The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265 The Arrival Of The Alliance Master

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After a short while, heaven and earth started to tremble violently. It seemed the ruinous World of Jiuli Continent was about to fall apart.

Dazzling divine light penetrated this world and lit up the sky.

Countless creatures in this world knelt on the ground in terror.

Because they knew this extraordinary fluctuation of divine strength could only be from an extremely powerful deity!


A pitch-dark gap appeared in the sky of this world. Then, a deity who was wrapped up by dazzling golden light landed on the ground.

As expected, Gongsun Deity has arrived!

He had to come here! Some of his underlings were killed. The rest betrayed him. It is impossible for him to keep calm!

Heh! Heh! It seems Gongsun Deity had to face the challenge of a formidable enemy!

I dont think so. As a family master of the top ten anti-demon families, Gongsun Deity couldnt be that weak!

Standing behind Su Yu, the Yu Deity lowered his head when he saw the one in the divine light.

When he realized his situation, he looked up but didnt want to have eye contact with the one in the divine light.

Gongsun Deity said coldly as he stared at the Yu Deity and the rest five deities, Now, tell me again! Do you still want me to make an apology?

Six deities, who were terrified, didnt know what to say.

Tell me! Gongsun Deitys loud roar startled the Yu Deity and the rest five deities.

All of them had been terrified by the long-standing overbearing aura of Gongsun Deity.

Now, these deities lowered their head to avoid eye contact with Gongsun Deity again.

It seemed the entire World of the Jiuli Continent became silent because of the roar of Gongsun Deity. Nobody dared to make a noise at this moment, including the six deities and those onlookers.

Then, the silence was broken by laughter, Now, you are working for me! Why do you bow unctuously to another deity? You are looking down upon me, right?

This careless laughter echoed in the ears of the six deities like deafening thunders, which covered their forehead with cold sweat.

They realized their life was in the hands of Su Yu.

If you cant prove your value, I dont think it is necessary to spare your life!

Hearing this, six deities cheered up and said seriously, We are at your service, master!

Then, what are we waiting for? This atrocious deity is going to ruin this world together with all creatures in it and onlookers from the Western Alliance. I guess he is a spy of the Demon Clan. Just capture him for further interrogation!

As you wish! Six deities dashed forward without hesitation. Although they were still afraid of Gongsun Deity, they knew they had no choice at this moment.

Gongsun Deity, your heinous crimes are unforgivable! The Yu Deity shouted and attacked first.

The rest five deities also attacked Gongsun Deity by following the Yu Deity.

It was the limit of Gongsun Deity when he fought against six deities at the same time. It was extremely difficult for him to defeat five deities at the same time, let alone six!

But Gongsun Deity still rushed up as he shouted coldly, All those who betray me will die!

You are the one who will die! Six deities who had no way back had to do their best to fight against Gongsun Deity.

At the very beginning, Gongsun Deity could still defend himself from the attack from the six deities.

As time went by, six deities gained the upper hand through close cooperation after overcoming the fear in their heart.

Die! Suddenly, the Yu Deity found an opportunity. Then, he spat his divine blood on a bone whip in his hand.

The bone whip became red immediately, which was filled with an aura of a copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact. The next moment, the bone whip landed on the back of Gongsun Deity heavily.


A dull sound that startled the entire world was echoing in this area.

A large hole appeared on the back of Gongsun Deity. From this hole, his white bones could be seen indistinctly.

After being seriously wounded, Gongsun Deity was totally annoyed. He widened his bloodshot eyes and turned back as he stared at the Yu Deity like a wounded wild beast, Did you attack me with the weapon I gave you?

The Yu Deity, who was stunned a bit by his words, swallowed and retorted as he pretended to be calm, You refuse to repent your wrongdoings! Dont blame me because I am going to kill you!

Heh! Heh! Really? Let me kill you first! Gongsun Deity shouted as his divine blood reflowed in his body.

Nature-defying Nine Divine Knife!

Gongsun Deity yelled suddenly. His body was full of the energy of a knife.

Behind his back, nine weird knives appeared, which were as powerful as those copied Emperor-based Saint Artifacts.

Theseare Six deities were shocked when they saw that. They had followed Gongsun Deity for so many years. However, none of them knew Gongsun Deity had this strength of bloodline.

Kill them!

The horrible knives behind the back of Gongsun Deity dashed towards the Yu Deity immediately.

Seeing that, the Yu Deity widened his eyes as he defended himself with the bone whip in his hand without hesitation.


The bone whip, which was a high-grade fairy artifact, was smashed by those knives. Then, those knives appeared in front of the Yu Deity.

The Yu Deity was terrified because he knew the consequence of being penetrated by those knives. So, he took out a spell and crushed it with his hand immediately.

The spell was turned to a pitch-dark armor that covered his body for protection.

It seemed that it was also a copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact!


A lot of sparkles were created on the armor. Then, nine dents also appeared on the armor.

The knife energy was stopped by the armor. But the Yu Deity was still knocked back.

Gongsun Deity shouted with horrible killing intent, Without the equipment I gave you, you are nothing in front of me!

The next moment, the Yu Deity, who was flying back rapidly, was received by Su Yu.

Su Yu looked at Gongsun Deity calmly. Then, he took out a pink skull.

The skull was also a copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact, which was more powerful than the bone whip.

