The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1267

Chapter 1267 Extreme Overbearingness

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Seeing that both of them started arguing again, the Alliance Master said, Silver God, you are now a member of the Great Western Alliance. You must not be reckless. Return Gongsun Shan to him. I believe that after this incident, Gongsun Shan will not dare to stir any kind of trouble with the father and daughter anymore.

While saying those words, the Alliance Master did not look at the Gongsun father and daughter pair.

Su Yu looked at him and said, Im telling the truth. Gongsun Shan is long gone! Back then at the underground secret room, Ive destroyed him completely Oh, I almost forgot, not completely. His skin was still lying there.


Su Yu flicked his hand and took out the Demonic Gods Prison.

With the roar of a wild beast, Gongsun Shan rushed out with bloodshot eyes and tried to pounce on anyone he saw.

He was no longer half-human nor half beast. He was no different from a beast now.

Gongsun Deity captured him from a distance. Gongsun Shan was roaring obliviously and there were no longer any signs of intellect in his eyes.

Gongsun Deitys eyes were brimming with anger. His pupils contracted sharply, making his eye sockets looked hollow, compounding his furious demeanor. He shouted, How dare you erase his intelligence!

If the soul was still there, there could still be salvation.

However, if the spiritual intelligence in the soul was erased, how was it different from the most primitive beast?

Su Yu said indifferently, For all the evil deeds he performed, it was inevitable that he would reap what he sowed! He should have known better back when he was blinded by lust and threatened Gongsun Yas happiness! Destroying his body and spiritual intelligence is just a just punishment for his despicable actions.

Furthermore, Su Yu went on coldly, You should be fortunate that the Alliance Master stood up for you. Otherwise, do you actually think that your fate would be any better than your sons current predicament?

As soon as those words were said, everyone was left frozen in their tracks.

Indeed, judging from the situation just now, Su Yu did not intend to spare Gongsun Deitys life at all.

If the Alliance Master did not show up, Gongsun Deity would probably be as dead as a dodo by now.

If you are smart enough, shut up and curb your hateful look. If you dare to annoy me, I will make sure to kill you like a dog! Su Yu said coldly.

It was not his murderous threat but the arrogance in his words that stunned the onlookers.

Well, isnt this overbearing?

This is completely unheard of! Killing your son, destroying your house, then threatening you to shut up, or he will kill you too. This is absolutely ridiculous!

If I were the Silver God, I would die with no regrets!

Su Yus coldness, decisiveness, and overbearing manner gave the Western Alliance Masters three views on live spirit a severe blow.

They were used to fighting against the demon clan all year round, so he thought that their characters were similarly tough and overbearing.

However, compared to Su Yu, those were not even worth mentioning at all!

The Alliance Master frowned, turned his head and said, Gongsun Deity, we are all one big family. Let us all put our past grievances aside. Do not stir up internal trouble again, understand?

At this moment, the lungs of Gongsun Deity were about to explode with anger. Was there still any justice in this world?

However, in the presence of the Alliance Master, Gongsun Deity, despite his resentment, did not dare to reveal his true thoughts. He clenched his teeth and answered, Yes!

This was the best possible outcome.

Since everything is now resolved, let us all go back.

Su Yu led the Tree God, the Gongsun father and daughter, and the six henchmen deities he had adopted back to the Western Alliance.

As the proxy god, Su Yu inherited one of the mansions of the fallen deity as his temporary residence.

Silver God, you have to put up with this for the time being. It will take some time for the new residence to be completed, said the Alliance Master.

Su Yu said, It doesnt matter.

Five days hence, we will have a welcome dinner for you, and then some deities will come and meet you too.

Su Yu wanted to refuse initially, but as the Western Alliance proxy god, how could he?

That sounds good!

After sending the Alliance Master away, he began to settle down in the mansion.

The Yu Deity and six other deities stared at each other, then said, Congratulations, Silver God. We will be loyal to you until death!

