The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263 The Attack Of 10 Deities

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Lord Su, are you sure Gongsun Deity will come here? The Duanxian Cliff Master said as he furrowed his eyebrows. As more and more onlookers appeared outside this area, he became more anxious.

He wont come here! Su Yu replied.

Ah? The Duanxian Cliff Master and his daughter widened their mouth in surprise. Why do you wait here for so long a time when you know he wont come?

This issue could impair the reputation of Gongsun Deity. So, he would never come here! Su Yu said as he lit up his eyes as if he had seen what Gongsun Deity was doing now. I guess he will send his underlings to capture us!

Then, why do you the Duanxian Cliff Master was totally puzzled.

Su Yu said as he looked at the Duanxian Cliff Master and his daughter, I am planning to eliminate those underlings first. After the death of Gongsun Deity, his underlings or followers might seek revenge against us. I am not able to save you every time. So, I must be thorough in exterminating evil!

Actually, Su Yu had another goal. And he didnt want to tell it to the Duanxian Cliff Master and his daughter before achieving this goal.

After having eye contact, the Duanxian Cliff Master and his daughter reached an agreement that Su Yu had lost his mind.

One deity was able to kill all of them, let alone the ten underlings of Gongsun Deity, who were also deities!

So, they became speechless with a wry smile. Su Yu saved them, and they were willing to go through fire and water together with Su Yu.

The Gongsun Family

Gongsun Deity, who left the Alliance Hall complacently, went back to his mansion when he received the message from his housekeeper.

Standing in front of his mansion, which had been turned into ruins, Gongsun Deity didnt believe what he saw.

Who the hell is so audacious to ruin the mansion of an anti-demon family?

Moreover, even Gongsun Shan, a Medium Stage prospective deity, was also taken away forcibly!

This is outrageous!! Gongsun Deity shouted in a low voice as furious flames raging in his eyes.

His underlings, who came back together with him, stepped out immediately.

My lord! What should we do now? Ten deities were standing in front of Gongsun Deity. They were also shocked by the ruins of the mansion.

This guy is too reckless! How could he ruin the mansion of the Gongsun Family?

An outlaw ruined my mansion and captured Gongsun Shan when I was not here. Now, they are hiding in the World of Jiuli Continent. You should split up. Some of you set up World Destruction Spells. The rest of you go into that world to save Gongsun Shan!

World Destruction Spell? Hearing this, those deities were shocked.

The World Destruction Spell was a spell that could only be made by deities of anti-demon families. This horrible spell could be used to destruct a world.

Once the World Destruction Spells outside a world exploded, the world would be destroyed together with all creatures in it.

Only deities could survive in this kind of world destruction. All the rest creatures were not able to survive.

My lord, what about the rest creatures? Ive heard a lot of people have gone to that world

Kill them all! All of them are suspected of being involved with those outlaws!

Those deities were terrified because they didnt expect Gongsun Deity even wanted to kill those onlookers.

What if the outlaws bring forth unreasonable requirements by threatening the life of Gongsun Shan? A deity who was responsible for saving Gongsun Shan asked.

Gongsun Deity said sinisterly, We wont make any compromise! Dont be afraid of any threats! You and the four rest deities just kill or capture those outlaws! Even they placed a seal in his soul. I am able to force them to tell me the way to remove the seal as long as you bring their souls back to me!

What if they have done harm to Gongsun Shan?

Humph! They dont have the guts to do that! They captured Gongsun Shan because they want to threaten me! Dont worry! Gongsun Shan wont be hurt by them!

Just have it done!

As you wish!

Ten deities left for the World of Jiuli Continent immediately.

As expected, Gongsun Deity didnt come personally.

It would be a humiliation for him if he was forced to go somewhere by an outlaw.

A lot of onlookers had arrived at the World of Jiuli Continent at this moment.

Among these onlookers, there were ordinary persons and deities who concealed their identity.

Heh! Heh! Ive sensed the aura of ten deities!

As expected, Gongsun Deity didnt come here personally!

Although I like this guy because he humiliated Gongsun Deity, I dont want to offend Gongsun Deity for this guy. Lets go, and I dont want to stay here anymore!

In a pavilion, Su Yu stood up and looked up at the sky. Then, he said with a faint smile, All of them have arrived! Good! I can kill all of them once for all!

Who has arrived? The Duanxian Cliff Masters perception was not as good as Su Yu, although he was a Peak Mortal Fairy. So, he asked in surprise.

Su Yu replied with a smile, Oh, the underlings of Gongsun Deity, who are also deities!

How many deities have arrived? The Duanxian Cliff Master felt his heart had missed a beat.

Just ten!

Justten? The Duanxian Cliff Masters eye pupils constricted abruptly after hearing that.

Why do you say just? All his underlings have been sent here!


At the same time, five deities, whose bodies were covered by divine light, appeared in the World of Jiuli Continent.

It was quite weird that the five rest deities didnt come into this world. It seemed they were preparing something around this world.

Now, five deities were staring at Su Yu coldly.

Release Gongsun Shan immediately! A deity who was responsible for saving Gongsun Shan shouted at this moment.

Su Yu replied as he placed his hands behind his back, If I release him, you will kill me. If I dont release him, you will also kill me. There is no difference between these two decisions at all. Tell me, why should I release him?