You are my underling. So, I will give this to you to defeat him. When I have time, I will find a more suitable copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact for you!

Then, Su Yu threw the pink skull to the Yu Deity casually.

This scene totally shocked all onlookers.

Gasp! How could he give away a copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact in such a casual way? There are less than twenty copied Emperor-based Saint Artifacts in the Western Alliance. And almost all of them are being obtained by descendants of deities!

No! It seems copied Emperor-based Saint Artifacts are nothing for him!

Who the hell is this guy? He has powerful deities as his underlings. He can even give away precious items like this casually!

The Yu Deity was stunned a bit. Then, he said as wild joy flashing in his eyes, Thank you, my master! Thank you!

The rest five deities looked at him jealously because they didnt expect the Yu Deity could obtain such a precious copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact easily!

Also, they didnt expect their new master could be so generous!

At this moment, six deities realized the one they pledged their loyalty to was not an ordinary person!

Seeing this, Gongsun Deity, who was totally annoyed, shouted, Just die!

It was impossible for him to tolerate the betrayal of his underlings who got preferential treatment from their new masters.

After obtaining such precious equipment, the Yu Deity put his heart at rest. Then, he said as he looked at Gongsun Deity with a smile, You die first!

Buzz! Buzz!

The Yu Deity activated the pink skull by injecting his divine strength into it.

Then, the pink skull opened its mouth to create a beautiful melody that seemed to come from the nine heavens. The melody could remove fickleness and hatred in peoples minds and made people calm and peaceful.

Then, the skull was covered by a cloud of pink fog.

After a while, a gorgeous woman who was wearing a pink dress walked out of the pink fog.

She was so beautiful that even the most beautiful woman in history couldnt rival her.

Like an attractive fairy maiden, her temperament was very elegant and graceful.

All people in this area, from ordinary Martial Artists to deities, were deeply stunned by her beauty, which didnt belong to this world.

Gongsun Deity, who was extremely angry, also calmed down gradually. He was also looking at the woman dreamily.

However, the Yu Deity was free from the influence of the woman. He dashed forward and appeared in front of Gongsun Deity. Then, he attacked the forehead of Gongsun Deity with the index finger and middle finger of his right hand.


Along with a dull sound, Gongsun Deitys head was penetrated by powerful divine strength.

Then, Gongsun Deity was woken up by the sharp pain. The gorgeous woman disappeared in his eyes. The Yu Deity, whose face was covered by killing intent, was standing in front of him.


Gongsun Deity shouted angrily as he knocked the Yu Deity back. He also flew back at the same time.

A small hole appeared in his forehead, which was bleeding seriously.

The Yu Deity spat blood because his chest was hit by Gongsun Deity heavily. However, he still shouted excitedly, His body and soul have been wounded. If we attack him at the same time, he will definitely be killed!

Because of the serious wounds in his body, nine divine knives behind the back of Gongsun Deity had disappeared. Now, he was totally defenseless!

Let me finish him!

No, he is mine!!

The rest five deities, who were totally motivated, started to dash towards Gongsun Deity as if he was a sworn enemy of them.

They were motivated by the good luck of the Yu Deity, who obtained a copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact!

If they killed Gongsun Deity, they would also be rewarded handsomely.

Seeing this, the Yu Deity, who was unwilling to lag behind, also dashed forward rapidly.

This unprecedented scene totally stunned those onlookers.

The onlookers didnt expect these trusted followers of Gongsun Deity were so eager to kill him at this moment.

The next moment, six deities appeared in front of Gongsun Deity. All of them tried to end the life of Gongsun Deity first.

Although Gongsun Deity was not able to defend himself, he still stared at those deities with deep hatred.

When he was about to be killed, a sonorous voice came in from the sky at this moment.

Cosmos Reversion! Fix Yin-Yang!

Along with a shout, those six deities were fixed and were not able to move anymore.

All of them, who had lost control of their body and soul, were fixed on the ground. People could only see the terror in their eyes.

An uproar broke out among the onlookers.

Thats Fix Yin-Yang in the Secrets of Cosmos! Thats the Alliance Master!

What? I didnt expect the Alliance Master could come here!

Oh, no! The Alliance Master was startled, which means Gongsun Deity came here with preparation! I bet he asked help from the Alliance Master before coming to this world!

Right! No matter how powerful those deities are, they are nothing in front of the Alliance Master!

Im afraid that guy didnt expect the Alliance Master could be involved in this issue!


The World of Jiuli Continent started to tremble. A lot of places were shattered as if this world was not big enough for the upcoming powerful creature!

Along with a deafening sound that could startle the Star River, the world broke into several parts.

Then, a middle-aged man, who was wearing a purple gold hat and a luxurious long robe, appeared in this world.

Behind him, there were ten powerful deities.

All of them were more powerful than the Yu Deity.

The Tree God, who was quite calm just now, reminded Su Yu seriously, Be careful! This deity is very dangerous!

To the surprise of all people here, Su Yu said with a smile, Finally, the master of the Western Alliance shows up!


The Duanxian Cliff Master and his daughter were totally shocked together with all those onlookers.

It seemed Gongsun Deity was not the one he was waiting for.

Wait! Does it mean he was waiting for the Alliance Master from the very beginning?

The middle-aged man who was wearing a purple gold hat replied with a smile, I know you are waiting for me!