The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Perishing together
Chapter 127: Perishing together
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The killing intent Cao Xuan had been suppressing finally erupted. He slowly put down his hands, his tone extremely cold. "You overestimate yourself! I really regret giving you the chance to kill yourself to atone for your sins. I guess I should just send you on your way myself!"

Extending his finger, Cao Xuan calmly pointed toward Su Yu.

His finger was ordinary, but it harbored an indefensible power.

Even Su Yu, who was standing far away, involuntarily turned rigid. The vital energy and spirit energy in his body slowed down to a halt.

He had only felt this helpless against the Second Elder. Back then, he could not even move an inch against the Second Elder. Cao Xuan, in comparison, only affected the energy flow within his body.

"No matter how I overestimate myself, my abilities are enough to kill you!" Su Yu grunted.

He wore a decisive expression. Su Yu struck his hand up into the air. "Icy Pearl! Appear!"


A rumble came from the Icy Azure Lake in the Chilly Star, its azure waters raging.

An azure pearl the size of a house pierced the heavens! With the speed of light, it crossed the barrier between the Inner and Outer Sanctums, descending upon Su Yu's head!

The terrifying chill had become more powerful. It made the skin of everyone present to crawl! Several normal disciples turned into ice sculptures after they looked at it!

As the azure chilly energy billowed out from the pearl, freezing the heavens!


Pillars of icy fog froze into ice pillars, dropping onto the earth with a sharp pling.

The expressions on the calm elders' faces changed!

Stern and surprised looks were shown on the faces of the crowd. "The Icy Pearl from the Icy Azure Lake!"

"This pearl was the core of the Chilly Star, sealing an extreme chill! If it shatters, everything will perish within a mile radius! Unless you have achieved the Dragon Realm, you will definitely die! Even in the Dragon Realm, there's no guarantee of survival should he attack at such close range!"

"Protect the disciples!" The master of the Liuxian Faction, a horse-faced man, did not stop Su Yu. Instead, he used spirit energy to protect the disciples at his side!

The multiple elders did not hesitate, they used their hands to protect the disciples around them, their eyes flickering with surprise.

How had Su Yu come to control such a terrifying weapon?

The sinister Han Zhi's expression changed, surprise and fury written all over his face. "Retreat! Danger!"

A surge of anxiety rushed up into Han Zhi's heart. How could he have expected that an ant-like Su Yu could control such a terrifying Icy Pearl?

Cao Xuan's belittling expression had stayed rigid since the appearance of the Icy Pearl!

Initially, he was confused. Then, he recognized what the object was. His pupils gradually contracted into needlepoints!

Finally, he felt fear, a skin crawling, heart-wrenching fear!

The Icy Pearl from the Icy Azure Lake!

It was because of the Icy Pearl that the Icy Azure Lake had boundless chilly energy. That lake had existed due to the presence of the pearl.

Even people who had achieved the Dragon Realm would have slim chances of survival when they plunged into the icy lake.

If he allowed the azure chilly energy from the Icy Pearl to enter his body, being a low-level dragon, there was only one fate awaiting him, death!

There was no doubt about it, the Icy Pearl would strip him off any chances of survival!

Su Yu, he actually controlled the Icy Pearl!

Cao Xuan swallowed. His face was as pale as a sheet!

Hearing his teacher's howls of fury, his legs trembled as he retreated without hesitation!

At this moment, the Su Yu that he had found unworthy of even speaking to him, the Su Yu he could kill with just a finger, became the source of fear in his heart!

"I said, you must die!" Su Yu let out a low grunt. He hugged Xianer, flying above the Icy Pearl. He stepped on the Icy Pearl and was in hot pursuit!

The Icy Pearl had remarkable speed, quicker than imagined. It had arrived from the Chilly Star to the Inner Sanctum in just a blink of an eye.

Now it was chasing Cao Xuan?

In just a fraction of the time it took to take a breath, the Icy Pearl had caught up to Cao Xuan.

"Perish! This is the last thing you could do for Xianer!" Su Yu was as cold as a frost king.

Han Zhi slammed down his arm as he rose, furiously growling. "Vermin, how dare you!" Cao Xuan was a disciple he had nurtured for years. Was he going to be killed in front of his eyes?

Han Zhi had not been negligent, but he did not even have any regard for the weak Su Yu. He underestimated Su Yu, which gave him a chance to display his powers!

Su Yu had no regard for Han Zhi, his expression cold. "Han Zhi, you old villain! It's a pity that I do not have the ability to kill you, otherwise, I would send you to meet your maker too! For now, you can say goodbye to your disciple!"


The Icy Pearl struck forward, crushing Cao Xuan under it!


In a cry of pain, Cao Xuan was completely crushed under the Icy Pearl!

The azure chilly energy sealed within the Icy Pearl threatened to spill out!

Just a shred of the chilly energy caused Cao Xuan to scream pathetically in fear!

His cold eyes had been completely replaced with fear.

"Su Yu You wish to kill a core disciple in the presence of so many? Kill me and there would no longer be any escape for you!" Cao Xuan, in the face of his death, angrily howled as his survival instincts kicked in.

