The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1274

Chapter 1274 Demonic Gods Liquor Poison

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The conflict between Su Yu and Ximen Jian had reached the state where it could never be reconciled. The guests felt helpless looking at the two of them.

I hope Ximen Jian doesnt make any trouble at the wedding.

Best if he doesnt. If they get into a fight, no one but the Alliance Master would be able to stop them.


The bright, clear sound of a horn resonated in the air.

The wedding ceremony was about to begin, and the guests all took their seats.

With such a grand and spectacular wedding, the arrangements were lavish. There were so many formalities there was time to complete only half of them during the day.

Many of the deities were gradually losing their patience.

Gongsun Ya is finally seeing better days. The wedding this time is even grander and livelier than the last one.

Haha, we are only sorry that we have to sit here all day in boredom. Thankfully its finally coming to an end.

Just two more to go, worshiping the heavens and earth, as well as the deities. Just be patient for a while longer.

Deities were the most supreme entities in this part of the Universe.

If deities were present at the wedding, people should not only worship the heavens and earth but also worship the deities.

However, considering that the status of the deities was below that of the heavens and earth, the proper way to pay them respect was not to kneel but to worship with liquor.

Hence, upon finishing their worship to the heavens and earth, the newlyweds must pay their respect to all the deities with wine, one by one.

The ceremony would then be considered complete, and the deities could leave.

Salute the heavens and earth, thrice, the Master of Ceremony proclaimed in a raised voice. Despite being radically different, reverence of the heavens and the earth was universal. Both human and non-human creatures worshipped the heavens and the earth the same.

Gongsun Ya was clad in a long, fiery red robe, and his face was flushed red with merriment. There was no hint of decadence on his handsome face now, as it was beaming with a stunning demeanor.

He had been waiting for this day far too long.

The bride was beautiful, and there was an enchanting grace in her eyes, unique for a mature woman. Although she was middle-aged, it was easy to discern her former matchless gorgeousness.

At that moment, her bright eyes were gazing affectionately upon Gongsun Ya.

With the Master of Ceremonys voice in the background, they held hands and worshipped the heavens and earth together.

Now, pay your respects to the deities.

Gongsun Ya and Luo Fei each accepted a glass of wine from the hands of the Master of Ceremony, and walked towards to deities.

The deities were lining up according to their rank, and the first was Ximen Jian.

Gongsun Ya was cautious. Even without purposeful detection, the killing desires of Ximen Jian could be sensed.

Ximen Deity, thank you for coming today. I will pay my respects to you with this glass of wine. Gongsun Ya downed the glass of wine first.

Luo Fei flashed a gentle smile, pursed her red lips, and took a sip of the wine as gracefully as a dragonfly tapping the water.

Ximen Jian had no facial expression at all; he raised his glass wine and took a light sip.

Despite his aloofness, he was polite.

Gongsun Ya was relieved as he moved towards the rest of the deities.

Su Yu, who was staring at the scene all this time, had a deep frown on his face.

The time was not right, so he did not strike!

In his estimation, the Alliance Master would make his move during this session.

Ximen Jian was relaxed. Poisoning or other tactics would work most effectively.

After all, no one would have expected a murder at a wedding ceremony.

If he missed this opportunity, it would be extremely difficult to approach Ximen Jian without making him raise his guard.

At that moment, Gongsun Ya and Luo Fei walked up to Su Yu, hand in hand.

Gongsun Yas face was full of gratitude as he spoke solemnly, Feier, this is the benefactor whom I told you about. It is all thanks to him that our family can reunite. Feier, offer him the wine directly!

Luo Fei bowed to offer her respect and gratitude. Thank you, benefactor.

Upon straightening up, she gulped down the glass of wine and her face immediately flushed red.

With a smile, Su Yu downed his wine. However, all the while he was staring at Luo Fei diligently through the corner of his eye.

If the Alliance Master had wanted to kill unexpectedly, Luo Fei would undoubtedly be the victim.