Su Yu nodded.Good. I will not treat you shabbily if you follow me.

You all are now required to guard the mansion. You must not let anyone in.


Yu Deity and the six other deities immediately went to stand guard at all corners of the mansion.

Su Yu escorted the Tree God and the Gongsun father and daughter into the living room.


As soon as he entered, Gongsun Ya went down on both knees and bowed.

He then reached out and pulled Gongsun Wuxie down to her knees as well, saying, Come and give thanks to our savior!

Gongsun Wuxie opened her mouth but thought about how she liked him, and now he was her benefactor as well. What a messy situation! Should she just take advantage of the situation and confess her feelings?

While she was hesitating, her father gently pressed her head forward and made her kowtow.

Gongsun Ya himself also solemnly kowtowed.

Su Yu wanted to pull them up, but Gongsun Ya didnt comply. He said gratefully, Thanks to your help, not only did our family manage to survive, but we are also reunited once again. This is all thanks to your effort! We can never repay you enough.

Oh, we have already gotten to know each other so well, why do you stand upon ceremony? Su Yu laughed in surprise. He stretched out his hands, pulled up both of them and said, And Im afraid things are not as optimistic as you think.

Gongsun Ya was taken aback. What do you mean?

Su Yus eyes flickered and he said, From my observation, the Alliance Master was not sincere about accepting both of you. I am worried that there will be changes to the proposed marriage as well.

Does he want to go back on his words? No way, as the Alliance Master, he made a promise in front of the masses. He wouldnt do that, Gongsun Ya started to get worried but reaffirmed himself again.

Su Yu shook his head and sighed.

Gongsun Ya managed to make a name for himself in the Jiuzhou Cavern World and established himself as the Duanxian Cliffmaster.

However, when people were in distress, they often only believed what they chose to believe.

Although he came to a realization that Su Yus words might be right, he still found reasons to convince himself otherwise.

If he wants to call off the marriage, there is no need for him to go back on his words directly. I think that the Alliance Master is cunning. His expressions are hard to read and he must be a skilled schemer. It will be easy for him to manipulate the situation to his favor, Su Yu said.

The Gongsun father and daughter pair became silent and the mood suddenly turned gloomy.

But rest assured, since it was me who brought both of you together, I will definitely not stop until I see this whole matter through to the end.

Gongsun Ya thanked him. Thank you, our generous benefactor.

Go and rest up. These days have been really hard on you.

When the Gongsun father and daughter departed, the Tree God asked, Did you also realize that the Alliance Masters intention was not that simple?

Even you, though you only care about money, realized it. Im not blind, I can see it as well.

The way you put it made me feel very sad.

The Tree God pursed his lips and said, This is weird. If the Alliance Master planned not to let you join the alliance, wouldnt the matter have ended there and then? With him letting you join the Alliance, promising the marriage, but being reluctant in the process, there must be sort of conspiracy brewing.

Its not just a conspiracy. I think the Alliance Master wants to use me for something.

Have you guessed what it is?

Im not a god. How could I know what he thinks before he makes his next move? However, I have an idea of what he is up to. Su Yus eyes flickered. I just hope things will not unfold according to the worst-case scenario!

Inside the palace of the Alliance Master

After the Alliance Master returned, he began to meditate in solitude as if nothing had happened.

However, before he entered a meditative state, he opened his eyes slowly and said, I knew you would come. Come in.


With a flash of divine light, Gongsun Deity appeared in front of the Alliance Master and questioned him perplexedly: Alliance Master, I have always been loyal to you. After many years of following you, do I not match up to that outsider?

The Alliance Master shook his head and said, After so many years, you still cant keep your cool! The other anti-demon families are dissatisfied with you for a reason.

What? Gongsun Deity seemed to catch something else between the lines. Alliance Master, what do you mean?

