The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277 The Truth Revealed

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You Luo Fei turned her head and saw that Su Yu was covered in an earthy halo and that his breath was connected with the broken continent of the Jiuli Cavern World.

Why are you so anxious? Maybe lets talk about how you managed to control Gongsun Ya, Su Yu smiled lightly.

Luo Feis pupils narrowed slightly and she spoke softly, I dont understand what youre talking about, but you must follow me now. Otherwise, your life would be in danger.

Wouldnt I be in danger if I go with you now? Su Yu looked casually at her.

What? Luo Feis pupils flashed with a deep light. Suddenly, a lightning bolt shot out from her sleeve and pierced Su Yus chest from a short distance.


Unfortunately, with a clear sound, the object used to attack Su Yu hit something hard and rebounded stiffly.

You how is it possible? She stared at Su Yu and found that the earthy halo of Su Yus body turned into a piece of gold, and his body had the hardness property of gold.

The object struck his chest, leaving a shallow mark. However, Su Yu easily blocked it.

Su Yu smiled, and the color of his body suddenly changed again. He was now multicolored.

At the same time, the multicolored light spreading from him manifested into a long chain, which suddenly entangled Luo Fei.

Luo Fei was shocked. Letting Su Yu off meant that she had to block the colorful chain.

However, as soon as the chain was activated, Luo Fei was strongly affected by the weight of the Cavern World. She felt extremely heavy and found it hard to move.

When she realized that the situation was not good for her and wanted to avoid the chain, it was too late. Alas, she was entangled.

Her body was soft and could not withstand the weight of the multicolored chain. Together with everything else, she fell to the ground with a crushing sound onto the already broken continent.

Su Yu stood up leaning on his hand, sucked in the air, and tightened the multicolored chain once more. Luo Fei flew towards him.

Su Yu squinted and looked at her from top to bottom. Finally, he locked his eyes on her lips. He then took out a jade knife from the sleeve of his robe and scraped it gently across her lips. He managed to scrape off a layer of bright red rouge.

With the power of the pupil, the rouge was enlarged under Su Yus eyes.

Upon zooming in to the limit, the color of the rouge suddenly changed. He shook his hand to throw it away, but in doing so, his jade knife was also thrown askew.

Almost instantly, the rouge on the jade knife suddenly moved and vibrated!

It then immediately turned into a club and sprayed liquid towards Su Yus face.

Fortunately, Su Yu responded in time and threw away the jade knife without being in contact with the liquid.

After a thorough examination, he saw that the so-called blood-red rouge is actually a collection of red insects congregating together!

In other words, Luo Feis mouth was full of such weird bugs!

These bugs gave Su Yu a bit of anxiety that penetrated his soul. It could be deduced that they would have a great impact on any creatures soul.

He took a deep breath, and said: You are controlling Gongsun Ya through these bugs, right?

Before attending the wedding, Su Yu carefully checked Gongsun Ya to ensure that there were no hidden objects on him that others could exploit.

However, despite all that effort, Gongsun Ya was still controlled.

However, from the beginning to the end, Lord Luo did not touch Gongsun Ya one bit.

Alas, there was one person who did touch him. That person was the bride!

In addition, they drank a glass of wine together. The glass that the brides lips touched was later used by the groom.

Now that he thought about it, the bride intentionally placed the insects on her lips to transfer to the wine glass and then passed it to the groom.

This was the only way that could possibly make Gongsun Ya go crazy all of a sudden as if he were a man possessed.

You what do you know? Luo Fei asked with a nervous look.

Su Yu shook his head and said, Everything that I should know. For example, it is known that Alliance Master Luo is controlling Luo Fei in secret. Moreover, the Alliance Master must be near the Jiuli Cavern World, setting up an ambush. Once I leave the Cavern World, I will most certainly be ambushed by people outside, and killed on the pretext that your group was seeking to do justice!

Luo Feis eyes flickered with suspicion. Upon careful inspection, it was possible to see that her expression was unnatural.

She seemed to have a hidden personality, suppressed by something else.

Su Yu sighed silently. Lord Luo, in order to keep your position as the Alliance Leader, I understand that you could sacrifice Gongsun Ya. However, are you willing to sacrifice your own daughter?

According to his plan, Luo Fei opened the seal. Therefore, if Su Yu was found guilty, could his daughter be considered entirely guilt-free in the entire event?

Even if she was not killed immediately, the angry Great Western Alliance gods would not let her live.

Gongsun Ya was dead, and Luo Fei would die along with him.


A shocking divine power suddenly flooded the entire Jiuli Cavern World, shook the world and shattered it.

The one who had such divine power could only be Lord Luo!

Oh, to think that you actually came to your senses so quickly? Su Yu chuckled slightly, speaking without turning his head.

He did not need to look behind; he knew that it was Lord Luo who was coming over.

Su Yu sighed and his mind moved. The power of the five elements intensified. Luo Fei was overwhelmed and fainted on the spot.

He turned around and looked at the pale but confident Alliance Master. Su Yu said, You sacrificed your daughter and Gongsun Ya. I wonder, what are you going to do next?

The Alliance Leader looked at Su Yu, quite sure he had him cornered. He did not hide his ambition and grinned. Of course, everything that could affect the position of me being the Alliance Leader would be removed.

For example, that creature born in sin that you brought back; she seems to know something!

Su Yus eyes were cold. Creature born in sin? Fortunately, Wuxie never called you her grandfather.

