The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1273

Chapter 1273 Wedding And Murder

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The conflict had now reached the point where the suspicion on Su Yu had been intensified.

Everything was in place. This was the opportunity to get rid of Ximen Jian.

The problem was, as the first-ranking anti-demon family master, Ximen Jian had exceptional strength, and he wasnt any weaker than the Alliance Master.

If Ximen Jian couldnt be killed with a single blow and managed to escape and alert the deities of all the families, the Alliance Masters ambitions would be exposed.

Would a man who had assassinated a family master who had protected them against the demons still qualify for the position of Alliance Master?

Not only would he be stripped of his status but he would become the common enemy of the Great Western Alliance.

Hence, the Alliance Master would have to find a more appropriate, more considered opportunity.

Later at the Alliance Masters mansion

Alliance Master, you have great foresight and have ensured that the conflict between the Silver God and Ximen Jian has been brought to a head! The Gongsun Deity cackled eerily.

However, the Alliance Master had a frown on his face. I find it too smooth-sailing, and that makes me nervous.

Hehe, even with the Silver Gods intelligence he would never have anticipated your plans, Alliance Master! It was just a pity about Ximen Chen.

He had risen as a deity by his talent, and yet a man of such great potential, which comes only once in a thousand years in the Great Western Alliance, was murdered just like that, the Gongsun Deity remarked mournfully.

Although he hadnt been in contact with the Ximen Family, Ximen Chens excellence was something that could not be denied.

I did not kill Ximen Chen.

If it wasnt you, Alliance Master, who was it? The Gongsun Deity queried in surprise.

Then, the Alliance Master revealed an unexpected piece of news.

When I got to him, he had already been killed by the Ancient Bronze Tree Goddess!

According to his plan, the Alliance Master would have killed Ximen Chen himself, and then arranged the crime scene in a way that traces of Su Yu were evident.

Unexpectedly, Su Yu had instructed his subordinate to kill Ximen Chen before his arrival.

Hehe, I overestimated him. Just because of a minor quarrel at the banquet, he wasnt able to hold back his temper, and sent the Tree Goddess to kill Ximen Jians son, the Gongsun Deity mocked.

The Alliance Masters frown deepened. That is why I find the matter too convenient, it feels like something is wrong.

You must be overthinking it, Alliance Master. The Silver God dug his own grave and saved us lots of trouble. It is a good thing.

The Alliance Master pondered a while before nodding lightly. Lets hope so. Next, it is time to get rid of that old man Ximen Jian!

It is also time to hold the wedding ceremony for my daughter and Gongsun Ya! The Alliance Master said thoughtfully.

The Gongsun Deity flashed a dark, icy smile. That will be the end of Ximen Jian, the Silver God, Gongsun Ya, and his daughter!

A fortnight later, Su Yu was still staying at the Linlang mansion, patiently training in isolation. He had not once stepped out of the place.

It was rumored that Ximen Jian had become a man obsessed, as he made his wanton search of the Western Alliance.

The tracks of the Ximen Family could be seen from every deitys cavern in Alliance City, to the remote, deserted corners of the Great Western Alliance.

Judging from the Ximen Familys behavior, it looked like they were prepared to dig six feet under the Great Western Alliance to unearth their foe.

However, it was as if the murderer had vanished from the world. No matter where they searched, not a single trace of her could be found.

Her disappearance was extremely creepy and ominous.

While the Ximen Family fervently searched for the murderer, the Alliance Master visited the Linlang Family, a truly rare occurrence.

He was looking for Su Yu and more importantly, he was looking for Gongsun Ya and his daughter.

Inside the guest-chamber Gongsun Ya was nervous. He understood the reason for the Alliance Masters visit.

A promise, made a long time ago, would finally be fulfilled.

Haha, you must be Wuxie. Come here, come to your grandfather. The Alliance Master cordially waved his hand at Gongsun Wuxie.

She forced a smile and scurried over to stand behind Su Yu.

As sensitive as she was, she could see that her grandfathers affection towards her was superficial.

Haha, youre a big girl now, but still shy in front of strangers. The Alliance Master laughed and looked over at Gongsun Ya. I have made up my mind.

Ten days from now, well invite all the deities of the Great Western Alliance to a grand-scale wedding for you and Feier. To make up for my mistake in the past, Ill make it happen for you both this time.

Upon hearing that, Gongsun Ya was overwhelmed with joy. He bowed and said, Thank you so much for your support, Alliance Master!

Haha, you should change how you address me.


All right my dear son-in-law, in ten days, you will be well-prepared to marry Feier with pride.

I, Gongsun Ya, will not let Feier down.

I am glad of it. The Alliance Master gave him a friendly pat on his shoulder and finally looked at Su Yu. Thankfully, he said, it was thanks to you that my daughter, my son-in-law and Wuxie could reunite, please come and share their joy.

Su Yu nodded. Rest assured I will be there to congratulate them.

Haha, it is decided then. I will go and make my preparations also.

After seeing the Alliance Master off, Gongsun Ya was still enjoying feelings of anticipation and delight.

Su Yu shook his head secretly. Everything was happening just as he had expected. The Alliance Master wasnt necessarily treating them with sincerity.

Perhaps, the opportunity to assassinate Ximen Jian and shift the blame on Su Yu lay in the wedding ceremony.

Alliance Master, oh, Alliance Master, I truly hope you repent and seek redemption for the sake of your daughter. If you continue your transgressions, it is you who will fall into a bottomless chasm, and you can never be saved! Su Yu heaved a soft sigh.

The disturbance caused by the murder of Ximen Chen had not gone away, and now a new commotion had arisen in the Great Western Alliance.

The traitor of the Gongsun Family, Gongsun Ya, was going to marry the eighth daughter of the Alliance Master, Luo Fei.

Some of the oldies were sentimental that the engagement which had been made decades ago was finally taking place.

Perhaps to compensate for his misdeed, the Alliance Master had invited all the deities to attend the ceremony.

From ordinary deities to the first-ranking of the anti-demon families, Ximen Jian, they had all been invited.

Rumor had it that Ximen Jian steadfastly refused to attend. Everybody knew the Gongsun father-and-daughter relationship with Su Yu. How could Ximen Jian attend?

However, the Alliance Master promised that after the wedding ceremony, all the forces of the Great Western Alliance would be dispatched to help him arrest the murderer.

Once the entire Great Western Alliance was alerted, no one could hide.

Thus, Ximen Jian gave in and agreed to attend the wedding.

Haha, the Great Western Alliance has not seen such lively occurrences in a long time, some of the deities sighed with emotion.

Youre right, whats unusual is that Ximen Jian will attend as well. The ten great anti-demon families are right here.

On this proud day, as if the feeling was contagious, the entire Great Western Alliance was in a state of delight and happiness.

A hundred deities, of various levels, brought gifts to the wedding ceremony to offer their congratulations.

When Su Yu arrived, most of the deities were already in attendance.

To avoid conflict, Su Yus and Ximen Jians seats were deliberately set far apart.

Even then, when Ximen Jian noticed Su Yus arrival, he shot a cold murderous look in his direction, as if to say: I will cut you into a thousand pieces sooner or later!

Su Yu shrugged helplessly and said. Only if you get to live through this day, Old fellow!

The Linlang Deity looked over at Su Yu in disbelief. What did you just say?

Oh, nothing, Su Yu tried to brush it off.

Behind the scenes, the Alliance Master had been keeping an eye on Su Yus and Ximen Jians facial expressions all the while. He flashed a thoughtful smile. Ximen Jian, I am very sorry but you are doomed and will never get the chance to hold the Alliance Masters position.