The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268 An Ancient Memory

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What about me? The puppy jumped up and down. It was still in its original physical state and had little combat power.

Su Yu looked at her and said, Isnt this good for you? Anyway, after your recovery, your strength will still be like that.

The doggy waved its claws in protest, looking indignant.

Your situation is very complicated. According to the history of the royal family, once you are beaten back to your original physical body, there is almost no possibility of full recovery, Su Yu frowned slightly.

He had discussed this extensively with the Sixth and Second princesses.

A similar example had happened before; the demons of the royal family went back to their original physical bodies. This happened in the past and until now, they had not recovered completely.

The puppy was discouraged and lay on the ground silently, unhappy with what she heard.

Sir, if you have the chance, it is better to find a way to restore my sister back to how she was, Sixth Princess said.

Su Yu nodded.

The princess paused and continued, I mean, my sister is special and may be useful to your cause in the future.

Give me more detail. Su Yu heard what the princess seemed to want to emphasize and wished to know more.

The Sixth Princess said, A long time ago, news circulated within our royal family, saying that one family member will be no better than eight royal princes and princesses. However, it is only with our father that we ended up with nine, the Ninth Princess. Therefore, it could only be her.

Why couldnt the royal family have more than nine princes and princesses? However, seeing the expressions of the First Prince and Second Princess, it seemed that this was indeed the case for the royal family.

I asked the Purple-Eyed Demonic God to check on this. He said three words, the ancient god realm.

Ancient God Realm? The unfamiliar name floated into Su Yus mind.

Where is that?

I dont know. The Purple-Eyed Demonic God could only detect the existence of this place, but not the deeper mystery behind it. According to him, he couldnt continue to look in, as it was blocked by some mysterious existence.

Was there such a thing? Su Yu was astonished. Was there an ancient god realm within the Xing River?

It seemed that it was time to ask the Purple-Eyed Demonic God about this.

Now, however, he was inside the bead and couldnt appear.

His life was nearing the end. Before, he could rely on medicine to prolong it and could harvest many Divine God Source Origins to assist him. However, at this moment, he had little left.

Now, at the last moment, he was pinning his hopes on Bi Wanqing, trying to give Bi Wanqing a chance to break through to the gods before he eventually passed on.

If it was not necessary, Su Yu was reluctant to disturb them for the time being.

Well, if I find a way, I will try to help her recover, Su Yu said.

The puppy shook its tail in excitement, flatteringly holding onto Su Yus calf. She behaved much like a spirit pet.

All of you, head off to rest.

When the secret room was empty, Su Yu had time to cultivate carefully.

Su Yus first concern was the thing between his eyebrows, the Gluttonous Eye.

After trying several times, it finally fell asleep again.

According to records, after waking up for the first time, it was already in a semi-mature state.

Waking up after a second deep sleep, it would be fully matured.

The Gluttonous Eye in a mature state had a strong sense of greed. By then, it could only be satisfied by feeding on the gods.

The situation has finally become as tricky as Yun Yazi dreaded.

We take things as they come, Su Yu secretly said that to himself. With his current abilities, to capture a few gods to feed it would not be a problem. Thus, he should be safe for the time being.

Followed by that was the dead soul worm kept in the ancient ice.

According to the evil god, this worm attacked the median god and failed. Although it has died, it could still have a deadly destructive impact on the soul.

Unless at a critical moment, he would never use it easily.

With that, Su Yu cast a thought and his soul entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Sir, Sheng Ge smiled and stood in front of Su Yu. With the help of Su Yus resources, she also achieved amazing results in her cultivation.

Sizing her from top to bottom, Su Yu said: Unfortunately, there is no prospective deitys Divine God Source Origin of the ghost clan. Otherwise, it would help you break through to the level of the gods easily.

In the entire Xing River, ghosts were rare. Only the Great Eastern Alliance had ghosts.

Thank you, Sir! However, I want to try and prove to myself that I can achieve it through my own efforts. When Sheng Ge spoke, two very different spirits appeared from his body. One was the spirit of the ghost clan family and the other was that of the Buddha.

Su Yu was surprised. Oh? Are you very sure you have what it takes to vie for a seat amongst the gods?

In this world, the gods were almost all those who inherited the position from their ancestors.

It was rare for a nobody to become a deity.

Sheng Ge actually had the confidence and independence to become a god, which really surpassed Su Yus expectations.

Yes yes, Xiaodie helped me. Sheng Ge thought for a moment, her hands came together and a majestic scent filled with the charm of ancient times emerged.

He dimly noticed that there were two huge divine residences standing quietly behind her.

One of the divine residences was that of the ghost god, and the other was that of the Buddha god.

This is

Ancient God Power. These are memories from Xiao Die.

Su Yus pupils shrunk slightly. Ancient God Power? Did the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly actually have such ancient memories?

Where is it? Su Yu said.

Sheng Ge pointed to a Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo that had been almost half-eaten by a group of colorful silk cocoons hanging on it quietly.

Its cocooning again? Su Yu had an incredulous look on his face.

When the caterpillar changed into a butterfly, it had to cocoon itself once.

Today, as a butterfly, for her to cocoon herself a second time and continue to evolve was simply astonishing.

When did this happen?

After eating all the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, it started to cocoon.

After Su Yu came in the previous time, he allowed the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly to devour all the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, except the first piece.

He did not expect that after swallowing up all that bamboo, another mutation would occur.

With this ancient memory, to think that it can actually evolve again! It seems that I have been underestimating it, Su Yu smiled slightly. He seemed to be getting some unexpected surprises.

Looking back at Sheng Ge, Su Yu couldnt help but show his envy to her. The Ancient God Power is hard for outsiders to find, but you easily get it from Xiao Dies memory. This is your luck. If one day you break through to the level of the gods, I will set you free.

He once said that if she performed well, she could be free.

Now that she had the opportunity to become a deity, why should Su Yu stop her?

Sir, I am willing to follow you all the time and all the way. Without you, there would be none of me today. She could be who she was today because Su Yu spared no effort to cultivate her. Otherwise, how would a ghost fairy even qualify to look up high and aim higher up?

Su Yu smiled slightly. When the young eagle grows up, it will eventually fly into the distant sky. If I let you stay with me, it will actually hurt you.

Nurture and cultivate this Ancient God Power with a peace of mind. I can feel that you may eventually get a seat amongst the Gods faster than me.

After finishing talking, Su Yu looked to the nursery.

In the nursery, there were only two lonely and miserable ancient trees.

One of them was the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, which was as tall as a thousand feet. Compared to the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo recorded in history, this bamboo was extremely tall.

Judging from the magical cultivation effect of the Supreme Growing Soil, this Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo was over 9,000 years old. After another thousand years, it would become a 10,000-year-old Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo.

Su Yu has always been looking forward to seeing what kind of magic would be born from such an ancient Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. Unfortunately, there was no obvious change in the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo except for its huge size.

Cultivate it for a while longer. If it turns more than 10,000 years old and still has not changed much, then we should use it, Su Yu said to himself.