The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1284

Chapter 1284 Mysterious Heaven Pool

Not even my father was informed of this matter. I have kept it a secret until this day, Luo Fei said.

She went on, As for the use of this item, Im not sure either. However, I have used it at the Heaven Pool of the Great Western Alliance before, and fished a Spiritual Grass of Immortality.

The Spiritual Grass of Immortality wasnt it the one that made Gongsun Wuxie become stuck at the age of ten?

Based on the information that Su Yu had gathered by now, the galaxy had no record of ever succeeding in cultivating the Spiritual Grass of Immortality.

Finally, there was an explanation for Luo Fei feeding the spiritual grass to the deceased Gongsun Wuxie.

However, where was the Heaven Pool?

Was there such a place in the Great Western Alliance?

Su Yu thought for a moment and returned the fishing rod. It is too valuable. I cannot accept it.

Luo Fei smiled tenderly. I chose to present it to you as a gift exactly because it is valuable. If I didnt, would we be able to live our lives at ease once we leave the Great Western Alliance?

Gongsun Ya chipped in, This is an expression of gratitude from our family, and we hope you dont reject it, our benefactor.

Alright, thanks a lot then, Su Yu said. Yu Deity, you may send them away.

The Yu Deity retrieved a flying boat and personally sent the family away from the Alliance. They took off into a desolate galaxy.

On behalf of the Alliance Master, I wish you all well, the Yu Deity said.

Gongsun Wuxie teared up. Why didnt he let me stay? I did nothing wrong!

The Yu Deity smiled warmly. It is for your own good. The Alliance Master is about to make some big moves, and he cant divert his attention to take care of you. If he didnt care about you, he wouldnt have sent you away! Thats all I have to say, please take care.

At the Alliance Masters mansion, Su Yu heaved a silent sigh, feeling somewhat dispirited.

The familiar faces from his past had disappeared from his life, one after another. No one could be certain whether they would ever meet again in this lifetime.

When will I ever rise to the top of the world so that my loved ones will never have to leave my side again? Su Yus vulnerable, lonely voice resonated in the empty, vast hall.


With a deafening noise, the entire Great Western Alliance trembled forcefully. It seemed like a humongous object had been detached from the Alliance.

Su Yus glance swept around. It was the Linlang family, who had taken the lead to move their cavern world.

Su Yus body flickered with a penta-colored splendor, and he reached the air above the Linlang Cavern World by teleportation.

Looking down from up above, he saw the Linlang Cavern World was originally based on a milky white lake.

Eh? Could the foundation of the Great Western Alliance be referring to this? Su Yu marveled secretly.

Taking a glance at the Ximen Cavern World that was almost detached as well, he saw the faint surface of the milky white lake too.

Quite interesting! I really would like to know what object serves as the foundation of the Great Western Alliance, Su Yu was curious.

Upon returning to the Alliance Masters mansion, he continued flipping through the ancient records passed down from one Alliance Master to the next.

Several days later, Su Yu finally got to collect the information regarding the object of the foundation of the Great Western Alliance from an ancient book.

Heaven Pool? Isnt it the Heaven Pool from which Luo Fei fished the Spiritual Grass of Immortality? Su Yu was surprised.

Could the Heaven Pool that Luo Fei mentioned be the foundation of the Great Western Alliance, the milky white lake?

The origin of the Heaven Pool was not recorded in history, because this milky white lake had existed way before the Great Western Alliance was established.

Very strangely, although it was surrounded by the galactic water, the lake had never been breached no matter how much of the galactic water flowed into it, and its level had not risen throughout the years.

It was as if a profound, bottomless abyss underneath the lake sucked in all of the galactic water that flowed into it.

That was how the cavern worlds got to stand firm over the surface of the lake.

I never thought one could even fish from the lake. Luo Fei seems to have discovered something interesting that the classic books have never mentioned, Su Yu said with a chuckle.

Upon finishing his reading of all the materials concerning the Heaven Pool, Su Yu held a bronze, ancient book in his hand discreetly.

