The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266 Substitute Deity

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I guess the purpose for you to create such a big noise is to startle me, right? The middle-aged man who was wearing a purple gold hat said thoughtfully.

Gongsun Deity, who took shelter by standing behind the Alliance Master, was surprised by what he heard.

It turns out the ultimate goal of this silver-haired young man is to startle the Alliance Master!

Anyway, the Alliance Master would be startled if an anti-demon family was bullied in this way!

Su Yu replied as he nodded his head with a smile, As expected, a lot of time and energy could be saved during the conversation with a clever man! Yes, you are the one I am waiting for!

As for you Su Yu turned to Gongsun Deity and said coldly, I just tried to teach you a lesson and tell you that you cant bully others like that!

Su Yus words puzzled those onlookers. Till now, they didnt know why Su Yu insisted on making trouble for the Gongsun Family.

Only a deep hatred would lead to such total destruction of the Gongsun Family.

After the destruction of their mansion, the abduction of the successor, and the betrayal of their deities, it was impossible for the Gongsun Deity to enter the top five.

If the Gongsun Family failed to find enough powerful experts in a short time, they might even be kicked out from the top ten anti-demon families!

The middle-aged man who was wearing a purple gold hat looked at Su Yu and his underlings. Then, he fixed his eyes on the Duanxian Cliff Master and said in surprise, Gongsun Ya?

The real name of the Duanxian Cliff Master was Gongsun Ya.

Gongsun Ya looked at the middle-aged man who was wearing a purple gold hat with mixed feelings. He would have become the son-in-law of the Alliance Master. But the fact was that he became a victim.

So, it was impossible for him to put aside his hatred against the Alliance Master.

The middle-aged man looked at Gongsun Ya thoughtfully. Then, he turned to Su Yu and asked, Did you do this for him?


Now, I am here! What do you want from me?

A negotiation!

Gongsun Ya and his daughter were shocked after hearing that. Does it mean the negotiation mentioned by Su Yu was prepared for the Alliance Master?

Su Yu sought revenge against the Gongsun Family for Gongsun Ya and his daughter because they used to be bullied by that family.

Su Yu planned to have a negotiation with the Alliance Master because Gongsun Wuxies birth mother was still in the mansion of the Alliance Master.

What do you want to talk about?

A marriage that hasnt been consummated!

The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows slightly after hearing that. Then, he said with a smile, I thought you would ask me to give my daughter to them. I didnt expect your plan could be so ambitious!

It was quite simple to give his daughter to them, which was a pretty easy decision to make.

However, the marriage meant a lot to him and Gongsun Ya.

If he agreed on the marriage between his daughter and Gongsun Ya, it would be deemed as admitting his wrong decision made before and the recognition of the elopement of his daughter and Gongsun Ya in those years.

This would definitely bring humiliation to the Alliance Master.

I am always ambitious! This time I only ask for the marriage for the sake of creatures in the Star River who share a common enemy. Otherwise, I will ask for more from you! Su Yu replied calmly.

His words were quite arrogant.

He tried to force the Alliance Master of the Western Alliance to admit a mistake he made before, which was an unreasonable requirement for most people here.

However, the Tree God, who knew Su Yu very well, believed Su Yu didnt demand an exorbitant price this time. According to Su Yus style, he would never stop making troubles before bringing catastrophic consequences to his enemy.

It was never an unreasonable requirement to provide Gongsun Ya and his daughter a complete family.

Unfortunately, people from the Western Alliance had no idea about Su Yus style.

The Alliance Master didnt refuse Su Yu immediately. He said calmly, A marriage should be established between families of equal social rank. Do they have any social rank? I will never marry my daughter to a nobody!

Social rank? Is my social rank high enough for you? You tried to marry your daughter to the Gongsun Family. However, this family has been ruined by me. All deities of this family have become my underlings. So, I am much more powerful than the Gongsun Family, right?

The Alliance Master looked at Su Yu. He had to admit that Su Yu was more powerful than a lot of big families.

What is the relationship between Gongsun Ya and you? Is he your successor? The Alliance Master brought forth an acute question.

Gongsun Shan was the successor of Gongsun Deity. Everyone knew Gongsun Ya was not the successor of Su Yu.

Relationship? Heh! Heh! You could ask Gongsun Deity whether the Gongsun Family could ruin another anti-demon family for Gongsun Shan!

The answer would be no!

If a successor died, they could find another one immediately. But it was impossible for them to fight another anti-demon family to death!

But I can do that! For Gongsun Ya and his daughter, I have ruined the Gongsun Family. I can even ruin the rest nine anti-demon families for them!

His words were arrogant but true.

After taking a deep breath, the Alliance Master said, It seems Gongsun Ya and his daughter are quite important for you. So, they are qualified to establish a marriage with my family!

Gongsun Ya was stunned by his words. However, the Alliance Master said as he stared at Su Yu, Then, which family do you stand for? I remember you are a substitute deity of the Eastern Alliance, right? This marriage should be held inside the Western Alliance. And it has nothing to do with the Eastern Alliance!

So, I am sorry, but this marriage cant be realized!

Gongsun Ya, who had just been cheered up, was frustrated again.

What if I join the Western Alliance? Su Yu asked suddenly.

What? Is he going to join the Western Alliance?

Those onlookers didnt believe what they heard.

How could a substitute deity of the Eastern Alliance recommend himself to join the Western Alliance?

The Alliance Master was also stunned. He didnt expect Su Yu could bring forth such a request after being rejected by him.

Are you serious about what you said? The Alliance Master asked.

Su Yu said with a faint smile as he placed his hands behind his back, Do you think I am kidding?

If you join the Western Alliance, you will be a traitor of the Eastern Alliance. Are you sure you want to do that?