Hehe, the lives of the gods are long and therefore all family relationships are insignificant. Only the avenue of heaven and earth in the deep world is worthy of my lifelong pursuit. These family ties will only become my obstacles, so I will remove them!

Su Yu said, What are you going to do after killing Gongsun Wuxie? You can sit firmly in your position for a while, but can you keep it forever? I believe that my death will make the Anti-Demon Families more doubtful of your authority.

Then I will kill them so that they cannot doubt me much longer! The Alliance Leader replied coldly. Glittering Deity has repeatedly opposed me, and its time to show the rest of the Anti-Demon Families what it means to resist my authority!

Su Yu shook his head slightly. You can never reach a higher level of cultivation. You claimed to have removed the obstacles of family relationships so that you are only motivated by your pursuit of power. Such a mentality would never hold for long.

Hearing this, Lord Luo laughed heartily. What a joke! Only if you occupy the top position could you be qualified to direct the growth of mountains and the flow of rivers. The so-called highest levels of cultivation that many creatures could not even reach you, a mere Dust Fairy cultivation, do you even know what you are talking about?

In any case, those who deny my right to control the world are obstructing my path, interfering with my destiny. I will kill them all with no mercy!

His laughter shook the world. Many Cavern Words shattered and dust clouds were strewn up.

The endless water of the Xing River poured in and would completely destroy the remaining continent.

Everything is over, Silver God. When you were granted the position of Silver God here, you were destined to be a stepping stone for me to strengthen my rule. Lord Luo stepped forward and said lightly, Rest in peace, as this is your only glory to busk in!

However, at this moment, there was a loud voice.

Hey, Im old and I really am not fit to be in the position of a leader.Read more chapter on our

The voice made Lord Luo freeze. His footsteps stopped abruptly, and his pupils shrunk. Ximen Jian! You are not dead!

Yes, isnt that surprising, Lord Alliance Leader?


A mighty force that was comparable to the horrible divine power of the Alliance Leader forcibly landed in the Cavern World and completely shattered everything that was left.

The sky was full of divine light. They converged together across the Xing River. In the middle stood an old man with an ancient face and turbid eyes.

He carried with him an old wooden sword. Looking like an ancient creature, he came forward slowly.

It is really you! No, you should be dead! I have checked your body, and there could be no mistake! Lord Luo was horrified.

Ximen Jian said, If you could hide an ancient cup, why couldnt I hide another secret art? Could you perhaps have forgotten what my actual body was?

The pupils of the Alliance Leader shrank a little. The family of Ximen is an ancient true spirit composed out of the body of the sea snake. Could the sea snake die twice?

Ximen Jian shook his head. Yes, it is the body of a two-headed sea snake. Unless both heads are cut off at the same time, it will not die!

On the day of the wedding, I only had a single snakehead on. After a little rest, I can fully recover.

Hearing this, the Alliance Leader was secretly surprised.

His ultimate goal was to kill his main competitor Ximen Jian, but alas, he was not dead!

Suddenly, he glanced at Su Yus indifferent expression and an incredible thought appeared in his heart. He said, Silver God, did you know that Ximen Jian was not dead?

Su Yu smiled and said nothing.

Ximen Jian gave Su Yu a knowing glance. When he looked at Lord Luo, he showed a tint of sympathy. I pretended to be dead, which was all his idea! You had planned all of this long ago, but he knew it all already. He was the one that sent that tree goddess and told me of your intentions.

I didnt believe it at first, but it wasnt until you appeared secretly near my house and tried to kill my son that I believed that you would actually fight against me!

After hearing this, Lord Luo was shocked. How is this possible? All my plans were carefully and thoughtfully crafted. Did the Gongsun Deity betray me and leak the news?

Ximen Jians expression grew even more pitying. Lord Luo, are you still uncertain of what is going on? You have just encountered a more sophisticated and thoughtful being than you, one who had an insight into all your calculations. That is why I am still here!

Impossible! The Alliance Leader couldnt believe it. He could not believe that his clearly devised plan of killing two birds with one stone could be easily unraveled by someone else.

Ximen Jian did not speak further and merely glanced at the Quartet in the distance. Suddenly, he grabbed at the void, and a crystal ball hidden in the void floated out.

The crystal ball had already been opened. On the other side, there were many gods of the Great Western Alliance!

They were led by the dead Ximen Jian to stand on the other side of the crystal ball. They witnessed the entire scene from start to finish.

The heart of Lord Luo was beating hard. His chest swelled with uneasiness. He could not come up with a good enough explanation for being in the Jiuli Cavern world. He immediately said in a deep voice, Ximen Jian! You truly had the guts to pretend to have died! You did this to trap the Silver God and frame him! Gods, seize him, or I will not let anyone off!

This is ridiculous, Ximen Jian shook his head. My dear Alliance Leader, you dont have to act anymore. This crystal ball has been here for a long time. Everything you said and done before was passed on to all of the Great Western Alliances Anti-Demon families!

Stripping you from the position of the Alliance Leader will stop you from pursuing higher cultivation and prosecuting the innocent. You sacrificed your daughter, sacrificed Gongsun Ya, and wanted to remove the Glittering Deity; this knowledge has spread throughout the Great Western Alliance! So, Lord Luo, please stop your ridiculous acting. The Great Western Alliance no longer has a place for you!

All his conspiracies had bubbled up and surfaced.