The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 128

Chapter 128: The arranged match
Chapter 128: The arranged match
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Just as Su Yu was about to activate his space-time manipulation technique, a female figure flew to the front of Su Yu. She hit the palm of the Great Elder away!

Thud, thud

The Second Elder and the Great Elder stepped back at the same time.

"You dare fight me?" Surprise and shock filled the eyes of the Great Elder, he didn't understand what was happening.

The Second Elder had struck him, the First Elder, for a simple student!

Her ugly face was raised slightly, harboring a cold intent. Her raspy voice caused many to shiver. "I said only I can kill him! Those who defy me shouldn't blame me for being heartless!"

The crowd did not understand. Why would the Second Elder protect Su Yu?

She had even opposed the Great Elder!

The Great Elder's yellow pupils slowly became cold. He did not allow anyone to challenge his authority!


A middle-aged man flew in between the two. It was the Master of the Liuxian faction!

The Second Elder was the third most powerful person in the Liuxian faction. Should she be wounded or killed by the Great Elder, it would be hard for the Master to find powerful allies to maintain the arms race against the Great Elder.

Thus, he had to show himself and mediate the situation.

The Great Elder was cautious. "Even the Master wants to fight against me?"

"Naturally not. The both of you are the pillars of the faction, how could we disrupt the harmony? A situation between juniors should be resolved by juniors, our sole job is to judge it fairly." the Master of the Liuxian faction had a harmonious tone as he redirected the conflict toward Su Yu and Cao Xuan.

The Great Elder looked at the two of them, nodding his head after a moment. "Great! But he has to keep the Icy Pearl. They should resolve this with a fight!"

The Second Elder laughed. "Someone who has entered the realm of the Dragon against a Holy King, how's that fair? Rather than let the two of them fight, how about we fight? It would be more meaningful that way!"

The Master of the Liuxian faction shifted his gaze, relieving the tension. "How about this? Cao Xuan will suppress his cultivation level to the same standard as Su Yu before the two of them fight."

"Qin Xianer was engaged to Su Yu, but was lied to by the villain Xu Rong. Cao Xuan and Elder Han Zhi were also being led along, resulting in such a misunderstanding. We should not be such petty people, disrupting the harmony as we have. Peacefully settling this with a battle is the best idea."

Cao Xuan would suppress his cultivation level? The wrinkles on the Second Elder's face deepened!

At the realm of the Dragon, every technique holds an unparalleled power. Su Yu would find it hard to overcome such power, even if his opponent suppressed his cultivation level to match Su Yu's.

She was about to object, but a warm hand grabbed her arm and shook it lightly.

Looking back, she saw Su Yu. He was smiling as he shook his head. "Thank you, this is already the best outcome. Now, I will face this myself."

Feeling his hand on her arm, the Second Elder shuddered. A gentle gaze swept across her ferocious eyes.

Turning back, she stared coldly at the Master of the Liuxian faction. "Settling this with a battle? How are we going to settle this? What happens if Su Yu loses? Is he going to have to kill himself to atone for his sins?"

the Master of the Liuxian faction glanced toward Qin Xianer, smiling. "Since the conflict arose due to Qin Xianer, then she should naturally be the one to resolve it.

"If Su Yu is victorious, Qin Xianer will return to Su Yu and all animosity will be forgotten. Disciples and elders are not to find trouble with Su Yu. We will bear witness to this. Second Elder and Great Elder are both respectable figures, and will not break the promise. As for Cao Xuan, should he break the promise, other elders will have the authority to punish him!"

The Second Elder slowly nodded her head, this was fair.

The Great Elder calmly nodded. "Alright! If Cao Xuan cannot best Su Yu, there's no point in me interfering."

He meant Cao Xuan could not possibly lose.

"Similarly, if Cao Xuan is victorious, the wedding will continue. Cao Xuan will marry Qin Xianer, and the Second Elder and Su Yu are not allowed to interfere. How's that?" the Master of the Liuxian faction continued.

Su Yu hesitated.

Cao Xuan freed himself from under the Icy Pearl, coldly mocking Su Yu as he rose up. "You understand that, even at the same cultivation level, you cannot survive a hit from me. Isn't that why you're hesitant? If that's the case, let go of Qin Xianer and leave immediately! Worthless beings are not fit to be beside her!"

Su Yu held little regard for Cao Xuan's words. He looked down at the trembling Xianer. "I merely do not wish to take the person I love as a wager! Even if I know I am going to win, I do not wish to for she's a person I cannot afford to gamble with."

The crowd fell silent upon hearing this.

Su Yu's love ran deep.

Even though he knew that he was going to die today, he had still come from the Icy Azure Lake and had attempted to steal the bride!

They were truly in love.

A sweet smile spread across Xianer's nervous face. Her blushing face showed dimples of happiness. "Su Yu! Go, I believe that you will win, for I will only be Brother Su Yu's bride."

"Xianer" Su Yu's heart trembled. He looked up slowly, his eyes radiating a piercing glow. "I accept the challenge!"

the Master of the Liuxian faction secretly heaved a sigh of relief. "Great! But today is not a good day for the challenge. This place is messy and some hidden threats have to be quickly removed."

Between his words, he glimpsed at Su Yu and the Icy Pearl under his feet.

Wherever Su Yu walked, there were multiple lower level disciples who had turned into ice sculptures. They needed immediate attention.

The Great Elder creased his brows, accepting the fact that the most urgent matter was to get rid of the Icy Pearl. Without getting rid of this threat, the disciples of the Inner Sanctum were in danger.

