a thousand feet of the mountains.

A thick red line appeared, forming a circle, surrounding the mountains at a radius of a thousand feet.

Within the circle, the bodies of several strong Mortal Fairies were scattered.

What? That is the famous Tu Mo how did he die here? Some latecomers glimpsed just one of the corpses and started feeling really uneasy.

How, you asked? Not heeding warnings, he went inside the circle rashly; it would get you killed in one shot!

What a pity! Although Tu Mo tended to be rude, it is a pity that such a powerful Spire Mortal Fairy has died in this manner!

Eh, if thats a pity, wouldnt the one over there be even more so?

Following his gaze, the latter became numb and trembled. Early-stage prospective deity! The third-ranked Lang Lixing of the Great Western Alliances wandering martial artists? He specialized in flying evasive techniques but was killed?

Lang Lixing thought his evasive techniques were formidable. He tried to provoke the proxy deity of the Eastern Alliance by sneaking in and then running away. In the end, before he even got half his foot in, the proxy god teleported instantly and wiped him out, stripping his Celestial Energy away!

Pfft! Teleportation! Hes just a Mortal Fairy of the Three Realms!

Hey, anyway, after this happened and no one dares to approach the circle anymore.

At the gazebo

The Gongsun father and daughter saw more and more strong men gathering and began to feel uneasy.

Things seemed to get out of control!

Brother Su, why dont we just let it go? Anyway, I am still alive, Wuxie is safe and sound and Gongsun Shan has already been punished. Why should we still challenge that Gongsun Deity? Let us return to the Eastern Alliance. I dont think he will continue chasing us once we are back with the Alliance.

Su Yu said lightly, I did not come here to fight Gongsun Deity head-on, but to calmly negotiate with him.

Upon hearing this, Gongsun Wuxie reeled.

Calmly negotiate? By ruining his mansion and then taking away his son?

What kind of peaceful negotiation was that?

If Gongsun Deity really came and turned out to be unreasonable, would Brother Su be capable of dealing with him?

Su Yu said, Who am I? The proxy deity of the Eastern Alliance. Why should I be afraid of him if he is a deity of a similar level too?

Duanxian Cliffmaster thought to himself, Are the divine positions the two of them occupy actually comparable?

With utmost uneasiness, they waited and watched silently as more and more people of the Western Alliance gathered.

In a hall at the Alliance Palace that was now placed under restrictions, the Western Alliance leader, the top ten family heads, and major deities were discussing the situation intensely.