The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1283

Chapter 1283 Milky White Fishing Rod

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Su Yus eyes flickered.

The Tree Goddess was unusually worried. If his strength far exceeds mine, it means that hes an entity who is at least on par with the Sixth Princess! Who could that be?

No matter who, but Su Yu got up slowly, his face gradually growing solemn. The hunters from the Demonic Dimension are finally here!

He took four royal heirs of the Demonic Dimension away, rendering the Giant of the Bitter Sea unable to retrieve those incarnates of his life and deterring the Ten Thousand Demon Mantra Reincarnation.

Therefore, being hunted down by the Demonic Dimension was not a surprise at all.

It was just that it had come sooner than he had predicted. It had been no more a couple of months, yet they had come after him.

Most unexpectedly, they had identified Su Yus location so quickly, which was truly uncanny.

The father of the Central Prefectures King who could that be? Su Yu mumbled. After a moment of pondering, he said, Its time to speed up the move and migrate as a whole. The Demonic Dimension is not a place to stay for long.

Ximen Jian, Linlang Fan, you can come in, Su Yu added.

When Su Yu informed them about the news of the hunters from the Demonic Dimension, Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan were greatly shocked as well. Alliance Master, what are we supposed to do?

First, send divine-level strong forces to go forth and investigate. Isnt there a group of deities that are waiting to atone their crimes?

Order them to go check if the enemies really have come. If they manage to do well this time, their past wrongdoings will be forgiven!

Secondly, speed up the migration of the Great Western Alliance. Time waits for no man, and now that I stirred up the Demonic Dimension, no one can really predict what theyre going to do next. This place has become very unsafe for us.

Ximen Jian replied in a low voice, Theres no problem with the first task, but as for the second, Im afraid itll need further negotiation.

Speak, Su Yu said.

Ximen Jian said, The Great Western Alliance has stood firmly in the Demonic Dimension for millions of years, not only because they have become accustomed to this place, but more importantly, because this is where the foundation of the Great Western Alliance lies.

For more than a hundred cavern worlds to detach from their foundation, it requires more just than an overnight effort.

Su Yu understood his point.

Just like the World of Divine Remains, this worlds existence was attached to a weathered Emperor-based Saint Artifact, the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring.

Otherwise, by solely depending on the strength of the galaxy, the cavern world would be constantly shifting in the galaxy, flowing aimlessly without a place to settle down.

It wouldnt even have a fixed location, and certainly could not unite with the rest of the nine cavern worlds.

The Great Eastern Alliance resided in a fixed region of the galaxy, largely because it had some kind of support or attachment.

It wasnt hard to imagine that if it took a worn-out Emperor-based Saint Artifact to withstand the weight of nine cavern worlds, the object that withstood the weight of the Great Eastern and Western Alliances, which consisted of nearly a hundred cavern worlds, must be extraordinary.

That was the foundation that Ximen Jian meant.

These foundations might not be exceptionally powerful, but they were uniquely useful for mounting the cavern worlds within the galaxy.

Su Yu hadnt been in control of the Alliance for long, hence he was yet to be fully acquainted with the heritage of the Alliance Masters. He had not seen the so-called object of foundation of the Great Western Alliance yet.

That object of foundation made the Great Western Alliance take the risk of fighting the Demonic Dimension at close proximity rather than leave, and it would be hard to find a second one like that within the galaxy.

No need to doubt my words. The immensity of the Demonic Dimensions strength far exceeds what you can ever imagine. Get all the deities moving, abandon whatever you can and leave this place, then meet up with the Great Eastern Alliance!

The two who received the commands left the Alliance Masters mansion with bitter smiles on their faces.

Dont you think that the Alliance Masters fear of the Demonic Dimension is exaggerated? Ximen Jian couldnt help but voice his doubt.

After all, it was an Alliance that had fought the Demonic Dimension for millions of years. Before Su Yus arrival, they had firmly believed that the Great Western Alliances power equally matched that of the demons.

Although Su Yu had told them about his experience in the Demonic Dimension, they werent really convinced, for they had not witnessed it with their own eyes.

Linlang Fan frowned. Judging from the Alliance Masters personality, he has never been a timid or cowardly man. If he fears something so much, I think we have to speed up the process of detaching from the foundation and head for the Great Eastern Alliance.