Su Yu's lips formed a cold arc. "If I do not kill you, you people would kill me anyway. Before I die, if I could drag you down with me, wouldn't it be worth it?"

"You We could discuss this! Keep the Icy Pearl, I I can give you a way out!" Cao Xuan's gaze was wavering. On the surface, he looked like he was going to submitbut, in all honesty, he was as murderous as ever.

He could give Su Yu a way out, but there was no guarantee that his teacher or the faction would give him a chance of survival.

Today, Su Yu had disrupted the wedding ceremony and publicly killed Xu Rong. The faction would not forgive him, he would definitely die!

"You wish to stall for time and let your all-powerful teacher help you?" Su Yu glanced toward the Second Elder who was stepping toward the yard. His words shattered the plans in Cao Xuan's heart.

Giving Cao Xuan a chance to speak was all part of Su Yu's plan. He wanted to attract the Second Elder over. Then, Su Yu planned to send Cao Xuan on his way. Before he died, he could severely injure the Second Elder too!

"Explode!" Su Yu was laughing, furiously howling!

The azure chilly energy within the Icy Pearl billowed out violently!


A deep crack formed on the Icy Pearl!

"Not good! He's going to blow up the Icy pearl! Quick, protect the disciples and retreat!" The expression of the Master of the Liuxian faction changed.

The multiple elders were also shocked. They did not need the reminder of the Master of the Liuxian faction to know what to do. They left quickly.

"He has really gone insane!" An elder said shockingly in his retreat.

"When one is pushed to the edge, he will do anything. Cao Xuan and his teacher have pushed him too far. The evil will get their retribution. They deserve this! We do not need to interfere and help them!" Multiple elders exchanged looks.


Crack, crack

The rapid cracking sounds were followed by a cold energy that spilled out from the fractured pearl.

Cao Xuan was extremely fearful!

Looking on at the insane Su Yu, a deep regret and bitterness filled his heart. Had he known that this would happen he would have killed him back at Shenyue Island!

Han Zhi's expression changed, deep in his eyes was a bolt of caution. His sinister face was filled with fury. "Vermin! You should die, just like your teacher!"


How powerful was an elder's attack?

Cao Xuan and Su Yu would perish together!

But, being able to take Cao Xuan down with him and injure Han Zhi as he died, everything was worth it!

"Die together? You're daydreaming." A raspy voice with a mocking tone suddenly floated around Su Yu's ears!

Just three inches away from where Su Yu was, a person suddenly appeared out of thin air!

Su Yu turned rigid. They were so close, but he hadn't noticed their approach!

Even Han Zhi could not compare to these abilities!

The voice was incredibly familiar to Su Yu! It was the Second Elder!

A dainty hand rested on Su Yu's shoulder. Her strength immediately immobilized Su Yu!

The Icy Pearl under his feet lost its motivation, gradually turning silent. At the critical moment of its explosion, it had been forcefully stopped!

Cao Xuan was elated! His expression was ferocious. "Su Yu! I want you dead!"

Han Zhi was shocked by the Second Elder's abilities. Seeing Su Yu get suppressed, a murderous intent flared in his eyes. "You are the same as your teacher, not knowing your place! Die!"

Taking advantage of Su Yu's immobilization, Han Zhi suddenly struck!

Su Yu was filled with hatred! At the final moment, he had been stopped by the ugly Second Elder! He could not drag Cao Xuan down with him, and was helpless as Han Zhi took the opportunity to kill him!



A bolt of energy shot out from the hand on Su Yu's shoulder,

It did not kill Su Yu. Instead, it flew straight to Han Zhi!

Han Zhi did not expect this.


A mere bolt of energy had caused Han Zhi to fly back several hundred meters!

His robes had been torn to shreds, his hair was disheveled. His breath had also been knocked out of rhythm, turning visibly haggard.

Han Zhi was surprised as he was furious. "What are you doing? Why did you attack me?"

"Hehe..." the Second Elder stepped out from behind Su Yu, her ugly, disfigured face was like a demon's.

Even in the daylight, she caused the hearts of many to shudder. Many of the junior disciples did not dare to look at her. Some of the more senior disciples also looked away, harboring faint feelings of disgust. Even some of the elders despised her, though their expressions never changed.

Her appearance was too hideous, making it hard for anyone to develop any affection for her. Her milky-white pupils coldly stared at Han Zhi. "He is the person I want to kill, and only I can kill him. Did you ask me before you touched him?

Han Zhi had mixed emotions, but he did not dare rebut her.

The Second Elder was eccentric, her moods were unpredictable. He did not dare offend her.

"He killed members of the faction, I am punishing him under the name of the faction." The Second Elder still had to respect the name of the faction.

The Second Elder squinted. "That old hag? Hmp, her granddaughter was already engaged to someone else, but she forced her to marry Cao Xuan. Dishonorable! She was despicable and heartless! These kinds of people deserve to be killed!"

