The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1282

Chapter 1282 The Curse Unsettled

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Su Yu didnt really hate the Dakini, but he surely disliked her.

She was merciful to her enemies, yet stern and harsh to her own people.

Only a peculiar environment would give birth to such a peculiar character.

If she had been just an ordinary person, her mentality would only bring harm upon her own self, but the horrible part was that she was a leader who was recognized by the Great Eastern Alliance.

The Sheng Deity sighed. Since we returned from the World of Divine Remains, the Great Eastern Alliance had undergone a series of changes.

First was the rearrangement of powers. They have imitated the Great Western Alliance and changed the loose policies of the Great Eastern Alliance, forming a general union that gathered all factions.

It is known as the Hall of Eastern Deities, with the Dakini taking the role of the Hall Master, while the Merchant God and the Deputy Hall Masters serve under her. After that, according to the ranking, ten great Division Masters will be appointed as well, each with deities under them to take command.

This format was almost identical to the Great Western Alliance.

Casting a look at Su Yu, the Sheng Deity said, This time around, the Dakini will go on an expedition out there, and the deity families that have not returned in the past hundred years will be cut off from the Alliance of Hundred Deities.

Upon hearing that, Su Yu said coldly, How ridiculous!

Although some deities were out there on an expedition and had not returned in a hundred years, they remained loyal to the Alliance. Wouldnt it give rise to a division of power in hand if they were removed from the Alliance?

What would be the consequences for the cast-off deity families? Su Yu questioned coldly.

They would either be suppressed by the opposing deity families and killed, or they would surrender to another deity family to obtain protection with the status of slaves. Or the entire family would flee from the Great Eastern Alliance and hide in some abandoned cavern world within the galaxy.

Just as expected! A family that was sacked would lose the protection of the Alliance, and without the protection of the deities of their race, wouldnt they be like a juicy piece of meat in the eyes of others?

If they did not run away, their entire family would suffer a downfall or even be killed!

Furthermore, if the deities of these families were not yet deceased, and if they suddenly returned from their expedition only to find the influence that they had built with great efforts ending up in such a manner, what kind of choice would they make?

Would they continue to serve the Great Eastern Alliance? How hilarious! It was more likely they would become enemies of the Great Eastern Alliance from then on!

Dakinis decision was self-crippling.

How about the Crane Deitys family? Su Yu asked. The imminent outcome of the Crane Deitys Cavern World was clear without even having to think about it.

The Sheng Deity said helplessly, Because of your fall into the Demonic Dimension, you were deemed deceased, hence the Crane Deitys Cavern World has been confiscated, becoming the public property of the Hall of Eastern Deities.

As for the people of the Crane Deitys family, they have been removed from the Alliance. Luckily, with the protection of the Merchant Gods son Yang Tai, and the God of Instruments son Wang Yunxuan, it did not end up like the rest of the deity families.

Yang Tai and Wang Yunxuan? Su Yu took a mental note of this debt of gratitude that he owed them.

Has the Dakini done anything else?

The Sheng Deity nodded. She also ferreted out the wanted criminals of the Great Western Alliance. That was how the Gongsun father and daughter got sent back to the Great Western Alliance.

They were sent back because of that? The charges against the Gongsun father and daughter werent even qualified to be included in the list of repatriation. The Dakini herself added it in.

If it werent for her displeasure towards Su Yu, why would the Dakini notice insignificant figures like the Gongsun father and daughter?

What else?

The entire Alliance is clearing the unknown influences, among them the descendant of the Ghost Deity, Ghost Wuying, who was involved in the illegal establishment of power to undermine the Great Eastern Alliance.

The Great Emperor of Ghost Prison? Su Yus eyes were gleaming with an icy, cold light.

It was he who asked the Great Emperor of Ghost Prison to lead the intelligence agents whom they trained in secret, in order to gather information.

Even he got caught!

The various so-called precautions were all related to Su Yu. The Dakini was clearly doing those things against him.

Apart from his anger, Su Yu also couldnt help but ponder why the Dakini viewed him as an enemy.

Was there any deep hatred or feud between them?

If thats the case, I need to return to the Great Eastern Alliance myself, right?

Upon hearing that, the Sheng Deity and the Sword Deity tensed up at once. With Su Yus current noble status, each and every move of his would represent the policy of the Great Western Alliance.

Would he go to the Great Eastern Alliance to start a war?

When the thought occurred to them, both of them shuddered.

The Sheng Deity felt even more ashamed now. She said, I am responsible. I did not manage to stop such things from happening in time.

Of course you two are responsible! Su Yu glared at both of them.

