The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1281

Chapter 1281 Abnormalities In The Eastern Alliance

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At the Alliance Masters mansion, in the Parliament Hall

Su Yu sat on the throne of the Alliance Master. It was forged from Xing Rivers Celestial Crystal Sand, which had a clear amplifying effect on Celestial Energies.

It also provided great benefits for cultivation.

In just ten days, Su Yu had quietly gone from being at the Level Three Mortal Fairy Realm to the Level Four Mortal Fairy Realm. He was now only one step away from breaking through and becoming a Prospective Deity.

At this moment, he was quietly looking through the ancient books kept in the Alliance Masters mansion.

These ancient books were the only copies in the whole of Xing River. They were unobtainable anywhere else.

They had been passed down for thousands of generations in the Alliance Masters mansion, and they were the oldest collection in the world.

Moreover, only the Alliance Master had the right to read these ancient books.

Many of the contents recorded were related to ancient times.

Although the contents of the ancient books were messy and fragmented, it was not difficult to deduce that the ancient times of Xing River were unbelievably prosperous.

During those times, an elixir could have made mortals become deities straightaway; a scripture could allow mortals to compete with higher beings.

During those times, the deities of Xing River were as numerous as the stars in the sky. The entire Xing River and Cavern worlds were connected together, and the vast divine light of the deities illuminated the entire time-space of the ancient Xing River!

At that time, there were many formidable supreme beings. In an instance, Cavern worlds were completely destroyed, and with a single move, the cosmos flipped and yin-yang energies reversed.

However, that era had perished eons ago.

The cause of it was not described in any of the ancient books. It was as if a certain being that came from nowhere wiped away the evidence, leaving no traces or records behind.

It was only known that the ancient era was destroyed overnight.

The master of the universe disappeared, the supreme beings successively fell, and the Cavern World inevitably collapsed.

The brightly shining Xing River turned pitch black and dead silent in an instant.

Only the two major alliances of today struggled on whilst at deaths door back then and managed to survive. What remained was a mere speck compared to that prosperous era.

What happened back then that made the glorious era disappeared overnight?

Su Yu studied the ancient book earnestly but found no clue.

He only saw three vague words marked by the divine blood of the ancient gods in an old battered book.

Ancient God Realm!

This ancient book was titled Historian Records and focused on the history of Xing River.

The words Ancient God Realm were the last three characters recorded in this book.

After that, it seemed to be wiped clean by some unknown force.

Without someone marking those words with the divine blood of ancient gods, those three words would have been erased as well.

Ancient God Realm, again Su Yu murmured. He knew from the demon prince and princesses about the existence of the Ancient God Realm, but they did not know where it was or what it represented.

Before the extinction of the prosperous era, the last recorded words in the history book were Ancient God Realm.

Could the destruction of that era be related to the Ancient God Realm?

After reading, Su Yu cant help but ponder over it for a long time.

It turned out that the Xing River had such an incredible history.

The past Alliance Masters left their marks on the ancient books, and they all referred to that era as an ancient legendary tale.

They all expressed longing and regrets, lamenting the fact that they were not born during that glorious legendary era.

What a pity. Everything was wiped out in a mysterious upheaval, and the two remaining alliances only inherited a tiny fraction of the past.

Su Yu sighed slightly as he tried to empty his mind.

When the Sheng Deity, Sword Deity, and Sheng Yuanxin entered the hall, their eyes fell upon a figure that was sitting on the throne and reading an ancient book intently.

As the book blocked his face, they did not manage to see his face, but could only deduce that this supreme being was very young.

The Sword Deity took a breath and stared at the Sheng Deity in a surprised manner.

Sheng Deity, unless this exalted being has not deliberately concealed his age, he seems to be just around twenty years old, right? The Sword God asked quietly.

Sheng Deity was very surprised too. Yeah, hes too young. Are you sure he is the Alliance Master?

Such a powerful and fearsome being simply could not be so young.

However, Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan bowed down and said, Reporting to the Alliance Master! We have brought the captives as requested.

He was really the Alliance Master! Sheng Deity and the Sword Deity were horrified. How could the Alliance Master be so young?

Oh! Su Yu snapped back to reality and closed the book slowly.

Sheng Deity and Sword Deity all held their breaths and stared at Su Yu as they finally saw his face.

They were extremely curious to know what kind of being this extremely young Great Emperor was.

When the ancient book was closed, Su Yus whole face was fully revealed.

His long silver hair swayed beautifully, and his majestic handsome face beamed with self-confidence.

At this moment, Sheng Deity and the Sword Deity were stunned and stood rooted to the ground.

They stared at Su Yus face without batting an eyelid, unable to comprehend what they had just witnessed.

Weird thoughts began to flash in their minds. They were wondering whether they were caught up in some kind of strange illusionary technique that made them see Su Yu on the throne.

Sheng Yuanxin, however, cried out, erasing their doubts.

Su Yu! Youyou are not dead!

She beamed with surprise and joy. Her gloominess was immediately wiped away and excitement took his place.

How presumptuous! How dare you call the Alliance Masters by his name! Ximen Jian fumed. Arent you going to kneel down and ask the Alliance Master for forgiveness?

Ximen Jians demeanor was so overwhelming that Sheng Yuanxins knees buckled and she almost knelt.