"He, as an Outer Sanctum disciple, barged into the Inner Sanctum. How do you explain that?" Han Zhi felt as though the Second Elder was protecting Su Yu!

The Second Elder laughed coldly. "Three days ago, he gained the approval of the Icy Pearl. He already had the right to enter the Inner Sanctum, how is that barging in?"

"Hmph! He severely injured many of our disciples and the guard of the steel bridge. What about that?" Han Zhi felt that something was off.

The Second Elder lifted her ugly face, putting on a mocking smile. "A bunch of imbeciles. They were weaker than Su Yu and was injured by him, who can they blame but themselves?"

"Nonsense!" Han Zhi was furious!

The Second Elder let out a malicious growl and clenched her teeth. "So you're saying that I am being unreasonable here?"

Han Zhi relaxed. Those who were familiar with the Second Elder knew that her clenching her teeth was a sign that she was going to attack!

Once she entered one of her rampages, no one except the Great Elder and the Master could stop her!

Swallowing lightly, Han Zhi did not dare offend her any further.

"Hmph! You understand the situation. If you spout any more nonsense, I'm going to pluck all the teeth out of your mouth!"

The Second Elder turned to face Su Yu, jokingly staring at him. "Hehe Let's go, pitiful worm. You cannot die at the hands of others! I haven't had enough fun with you!"

"Thank you" Su Yu said quietly. A smile of gratitude crept across his face.

At this point, how could Su Yu not understand?

Even though she was ugly and hideous, the eccentric Second Elder was helping him!

Ever since that day in the miscellaneous hall, telling him of Xianer's marriage, spurring him to train hard to save Xianer She had strived to help him.

Today, she had hidden outside the hall, quietly observing until Su Yu was in danger. Then, she had come in to get Su Yu and Xianer out of danger.

While she looked evil, she was the only person truly helping him in the Liuxian faction!

Otherwise, she could have jokingly observed him die on the spot. Why would she get involved and bring trouble to herself?

The Second Elder's joking expression turned serious, her gaze rippled.

Su Yu understood what the ripple meant. He unintentionally empathized with her suddenly, beginning to understand her feelings.

She glared ferociously at Su Yu. "I was just toying with you! Idiot!"

But Su Yu continued smiling, seeing through all her disguises.

The Second Elder's lips quivered. She ducked her head, hiding from Su Yu's starlike eyes. After a while, she averted her gaze and a cold sneer escaped her lips. "Follow me!"

If her skin were perfect, an awkward blush would certainly be visible.

Su Yu was filled with gratitude. He had only seen the Second Elder once. Even though he did not know why the Second Elder was helping him, Su Yu now realized the Second Elder was truly beautiful at heart.

She intentionally angered people as a form of self-protection.

"Hmph!" A heavy, cold grunt came from the elders!

It was a white-haired old man, his face full of wrinkles. He seemed like he was going to die at any moment! He was dressed in a dark red robe, a glow flowing throughout his body. His eyes were sunset yellow, like a dead man's. But no one dared to look him in the eye!

The other elders' expressions changed, their hearts thumping wildly. Their eyes were filled with fear and respect!

The Master of the Liuxian faction had a serious expression, his eyes wavering with caution.

Just a grunt had caused the entire hall to turn silent, no one daring to breathe!

This person's status must be extraordinary!

The Great Elder of the faction, Han Zhi's teacher!

He was the strongest person in the faction, comparable to the Master of the faction!

His old eyes floated toward the Second Elder. His voice was calm but filled with unimaginable authority. "Without my permission, all of you cannot leave!"

The Second Elder was lawless, but her eyes shone with rare caution. "Hmph! What are you going to do about it?"

"Su Yu will be executed! Qin Xianer will continue her wedding with Cao Xuan!" the Great Elder calmly said. It was as if an order from the Master, no one dared to oppose him.

The Master was silent. He would not disrupt the harmony between him and the Great Elder just for Su Yu.

The other elders did not dare oppose the Great Elder.

The Great Elder's sentence had turned the situation around!

Cao Xuan let out a ferocious laugh. "Su Yu, ah, Su Yu! After you die, I'll take care of your woman for you! I will love her well!"

Su Yu's killing intent flared in his eyes!

A pathetic smile crept across his face. He gently pushed the Second Elder's palm away, his eyes harboring gratitude. "Second Elder, you have done all you can. Now I can only count on myself!"

He stepped once again on top of the Icy Pearl. Su Yu eyes flashed murderously.


The Icy Pearl suddenly sank down, causing Cao Xuan, who was crushed under it, to squeal pathetically!

The Great Elder was calm, slowly shaking his head. "Your death is insignificant!"


His figure suddenly disappeared!

When he reappeared, he seemed to have materialized from thin air in front of Su Yu!

His old palm seemed ordinary, but it caused Su Yu to lose all his strength. He pushed toward Su Yu's forehead!

Su Yu was serious, his lips forming a cold smile. "Old fogey! Do you really think you are a god? Don't even think about stopping me from killing someone!"

His purple left eye shined radiantly. His Seal of Time was about to be activated!