The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279 Anyone Disagrees?

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Then lets try again. Can the Western Alliance, which is full of conflicts, really exert its full strength when it comes to fighting against the demon clans? And we still have to ally with the Eastern Alliance. How are we going to deal with the conflicts between the Western and Eastern Alliances?

The pertinent questions had hit the nail on the head and made the deities ponder deeply.

Yeah, they were divided, but the demons were united.

They were already inferior to the demons in strength, yet they still could not bring themselves to work together.

Ten years later, it would be a battle to the death.

Ximen Jian and Glittering Deity had thought it through. Within the Western Alliance, choosing any deity to become the new Alliance Master would not solve the problem.

Time was running out and they needed to resolve the conflicts soon.

In your opinion, who is the most suitable candidate to be chosen as the new Alliance Master? Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan posed a difficult question to Su Yu.

However, they were not really expecting Su Yu to be able to give them a name.

Compared to them, Su Yu was less familiar with the dynamics of the Western Alliance.

Myself, of course! Su Yu said lightly.

As soon as his answer came out, the entire Xing River became silent. As though curbed by an unknown force, all the discussions were cut off abruptly!

All the deities seemed to be confused, wondering if their minds were playing any tricks on them.

All except Glittering Deity. After composing himself, he asked hesitantly: Silver God, what do you mean?

Su Yu calmly said, You should choose me as the Alliance Master!

Suddenly, the entire Xing River exploded in a huge commotion.

The Master of the Western Alliance was the highest title within the entire Xing River. The title was comparable to the Dakini of the Eastern Alliance and the Demon Emperor of the Demonic Realm!

Su Yu was a mere Level Three Mortal Fairy, only slightly over twenty years old, and his current title was not higher than a proxy god. Yet he dared to claim that he was the most suitable candidate to be the Master of the Western Alliance?

If they had not heard it with their own ears, they would think it was a bad joke.

However, the audacious suggestion was made in earnest.

Silver God, are you sure you know what you are talking about?

Yeah, I believe any one of the deities that are present here is more suitable than you are for the position of the Western Alliance Master!

Based on qualifications and strength, Silver God, you should not entertain that idea for now!

Those were mild words compared to the countless malicious remarks made by the others.

Hahaha, this is ridiculous, a deity that came from foreign lands! Just because he has other strong deities under him, he thinks he can claim the title of the Western Alliance Master?

Precisely. What makes him think he deserves it? His brilliant wit?

If he really became the Master of the Western Alliance, it would be the joke of Xing River!

Even Ximen Jian and Glittering Deity were speechless.

Su Yus suggestion was simply

It was simply impossible!

Su Yu gazed at the deities that were present and curled his mouth cynically. Originally, I had no interest in the position of the Western Alliance Master. Even if you offered the title to me, I would not take it up. However, what transpired during the grand wedding made me realize that the title of Master cannot be given to any of you anymore.

This was the decision Su Yu had reached.

To take the position of the Master!

Finally, a deity questioned Su Yu directly: Silver God, why do you want to be the Master of the Western Alliance?

Many deities expected Su Yu to say the pretty and politically correct words of unifying the forces against the demons.

But then Su Yu said something that threw them off completely.

Because you all are so stupid! You need a clever person to lead you!

The whole place was silent for three seconds, and then instantly exploded.

Who are you calling stupid? This is preposterous!

Silver God, take back your words immediately. Otherwise, I will take this as an insult to the Western Alliance!

Angry abuse and swearing rose up like a tsunami.

However, Su Yu calmly looked around at the deities and sneered, You think Ive insulted you? Luo Huan managed to manipulate you all with merely a few words. Who were the ones that threatened to kill the innocent without even giving much thought to it? If I were a demon, and any one of you was elected, I could easily come up with a way to make fools like you kill each other like today!

The deities were furious. Su Yus words stung them deeply, but they were still defiant.

Its its just that we trusted Luo Huan too much! Its not that we lack the capability to think.

Su Yu laughed and sneered, You mean that if another unexpected situation like this happened, you all would be very calm and rational?

Upon hearing the question, many deities looked very gloomy.

Silver God! You need to know your limits. We are deities who have lived for thousands of years. Do not judge our eons of cultivation based on one incident!

Su Yu said lightly, Fine!

Su Yu flicked his wrist, and his rosary made a jingling sound upon collision.

Then, nine terrifying demonic energies came out of nowhere suddenly and enveloped the Xing River.

Shrouded within the demonic energies, the bodies of the nine demon gods loomed, exuding a terrifying aura that shook the entire Xing River.

The three at the forefront managed to stun all the deities.

DeDemon Gods!

Nine Demon Gods!

No way, those three are the Demon Prince and Princesses!

The demons the children of the Demon Emperor

Run! The demon clans have invaded, the terrible invasion has started!

If they were ordinary demons, no one would probably panic so much.

However, they were not ordinary demons, but the notorious demon prince and princesses!

Combined with Su Yus prowess and experience, they instinctively commanded fear.