Ximen Jian nodded, despite his lack of motivation. Not having seen the true strength of the Demonic Dimension, it was really hard for him to be convinced by Su Yus story about wolves rearing sheep in a =pen.

They followed Su Yus orders.

Six divine-level strong men were assigned to lead dozens of Prospective Deities each and set off for the Demonic Dimension with vigor.

Such a grand-scale expedition was extremely rare in the history of the Great Western Alliance.

Some clever creatures had sensed the abnormality of it.

Worse still, with Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan as representatives in speeding up the detachment of the cavern worlds, it was even more unnerving.

Was something major about to happen?

In the cold dark depths of the galaxy, a mass of blood-red demon cloud floated past the galaxy silently, glinting with a sheen of blood.

Amidst the bloody light, a divine soul on the verge of death was firmly anchored by the demon cloud.

His divine body was gone, and his godly spirit nowhere to be seen.

If any of the deities of the Great Western Alliance turned up here, they would recognize the dying divine soul as none other than the former Alliance Master of the Great Western Alliance, Luo Huan!

He was ranting and raving venomously the other day, saying that he would make an epic comeback someday, so how did he end up in such a plight?

Lord General, we are five days away from arriving at the Great Western Alliance, said a magnificent Demonic God with a look as indifferent as the eternity, who stood at the head of the demon cloud.

Behind him, the many Demonic Gods were dead silent. No one dared to utter a word.

Yes, I have picked up the scent of the creature that escaped from the Demonic Dimension already. Unless someone stronger than me strikes, he wont be able to escape my locating sensor, the mighty, indifferent Demonic God stated slowly.

He looked down and shot a glance at the restrained divine soul of Luo Huan, and said with disinterest, He is no longer useful. You can take him as a reward.

Upon hearing that, the eyes of the Demonic Gods behind him gleamed with greed. They opened their giant bloody mouths and were about to pounce forward to devour his divine soul.

Luo Huan was so terrified that his dead soul almost flew off!

Hold on! Lord from the Demonic Dimension, I can still be useful. As the Master of the Great Western Alliance, I have acquired much useful knowledge.

Looking at the colossal Demonic God before his eyes, Luo Huan couldnt help but shudder with fear.

If he ever got out of this alive, he would never forget the magnificent strength of this Demonic God for as long as he lived.

All the while, the Demonic God only used a single hand to oppress the greatest strong deity of the Great Western Alliance that he was. He shattered his physical body and devoured his godly spirit.

When he recalled it, the strength that made Luo Huan despair back then still made him tremble now.

Before encountering him, Luo Huan would never have believed that such a powerful, terrifying being still existed in the world.

His faith was hopelessly shattered the moment this Demonic God appeared.

He finally believed that Su Yu had not been lying at all. The Demonic Dimension was powerful, so powerful that all this while, they had been rearing the creatures of the galaxy like lambs in a pen!

From the conversation of the Demonic Gods, Luo Huan got to know that this Demonic God was named the Demonic God of Six Paths, the same one that Su Yu called the greatest right after the Demon Emperor!

You have been deprived of the position of Alliance Master, so what more use can you have? The Demonic God of Six Paths questioned with indifference.

Initially, they couldnt locate Su Yu, because the royal scent of the Prince and Princesses was somehow concealed, hence rendering their exact location undetectable.Read more chapter on

How were they supposed to find them in the immense, boundless galaxy?

However, having captured Luo Huan, they obtained an important piece of information from him, namely that a strong man who had escaped from the Demonic Dimension had shown up in the Great Western Alliance.

The Demonic God of Six Paths sacrificed his divine blood and tried to reactivate the curse left by the Central Prefectures King. He then succeeded in discovering Su Yus existence.

That was how they managed to locate him precisely and head straight for Su Yu.

Luo Huan had contributed massively towards all of it.

Luo Huan said immediately, I know of many ancient records. These are all passed from generation to generation within the Great Western Alliance, and Im the only one who knows about them as the Alliance Master

Ancient records? The Demonic God of Six Paths shook his head dispassionately.

Behind the Demonic God of Six Paths, a pretty demon servants face beamed with a taunting smile. The Demonic Dimension has records of the entire history for the past thousands of centuries, so whats that valuable about those battered records of you galactic creatures?

