The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264 Repent And The Shore Is At Hand

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The Tree God said with a smile, Youd better take care of yourselves first!

Then, she rotated her body. Her emerald dress threw out countless emerald light spots that stopped in the sky above this world like numerous stars.

Then, those emerald light spots were connected by green light beams. An enormous light net appeared in the sky and covered all those deities under it.

Seeing this, eight deities were shocked and tried to break the net. However, their divine strength was only powerful enough to shake the net.

Heh! Heh! Just rest in peace and leave your precious items to me! Along with a coquettish smile, a miserable scream of a deity came in.

Ah! Attack! Attack the net together! The seven rest deities had been scared out of their wits by the powerful Tree God at this moment.

It was a pity that all of them were killed by the Tree God one after another, like lambs to be slaughtered.

The deity who was knocked into the Star River shouted angrily as he dashed back instantly.

Beast! You are seeking death!


The deity-level wild beast was not able to rival him. Half of the beasts body was smashed in a head-on collision with that deity.

After all, it was subdued by the Book Deity forcibly. Its strength had been weakened and couldnt rival an ordinary deity.

But the deity-level wild beast was not the only countermeasure of Su Yu.

Go! Su Yu threw out the Five Elements Mountain immediately. Then, the mighty mountain stopped above the head of that deity.

When the deity sensed danger, he ran away through teleportation instantly.

It was creepy that the Five Elements Mountain, which had locked its target, started to chase that deity through teleportation.

That deity kept teleporting almost 100 times but failed to shake off the Five Elements Mountain.

At last, along with a reluctant roar, the deity was pressed into the ground by the Five Elements Mountain. Then, his body penetrated this world and dropped into the Star River again.

Now, this deity was only able to use his divine strength slightly. But he was not able to push back the Five Elements Mountain.

This scene shocked everyone here. This little colorful mountain could subdue a deity. What the hell is this thing?

They wouldnt be surprised if they knew the Demonic God of Six Paths had also been subdued by this mountain.

However, only half of the Demonic God of Six Paths body was pressed into the ground when he was subdued.

This deity was pressed through this world and even deeply into the Star River!

The next moment, that deity-level wild beast dashed towards the deity directly.

Before long, miserable screams came in from the Star River.

After a while, the deity-level wild beast came back with the seriously wounded soul of that deity in its blood-stained mouth.

Good! Su Yu waved his hand and pressed that seriously wounded soul into his forehead.

Then, an exciting voice came in. Hah! Hah! A soul of deity! I know you love me! Hah-hah-hah!

Su Yus lips twitched a bit when he heard that. Then, he put away the Five Elements Mountain and the Star River Scripture as he looked at those dumbfounded onlookers calmly.

Su Yu used to kill many deities. So, the death of a deity wouldnt bring any surprise to him. Then, he tossed his eyes at the emerald light net.

After being attacked by the Tree God mercilessly, only six wounded deities were left in the light net.

Su Yu walked to the net and looked at those seriously-wounded deities coldly.

Seeing this, all those deities were terrified as if a tiger were staring at them.

When Su Yu killed that deity neatly, all these deities were shocked.

Do you also want to have fun here? The Tree God was busy plundering the precious items from the deities killed by her. So, she didnt want Su Yu to share her trophies.

Hearing this, the remaining six deities were driven in despair.

Do you still want to make a choice now? Su Yu asked.

What? The six remaining deities trembled a bit when they heard Su Yus words. The leading deity shouted hurriedly as if he had grasped a lifesaving straw, Pleasespare our life, my lord! Wewe wont stand in your way! Please forgive us, mercifully!

A moment ago, ten deities were still standing in this world overbearingly. Nobody could keep calm when four of them were killed in such a short time!

They knew they would be punished severely if they dared to disobey the order of their master in the strictly hierarchical Western Alliance.

However, those punishments wouldnt kill them. The two horrible guys in front of them could kill them at any time!

I gave you a chance to make your choice before. But you didnt cherish it! Now, you have lost that chance forever! Su Yu said coldly, Now, you still have two options. First, you surrender and join me! Second, she will kill all of you and take away all your precious items! Now, tell me your choice!

Surrender and join you? Those deities knew it was only a little bit better than death!

Could we the leading deity still tried to bargain.

No, you cant! Dont try to take a chance. If you dont believe I can kill all of you, you could choose to resist to the end!

Are you kidding? You have killed a lot of deities! We believe you have the ability to kill us!

After making eye contact, the six deities became speechless helplessly.

They didnt want to die here. Otherwise, their family would definitely decline after their death.

No! I havent finished my plunder yet. These guys are so wealthy, and you have no idea how poor I am the Tree God lodged her objection immediately.

Su Yu replied snappily, Do you still want to perform training in the Supreme Growing Soil?

Of course!

Place the seal in their soul and stop killing them!

Could I kill one more? Please, just one! I am too poor

No, you cant! Su Yu replied by staring at her.

Humph! How stingy you are! The Tree God stomped her feet angrily. Then, she placed seals in the soul of those deities snappily.

This horrible woman was so eager to kill those deities, so they did their best to avoid offending her. Before she walked to them, all of them opened their soul and lowered their head to avoid making eye contact with her.