The Alliance Master looked at him: You have been following me back when I was just a common god, step by step all the way to the position of Alliance Master. How dare you accuse me of siding with an outsider instead of my own loyal followers?

Upon hearing those words, Gongsun Deity said agitatedly, But today at the

It was a show for the outsiders as well as for that fellow.

I still dont understand. You granted him the title of Silver God and even betrothed Fei Er to him. Not only did I suffer humiliation, but you lost face as well! If it werent for his powers, why would you do this? Why would you let him benefit and harm your own interests? Gongsun Deity expressed his doubts.

The leader sighed. Thats why I say you cant keep your cool! I do see his power, but I dont intend to keep him by my side! Someone of a different clan will definitely be up to no good. Do you think a Great Eastern Alliance person will be able to just replace you and become my confidant?

I want to use his power to deal with the Ximen family. Ximen Jian, that old fellow, has been aggressive in recent years, secretly gathering forces. Among the top ten anti-demon slaughtering families, seven are leaning towards him. If this continues, the situation will be very unfavorable for us.

So, I need an external force to destroy the Ximen family. This Silver God is a good choice to make it happen! I gave him the title of Silver God is to make it convenient for him to do so. Otherwise, how can an outsider enter the territories of the Great Western Alliance so easily?

Gongsun Deitys eyes gradually brightened.

Then, what about the marriage contract? Once it takes place, both you and I will be laughed at.

There was a gleam of cold light in the eyes of the Alliance Master. That is provided they manage to stay alive until the day of the marriage!

Back at the mansion

Su Yu was in a secret room, the four walls of which were strongly restrained. Even the gods were unable to break through.

The Tree God was guarding outside. Skeptical, she muttered, Acting so mysteriously, he must be up to no good.

From the standpoint of the Xing River souls, Su Yu did seem to be up to no good.

In front of him stood four of the demon clan deities.

Puppy, the Sixth Princess, the Second Princess, and the finally awakened First Prince.

After being knocked unconscious by Su Yus alienation plan, the First Prince had been in a coma for a whole month.

In the meantime, Su Yu helped him to dispel the blood of the Giant of the Bitter Sea residing in his body. He had fully recovered from his injuries since then.

Of course, the six god imprints that were deeply embedded in his body was firmly held in Su Yus palm.

The other three princesses have long accepted their destiny and looked rather carefree.

Only the First Prince, who was staring intently at Su Yu, would most likely betray him if things went south.

Su Yu said calmly, Anyone who achieves great things will know when to be flexible and when to stand firm. As heir of the demon emperor, the First Prince should know what forbearance is, right?

Hmph! The prince hummed but did not take any action.

He endured Princess Yunxias oppression for hundreds of years. So what if Su Yu was controlling him now?

After finishing what I set out to do, I will let you all go, Su Yu said. In addition, as far as the current situation is concerned, we are in the same boat. If Im not wrong, the people of the Holy Magic Hall must be on their way now.

After hearing what Su Yu said, the First Princes expressions changed and his look of resistance gradually eased.

Compared to Su Yu, the Holy Magic Hall was the real threat.

Sure, first you promise not to persecute me or force me to do what I dont want to do. Then, I will listen to your orders. Otherwise, Id rather die.

Su Yu grinned slightly as the most powerful First Prince was convinced.

Oh, dont worry, all I want is your extremely powerful capabilities, Su Yu smiled.

Only by persuading the First Prince would he truly control a power to be reckoned with.

It was hard for Su Yu to imagine how the deities of the Great Western Alliance would react if he suddenly released the four prince and princesses, the six City Master deities, and nearly seventy early stage prospective deities into the city.

Especially the First Prince, who was barely below the Giant of the Bitter Sea and Six Paths Demonic God in terms of power, and was one of the mightiest forces in the demon world.

Haha, I hope they wont be needed at the welcome dinner that they are planning for me. Otherwise, it will be very interesting to see what will unfold! Su Yu said to himself and smiled meaningfully.