Miss Yuanxin, I havent seen you in a long time, Su Yu put down his book and smiled slightly.

Sheng Deity and Sword Deity looked at Su Yu with their mouths wide open, speechless.

How could it be that Su Yu, who clearly died in the demon world, became the Alliance Master of the Western Alliance and a formidable being the likes of which were never seen before in the entire Xing River?

The two situations were worlds apart.

Ximen Jian, Glittering Deity, you both may retreat.

Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan exited respectfully.

When only the four of them were left, Su Yu smiled again. I havent seen you all in years, how have you all been?

Sheng Deity struggled to speak properly. FFine, we are fine

The Sword Deity stammered, We are good, long time no see

Sheng Yuanxins eyes sparkled, and her face was full of joy as she stared at Su Yu.

Come, sit down, Su Yu waved.

Sheng Deity and Sword Deity were still in a trance, and said, No, no need, we are fine standing.

Then they managed to get a grip on themselves and immediately went down on one knee. Greetings, Alliance Master Su!

Su Yu sighed. We already knew each other so well. Why are you being so formal?

Neither Sheng Deity nor Sword Deity now dared to regard Su Yu as the little proxy god of the Eastern Alliance anymore.

After receiving the reassurance, they sat down gingerly.

In contrast, Sheng Yuanxin, whose heart was pure and loyal, sat down with a smile and said, I knew that you would not die so easily. Heh, you are indeed most cunning! Everyone said that you fell into the demon world and must have died. But I believed that you were not dead! Sure enough, not only did you survive, but you also became the Alliance Master of the Western Alliance!

Paying no heed to the stern expressions of Sheng Deity and Sword Deity signaling her to stop, Sheng Yuanxin continued to question him. Tell me, what did you experience in the demon world? Did you stir unrest there? I heard you subdued the Demon First Prince and two Princesses. How did you manage to do it? And how did you escape?

Su Yu laughed and briefly explained what he experienced in the demon world.

As though she was listening to a legendary story, Sheng Yuanxins eyes were sparkling, and she could not help but hold her breath every time there was an interesting twist.

When she heard how Su Yu managed to turn danger into victory, she applauded without restraint.

Sheng Deity and Sword Deity also listened with great interest and were extremely captivated.

Su Yus adventures in the demon world were indeed treading on thin ice. A wrong move and he would be lost forever.

It was beyond impressive that solely by relying on his own strength, he managed to turn everything on its head in the demon world without any support.

When Su Yu finished, the three of them took a long deep breath.

The tale was exciting and a lot more captivating than a fictional story.

Alright, gossip aside, it is time to finalize the joining of the two major alliances, Su Yu said.

Sheng Deity and Sword Deity were overjoyed as the day they waited for finally came.

The negotiations between the two alliances were already in the works for half a year. The differences had long been discussed and resolved. Gongsun Deity, however, had intentionally obstructed the proceedings.

Now that the two sides could truly hit it off, an agreement regarding the joint alliance was soon reached.

The two sides would form a Demon Slaughtering Alliance, unite their forces and gather at one spot.

As for who would issue orders in the Demon Slaughtering Alliance, each of the two alliances would send a representative, and the two would command the troops together.

Naturally, Su Yu gave way and decided to move the entire Western Alliance to merge with the Eastern Alliance.

Such a big decision would definitely cause dissatisfaction among the Western Alliances deities.

However, it was absolutely necessary.

The Western Alliance was too close to the Demon Realm. If the Demon Realm chose to launch an all-out attack, the Western Alliance would perish within a day.

Therefore, they would need to relocate regardless of the opposition.

After further discussion, the two parties signed the joint alliance contract.

Sheng Deity and the Sword Deity had accomplished their mission and were overjoyed.

Su Yu also breathed a sigh of relief. The union between the two major alliances was the top priority in the war against the demons.

This preliminary step was now completed!

While in a relaxed mood, Su Yu suddenly remembered one thing and asked in a cold tone, Sheng Deity, Sword Deity, I want to ask you both who was the one responsible for moving my old friends from the Jiuzhou cavern world, Gongsun Ya and his daughter, back to the Western Alliance?

Sheng Deitys and Sword Deitys faces suddenly froze and looked fearful.

They almost forgot about the Gongsun father and daughter.

Seeing that the two were silent, Su Yu said, Did you think that all wrongs would be forgotten once we signed the contract?

The fact that Su Yu spoke about it implied that he was dissatisfied with their attitude.

Sheng Deity and Sword Deity were incapable of concealing anything from Su Yu and answered, It was ordered by the Dakini.

So it was that meddlesome Dakini! Su Yus eyes glittered. Actually, he had guessed it back then and could not help but develop murderous intentions.

Staring back at the two of them, while they were trying to avoid his eye, Su Yu replied coldly: What else did she do that was related to me? Say it all and dont stutter! You should know my temper and realize that deceiving me will only make the situation worse!

Sheng Deity smiled bitterly. The worst-case scenario had happened.

Su Yu not only came back alive but also attained the powerful title of Western Alliance Master. In an instance, the fate of the Eastern Alliance now hung in the balance.

Alright, Su Deity, I hope you can calm down after listening. The Dakini did a lot of things against you. If you want us to speak about it, I hope that you are mentally prepared, Sheng Deity sighed deeply.

Su Yu sneered, Speak! Lets hear what the Dakini had done!