This book specifically introduced the Heaven Pool, and most of Su Yus understanding of the Heaven Pool had come from it.

Su Yu was particularly concerned with one of the pages.

For some unknown reason, that page of the book had been torn off by someone.

Initially, Su Yu wouldnt be too concerned if not for the scent left behind by the one who tore off the page, which made Su Yu take it seriously.

If he wasnt mistaken, the scent belonged to Luo Huan.

Why did he tear off the page? Was there something written on the page that Luo Huan wished to conceal?

There had been no less than a hundred Alliance Masters of the Great Western Alliance in the past, so why was Luo Huan the one who did that?

Intuition told Su Yu that the page torn off by Luo Huan was probably very important, and that was why he did not want him to see it in the midst of his intense conflict with Ximen Jian back then.

After some pondering, Su Yus eyes emitted beams of tricolor light that shone on the missing page.

Time, Space and Soul, the forces that constituted the three significant elements of the world, formed a foreign dimension.

The Retrogradation of Time appeared on a small area of the missing space of the page.

Time turned back to three months ago. All of a sudden, a scene was displayeda hand brutally flitted across the page, tearing it off from the book.

At the same time, the owner of the hand was revealed. Who else could it be but Luo Huan?

Time went further back, and Su Yu finally got to see the content of the torn page clearly. Each and every line was displayed palpably before his eyes.

He memorized all the content instantly because one breaths time was up and the foreign dimension vanished.

Upon returning to reality, Su Yus eyes were filled with shock. Theres actually such a terrifying force hidden in the Heaven Pool?

An extremely terrifying tale was recorded on that page of the book. It happened not long after the Great Western Alliance settled down in this place.

One day, the Heaven Pool roiled and surged, and destructive power was unleashed from within which headed straight for the Demonic Dimension, penetrating it and severely injuring the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

It happened millions of years ago and was recounted in fine detail on the page.

It had been too far back in time, and almost no one knew about the destructive power that was emitted from the Heaven Pool so long ago, except for those who read this story.

Humph, this Luo Huan was cautious indeed, erasing such an important record so that Ximen Jian couldnt use it against him! Su Yu snorted softly.

If Luo Huan hadnt done that, Su Yu wouldnt necessarily be concerned about that page.

Too bad. He had found out about it now!

He knew now that there was some terrifying power hidden within the Heaven Pool, but the way to activate it remained a mystery.

I need to check out if the Heaven Pool has arisen, Su Yu muttered under his breath and arrived at the Heaven Pool the next moment.

A few days had passed, and a few other deities had also moved their cavern worlds, revealing a substantial area of the Heaven Pools appearance.

Su Yu teleported to the side of the Heaven Pool and fixed his gaze on it.

According to the account, the Heaven Pool had the appearance of water, yet was untouchable to living creatures. Once caught up in it, no one had ever been known to return.

Even for non-living objects, once placed in the Heaven Pool, they would be sucked away by an unknown force.

As he activated the power of his mind, a discarded treasure appeared on Su Yus right palm.

He unleashed a surge of Mortal Fairys Strength and entangled it round the treasure, slowly setting it down into the Heaven Pool.

The instant it got into contact with the Heaven Pool, the treasure was grabbed by an overwhelmingly powerful sucking force and disappeared under the surface.

To his awe, the sucking force caused an impact on Su Yu as well as it traveled along the Mortal Fairys Strength.

Su Yus eyes grew stern, and he only managed to save himself by swiftly severing the contact.

What a shocking sucking force, Su Yu was stupefied.

Shortly after, Su Yu tried tossing in a few other things, and they all disappeared in a similar way.

The water of the Heaven Pool could not be touched at all, and once something came into contact with it, there would be no return.

So how did Luo Fei fish in the Heaven Pool?

With a mental effort, Su Yu was holding a snowy white fishing rod in his left hand.

The fishing rod was smooth and warm to the touch and carried a scent which Su Yu was familiar with.

