The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1270

Chapter 1270 Everyone Were Shocked

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Who are you? Su Yu asked Ximen Jian indifferently.

Ximen Jians yellow eyes shot with dazzling light, and he replied with a deep voice, I come from the first anti-demon family and my name is Ximen Jian. Do you disagree with my suggestion?

Oh, so it turns out that you are the head of the Ximen family, Su Yu suddenly realized.

Ximen Jian replied coldly, Its good that you now know it. So, now that you do, why dont you hurry up and get away?

However, he had just uttered those words why he heard Su Yus response. I thought you were another alliance leader. Since when can the head of a family of the Great Western Alliance criticize the decisions of the alliance leader? Those who dont know what is going on will think that you are the leader instead.

As a new perspective god joining the alliance, I really dont understand the power structure of the Great Western Alliance at all.

Ximen Jians tone grew colder and he said: I am the head of an anti-demon family and of course, I heed the orders of my leader. However, if the alliance leader did something wrong, we have the right to point it out.

Then do you have the right to let me leave immediately?

Ximen Jian snorted: I have the power to suggest

Are you old and deaf? I am asking you, are you qualified to let me go?

Presumptuous! How can you talk to a god like that? Ximen Jian slammed the table angrily.

Su Yu said calmly, So, you are not able to let me go? Since you do not have this power, please, may I trouble the elders to just shut up?

This is an event in preparation to receive me into the alliance. If you dont like being here, you can get out right away. I have a hard time imagining how a person who claims to feel uncomfortable tries so hard to enjoy himself. What a weirdo.

The gods who were present here were secretly shocked. This acting god was behaving very lawlessly!

Faced with Ximen Jian, a member of the Great Western Alliances first anti-demon family, he dared to act crazy.

Hahaha! Ximen Jian roared angrily, This is the first time in my life that I meet someone as clueless as you are!

To make me leave, young man, what qualifications do you think you have? Ximen Jian sneered. You were not even born when I already fought against the demons!

Su Yu looked faintly at him and replied, You havent seen it all because you lived like a dog until your age!

He didnt wait for Ximen Jian to react to his words and continued: As for your resistance efforts against the demon clans, well since I am so ignorant, can you enlighten me on what you actually accomplished?

The gods could not help but shake their heads secretly. This was the case of an egg trying to teach the chicken.

In other aspects, there might be flaws in the Ximen family.

However, in terms of resistance against the demon clans, the Ximen family was ranked first; none of the other families would come close.

It was an insufferable question.

Hehe, what ignorance! Chen, tell him about the performance of our family so that he can be in awe of our achievements!

Behind him was a middle-aged man with facial features pointing at a family likeness.

Yes, Father. The middle-aged man looked at Su Yu and shook his head. I didnt expect that there would be a day I would need to explain my fathers merit to an outsider.

Who did not know about the merits of Ximen Jian? Did they even need a special introduction?

With a bit of reluctance, Ximen Chen said: My father had killed four demon-level demon gods and thirty or more prospective deities. For the lower-order demons, the numbers are countless. Due to my fathers efforts, we repeatedly turned the tide for the Great Western Alliance and saved innumerable lives! Now, do you understand who you are talking to?

I see, Su Yu said.

Ximen Chen replied harshly, Then you had better show some respect! Dont be ridiculous and make a joke of yourself!

Su Yu shrugged: Well, I understand, but its just that the four demon gods had been beheaded and killed a long time ago. Stop relying on old news to enhance your fathers reputation.

If this is a feat that you are proud of and thought that I had to respect you for it, then I, someone who killed countless demons all the way to escape from the demon world, could expect your family to kneel down in front of me instead!

What? This statement shocked everyone present!

Even the alliance leader, who was looking coldly at the spectacle, was surprised. Silver God, what did you just say? You fought your way out of the demon world?

The Glittering Family also perked up and eyed Su Yu from top to bottom. Is it the truth?

The escape of creatures from the demon realm and triggering the giant of the demon realm had already been discussed in previous meetings.

The entire Great Western Alliance was looking for those creatures. However, to think that they actually appeared in front of them!

The most important thing was that they generally believed the creatures who escaped were demons.

Who could have thought that it was someone of the human race?

You really do dare to say anything! Although I dont know where you got this news, at least there must be evidence; you cannot simply try to pose as one of the escaped souls, yeah? You just say this and you expect us all to believe you? Ximen Jian sneered. He simply did not believe Su Yu.


Su Yu took out a ring and threw it on the table.

This is The gods froze and looked at the ring to examine it further.

However, after a glance, they were all shocked: The blood of the Demon God!

No, that is the blood of more than five demon gods!

What! To think that there is so much demon blood here!

Silver God, where did you get it? Seeing the blood of so many demon gods shocked them.

Su Yu said lightly, What do you think?

Did you really come back from the demon realm? Finally, a god believed Su Yus words.

In the Xing River, there were never that many demon gods before. The only plausible answer was therefore that Su Yu had gone into the demon world and killed many demons.

