The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1269

Chapter 1269 Borrowing The Winds To Brush Off The Dust

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His eyes flickered, and he moved his gaze over to the next golden tree that was merely as tall as a human.

The entire tree was burning with golden flames, but they did not create heat. Instead, the environment was extremely gentle. What else could it be if not the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood?

The matured Golden Flames Tree was made into wood and used to build a boat.

One of the rhizomes was left behind by Su Yu, inserted into Supreme Growing Soil to continue its cultivation, and now had re-grown into a small tree.

This sacred tree used to counter the Giant of the Bitter Sea. I dont know if I cultivate it for long enough, perhaps it would become even more powerful and acquires a stronger restraining power, Su Yu secretly said.

The last time, he was in a hurry. The Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, that was not yet fully mature, was taken out of the soil for him to use. Though its effect was not maximized, it was nevertheless still able to resist the corrosion of the bitter seawater.

It had to be made known that the water of the Bitter Sea corroded everything, including the gods.

If he could cultivate a top-notch Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, he believed it could exert unexpected and unprecedented power.

Satisfied, he withdrew himself from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Su Yu glanced at the palm of his hand, and a small flying crane emitting the light of the Milky Way appeared.

Master, Crane Deity said.

How do you feel inside?

Reporting to my master: the final portion of the Milky Way Star Sand, where I met with some obstruction before, has been resolved about a month ago. Now, you are able to wield this holy weapon freely.

No, Im asking about you.

The Crane Deity was startled a little and replied: Thank you, sir, for your concern; after a long period of cultivation, my spirit is not only restored but also far better than it was in the past.

If he was allowed to re-cultivate his Divine God Source Origin, the strength would be different and much stronger than before.

Well, you keep at it and continue to cultivate.

Yes But master, I seem to have found a consciousness left within the Holy Artifact. Crane Deity hesitated and then continued, It was the consciousness that appeared after I removed the obstruction that day.

Su Yus gaze fixed on him and he said, Why did you not say so earlier?

There was consciousness remaining in the Holy Artifacts of the Emperor; that was astonishing!

Its existence is very weak, and the inner structure of the Milky Way Star Sand is vast and boundless. Even if I am an instrumental spirit at this moment, I cannot capture its existence immediately. Thus, I have never been able to report much to you, my master! However, this strand of consciousness seems to be moving more and more frequently recently. I was almost locked onto it once before. When it reappears, I have confidence that this time around, I can lock on it.

Su Yu solemnly said, The Milky Way Star Sand cannot be lost. Pay close attention to that consciousness, and get a hold on it as soon as possible!

Yes, Master.

The Crane Deity returned and Su Yu was lost in his thoughts.

The Milky Way Star Sand to think that there is an existence of consciousness? Whose is it? Was it left behind by Tian Jizi? Su Yu secretly asked himself. Or perhaps is it another unknown existence that is always inside the Holy Artifacts?

If it was the former, it was better to deal with it.

However, it is the latter, a mysterious existence that has always existed inside the Holy Artifacts; it had silently been beside Su Yu for many years. Just thinking about it made Su Yu shudder.

Having received such important news, Su Yu could not help but raise his own vigilance.

He hoped that the Crane Deity could capture that consciousness in time and eliminate this hidden danger as soon as possible.

He silently cultivated for several days.

On the early morning of the fifth day, the alliance sent out their number one general, the Tuoba Deity. He appeared at the mansion.

Silver God, we have prepared everything to welcome you to the Alliance mansion today. All the gods have been waiting for a long time. I also hope that Silver God will show them some courtesy and participate in the event.

Su Yu opened the stone door and smiled slightly. Lets go, He said.

General Tuoba paused and asked, You do not intend to bring that tree goddess together with you? The alliance also welcomes her.

Its not necessary. If she joins, everyone will be uncomfortable. Really.

As you wish.

In a secret room, the tree goddess unexpectedly gave a sneeze and froze with a chilly look. She couldnt help but look strange. Its weird. The pill that I stole last night is supposed to be able to neutralize the effects of the cold. So why am I feeling chilly all over again?

The main mansion of the Alliance was filled with bright colors and the atmosphere was joyous.

The divine light of dozens of gods fluctuated and filled the mansion.

Oh, its strange. Why is the Alliance Mansion, which is traditionally quiet, suddenly so lively at this point in time?

Im also wondering about that. Except for when the gods get together to discuss important matters and have meetings, when is there ever such a happy atmosphere?

Hey, I dont know. The gods of the Great Western Alliance prepared all this to welcome the acting god, the Silver God.

Ah? Silver God? So it is him!

Well, this is more than enough respect paid to him. I saw the servants of the top ten anti-demon families, but I did not expect that all the anti-demon families intended to come; this is extremely rare.

They did pay more than enough respect to the Silver God. I wonder if he merits it. I sense that this meeting is going to be pretty intense.

Everyone thought for a while and realized something.

The relationship between the top ten anti-demon families and their leaders was inexorable.

For all to gather at a table and have fun would be impossible.

That was expected.

It was very lively outside, but the banquet table in the dining hall was deserted.

The gods of the top ten anti-demon families, from Gongsun Deity at the lowest rank to Ximen Jian at the highest rank all have come together.

The heads of the ten families were sitting around a banquet table.

Some gods whispered to each other, but the most remained silent. The atmosphere was awkward.

Just then, light footsteps sounded.

Tuoba Deity entered first and announced loudly: Silver God is here!

The gods turned their heads and watched a silver-haired youth enter the building.

The alliance leader was somewhat shocked but stood up to greet him anyway. The Silver God has come. Come, sit beside me.

This move was undoubtedly an indication to the anti-demon families present that Su Yu was someone who needed to be watched closely.

Su Yus eyes flickered slightly. Although he understood the intention of the leader, he did not resist it, because he had promised before that if the leader agreed to the marriage, he would strongly support the leader.

Although there were so many gods in front of him, Su Yu did not balk whilst in the limelight and sat down with ease.

Ximen Jian opened his turbid eyes and looked at Su Yu. I heard that you have become a god of the Great Western Alliance by relying on a tree goddess. Why is the tree goddess absent, while you came here instead?

His tone was not very nice.

Su Yu secretly laughed. It turned out that the power struggle within the alliance was serious.

The strongman that the Alliance had just recruited was immediately exposed to Ximen Jians displeasure.

Su Yu was not anxious but replied, What do you mean?

Ximen Jians eyes looked at him with vigor: Huh! How can you be a god in our Great Western Alliance? Based on qualifications, that tree goddess might have them, but you..? What is even more ridiculous is that you get to be ranked on the same level as me! This decision of the alliance leader is very inappropriate!

I suggest that you re-examine this persons qualifications to be an acting god. Otherwise, if outsiders know that anyone can become an acting god of our Great Western Alliance, wouldnt it be a joke?

This was obviously a public slap in the face for Su Yu and the Alliance Leader.

The reception and feasting have not yet begun. Instead, the situation had immediately turned awkward.

Not only did Su Yu have an embarrassed look, but the leader also lost face and did not know what to say or do.

Su Yu was laughing privately. This banquet of sorts was turning out to be really interesting.

However, if someone wanted to rely solely on the name of an anti-demon family to kick his butt, Su Yu would not allow it.