The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275 Resigned To Fate

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No one but Su Yu sat in the direction in which he was kneeling.

Even more creepily, whilst everyone else had been poisoned, Su Yu was the only one who stayed calmly in his seat. He remained unscathed with no sign of poisoning.

Su Yu took a short breath, and uttered softly, What a splendid scheme. So this is what he has been waiting for.

Before Su Yu could say a word, Gongsun Ya growled and leaped forward. He drew his Emperor-based Saint Artifact dagger which was reverberating with demonic energy and thrust it into the Alliance Master.

In spite of his unrivaled divine strength, he was still straining to suppress the liquor poison with all his might. But he was not able to defend himself in time and was wounded by the dagger.

By chance, the Alliance Master managed to roll away, landing in the center of the deities in a wretched manner.

Gongsun Yas eyes flickered as he shot a look at Ximen Jian.

Ximen Jian had bloody sweat all over his face. He had sustained a far more severe liquor poisoning than the rest of the deities so that he did not have time to think about anything else.

Gongsun Ya laughed. Old man, you have offended my benefactor and you will have to pay with your life!

Shrugging off Luo Fei who tried to stop him, Gongsun Ya flew over and drove his blade through Ximen Jians skull. With a twist of the dagger, Ximen Jian was killed outright!

Even his soul did not manage to escape before it was annihilated!

Ximen Deity! The other deities bellowed in rage, their eyes bloodshot.

How could the first-ranking family master who defended people against the demons, the backbone of the Great Western Alliance, be killed so easily?

Hahaha, now its your turn, Alliance Master Luo! Gongsun Ya laughed hideously as he pounced onto the Alliance Master.

The Alliance Master let out a cry. Why are you doing this?

Gongsun Ya laughed.To get rid of you for the sake of my benefactor. He can only assume the position of the Alliance Master once you are dead!

What? The Silver God incited you? Hes just a Substitute Deity. How dare he covet the position of Master of the Great Western Alliance?

So what? Once you and the Ximen Deity are dead, the Silver God will be the most powerful deity. Who else would be the Alliance Master if not him? Go to Hell!

The Alliance Master closed his eyes in despair and let out an angry laugh. Silver God, oh, Silver God. You are like a wild wolf. You had malicious motives in joining the Great Eastern Alliance! I wont forgive you even in death!

At the moment he was about to be killed, Luo Fei suddenly screamed, Father! Gongsun Ya! Get out of the way!

With a sorrowful, furious growl, Luo Fei unleashed the awesome cultivation of a late-stage Prospective Deity and caught up with them at the critical moment.

She penetrated Gongsun Yas back with a slam of her palm, shattering his heart.

Gongsun Ya screamed in agony. He turned around, and his crazed eyes were crystal clear all of a sudden.

After a moment of bafflement, an anguished smile formed at the corners of his mouth. Feier, it was you

His words trailed off as Luo Fei finished him off on the spot.

All of a sudden, blood splattered in every direction. Gongsun Ya had been stopped and a catastrophe was averted!

The death of the first-ranking anti-demon family master had depleted the vigor of the Great Western Alliance. If the Alliance Master had also died, the Great Western Alliance would have faced an unprecedented crisis.


The Alliance Master panted heavily and with Luo Feis help he sat up once again. With strenuous effort, he managed to suppress the liquor poison and cast a sorrowful look over Gongsun Yas body.

Why were you so foolish? Why did you believe what people said? Gongsun Ya, oh, Gongsun Ya! I entrusted you with my daughter and pinned my hopes on you and yet you betrayed me!

The Alliance Master gazed at the heavens and sighed with grief.

After the havoc, the deities listened to the Alliance Masters mournful sighs while looking at Ximen Jians body, which was gradually turning cold.

Several pairs of eyes that were ablaze with fury were now fixed on Su Yu.

Was it really you? The deities who had believed in Su Yu were now brimming with disappointment and murderous intent!

Silver God, We trusted you, and then you had the gall to commit such a nefarious sin!

You asked the Tree Goddess to kill Ximen Chen, didnt you?

Facing the exasperated deities, Su Yu said placidly, It wasnt me. If I had wanted to kill you and overthrow the Alliance Master, I wouldnt have had to go to such trouble. I would have done it with justice and honor!

Not only did his explanation fail to appease their rage, but it fueled it even more.

Hahaha, did you hear what he said? He doesnt want to admit it even now! Hes still lying, hes still trying to deceive us!

Why was everybody else poisoned, except for you?

Why would Gongsun Ya kill Ximen Jian and the Alliance Master for no reason? What benefit would he gain from it?

Anyone with a pair of eyes could see your blood feud with Ximen Jian. Other than you, no one in the world could commit such a cruel act!

The intense, poignant interrogation continued, but Su Yu remained silent.

The Alliance Master had played it judiciously this time around.

Right when Su Yu thought he could get Luo Fei to assassinate Ximen Jian, it turned out unexpectedly that Gongsun Ya was the one being manipulated!

Before attending the wedding ceremony, Su Yu had taken extra care to ensure that there was no problem with Gongsun Ya.

However, much to his surprise, he had been creepily controlled!

Besides, Gongsun Ya had been manipulated to attack him before killing Ximen Jian.

Who would have thought that the man behind it was actually Alliance Master Luo?

Gongsun Ya had been made to falsely accuse Su Yu and thereby placing all the blame and suspicion on him.

And yet he did not even get a chance to explain before Luo Fei killed him!

Luo Fei had betrayed and fled the Great Western Alliance for Gongsun Ya, and had remained single for many years. Wasnt that an act of loyalty? How could she then kill Gongsun Ya without hesitation?

Without a doubt, the Alliance Master controlled Luo Fei as well.

Su Yu said nothing because in their place he wouldnt have believed in his innocence either.

Dont you have any explanation? Some of the deities who gradually regained their energy fired questions in an intimidating manner.

How could I believe you and even speak to you! If I had known, I would have helped Ximen Jian to kill you instead, and destroy your divine soul!

It was my fault too, I tried to stop Ximen Jian! If I had believed him the other day and had killed that bast*rd, Ximen Jian wouldnt have died such a tragic death!

Gradually, more and more deities recovered from the impact of the poison.

He had no good motive for his association with the Great Western Alliance! I cant believe we were fooled by him. Was his so-called experience in the Demonic Dimension just a lie to fool us?

Su Yu didnt respond. No matter what he said now, no one would believe him.

He lifted his gaze and glared at the Alliance Master with a smile. You deserve to be the Alliance Master but I have belittled you in the past.

Your adeptness in playing your tactics, your meticulous planning and your decisive, cruel strike If you hadnt used them on me, you could have been a very capable leader.

Being kind and just were not the requirements of a leader but the standards of a saint.

The qualities a powerful ruler needed were exactly what Alliance Master Luo had, great scheming abilities and brilliant tactics that were ferocious, resolute and decisive.

If the fight for power between them had not embroiled Su Yu, he would never have intervened and would have supported the Alliance Master.

In comparison with someone like Ximen Jian, he was far more suitable to rule the Great Western Alliance.

However, he was quite prepared to step over Su Yus dead body on his way to secure his place as Alliance Master

Su Yu, of course, wasnt going to just sit back and wait for his own death.