The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276 Imprisonment

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How dare you still behave so arrogantly when your death is near! The Gongsun Deity stood up and yelled sternly, Let us all charge together, and kill this traitor! Let us avenge the Ximen Deity!

Kill him! Some deities agreed.

All of a sudden, the many deities who were fuming in murderous rage were motivated upon the instigation and charged forward with furious looks on their faces.

Except for one, who gritted his teeth and stood in front of all the other deities. Stop, everybody!

It was the Linlang Deity. After some hesitation, he stood in front of Su Yu, shielding him from harm.

Calm down, everyone. I think something might be out of place! The Linlang Deity said in a raised voice. Have you people noticed? When Gongsun Ya was killing, did the Silver God even join him in hurting anyone? Not at all! It was all one-sided claims that Gongsun Ya made!

Besides, why dont you think about it: if the Silver God had wanted to claim the place of the Alliance Leader on such a major mission like this, why didnt he put the Tree Goddess to use?

If the Tree Goddess had gotten involved, in our careless state just now, how many among us would still be standing?

The Linlang Deitys words hit the nail right on the head.

Indeed, if Su Yu had intended to do them harm, he would have sent the Tree Goddess to do so already. Why would he land himself in a predicament where they besieged him?

Some of the more rational deities calmed down and began to ponder about it.

Meanwhile, some of the impetuous ones stopped in their tracks hesitantly, due to fear for the intimidating power of the Linlang family.

Dont be afraid, let us all charge together! The Gongsun Deity incited. He had painstakingly manipulated things into such a state that once Su Yu got killed, it would be like hitting two birds with one stone.

Whoever dares to take a step forward is making themselves an enemy to the Linlang family. If the Silver God gets hurt even a little, the Linlang family will always remember this debt!

The Linlang Deity cast a stare at the Gongsun Deity. The more he thought of it, the more he found the Gongsun Deity suspicious.

He didnt believe Su Yu was that kind of person in the first place. In addition, the sudden onslaught this time was a truly suspicious one. Therefore, he had set up to protect Su Yu.

The Gongsun Deity was enraged. Success was near, yet the adamant Linlang family had jumped into the picture.

Deep resentment rose in him as he bellowed, Linlang Deity, could you be an accomplice since you are taking his side?

The Linlang Deity sneered, What a joke! If I were an accomplice, would you still be standing here? With the feud between us, if I didnt take the chance to kill you, it would be unforgivable.

There were even more doubters now. They had also heard the overtone of their conversation. Wasnt this Gongsun Deitys behavior a little too unusual?

Seeing that more and more were starting to doubt, the Gongsun Deity got anxious. If he did not kill Su Yu soon, once the deities began the interrogation, questions would be raised and troubles would come.

The truth is right before your eyes. If Linlang Deity is just covering up for the murderer that killed Ximen Jian, I can only choose to uphold justice, even if it means cutting off ties of blood! The Gongsun Deity yelled.

He went on, The Silver God has intentions to bring disaster, and has killed a worthy one. Everybody, follow me, and let us get rid of them!

The Linlang Deity sneered, Whoever dares to move, try me!

The two parties were caught up in extreme tension. Many deity families had their own considerations, and after brooding for a while, they chose to be bystanders.

Eventually, the families that chose to follow the Gongsun Deity staunchly were only the three families that greatly supported the Alliance Master.

As he stared at them, the Linlang Deity understood it all and began to muse.

The rest of the deities also scowled as they sensed that something wasnt quite right.

It seemed like those who picked fights were all the Alliance Masters people.

Instead, the Ximen family, who should be the most justified in taking revenge, remained calm and composed.

The odd situation made lots of the deities suspicious.

Alliance Master Luo was inwardly shocked. If their suspicion continued to rise, they would eventually begin to scrutinize him.

The Linlang Deity! Alliance Master Luo was harboring hatred for him deep inside. If it were not for his intervention, Su Yu would have become a cold dead corpse by now.

Alliance Master Luo stood up and said, Stop it, all of you! Linlang Deity was right, this is a matter full of questionable points. Do not rashly kill the innocents.

The Gongsun Deity was extremely displeased, as that was a rare opportunity to kill Su Yu.

However, he understood it as well. If they insisted on killing him, their goal would be way too obvious. Even if they killed Su Yu, many of the deities would turn their suspicion onto them.

Hence, he could only choose to let go of the matter and retreat to the side of the Alliance Master once again.

Su Yu shook his head secretly. The Linlang Deity had a good heart, but he had spoiled the opportunity.

If he had not stopped them, the deities that had come for him just now would have been dead already.

If he unleashed the demonic deities that he had hidden in store, his opponents would all be killed.

Even though it would be hard to explain where Su Yu had gotten so many demonic deities from, and he would become a target for all, it would be worth it.

The Linlang Deity heaved a small sigh of relief and said, You are truly understanding, Alliance Master.

The perishing of Ximen Jian is an unprecedented great loss to the Great Western Alliance. This matter carries great significance, and I swear to carry out a thorough investigation! Alliance Master Luo put on an anguished look and said sentimentally.

He looked over at Su Yu and said, Despite the uncertainty of this matter, Su Yu is still the biggest suspect in this case. Before the truth comes to light, you have to be imprisoned until it becomes clear. Have you any objections?