After placing seals in their soul, the Tree God walked back snappily. Then, she placed six emerald seals into Su Yus palm.

These are unique seals of the Ancient Tung Tree God. Unless they could find another Ancient Tung Tree God, they could never remove these seals! the Tree God said.

Deities who were good at Five Elements had unique specialties in sealing art.

Most wood element deities were good at sealing. The Tree God used to help Su Yu to seal the curse left by the Central Prefectures King, which could reveal her extraordinary skill in this field.

The Tree God frowned as she looked at Su Yus chest. When you have time, I will solidify the seal for you again. When I placed this seal, I was not powerful enough. So, the seal is not able to shield the curse completely!

When the Tree God placed that seal, she was seriously wounded.

Now, she had regained her full strength.

Su Yu furrowed his eyebrows slightly and said, Till now, we still have no idea about the identity of the father of the Central Prefectures King! When I came back from the Realm of Demons, I guess my existence could be sensed by that demonic god!

When those deities who were controlled by Su Yu walked up, they heard Su Yus words. So, they shouted in surprise, Are you the one who ran away from the Realm of Demons? And you are the one who was attacked by the giant in the Realm of Demons?

The entire Western Alliance had been startled by Su Yus deeds.

Su Yu was surprised a bit. Oh? Whats wrong?

Six deities were totally shocked after hearing that.

All deities, including the Alliance Master, believed the one who ran away from the Realm of Demons was also a demon.

Because no other creatures used to escape from the Realm of Demons alive!

I didnt expect it was youmy master! Those deities changed their way of addressing immediately.

Then, they told Su Yu the details they discussed during the meeting.

Oh? I didnt expect the Western Alliance is looking for me! They try to get some information about the changes that happened in the Realm of Demons, right? Su Yu was surprised, Some changes really occurred in the Realm of Demons. OK! I will visit the Glittering Deity, who is responsible for this issue, when I have time!

Could we invite the Glittering Deity to this place? If the Glitter Deity finds you, a meritorious service will be deemed as being rendered by him. So, I believe he will come here personally!

That wont be necessary. Dont tell this issue to others. I will handle it after getting rid of Gongsun Deity!

Hearing this, six deities were quite embarrassed.

They were sent here to capture Su Yu. They didnt expect their soul could be sealed by Su Yu now.

Send a message to Gongsun Deity and ask him to meet me here! Su Yu said coldly.

As underlings of Gongsun Deity, these deities had their way to contact Gongsun Deity.

Let me contact him! The deity who was responsible for saving Gongsun Shan was the most trusted follower of Gongsun Deity. He was a Yu Deity of the Yu Clan.

He took out a communication crystal ball that could send audio and video messages.

The crystal ball was illuminated when he injected some divine strength in it. Then, images appeared in it along with a slightly dull sound.

Gongsun Deity, who was standing on the ruins of his mansion by folding his arms in front of his chest, said coldly, Have you accomplished your mission? Have you captured his soul?

The Yu Deity rotated the crystal ball to Su Yu and said, Gongsun Deity, I guess the one you are looking for is him!

After glancing at Su Yus image in the crystal ball, Gongsun Deity frowned. What are you waiting for? Just ruin his body and capture his soul!

Also, what did you call me just now? Gongsun Deity shouted angrily because he had sensed something was wrong.

The Yu Deity knew it was the time for him to choose his side now.

After taking a deep breath, the Yu Deity shouted, Gongsun Deity! I didnt expect you could go against the historical trend! You even try to ruin the World of Jiuli Continent and kill all creatures in it! These deities and I still have a conscience. So, we decided to forsake darkness and cross over to the light. From now on, we servethis lord!

When the crystal ball was rotated, the rest deities also appeared in it.

All of them shouted at this moment, Gongsun Deity, we cant follow you anymore!

Inside the crystal ball, Gongsun Deity was standing there motionlessly for a while as if he had been frozen.

After a while, he asked in disbelief, You mean you havebetrayed me, right?

He didnt expect these trusted followers could betray him. This sudden change stunned him completely.

The Yu Deity sighed. Gongsun Deity, if you refuse to realize your error, you will only get endless pain. Just make an apology to this young lord to repent your wrongdoings!

His words annoyed Gongsun Deity completely, who almost spat blood because of anger.

Stop your nonsense! He ruined my mansion and hijacked my son. Now, you want me to make an apology to him to repent my wrongdoings! Are you kidding me? This is outrageous! Gongsun Deity was trembling because of anger.

The Yu Deity replied calmly, Alas! Gongsun Deity, the sea of bitterness has no bounds. Repent, and the shore is at hand!

Exactly! Just come here and make your apology!

Gongsun Deity, we used to work together. I suggest you repent your mistake and wrongdoings!


Gongsun Deity was so angry that he couldnt help but to spit blood as he cursed, F*ck your apologies! How could you make an apology to a guy who ruined my mansion and hijacked my son? This is totally outrageous!

OK! I will go there and have a face-to-face talk with him!


The crystal ball was ruined by Gongsun Deity angrily.

The Yu Deity turned to Su Yu anxiously.

Su Yu said with a faint smile, Great! I am looking forward to his arrival! Just wait here quietly, and the one I am waiting for at this moment will be here soon!

What? Who are you waiting for?

Arent you waiting for Gongsun Deity?