The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1262

Chapter 1262 A Meeting Of Deities

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I guess all of you have known the sudden change in the Realm of Demons. Although we cant figure out the reason, that giant really reached its finger out of the Realm of Demons! A majestic middle-aged man, who was sitting at the head of the table, showed a scene in this palm.

It was the scene when Su Yu and his teammates were defeated by the giant who attacked them from the Realm of Demons.

Guys, any comments? The Alliance Master looked at a brown-faced middle-aged man who was sitting at the end of the table.

Seeing that, the middle-aged man said immediately, I have something to say!

The Alliance Master said with a smile, Gongsun Deity, please!

The rest deities in this area just looked on coldly as bystanders. They knew the relationship between the Alliance Master and the Gongsun Family was pretty good. The Alliance Master offered an opportunity to the Gongsun Family, of which the rank was lowest to stand out intentionally.

First, we should find out the target of the giant! The giant seldom attacks its target who is outside the Realm of Demons, which means the target must be very important for the Realm of Demons. Therefore, we could get crucial information about the Realm of Demons from this target!

Second, we should check the Rebuking Sound, which scared away the giant from the Realm of Demons! This guy must be an extremely powerful expert who could provide us with great help in fighting against the Demon Clan!

Third, turmoil must have happened in the Realm of Demons. So, we have to take precautionary measures against it!

Hearing that, the Alliance Master said approvingly, His suggestion is exactly what I want to say! Guys, anything else you want to add?

The rest family masters became speechless. Most of them had just known this issue and had no idea about the details of it. What could they suggest now?

However, Gongsun Deity met the Alliance Master secretly before this meeting. So, he could bring forth feasible suggestions because he had acquired the details of this issue.

In front of those speechless deities, Gongsun Deity smiled complacently.

With the secret help of the Alliance Master, the Gongsun Family realized great progress in recent years. They accumulated strength in secret. The meritorious service they rendered even made the top three families jealous.

It was highly possible that the Gongsun Family could enter the top five several years later.

If you dont have more suggestions, lets start to perform a thorough investigation according to this plan! The Alliance Master gave the final word of this meeting.

Suddenly, an indolent voice came in. Gongsun Deity, you suggested improving preparedness. But why havent you reached an agreement with the envoy of the Eastern Alliance? You havent realized any progress in the past half year!

Those deities smiled secretly in their heart after hearing this. The one who brought forth this question was the master of the Glittering Family, which ranked in fifth place.

Unsurprisingly, the position of the Glittering Family would be occupied by the Gongsun Family several years later.

The Glittering Family was a powerful family that was more powerful than the Gongsun Family. However, the Glittering Family was hindered by the Alliance Master, who showed partiality for the Gongsun Family. How could the Glittering Family stay calm in such a situation?

Therefore, a lot of conflicts occurred between the Glittering Family and the Gongsun Family.

Hearing this, Gongsun Deity frowned. To form an alliance with the Eastern Alliance is an important decision to make. So, the negotiation is very time-consuming!

Heh! Heh! Ive heard that the negotiation is in a stalemate because of your precious lascivious son who tried to marry the daughter of the Sheng Deity forcibly! But this careful and cautious negotiation really matches the style of your family! the Glittering Deity said with a thoughtful smile.

Hearing this, the rest deities couldnt help but smile no matter how hard they tried to smother their laughter.

They had heard of this issue before. The Eastern Alliance sent an envoy to form an alliance. All deities of the Western Alliance had no excuse to lodge an objection to this proposal.

However, no progress was realized in the negotiation in the past half-year. The deities knew a thing or two about the reason. Besides the harsh requirements of the Eastern Alliance, the main reason was the trouble made by the Gongsun Family, which was responsible for the negotiation.

Gongsun Deity tried to turn the Gongsun Family into the belt of forming an alliance between the Eastern Alliance and the Western Alliance. So, as the representative of the Western Alliance, Gongsun Deity proposed a marriage between his son and the daughter of the Sheng Deity, who was the representative of the Eastern Alliance.

His son, Gongsun Shan, liked Sheng Yuanxin, who was the daughter of the Sheng Deity very much. So he urged his father to propose this marriage.

This unreasonable proposal was rejected by the Eastern Alliance immediately.

It was not a secret, and Gongsun Deity was not able to deny it. So, he could only snort at this moment. Humph! My proposal is for the sake of the two alliances! In this way, we can enhance mutual trust!

Oh? Why do you choose your precious son to undertake such an important task? The young sovereigns of our Glittering Family are much better than your lascivious son!

The words of Glittering Deity caused much loud laughter.

Gongsun Shans well-known scandal in the past had become a sheer humiliation of the Gongsun Family.

Glittering Deity! Please mind your words! Gongsun Deity said gloomily as he darkened his face.

Hearing this, Glittering Deity replied with a burst of laughter. This is a scandal of your family! Why cant I talk about it? How rude and unreasonable you are!

Frankly speaking, many big families didnt like the Gongsun Family. So, nobody in this area stepped out to speak for the Gongsun Family at that moment.

Suddenly, Gongsun Deity rolled his eyes and said with a disdainful smile, So, dont you have any scandal? Your ancestors sought refuge with the Demon Clan and became Demonic Gods, right? I didnt expect a disloyal family like yours could gain the honor of Anti-Demon Family! It will only bring humiliation to the rest families here!

Hearing this, Glittering Deity became speechless and didnt retort Gongsun Deity.

Ten thousand years ago, Linlang Hongchen, an extraordinary sovereign of the Glittering Family, betrayed the Western Alliance and joined the Demon Clan. Her betrayal ruined the reputation of the Glittering Family completely.

Till now, members of the Glittering Family didnt know what to say when this issue was mentioned by others.