Panic spread like a plague. Someone screamed in fright for everyone to run away and hundreds of deities started to flee in panic.

Everyone stay where you are! We will kill those that try to escape! Ximen Jian and Glittering Deity shouted at the same time.

Both of their auras suddenly became more majestic, and their roars managed to stop the frightened deities in their tracks.

Suppressing their fear, they got a hold of themselves and stared horrifyingly at the silhouettes of the nine demon gods.

In the history of Xing River, the nine demon gods have never appeared together before, certainly not led by the demon prince and princesses.

The presence of the demon prince and princesses was too much for the deities to withstand!

Silver God Silver God is a traitor! He actually carries the demons with him!

No wonder he could come back from the demon world alive, he he must have surrendered himself to the demon realm!

He gained our trust in order to lead the demons to attack us!

Do not be afraid, we have the advantage in numbers. Lets band together and defeat the Silver God first, and then we face the demon gods together!

In the midst of all the chaos, everyone came together and found a common goal!

Stop it! This is shameful!!!! Ximen Jians face turned red as he bellowed.

Glittering Deity also stared at them coldly. A bunch of idiots!

The fact that those two deities swore showed how livid they were.

The other deities quietened down.

But the Silver God and the demons colluded

Shut up! How long does it take for you to calm down? Glittering Deity stared at them angrily.

If he really colluded with the demon world, wouldnt it be easy to kill all of you while you were poisoned at the wedding today? Was it necessary to put up such a show now?

Indeed! After Ximen Jian and Glittering Deity reprimanded the deities, they finally calmed down a little and realized that what they said made no sense.

After waiting for all the deities to calm down, Su Yu sneered, This is what you call a thousand years of cultivation? What happened to handling insults? What happened to being calm and rational?

In the faces of the still suspicious deities, Su Yu said lightly, Tell these idiots your identities.

Yes, master!

The nine demon gods all flew behind Su Yu and called him master with respectful expressions.

Witnessing this scene, the Xing River fell into a dead silence again.

Only after a long while, someone muttered in a disbelieving tone: I Did I hear wrongly? Did they say master?

It seems that they really said master!

Did he conquer so many demon gods? There are even demons from the royal family among them

The Demon Prince held his sword with both his arms, looked at the deities with an arrogant expression and said indifferently, I am the First Prince of the demon world, Jing Feiyun!


The crowd once again let out an astonished gasp. This was the First Prince!!!

Were they the famous, most powerful demon prince and princesses?

Upon hearing his introduction, even Ximen Jian and Glittering Deity trembled in terror.

It was rumored that the strength of the First Prince of the demon world was second only to the Demon Emperor and the God of Death.

When the two deities looked at the First Prince, they felt as if a sharp arrow pierced their souls, and their hearts were full of fear.

The Sixth Princess of the Demon Realm, Jingxuan! Alas, a bunch of idiots, the Sixth Princess said coldly and proudly. When her sight swept and fell upon Su Yus form, her beautiful eyes glittered.

The longer one followed Su Yu, the more one appreciated his charms.

To put things in perspective, a self-proclaimed intellectual deity would look dim-witted in front of Su Yu.

The longer the Sixth Princess looked at Su Yu, the faster her heart beat for him.

The Second Princess of the demon world, Jing Yan! Seriously, why should I introduce myself to this bunch of weak idiots? The Second Princess shot Su Yu a glare.

Among the three prince and princesses, she alone was not bounded by restrictions.

However, her tone seemed to suggest that she was subordinate to Su Yu.

Master of the Demon World Raging Flame City, Zhang Shun!

Master of the Demon World Qinyuan City, Zhang Lie!

The Nine Demon Gods all introduced themselves and looked at the hundreds of Western Alliances deities indifferently.

The arrogance and contempt that they displayed were in stark contrast to their respect and admiration for Su Yu!

At this moment, all the deities of the Alliance were dumbfounded and there were no doubts anymore.

Su Yu indeed was the leader of the three royal Demon Gods and six demon city masters!

This amazing feat that the mortal attained was completely unheard of in the entire history of the Xing River!

Su Yu looked at the deities indifferently and said, History tells us that masses tend to act foolishly together. Your actions now are a great illustration of that statement!

Upon hearing what Su Yu said, the deities blushed and felt ashamed of themselves.

They were prideful about their thousand years of cultivation and did not accept Su Yus criticism of their stupidity.

Alas, it turned out that

It turned out that they were indeed stupid and panic-stricken in the face of unexpected events, leaving no room for rational thoughts in their little minds.

If someone of this caliber became the Alliance Master, the outcome would be unthinkable if they met with a sudden demon invasion.

The deities smiled bitterly, and no one dared to challenge Su Yu anymore!

Su Yu looked around at them coldly, and his voice reverberated through the whole of Xing River. I claim the title of the Alliance Master! Anyone? Anyone disagrees?

Anyone disagrees


Su Yus voice echoed throughout the Xing River in an overbearing and unceasing manner.