A glaring light blinded everyone as they cast their glances at Su Yu together.

To think that a creature managed to escape from the demon world, alive!

Ximen Jian felt that it was simply unbelievable. However, when he detected the demon blood in the ring, he took in a breath of cold air.

Alas, he still didnt believe it.

Maybe you just happened to find the blood of the demon gods. There were many dead demon gods within the Xing River; to be able to collect these drops of blood would not be entirely impossible!


Seeing that Ximen Jian was still unconvinced, Su Yu grabbed a bloodstained badger and put it on the table.

Ah! Demon creatures!

No, its not an ordinary creature. There seems to be special blood in its body!

The Alliance Leader Ximen Jian and the Glittering Family all had a look of horror across their faces.

This is The three seemed to realize something.

Su Yu said lightly, It is the blood of the Giant of the Bitter Sea, the so-called giant of the demon world.


At that moment, there was no doubt.

Su Yu was the creature they were looking for, the creature that had escaped from the Demon Realm.

The eyes of the Glittering Deity lighted up: Silver God, Im responsible for finding out what had happened. After the banquet, please be sure to pay a visit to my Glittering Family home.

Su Yu nodded gladly. Well, I also wanted to visit you to talk about my experience in the demon world.

There were many gods in the various anti-demon families, from the masters of the house to their subordinates, who were highly interested in hearing what had happened!

They had been hostile to the demon world for many years, but their knowledge of that world was negligible.

They did think of sending spies into the demon world, but the creatures that were sent there either died or couldnt return, with no exception.

If they could learn more about the situation of the Demon Realm, they believed that they would have more confidence when fighting against the Demon Clans.

Therefore, they were extremely eager to understand the situation in the Demon Realm.

The rest of the anti-demon families were eager to get involved and rebutted: Glittering Deity, what you proposed is not correct. This involves the entire anti-demon resistance effort. How could you keep such important information to yourself? It is better to speak now when we are all present!

They were indeed itching to hear Su Yus story.

Su Yu said, Sorry, Im afraid thats not right!

Now, this is a welcome banquet for me, not a meeting to discuss major events. Su Yu refused to speak and instead gave a belligerent look. Moreover, some news is simply too shocking, and I really cant speak of them in public so as not to cause unnecessary panic. Therefore, I will only convey this to a few masters of several anti-demon families. If this information were leaked, Im afraid that no one present could control the consequences.

Having heard from Su Yu that the situation was so critical, they no longer insisted.

The Glittering Deity smiled. If you cant wait, you might as well come to my family home and listen to the Silver Gods explanation.

Haha, the Glittering Deity insists, so I will be there!

Hey, demon world what kind of magic place is that? I also look forward to it very much, and I will definitely participate.

Being affirmed by the many other anti-demon families, the Glittering Deity was appeased.

The Glittering Familys position was awkward. This was because of the initial betrayal of the family many years back. This had intentionally or unintentionally divided the families and caused some to create boundaries with the Glittering Family home.

However, today, almost all the families were willing to head to the Glittering Family home. That had never happened before.

The source of everything was Su Yu!

The Glittering Deity was grateful to Su Yu. He smiled and said, Come, everyone, a toast to Silver God. He had just joined the Great Western Alliance and already brought me such an important gift!

Haha! A toast!

Silver God is young and promising. He really makes my anti-demon family feel like nothing at all!

Its a great joy for us. Our Great Western Alliance has gained a strong general. Now we can kill off the demons easily. Just thinking about it gets my blood boiling!

The banquet that was originally flat and boring finally got lively.

Of course, not everyone was happy.

From the beginning to the end of the banquet, the gods of the Ximen Family home were solemn.

Lets go! Ximen Jian said coldly as the banquet was about to end.

The other family masters merely pretended to keep him back for a while before eventually allowing him to leave.

Even a blind man could see the anger in Ximen Jian. He had been utterly shamed today in public, so how could he live that down?

Alas, no one sympathized.

After all, why did Ximen Jian became so aggressive and hostile when the Silver God arrived? Was he not asking for it?

After the banquet, they went home, but not before they agreed to host another banquet at the Glittering Family home the next day.

The Glittering Family home welcomed Su Yu and facilitated his joining of the alliance. At the same time, the gods were also looking forward to hearing him speak about the demon world.

Back at the mansion

The smile on Su Yus face dissipated, replaced by a touch of sadness.

Whats wrong? Did someone take your baby? The tree goddess didnt know where it came from, but there was a delicate fragrance on his body.

Su Yu frowned. If someone stole the baby, maybe I would feel better.

Oh? What are you worried about?

Su Yu said, Im worried about how to do things successfully. The alliance leader had been exposed as the fox he was. However, how to solve this problem is another question.

The alliance leader really did not have good intentions. What did you find out at the banquet?

Su Yu shook his head: Its obvious that something is wrong. The Ximen Jian family deliberately made things difficult for me, but the Alliance Leader merely stood by indifferently, without any attempt at resolution. He seemed intent to watch me have a serious conflict with the Ximen Family.