The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272 Blood Feud

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The conflict between Su Yu and Ximen Jian was now beyond reconciliation.

Previously, during the banquet, the disagreement between them had not grown to the extent that they would fight each other at close quarters.

But the death of a son was enough to worsen their relationship, to the point where their feud was as profound as a sea of blood.

If in the future, Ximen Jian was killed, Su Yu would never be able to clear himself of suspicion.

In killing Ximen Jians son and then Ximen Jian, the Alliance Master had indeed been meticulous with his schemes!

The Family Master defended Su Yu. Ximen Jian, stop this nonsense. The Silver God has been with us all this while, how could he have had the time to kill Ximen Chen?.

Thats right, Ximen Deity, there must be some misunderstanding. We can all vouch for him!

Ximen Jian laughed in rage. If theres no proof, why would I hold him culpable for killing my son? You ask him! What is this?

Ximen Jian angrily tossed a stem of vine onto the ground.

This is the vine that killed my son! Not even leaving behind his divine soul! Ximen Jians murderous state was shocking. You ask him who this vine belongs to!

All the deities stared at the vine, which emitted the authentic, pure scent of Ancient Bronze Trees.

And all of them knew that Su Yu became the Silver God because of the powerful Tree Goddess. It was even said that she was the Ancient Bronze Tree Goddess herself!

Many of the deities turned to look at Su Yu, with shock and surprise in their eyes. Was it necessary to murder Ximen Chen and take revenge on the Ximen Family, just because of a dispute?

The Linlang Family Master sensed that the atmosphere wasnt quite right and was unfriendly to Su Yu. Hurriedly, he said, Silver God, could you invite the Tree Goddess, so the people can question her?

We trust the Silver God. I dont believe that sounds like a man who can navigate in and out of the Demonic Dimension at will.

Quite right, Ximen Jian, calm down, there must be some misunderstanding.

After some discussion, they discovered that Su Yu was a courageous, intelligent man with a broad vision. He did not seem like someone who would take revenge just because of an argument.

The eyes of the deities were fixed on Su Yu, full of anticipation until Su Yus soft sigh made their faces drop.

I am sorry she is not by my side!

Ximen Jian held his old, weathered head high, and burst out in desolate laughter. There you go, and you say its a misunderstanding!

The Linlang Family Master stood up for Su Yu and said anxiously, Silver God, can you tell me the whereabouts of the Tree Goddess? The issue will only be clarified if we find her.

Su Yu shook his head. Im very sorry, I cant reveal where she went.

You Even the Linlang Family Master began to waver.

One of your people has committed murder, and yet you wont divulge her whereabouts?. Even if he did not want to suspect Su Yu, it had put doubt in his mind.

Silence! The feud arising from the death of my son can never be reconciled, and no one can stop me now! When Ximen Jian threw a tantrum, no one in the Great Western Alliance could deter him.

The Linlang Family Master said broodingly, Ximen Jian, please calm down. The matter has not been thoroughly investigated and the truth has not yet come to light, so dont harm a good man.

We can only move forward once we find that persecuting Tree Goddess, dont you agree?

After a moment of hesitation, the other deities also spoke up for Su Yu.

Right, this wasnt necessarily ordered by the Silver God. Perhaps the Ancient Bronze Tree Goddess was responsible?

I hope you can stay calm, Ximen Family Master, and do not act impetuously. The Silver God is an excellent talent that is rare to find in the Great Western Alliance. If you kill him without proof, wouldnt that be wrong?

All the deities tried to console and persuade him. Although Su Yu was the biggest suspect, they were reluctant to see the great man of eternity, who killed in and out of the Demonic Dimension, die at the hands of Ximen Jian.

Get out of my way! Ill see who tries to stop me! Ximen Jian was in great wrath. He bellowed deafeningly and struck out without care. He was the mastermind behind the scenes!

Ximen Jians peak divine energy swept across each corner and the three divine family masters, who had come to stop him, immediately recoiled from the impact.

Im going to kill whoever gets in my way! Ximen Jian yelled in rage, giving off a murderous vibration and making the other family masters, who were preparing to intervene, hold back.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Ximen Jians fatal blow flew in Su Yus direction!

What arrogance!

Right at that moment, a bright, clear voice sounded from some unknown place. Then, a magnificent figure giving off astonishing divine energy teleported into Su Yus body like a ray of light.

Clenching his right palm into a fist, he launched it at the haughty Ximen Jian, who was sent flying by the blow, recoiling a few million miles away.

Alliance Master! Ximen Jian gritted his teeth, and demanded, with deep resentment, Why did you stop me from taking my revenge?

The Alliance Master replied coldly, Ximen Jian, who do you think you are! As the first-ranking anti-demon Family Master, you ought to set a good example and become a role model for the world.

Wont you end up a laughing stock with the Great Western Alliance by taking the life of a deity like that without proof, but merely based on speculation?

If everyone behaved like you, wantonly killing deities, the Great Western Alliance would be in chaos by now!

Ximen Jian had failed in his attempt at vengeance and had been attacked by the Alliance Master instead. After sustaining injuries, he was given a lecture, right in front of all the other deities.

Realizing that he wouldnt get his revenge that day, Ximen Jian looked up to the sky and laughed in desolation. Hahaha As the first-ranking anti-demon Family Master, I cant even avenge my own son!

The deities secretly raised their guard. Ximen Jian was infuriated to a perilous degree and could assault anyone at any time.

Fine! Ill bear with it today but once I find that woman Ill confront you face to face! Ximen Jian finally regained his composure, his old, bloodshot eyes were emitting immense hatred as he stared coldly at Su Yu. By then, I will have cut you into a thousand pieces!


Ximen Jian took off to leave, and the deities all heaved a long sigh of relief.

No one had expected the newcomer Silver God to develop such a gruesome, irreconcilable blood feud with the first-ranking Ximen Family Master!

The Alliance Master frowned, as a worried look filled his eyes. Silver God, why dont you come to the Alliance Masters mansion? Im worried that Ximen Jian might get too caught up in his emotions, and make trouble for you again.

Many thanks for your offer, Alliance Master, but I have neither compunction nor shame. As long as the Ximen Family Master retains some degree of rationality, I will be fine.

The Alliance Master nodded worriedly. All right, if theres anything you need, just come to the Alliance Masters mansion.

Thank you.

The Alliance Master looked around at the people present at the scene. All of you are dismissed.

Once he had finished speaking, the Alliance Master left before everyone else.

The Linlang Deity said, Silver God, you should stay at the Linlang mansion. The Alliance Masters concern is not unreasonable.

Ximen Jian had great affection for Ximen Chen, and now that hes dead, he wont let you go that easily. At least if you stay at the Linlang mansion, Ximen Jian will not be able to act too recklessly.

I guess obedience is better than courtesy.

The Linlang Deity flashed a tender smile upon feeling Su Yus goodwill.

Su Yu had rejected the invitation of the Alliance Master but gladly accepted this one.

I will bring all the people at your place over. From today, try not to step out of the house.

Thanks a lot.

Upon returning to the room prepared for him, Su Yus lips curled into an icy smile. The Alliance Master is about to get his hands on Ximen Jian next, is he?

When the Alliance Master stopped Ximen Jian from killing Su Yu, it wasnt out of any benign intention.

If Su Yu got killed, after Ximen Jians death, who then would be under suspicion?