Su Yu replied by shaking his head, No, I am still a substitute deity of the Eastern Alliance. And I can also act as a substitute deity in the Western Alliance!

Then, he said by pointing at the four dead deities on the ground, Now, you have four vacant deity positions. I think I can get one position! I dont mind acting as a substitute deity in the Western Alliance!

Hearing this, even the onlookers were surprised.

Nice try! How could a substitute deity of the Eastern Alliance act as a substitute deity in the Western Alliance?

Right! The two alliances are independent of each other. Nobody could work for the two alliances at the same time! What if he betrays the Western Alliance?

The Alliance Master said as he furrowed his eyebrows, Im afraid I cant agree with you!

No, you will! Su Yu said as he pointed at the direction which led to the Realm of Demons, The Giant of the Bitter Sea, who is more and more powerful, is about to break its jail soon. The horrible demonic gods of the Holy Magic Hall are about to sweep over the Star River and feed the Giant of the Bitter Sea with all creatures in the Star River!

A bloody war in the Star River is upcoming! I believe you should have sensed something as the Alliance Master. The disaster of the Star River is drawing near! Su Yu said as he looked at the Alliance Master.

The Alliance Master was surprised by his words. Who is the Giant of the Bitter Sea? Is it the gigantic figure in the Realm of Demons? How could he know its name is the Giant of the Bitter Sea?

And what is the Holy Magic Hall? Why havent I heard of it before? Who told him about that?

Although the Alliance Master was shocked, he couldnt deny what Su Yu said, Right! A lot of signs suggest the Demon Clan is going to have a big move!

Su Yu said with a faint smile, So, the unification of all creatures in the Su Yu is an irresistible trend. Maybe the master of the Eastern Alliance hasnt contacted you yet. I believe you will form an alliance with them soon. In this way, you can gather all creatures in the Star River to prepare for the upcoming war!

So what? The Alliance Master admitting the unification of the two great alliances was incontrovertible.

Su Yu replied, Havent I given you enough details? Since we will become allies soon, as a substitute deity of the Eastern Alliance, I can definitely act as a substitute deity in the Western Alliance! No matter what my identity is, I am a member of the alliance that fights against the Demon Clan!


Those onlookers looked at each other but didnt know what to say. This high-sounding excuse made them speechless.

Gongsun Deity, who sensed everything went south, shouted coldly, Nonsense! Dont try to delude us here! You try to join the Western Alliance because you harbor evil designs! Alliance Master, please dont create a precedent for him!

The Alliance Master was absorbed in thought after hearing that.

Su Yu said calmly, It is OK for me if you reject my request. I will lose nothing. But you will lose the opportunity of obtaining a powerful ally! Do you know the ratio of finding an ally who is as powerful as an anti-demon family in the Star River?

The answer was zero.

All powerful organizations had joined the Eastern Alliance, the Western Alliance, or the World of Divine Remnant! It was impossible to find a powerful organization that was wandering in the Star River!

The Alliance Master lit up his eyes after hearing that. It seemed he had been tempted.

After a while, the Alliance Master said with a smile, Youve convinced me!

OK! In the name of the Alliance Master, I hereby name you as the Alliance Master said as he looked at Su Yus silver hair, The Silver God!

His voice was echoing in this world, which was in dead silence.

The Sliver God, a substitute deity of the Western Alliance, came forth in this way.

There were a lot of substitute deities in the history of the Western Alliance. However, Su Yu was the only one who acted as a substitute deity in two alliances at the same time.

Thank you, Alliance Master! I am willing to destroy the Realm of Demons together with the rest deities in the Western Alliance! Su Yu said calmly.

Gongsun Ya and his daughter were totally dumbfounded at this moment. They never expected the issue could end up in this way.

They didnt expect Su Yu could become a substitute deity of the Western Alliance in this way!

The Tree God twitched her mouth because she was not surprised at all. She knew everything about Su Yu would develop in a weird way.

Therefore, she was not surprised when Su Yu became the first one who acted as a substitute deity in two alliances at the same time.

In the Eastern Alliance, Su Yu was the Feather God! In the Western Alliance, he was the Silver God!

An unprecedented substitute deity came forth!

Gongsun Deity tried to stop the Alliance Master from making such a decision, but his efforts were in vain.

So, the marriage is negotiable, right? I will do my best to support you, Alliance Master. Also, you will have my support during the great election of the Alliance Master several years later! Su Yu said.

Although he only got a brief report from the Yu Deity and the rest deities about that secret meeting, he had figured out the situation through the information he obtained.

The Alliance Master didnt enjoy popular support. The Ximen Family was about to strive for the position of Alliance Master in the future.

If the current Alliance Master failed to get enough support during the election, he might lose the position of Alliance Master.

Hearing this, the Alliance Masters eye pupils constricted a bit. He turned to the Yu Deity and believed Su Yu got the information from the Yu Deity and the rest deities.

OK! The Alliance Master nodded his head. Then, he looked at Gongsun Ya and said with a smile, I know youve suffered a lot in these years. You can go and find Feier now. She misses you very much!

And you, Wuxie, you can also see your birth mother!

Hearing this, Gongsun Wuxie smiled excitedly because she hadnt seen her birth mother yet.

Those onlookers were totally shocked. Does it mean the elopement which caused a great sensation in those years is settled in this way?

The great combat between the Alliance Master and the substitute deity of the Eastern Alliance they expected didnt happen. This happy ending surprised all of them.

Of course, this was not a happy ending for the Gongsun Family.

Release my son! Gongsun Deity shouted with hatred.

Su Yu replied as he looked at Gongsun Deity indifferently, He has gone!

What do you mean? Gongsun Deity shouted angrily.

He didnt believe Su Yu dared to kill his son.

The literal meaning of my words! Su Yu replied calmly.