"Alright. Incidentally, there's a small sparring contest organized by the Law Enforcement Tribunal. The both of you will attend and spar there!" The Great Elder was in charge of the Law Enforcement Tribunal and knew the details.

Cao Xuan coldly stared at Su Yu and a mocking smile crept past his lips. "Su Yu! You can stare helplessly as I, Cao Xuan, marry your woman!"

Su Yu's gaze was calm. "I hope you still smile tomorrow!"

A peaceful confidence bloomed within Su Yu as if his win was guaranteed.

The crowd started to take care of the messy hall. The Icy Pearl was sent back into to icy Azure Lake, completely sealed. The lower level disciples who were frozen were given aid in time. The celebratory wedding ended quietly.

The news of what happened had spread all throughout the Inner and Outer Sanctums. The King of the Fallen Star, an Outer Sanctum disciple, had the gall to charge into the wedding of the Great Elder's disciple and steal away the bride in front of everybody. A duel between elders had been struck as a result of Su Yu's actions.

Once the news spread, there was commotion everywhere!

Su Yu had not entered the Inner Sanctum, but his name had spread throughout the faction.

Su Yu and Qin Xianer had been temporarily brought to the yard of the Second Elder to speak with her.

"Much thanks for the help, Second Elder." Su Yu bowed in respect. He did not thank the Second Elder just for himself, but also for Li Guang. In the past, the Second Elder had helped Li Guang escape death.

"Who helped you? I only wanted to save you so I could kill you myself!" the Second Elder chided him fiercely.

Staring into her eyes, Su Yu laughed. His eyes were full of gratitude.

The Second Elder averted her gaze, the tips of her ears turning red! If she still had her beauty, perhaps her blush would be visible on her cheeks as well.

She stared fiercely at Su Yu, a little shy know that she knew he understood her true feelings. She could not hide it any longer, her nostrils flaring. "What are you laughing at? Let's see if you can still laugh after you lose to Cao Xuan tomorrow and get your woman stolen!"

"If Cao Xuan really suppresses his cultivation level, I might not lose!" Su Yu was smiling, gently caressing Xianer's head.

Even if it would kill him tomorrow, he had to win! The Second Elder had fought to give him this chance. Otherwise, he would definitely have been killed by the First Elder and Xianer would have been forced to marry Cao Xuan in front of his corpse.

Now, by defeating Cao Xuan, he and Xianer would have little to worry about.

All of this was thanks to the Second Elder!

The other elders did not help them, for they did not wish to oppose the Great Elder. Even the Master of the Liuxian faction did nothing when the wedding was ongoing. In his eyes, Su Yu was but an ant.

It was only after the Second Elder had struck out that the Master of the Liuxian faction had no choice, creating a chance for Su Yu.

Seeing Su Yu's confidence, the Second Elder was perplexed. Where did Su Yu's confidence come from? His cultivation level had risen significantly after spending three days in the Icy Azure Lake, climbing from First Level Peak Holy King to Second Level Peak Holy King.

He had achieved a breakthrough of a whole level!

In three days, Su Yu had used the extremely chilly energy in the Icy Azure Lake to rapidly improve his Sigh of Ice. Previously, his Sigh of Ice still had some way to go before reaching Stage One lower tier.

But now, with the help of the chilly energy, it broke through into the upper tier!

His spirit energy reserves were now seven times that of other disciples of the same level; his rate of absorbing spirit energy could be classified as horrifying.

Thus, Su Yu was able to survive in such a drastic situation.

It was also through his absorption of the chilly energy that he could form a connection with the Icy Pearl, granting him the ability to control the azure chilly energy within it.

Thus, he could use the Icy Pearl as his trump card to kill Cao Xuan!

The Second Elder could more or less see Su Yu's improvements, but could not understand where Su Yu's confidence was coming from.

"Hmph! Best you get killed tomorrow and get your woman stolen by Cao Xuan!" the Second Elder fiercely grunted as she left. Before she left, she gave one final warning. "You can rest here today. If you need anything, find Mo Wu."

Qin Xianer was a little afraid of the Second Elder, so her nose wrinkled slightly. "Su Yu, that woman was so fierce!"

Su Yu rubbed her head, smiling. "That was not being fierce. It is a mask used to hide her gentle heart."

Seemingly understanding what Su Yu said, Xianer scratched her head. Her face was filled with doubt.

What Su Yu did not know was that after the Second Elder left the hall, she had entered the backyard.

Cough, cough

Her face suddenly turned pale as a sheet, a cold sweat breaking out on her forehead. She coughed violently, spitting out a black-red, discolored spray of blood.

"Teacher! Medicine!" Hearing the coughing, a beauty rushed over, her expression serious. She immediately whipped out a vial full of black pills.

After consuming a pill the color gradually returned to the Second Elder's face.

The beauty was the personal disciple of the Second Elder, Mo Wu!

In the past, she had received orders from her teacher to go watch the Fallen Star Contest, to observe Su Yu.

Otherwise, being one of the four core disciples, why would she bother with the Fallen Star Contest? Why would she even go watch the matches? Everything was because her teacher had ordered her to observe Su Yu!

Mo Wu could not bear seeing the discomfort in the Second Elder's face. "Teacher! Why do you treat him so well? Even though you were still tending to your injuries, you forsake your treatment and hurried over when you heard that Su Yu, the Outer Sanctum disciple, was begging you to teach him.

"Today too, even though you were injured and should not fight against others, why did you have to make an exception and face off against the Great Elder for Su Yu? Now your internal injuries are acting up again!

"Teacher, you guys have never met, why must you go to such lengths for Su Yu?" Mo Wu did not understand, she was deeply envious.

Why would her teacher help him at any cost?