Because it was a fact.

The Glittering Family kept rendering meritorious services in fighting against the Demon Clan. According to their strength and services, they should have entered the top three and even became the number one anti-demon family!

However, because of this scandal, the Glittering Family only ranked fifth now.

Heh! Heh! You dont know what to say now, right? Gongsun Deity said with a cold smile. I suggest the honor of the anti-demon family of the Glittering Family should be deprived

Enough! An old and indifferent voice came in and interrupted Gongsun Deity.

Hearing this, those deities turned around immediately.

The one who spoke just now was a white-haired old man who closed his eyes and said nothing from the beginning of the meeting.

However, nobody dared to underestimate him. Even the Alliance Master didnt dare to act arrogantly in front of this old man.

This old man was Ximen Jian, who was the master of the number one anti-demon family.

The Ximen Family was almost as powerful as the family of the Alliance Master. It was said that together with the hidden strength, the total strength of the Ximen Family had exceeded that of the family of the Alliance Master.

It was also said that the Ximen Family would compete for the position of the Alliance Master during the next ranking of all anti-demon families.

Therefore, the Alliance Master had to take precautions against Ximen Jian.

Then, Ximen Jian opened his old eyes and said as he glanced at Gongsun Deity, Isnt it meaningless to mention an issue that occurred 10,000 years ago now? According to your way of thinking, all new anti-demon families here, including your Gongsun Family, were only families of ordinary deities! Then, nobody is qualified to have the honor of an anti-demon family!

You kept talking about things that happened in the past and ignored our services in the past 10,000 years! Do you want to disappoint all those who are determined to fight against the Demon Clan?

Hearing this, Glittering Deity looked at Ximen Jian gratefully.

Many deities shook their head in their heart towards Gongsun Deity.

Gongsun Deity was so embarrassed and angry. But he didnt dare to lose his temper in front of Ximen Jian.

From now on, those who dare to utter those words again will be punished by me severely! Ximen Jian said overbearingly.

His harsh words ruined the atmosphere in the hall!

The Alliance Master had to ease the tension. Heh! Heh! It is just an argument. Ximen Deity, please calm down!

Lets call it a day now. Feilong Deity is responsible for investigating those who ran out of the Realm of Demons. Wuxin Deity is responsible for finding out the one scared away the giant with that Rebuking Sound. If you dont have other topics to discuss

Wait! Ximen Jian interrupted the Alliance Master, Feilong Deity has another important mission to accomplish. Wuxin Deity has been seriously wounded and is not able to perform an investigation. In front of so many deities of anti-demon families, why did you assign those tasks to those who are not suitable?

Hearing this, several deities were smiling in their heart secretly.

The Feilong Family, Wuxin Family, and the Gongsun Family stood firmly behind the Alliance Master.

So, almost all important tasks were assigned to them to increase their meritorious services.

Therefore, the rest deities had already become disgruntled.

When Ximen Jian stepped out to lodge an objection, they decided to do their best to support Ximen Jian.

Now seven out of ten big families here didnt agree with the Alliance Masters decision. So, the Alliance Master had to reconsider his decision.

So, who should carry out these tasks? The Alliance Master, who was quite shrewd, didnt reveal his mood.

I will perform an investigation upon the one who scared away the giant with that Rebuking Sound. I guess nobody is better at gathering information than me, right? Ximen Jian offered his own service.

Seeing this, Glittering Deity also said, I will check those who ran away from the Realm of Demons. The Glittering Family is the best candidate to accomplish this task. We are very sensitive to the aura of demons. It is highly possible that those who ran away from the Realm of Demons are demons. So, you can count on me!

The rest four families showed their support after hearing that.

A strand of chilly light flashed in the eyes of the Alliance Master. However, he continued to say amicably, Great! I am quite happy that the two of you rendered your service for the Western Alliance voluntarily! OK! You can proceed according to your plan!

The meeting was finished. Those deities had different feelings upon the result of the meeting.

When the seal was opened, all those deities left one after another.

Heh! Heh! I didnt expect Ximen Jian, who always keeps a low profile, could step out today! It seems he is really going to strive for the position of the Alliance Master!

Sure! His reaction was so obvious today! He provided Glittering Deity with great support today, which means he is planning to win over the Glittering Family!

This is interesting! I guess the Alliance Master will have some hard times!

I dont think so! The Alliance Master has prepared his plan for many years. Nobody could defeat him easily! If I were Ximen Jian, I should take precautions against the Alliance Master to avoid any unnecessary risks at this critical moment! a deity said thoughtfully.

Hush! We should speak cautiously!

When those deities walked out of the mansion of the Alliance Master, they received messages from their family almost at the same time.

During the meeting, something serious occurred in Alliance City.

The Gongsun Family was ruined completely.

Gongsun Shan, the successor of this family, was also captured.

More importantly, the one who captured Gongsun Shan asked Gongsun Deity to take back his son in the World of Jiuli Continent.

When those deities received the news, their first reaction was to doubt the authenticity of it.

However, when they checked the mansion of the Gongsun Family, they got the answer from the quiet ruins.

Hah! Hah! HahI am really looking forward to this great show! I didnt expect the precious son of Gongsun Deity could be captured by someone!

It is definitely a sheer humiliation for Gongsun Deity! He acted arrogantly during the meeting when his family was ruined by someone!

Lets go and have a look at the one who captured Gongsun Shan!

In the World of the Jiuli Continent, Su Yu opened his eyes slowly.

I guess they have heard the news! By playing with the Buddha Beads in his hand, Su Yu said as chilly light flashed in his eyes, I may spare your son if you repented what you did! If you dont want to accept your failureHeh! Heh