Although Luo Fei appeared normal on the surface, Su Yu could not guarantee that the Alliance Master hadnt tampered with her in other ways.

Even after the entire wine-offering session was complete, nothing untoward had occurred.

Su Yu was full of doubt. Had he made a mistake in deciding that the Alliance Master did not plan to strike during the wedding?

While he was absorbed in his suspicion, the newly-weds returned to the stage.

The Master of Ceremony smiled. Cross your glasses of wine in a sign of respect for each other.

With the good-humored banter and laughter of the guests, Gongsun Ya and Luo Fei bowed to each other. Then, they crossed their arms and offered each other wine.

The ceremony is now complete!

With the exuberant voice of the Master of Ceremony, an engagement that had transcended decades was finally complete.

Dear guests, please return to your seats.

On the banquet tables in front of the deities, a wide array of costly foods and rare fruits was rapidly presented.

The deities heaved a sigh of relief and engaged in mirthful conversation while savoring the food.

Finally its over. That wasnt easy!

Yes, lets take off after we finish the food. The Great Western Alliance will remain peaceful for some time now.

I agree, we will finally get to have a rest.

The Alliance Masters face was beaming with a satisfied smile as he waved. Congratulations to you both, lovers who have finally found their way together.

Luo Fei blushed a little upon hearing that. With fondness, she cast her eyes on Gongsun Ya, who was standing beside her.

Gongsun Ya felt a sense of bliss like never before.

I have a gift for both of you. May you two stay together until you are gray and old. Come here! The Alliance Master produced a pair of golden halos. They were copies of Emperor-based Saint Artifacts!

Such generosity made the deities envious.

Luo Fei was delighted and walked up to receive the gift together with Gongsun Ya.

Thank you, Father, Luo Fei said with delight. The resentment she harbored for her father was greatly diminished.

However, Gongsun Ya hung his head low. Clutching the golden halo in his hand tightly, he did not say a word.

Are you not happy with the gifts? The Alliance Master said with displeasure.

Gongsun Ya shook his head, his facial expression indiscernible. With an uncanny aggressiveness, he said in a low voice, I am happy with the gifts, but I will be even happier when you are dead!

The Alliance Masters face dropped, as he said coldly, What nonsense! Is this not your wedding day? How dare you speak so thoughtlessly?

The unusual atmosphere on the stage made the clamorous scene of the wedding gradually quieten down.

What happened?

I dont know, it looks like Gongsun Ya said something.

How can that be? If he ruins such an important occasion, isnt he just making things difficult for himself?

Gongsun Yas voice deepened. He was nearly growling, I will be pleased when you are dead and gone!

How dare you! The Alliance Master was in great wrath.

The Alliance Master shivered all of a sudden as he staggered back and fell onto the chair. Fine drops of bloody sweat broke out all over his forehead.

The Demonic Gods Liquor Poison You put poison in the wine?

At that moment, many deities gradually displayed the same peculiar symptoms.

Oh no, I I think I have poison in my body too!

Quick! Maneuver your divine energy right now, lock the liquor poison outside your divine body! If caught in time, the impact of the poisoned wine will not be as bad!

The scene turned chaotic.

Seeing almost all the deities poisoned, they were enraged beyond words. The wine! Is it the wine that has poison in it?

The Demonic Gods Liquor Poison is a secret poison from the Demonic Dimension, and no one in our galaxy is capable of refining it. Who could have done that? Who concocted the liquor poison?

In a fraction of a second, all the deities collapsed onto the floor from the effects of the liquor poison. They had no other choice but to maneuver their divine energies to suppress the poison. They dared not move at all.

Liquor poison was terrifying. Once it invaded the divine body, it could cause perpetual harm that no spiritual medicines would be able to treat. They would be perturbed by the toxin for life unless they surrendered their divine bodies.

Hahaha! As he stood on the arena, Gongsun Ya looked up at the sky and burst out laughing. His laughter was ferocious and cunning, and he dropped to the ground on one knee.

Benefactor! I have finished the task you assigned to me! I have killed them all for you!