If you release him, I will give you a quick death. Otherwise, your death will be quite miserable! The deity continued to say coldly, You have committed a heinous crime by offending an anti-demon family. So, you should accept the fact that you must die today. Just release Dongfang Shan when you still have a chance, so that you could die quickly!

Hearing this, Su Yu replied calmly, Then, I will leave you two options! When my mood is still good, you could choose to surrender and join me. Otherwise, all of you will bekilled by me! Now, tell me your choice!

The leading deity shook his head and didnt want to reply at all.

Attack! Ruin their body and capture their soul. Remember, take away all precious items on their body. I guess Gongsun Shan should be hidden in a small world among those precious items! The leading deity shouted as he dashed forward rapidly. The next moment, he appeared in front of Su Yu.

The four rest deities also rushed towards the Duanxian Cliff Master and his daughter. Apparently, they were going to capture Su Yu and his teammates all at once.

However, five deities sensed extraordinary fluctuation of divine strength at this moment.

Dazzling divine light appeared on Su Yus arm. Then, five green vines reached out and whipped towards five deities rapidly.

After being knocked by the vines, five deities were knocked back immediately as if they got an electric shock.

You Those deities who tried to save Gongsun Shan shouted as they stared at those vines, A deity-level expert!

GiggleI havent seen sunshine for a long time! A familiar sweet voice came in together with a charming and pretty figure at this time.

A gorgeous, elegant, and graceful woman appeared in front of them.

By wearing an emerald long dress whirling about in the wind, this woman was as beautiful as a fairy maiden.

Then, she said as she looked at Su Yu with a charming smile, Thanks!

This woman was the Tree God who had slept for two years.

The water of the Bitter Sea in her body had been absorbed by the Milky Way Star Sand, which had been completely controlled by Su Yu.

Moreover, when she was sleeping, Su Yu planted her in the Supreme Growing Soil, which enhanced her strength when she woke up.

Now, it seemed she was even more powerful than the All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity.

Maybe she was powerful enough to rival the Sixth Princess at this moment!

My pleasure! Su Yu replied with a smile. Then, he sensed something different in her charming eyes.

The Tree God looked away and turned to the Duanxian Cliff Master and his daughter.

Hey! Friends from the Jiuzhou Continent!

The Duanxian Cliff Master and his daughter were totally shocked, Are youthe Ancient Tung Tree God?

Her existence was not a secret.

Heh! Heh! Please call me Mrs. Su!

MrsSu? The Duanxian Cliff Master looked at Su Yu and the Tree God puzzled.

Gongsun Wuxie was also stunned. Then, she started to look at Su Yu sorrowfully.

Heh! Heh! The little girl is jealous! Dont worry! I will help you! In this way, I could divorce him because of his betrayal and leave him nothing! All his properties are mine! Hah! Hah! Hah the Tree God laughed loudly as she placed her hands on her hips carelessly.

Hey! Wake up! Su Yu was not surprised by her reaction. Youd better get rid of these deities first!

Hearing this, the Tree God started to look at the five deities in front of her carefully. Then, she lit up her eyes and said excitedly, Heh! Heh! All of you are covered by divine light! I can even see the precious items which are shining in your body! You are wealthier than those poor deities in the Eastern Alliance! Sorry, I have to plunder you!

Being stared at by the Tree God, the five deities couldnt help but tremble.

What are you afraid of? With such a big numerical advantage, we can defeat her easily! They believed they could even defeat Gongsun Deity in this way.

The Tree God replied with a smile, Five versus one, right? Heh! Heh


The next moment, the Tree God appeared among the five deities in the form of a cloud of green light, which was full of magnificent divine strength.

Her divine strength was so powerful that the entire world was trembling in front of it.

Instantly, one deitys body was smashed by her. His soul was also captured by the Tree God before it could run away.

The Tree Gods attack was so stinging, which meant her strength had been enhanced remarkably.

What? This woman is as powerful as a master of an anti-demon family! The leading deity was totally terrified. So, he shouted immediately, A powerful enemy appears! We need immediate reinforcement!

Swish! Swish! Swish

Another five strands of divine light appeared in this area. Now, nine deities were standing in front of the Tree God.

All of them stared at the graceful and elegant woman vigilantly.

Eight of us attack this woman together and the one rest captures that guy! The leading deity figured out the weak spot of this woman immediately.

What she is trying to protect is this silver-haired young man who released her just now.


A strand of divine light dashed towards Su Yu immediately.

The Tree God, who didnt move a bit, said, Be careful!

Dont worry! They cant kill me!

I hope you could be killed by them! As a widow, I can get all of your legacy!

Then, why did you remind me just now?

Oh, I told the dumbass who is going to attack you to be careful!

When that deity approached, Su Yu smiled as a dazzling golden book appeared in his palm.

The Star River Scripture!

Su Yu waved his hand to spray some blood of the demonic god on the book. Then, the Star River Scripture was opened quietly.


Along with a deafening roar, a deity-level wild beast rushed out from the book and bumped into the deity who was so close to Su Yu.


The deity was knocked back by the wild beast and dropped into the Star River after penetrating this world.

What? A deity-level wild beast?

Those deities who were attacking the Tree God were totally shocked.

Two of us should work together to capture that guy alive! The leading deity shouted immediately.