The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1278

Chapter 1278 The Gods Are Angry

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Who would continue to pledge allegiance to someone that ordered an assassination of a top-ranked anti-demon family member, threatened to kill off the Glittering Family house, and terrorized other members of the anti-demon families as well?

No one would know whether they would be the next target, much like the Ximen Jians family.

The back of the Alliance Leader was soaked in sweat and his face was pale as paper.

All of you, listen to my explanation. This is the conspiracy of Ximen Jian and the Silver God, who mean to frame me. Please, gods, believe me, it really is not

On the other side of the crystal ball, Ximen Jian said angrily, Enough! How much longer do you mean to fool us?

Another god also felt boundless anger: We trusted you, but in the end, you used us to get rid of your strongest enemy! If the Glittering Deity had not stopped us, we would have killed the innocent Silver God, playing right into your hands!

Luo Huan, you are not worthy of being our Alliance Leader!

The uproar continued.

When the Alliance Leader played the gods for his own benefit, he never thought about what the situation would be when his lies were exposed.

The gods were angry, not because of Lord Luos insidiousness and viciousness. Rather, they did not enjoy being the tools for his manipulation.

They were furious because, like idiots, they have been deceived by Luo Huan and made to go about in circles.

This was why they were so angry.

Go! Lets kill him together! Ximen Jian shouted, and many angry gods responded to his command.

With a muffled sound, the crystal ball shattered. It was the end of the road for Luo Huan.

It was over; everything was over.

After all these years of hard work, it had all gone to waste.

Luo Huan couldnt accept the cruel situation he was in and couldnt believe that he suddenly lost everything.

He was shocked and tumultuous, and he suddenly felt that perhaps he had been embroiled too deeply in what he wanted to accomplish.

The biggest ups and downs in ones life would often inspire greater insight.

Suddenly, Luo Huans eyes were flushed with red. He took advantage of the situation and shot out an attack. There was a strong sense of hatred in his eyes.

It was a hatred that came out of despair after everything was ruined.

Everything happened because of you! Luo Huan seemed highly vengeful. He said, full of hatred, You plotted against me; thats why things are what they are today!

I want you to die!

Su Yu replied, expressionless: Did I force you to run away and take risks? You wanted me to be your stepping-stone to the throne. Do I have to stand by quietly and wait to be trampled to death?

You are the one with the insidious plots. Alas, you failed to carry them out with success, so now you blame others for your failure? To think I thought that you were suitable for the position of the Great Western Alliance Leader! I take back this evaluation now. Su Yu was disappointed. If I were you, I would escape immediately into the vast Xing River. There, I would lay dormant for ten years, waiting for the demons to invade. When the world is in chaos, I would look for opportunities to make a comeback.

Its rather unwise now to lose control here and simply yell. Too much useless noise!

Hearing the exchange of words, Ximen Jian was extremely moved.

Su Yus tone was like a lofty being speaking to an ant.

It was incredible to hear this. After all, in matters of cultivation and age, Su Yu was inferior to Lord Luo.

However, Ximen Jian never felt the slightest sense of falsehood from him.

Based on the performance of all parties, Su Yu was indeed qualified to criticize Luo Huan.

Hahaha! Wont it be the same if I kill you and leave? Luo Huan laughed. Unless you thought that you could stop me using only Ximen Jian?


It was the work of a moment. Luo Huan zipped across half of the Cavern World and quickly approached Su Yu.

He was determined to kill Su Yu and was seemingly unstoppable.

Ximen Jian took out his wooden sword and said, Alone, it would be really difficult for me to compete with you. However, are you sure that I am alone here?

Strong spatial fluctuations erupted from the wooden sword, creating a crack that ran from the middle.

Then, a beam of emerald light suddenly blossomed.

A slick figure gently floated out.

The unique smell of the ancient Tung tree could only belong to the tree goddess.

Luo Huan was slightly surprised. However, he said, No wonder; the Ximen family searched the entire Great Western Alliance and found no trace of the tree goddess. To think that all these years you hid her by your side!

Thinking about it carefully, it was ridiculous. The desperate search conducted by the Ximen family turned out to be just a performance for Luo Huan.

A feeling of being fooled swelled up in his heart and made him more intent to kill someone: If so, then die!

With two soft hums, Ximen Jian and Tree Goddess joined hands to protect Su Yu from Luo Huan.



The three of them flew backward almost immediately upon contact.

Single-handedly, the tree goddess and Ximen Jian could not rival Luo Huan. However, by joining forces, it would be easier for them to prevail against him.

Luo Huan refused to concede defeat. He rushed forward once more with a roar.

However, after several rounds, instead of taking the initiative and finding a chance to kill Su Yu, he got stuck and couldnt escape.

He squinted at the sight of the gods of the Great Western Alliance approaching. If he chose not to leave now, there would be no chance of him ever leaving.

Luo Huan gritted his teeth and stared at Su Yu with hatred. Silver God! You ruined my lifes work, and I will never ever forget this! I will come back one day and kill you and everyone you hold dear. That includes that useless creature, Gongsun Wuxie. I want you to suffer such pain that you beg to die. I want you to regret everything you did to me today!

Back away! With a huge roar, Luo Huan grudgingly sought to escape the two fighters and headed for the vast Xing River.

Su Yu touched the beads on his wrist, hesitated a little, and decided otherwise.

This was Su Yus ultimate killing weapon. It was not prepared for Luo Huan, but for


Soon after, various sources of divine light came forth.

Ximen Jian led the gods towards the current location.

Glittering Deity walked forward with concern. Silver God, are you alright?