When they heard his words, the Sheng Deity and the Sword Deity froze a little, and there was awkwardness on their faces. They were only saying that to be polite. How would they blame themselves for real?

Knowing that the Dakinis decisions would bring about endless harm, as deities of the Great Eastern Alliance, why didnt you stop her? If one of you alone couldnt stop her, you should have gathered ten allies, and if ten wouldnt succeed, then twenty! Su Yu berated them.

His sharp, keen eyes never missed the slightest details. He could clearly see the nonchalance of the Sheng Deity and the Sword Deity and knew that they did not really find themselves at fault.

In a loose Alliance without any domineering policies, with so many of you deities, you actually allowed an ignorant woman to give ignorant commands. Are you still qualified to be deities of the Great Eastern Alliance?

The Sheng Deity and the Sword Deity still looked indifferent, as though the matter had nothing to do with them at all.

Do you think that the Dakini has only brought harm upon the powerless deity families and that you will not be afflicted anyhow? Is that why you are so nonchalant? Su Yu sneered. How naive!

From a loose, disorderly organization, it became one with centralized powers overnight. Do you think that it would solve its problems just by changing the name from the Great Eastern Alliance to the Hall of Eastern Deities? Su Yu questioned.

The centralization of powers would surely arouse the dissatisfaction of many deities because they would lose the privilege of managing a cavern world, and they would surely harbor resentment towards the Dakini for confiscating their powers!

And to appease their anger, there is only one way, and that is to intimidate them with harsh tactics! Su Yu sneered. Whom do you think the Dakini would oppress first?

Acting against ordinary deities wouldnt work. She would need to go against important ones, and who do you think they could possibly be?

Of course, the two Deputy Hall Masters.

The Sheng Deitys heart skipped a beat and she said, Youre just making a guess.

Then please answer me this: why would the Dakini, who had never thought of making allies, order you to be an emissary and leave the Great Eastern Alliance? Of course, to make it most convenient to strip you of your status when youre not around! Su Yu said.

If Im not mistaken, your family is almost completely rooted out by now.

The Sheng Deity got up abruptly, terror flickering in her eyes.

Indeed, the family had not been in contact with her for quite a long while. She had thought that it was because the Alliance had been peaceful, and there were no matters of great importance to report.

However, upon careful contemplation, the Great Eastern Alliance was in a revolutionary period of taking bold and resolute actions. How could it be peaceful?

Her people had not delivered her any news in half a year. Perhaps Su Yu was right and it was because they were unable to send her messages.

Humph! Think about it! Su Yu waved his hand.

Sheng Yuanxin nodded to Su Yu gratefully. She had been very disappointed in the deities of the Great Eastern Alliance.

No matter what the Dakini did, fearing her absolute power, the deities objected perfunctorily as long as it did not cause harm to their own selves, and werent really concerned.

They didnt know that the Dakini was destroying the Great Eastern Alliance, one step at a time.

Su Yu saw it, while they did not.

He had no hatred for the deities of the Great Eastern Alliance who had failed to act. They were not related to Su Yu in any way, so why would they save his people?

However, he was hopelessly disappointed in the Great Eastern Alliance.

A bunch of rotten planks corroded by peace, they have become helpless without even realizing it, Su Yu shook his head.

Seems like I need to return to the Great Eastern Alliance, Su Yu muttered under his breath. The Great Western Alliance would migrate as a whole, so he might as well take the whole Great Western Alliance and approach the Great Eastern Alliance.

As for the Dakini, Su Yu found her impossible to make peace with.

He did not believe that a deity of such a high position would be truly benevolent and merciful, even so forgiving to her enemies. If that were the case, she would have died a thousand times over already.

The only explanation was that the Dakini had ulterior motives.

While pondering, Su Yu pressed on his chest suddenly and shock appeared in his eyes. What is happening?

His chest got hot for no reason. When he tore his collar open to look, his face changed.

The curse of the Central Prefectures King that had been sealed by the Tree Goddess was broken, emitting whiffs of the unique scent of demonic energy!


At that exact moment, the Tree Goddess sensed the anomaly. With a flicker, she appeared.

When she saw Su Yus condition, she gasped in shock as well. How could that happen? The seal that I reinforced again was torn open!

The curse has been in a sealed condition all the while, so why would it become active all of a sudden?

The Tree Goddesss face grew solemn. Its because the person summoned by the curse has arrived.

Besides, it is a deity that far surpasses me; otherwise, the curse wouldnt possibly be activated from such long distance!

Su Yu The Tree Goddess said in a somber voice, Your location has been revealed.