If Su Yu had been there, he would recognize the female servant as the first servant of Consort Yunxia, Cailin, who was a human.

She was right, in fact. The Demonic Dimension had existed for far longer than most of the creatures of the galaxy, at least in terms of recorded history, and they certainly had preserved it more comprehensively than the creatures of the galaxy.

Luo Huan had cold sweat all over his forehead. All of a sudden, an idea struck him. Hold on! As the Alliance Master, I know a lot about the foundation of the Great Western Alliance. I believe that this would make me useful to the Lords of the Demonic Dimension, wouldnt it?

Cailins dainty brows became creased as she frowned. The foundation of the Great Western Alliance?

The history of the Demonic Dimension had kept a record of that. However, only the Demon Emperors knew the specific details, while ordinary creatures of the Demonic Dimension like them were clueless.

The foundation is exceptionally enigmatic. Not only can it withstand the pressure of nearly a hundred cavern worlds, but it possesses unique powers. If used aptly, these powers are something that no one in the galaxy would be able to withstand.

Cailins face hardened. Are you just trying to save your own life? If there really is such an intimidating foundation in the Great Western Alliance, the Demonic Dimension would have destroyed it already!

Besides, the Great Western Alliance nearly got annihilated several times, yet no one has seen you use this foundation before.

Luo Huan knew they believed him just by listening to their tone. He went on, That is why I said it should be used aptly!

In fact, Luo Huan had no idea how to activate the power of the foundation either. He was only trying to scare them to ensure his own survival for the time being.

Cailin shot an inquiring look at the Demonic God of Six Paths.

The Demonic Gods eyes shone a little as he said placidly, Let him live for now.

Luo Huan heaved a long sigh with relief. With deep resentment in his eyes, he muttered inwardly, Silver God! It was you who forced me into such a predicament. I want you to suffer the same fate as I did, not knowing whether youre dead or alive all the while!

He dared not place the blame on the Demonic God of Six Paths, whose strength was unrivaled, so he could vent his anger on Su Yu.

Inside a house in the Great Western Alliance

Gongsun Ya, Gongsun Wuxie and Luo Fei were extremely grateful.

Benefactor, you saved my life once again! Gongsun Ya was both grateful yet uneasy at the same time. It was my fault for not listening to you, and I got fooled as a result, nearly bringing upon you irreversible harm.

Su Yu waved his hand. No worries. Luo Hun was cunning and great at scheming, if he wanted to harm you, you could hardly defend yourself.

You people should leave the Great Western Alliance, find a remote place far away from the Demonic Dimension as well as the two Great Alliances, and live your life in peace, Su Yu said.

He had made the decision to let them live peacefully after experiencing such terrible hardships, so they would not have to get involved in the war between the galactic creatures and the Demonic Dimension.

Besides, it was also for his own good. He had saved Gongsun Ya twice. The first time, Su Yu deceived them with the lie of having great magical power.

However, the second time, his soul nearly perished alongside his body. If it happened in front of outsiders again, Su Yus ability of resurrection would be exposed.

Hence, the family had to leave the Great Western Alliance.

I dont want to, I want to be with Brother Su Yu, Gongsun Wuxie said as she pouted while clutching Su Yus arm.

Su Yu shook his head. If Im still alive ten years from now, you can come and find me again. But now, you have to leave the Demonic Dimension fast. This is not a place for you to stay.

Yu Deity, see them off.

Hold on! It was Luo Fei this time. Hesitantly, she took out a fishing rod from her milky-white space ring.

Thank you for saving us repeatedly, benefactor. There is no way Luo Fei can repay you, so Ill give you this fishing rod as a gift.

Su Yu stared at the fishing rod and it seemed kind of familiar to him. He asked, What is this?

I came across it by chance in an abandoned spot in the galaxy in the past. It was held in the grip of a deitys corpse that had not rotted even after millions of years.

A corpse that had not rotted after millions of years? Theoretically speaking, it was impossible, unless he practiced the Ten Thousand Demon Mantra Reincarnation like the First-Generation Demon Emperor did, feeding upon his incarnates to prolong his life.

The only explanation was that the skeletal remains belonged to a matchless character of his lifetime, from millions of years ago.

Su Yu could not help but recall that the ancient records stated that many powerful overlords used to roam the galaxy.

Could the owner of this fishing rod be one of them?