Su Yu shook his head. Im fine, all thanks to Ximen Jian who arrived in time.

Hearing this, everyone looked at Ximen Jian, and could not help but give him a strange look.

Not long ago, the two of them were still enemies with a seemingly irreconcilable feud and a sense of deep hatred. However, now, in the blink of an eye, there were allies.

The weirdest thing was that Ximen Jian, whom they had seen die, stood alive in front of them.

Of course, they have roughly guessed the entire process from observing through the crystal ball.

The Silver God sent people to get in touch with Ximen Jian secretly and revealed Luo Huans conspiracy. Then he calculated to lead the snake out of the hole. By exposing Luo Huans vicious plan to all in the Great Western Alliance, the truth was revealed.

The performance of the two really deceived everyone.

All the gods were even more surprised that the Silver God could have foreseen everything. Whilst they never noticed the conspiracy of their Alliance Leader, Su Yu, the silver god who only came to the Great Western Alliance a month ago, was aware of it almost immediately. He, therefore, set up a trap to make the cunning Luo Huan lose his place in the Great Western Alliance.

Many gods were secretly astonished at this revelation.

If Luo Huan was the strongest, what kind of level was Su Yu at to realize everything about him?

Ximen Jians face was filled with shame. He rushed forward to Su Yu and bowed. I do not dare to accept this credit. It is the Silver God who saved this old mans life!

With that, Ximen Jian became more ashamed and smiled bitterly. I was obsessed with power, and my heart was blinded by unkind thoughts. I unreasonably humiliated you and forced you to have a close relationship with Luo Huan. This made me fall into the trap set by Luo Huan and I was completely ignorant of this fact.

After going through all those difficult times, Ximen Jian could finally understand what had transpired. He was now a lot wiser.

Silver God is right. Those who seek the highest cultivation and try to dominate all beings will naturally be closer to achieving power. However, those who deliberately seek power will ultimately fall. We are gods. What we should seek are higher levels of cultivation and not power.

Ximen Jian praised Su Yu again. Silver God, you are younger, but you are far more thorough in your thoughts than us old ones who have survived through countless years of conflict. Thank you for clearing the fog for me.

Let me offer you my apologies for all that had happened before.

Su Yu smiled and waved his hand, motioning for him to rise.Ximen Diety, please get up quickly. You are one of the greatest gods of the Great Western Alliance. I dare not accept this gesture from you.

At this moment, many other gods were also ashamed of themselves. They went forward to Su Yu and bowed. If we ever offended the Silver God before, may the Silver God forgive us.

Because I was blinded and manipulated by Luo Huan, I have wronged you. I apologize.

Seeing that many gods were kneeling before him, Su Yu unexpectedly did not go forward to pull them up.

Many gods were a little embarrassed and a dissatisfied by his inaction. The Silver God became entitled all of a sudden. The bows and worship of a hundred gods were a privilege meant only for the Alliance Leader.

I dont know how all of you feel after going through this incident, Su Yu said.

The mutiny of Alliance members was unprecedented in the Great Western Alliance. It would have far-reaching effects that would last forever.

The immediate priority is to choose a new leader and quickly calm down the riots.

Yes, choosing a new leader is the most important thing.

The Great Western Alliance had always been a highly centralized organization since ancient times.

A dragon, therefore, must not be headless for even a day. Besides, was it not a moment when the demons were about to attack the Alliance?

Su Yu smiled slightly. So, have you decided who the next Alliance Leader will be?


Was this not something that all the top ten anti-demon family heads coveted?

However, who was the most qualified?

Many gods hoped to see either Ximen Jian or Glittering Deity taking over the position. Based on their qualifications, the heads of these two families were undoubtedly the most likely candidates.

I suggest Ximen Jian!

I recommend Glittering Deity!

Some gods voiced their recommendations one after another.

Some other gods were also recommended.

The gods disagreed on the matter.

Su Yu stayed aside as if watching a good show, albeit with a touch of irony. He stood by quietly as the scene grew chaotic.

Ximen Jian said, Silver God, why not share your thoughts with us?

Glittering Deity also said, Yes, you have the most credit for this matter. Maybe you can share what you think. How should we deal with this after experiencing everything that had just happened?

The two most powerful gods spoke, and the other gods naturally calmed down.

They were also curious as to what Su Yu would say.

Su Yu looked around at the gods and smiled. You only saw the vacant position of an Alliance Leader. However, have you ever reflected on why this position is currently vacant?

Why was the position vacant? It was, of course, due to Luo Huan, who used conspiracy and tricks to persecute Ximen Jian.

Suddenly, the gods seemed to have realized something.

It was because of the contradiction, Su Yu said lightly. No matter how highly centralized and unified the Great Western Alliance seems, the internal contradictions are always present!

If there is a demon invasion of these lands, these contradictions will be temporarily placed aside. However, in peacetime, like now, the contradictions will grow and manifest!

In order to maintain the position of the leader, Luo Huan would cripple competitors, and the family would suppress the other families in order to obtain a higher ranking.

I would like to ask all that are here, can any of the leaders you have named resolve all the contradictions, once and for all?

The gods faced each other. They knew was that it was impossible.

Neither Ximen Jian nor the Glittering Deity would ultimately remove all the contradictions.

This was because each of them had different families supporting him. Whoever was chosen to be the Alliance Leader, the families that supported either party would find themselves at odds with one another.

Choosing a new Alliance Leader cant solve any of our problems! Maybe they can be dealt with slowly for over a century or a millennium, but do we have so much time? Will the Demon Clan give us the time to solve the conflict?

The answer was no!

They only had ten years left.