As he stared at the stern-faced, seemingly righteous Alliance Master Luo, Su Yu could not help but feel amused. If he had not been one who noticed everything, he would have believed that Alliance Master Luo was indeed an honorable man of integrity.

I have no objections, Su Yu chuckled softly, But where do you plan to have me imprisoned?

That was a very pertinent question.

How about at the Linlang mansion? I believe everyone would trust us, the Linlang Deity volunteered first.

The Gongsun Deity voiced up, I do not agree! You have a great rapport with the Silver God. Who knows if you would release him secretly?

The Linlang Deity questioned in return, So youre saying itll be best to imprison him in your mansion, Gongsun Deity? Do not forget, theres a feud between the two of you because of your sons death!

What if you punish him personally and kill him, and then run away after shifting the blame to him?

Not only would it be inappropriate to have them imprison him, but it would also be inappropriate for the other deities to do so.

That was because none of the deity families was truly trustworthy.

There were innumerable relations among the ten great deity families, and it would not be wise to hand an important suspect like Su Yu to any of them.

Stop arguing, all of you! Alliance Master Luo waved a hand and quietened down the commotion. I will be personally in charge of the Silver God, how about that?

The deities grew quiet gradually. If it was the Alliance Master, it should be fine.

In the chaos that took place just now, the Alliance Master was also one of the victims; there was no reason for him to have mercy on Su Yu.

The Linlang Deity was slightly hesitant. Where would the point of imprisonment be? It cant be at the Alliance Masters mansion, can it?

Of course not. To ensure fairness, he should be imprisoned at a place where everyone can keep an eye on him.


The Jiuli Cavern World! As long as we deities work together to reinforce the seal and confine him in the Jiuli Cavern World, it should work. How about that?

The Linlang Deity pondered for a moment. That seemed like the most suitable way.

Let us do it right away then!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

All of a sudden, the sky was full of flickering divine lights. Under the eyes of all deities, Su Yu was exiled to the Jiuli Cavern World. Alliance Master Luo, as well as the nine great deity families, sealed the Jiuli Cavern World together.

Unless the ones who reinforced the seal opened it together, or there was a force stronger than them around, the seal would be unable to open.

The Linlang Deity stared at Su Yu, who was in confinement, and said, Rest assured, if you really are wronged, we will prove your innocence!

Su Yu smiled placidly. Thanks a lot.

Alliance Master Luo secretly shot a stare at Su Yu, and said, Go on now, and lets get to investigating this matter right away!

The crowd of deities dispersed, leaving Su Yu alone in the Jiuli Cavern World.

Haha, here I am, back in this pavilion once again. Su Yu got to the pavilion with teleportation, still maintaining the gentle smile on his face.


With a light flick of his sleeves, the three Princes and Princesses, as well as the six Demonic Gods-city masters, emerged all at once.

How much confidence do you all have in your ability to break this seal?

The First Prince looked up, and then said, One swing of a sword by each of us will do.

In other words, his strength alone was enough to resist the combined strength of Alliance Master Luo and the nine great demon-fighting families.

Although he might not be capable of fighting them if they went all out, the First Princes absolute martial power was clear.

You want to break the seal and run away? The Sixth Princess had a cunning look on her face. Su Yu had told them about the matter just now through telepathy. I think that if you run away, it might be just what that Alliance Master Luo wants.

Su Yu laughed a little. Of course I wont break the seal, because someone else is going to do it.


Alliance Master Luo! He will help me run away due to fear of being punished, Su Yus lips curled into a cold smile.

The Sixth Princess believed him completely, especially when Su Yu made such a speculation. She said, How do you plan to respond then?

Now that you are in imprisonment, itll be difficult for you to act, even with schemes up your sleeve. Of course, killing Alliance Master Luo would be very easy, but the accusation against you is not easy to clear.

Hehe, have you forgotten that I have prepared means of retreat for myself?

Is it that Tree Goddess? The Sixth Princesss bright eyes were gleaming.

Su Yu nodded slowly. Yes, this time I have no choice but to make a major decision.

The Sixth Princess was looking expectant. Hehe, it looks like there is a surprise!

Su Yu rarely made exaggerated remarks. If he called it a major decision, it would not be a minor one.

You all may go back. I think the seal is about to be broken by someone, anytime soon.

With another wave of his sleeves, all the Demonic Gods disappeared, and Su Yu cleared the remnant demonic energy.


A thunderous noise erupted as if a part of the cavern world had been broken.


Shortly after, a deafening, sky-shattering sound broke out, and a destructive force rippled from the outside of the seal.

The destructive force had the power that could devastate an entire cavern world.

The exterior seal quickly crumbled under the continuous bombardment!

A middle-aged woman appeared and urged hastily at the entrance, Silver God, get away now. The deities have decided to execute you after their discussion. You are my benefactor, thus I risk it all to come to rescue you.

Su Yu sat in the pavilion steadily as a mocking smile formed on his lips.

That Alliance Master really thought he could fool everyone without anyone noticing it at all.

Moreover, he even manipulated his own daughter to deceive Su Yu!

Su Yu got up and assumed a delighted look. Really? Thats really amazing, please take me away.

Luo Fei flew over immediately and clasped her hand on Su Yus shoulder in an attempt to fly out of the Jiuli Cavern World.

However, Luo Fei felt that it was not a creature that she was clasping in her hand, but an entire cavern world. Su Yu did not budge at all.