There was a fine fishing thread tied around the fishing rod, and a fishhook dangled from its end.

Upon careful inspection, Su Yu did not see anything special about the fishing rod.

Lets give it a whirl. Su Yu held the fishing rod in hand and hurled it forward, watching it descend into the water of the Heaven Pool.

He was mentally prepared to abandon the fishing rod anytime to avoid being afflicted.

However, much to his eerie surprise, the fishing line fell upon the surface of the Heaven Pool peacefully. It wasnt drawn into the Pool!

What what on earth is this fishing rod? Su Yu was flabbergasted.

It was stated in the book that the creatures that had attempted to touch the Heaven Pool in the past were all drawn into it along with their treasures.

There was no exception, regardless of whether they were Alliance Masters, powerful individuals or just ordinary creatures.

However, this fishing rod was an exception!

Curious, Su Yu tried to pull out the fishing rod, and it brought out a short blade of weathered metal!

After several continuous attempts, Su Yu kept drawing out strange objects. Although they were just ordinary items, many surmises about the Heaven Pool had gradually formed in Su Yus mind.

Haha, looks like its a wondrous discovery! Excitement filled Su Yus eyes.

If his speculation was right, the bottom of the Heaven Pool contained the long-hidden secret that involved the entire galaxy, including the secret of why the glorious, triumphant era perished overnight.

After withdrawing the fishing rod, Su Yus eyes gleamed with a shrewd light.

Right at that moment, a downpour of divine blood rained from the sky of a cavern world without any warning.

A deity had perished!

Su Yus eyes turned somber. Is it here already!


Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan appeared right before Su Yu by teleportation and reported in great shock, Alliance Master, one of the deities that went to the Demonic Dimension for investigation had perished.

Before Ximen Jian could finish, a torrent of blood befell another cavern world.

Hows that possible? Two deities perishing one after another? Linlang Fan was in utter disbelief.

However, even more to their stupefaction, a third deity perished!

The third one! Ximen Jians heart skipped a beat.

Six deities and a few dozens of Prospective Deities made up a powerful team, yet three deities had perished within such a short period of time!

And then came the fourth and the fifth!

Finally, even Su Yu couldnt sit still any longer.

The death of five deities in such a short time wasnt shocking to Su Yu since the Demonic Dimension was full of experts. He knew it and wasnt very surprised.

The strange part was that none of the five deities managed to deliver a message in time.

Even if the Eldest Prince killed five deities, there was no guarantee that he could do it quickly enough to stop them from sending a message!

What kind of deities from the Holy Magic Hall has the Demonic Dimension sent this time? Could it be a General? Su Yu was taken aback.

Beep! Beep!

All of a sudden, a jade pendant pinned on Su Yus waist flickered rapidly.

It was an extra-long-distance, image-projecting jade pendant.

Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan were delighted. Finally one of them has escaped! Lets see what they have found out!

Su Yu said in a solemn voice, Im afraid this message wasnt necessarily sent by that deity, but

He shattered the jade pendant, and an image appeared vividly before him.

However, it wasnt the deity who had appeared. Instead, a matchlessly magnificent, dark-red Demonic God stood before him.

His whole body was covered in hideous talismans, giving off an intense air of savageness and ferocity, while his eyes were aloof.

There was a deity trapped under his feet. No matter how hard the god struggled, there was no way he could free himself.

The dark red Demonic God shot them an indifferent look and spoke dispassionately, Seawatch City Master, it has been a long while, but I am here now.


The image fell apart. Immediately after, divine blood rained down.

The sixth deity had perished.

Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan deemed themselves experienced, yet the moment their eyes collided with the dark red Demonic Gods, they felt chilly air rising up from beneath their feet and stood motionless.

They felt as a mortal would feel standing in front of a deity.

Who who was that? Ximen Jian felt chills running down his spine.

He finally believed that, as Su Yu told them, the Demonic Dimension had horrifying forces they had never seen before.

That horrendous Demonic God was one of them.

Su Yus face was as gloomy as dark water and his eyes flickered intensely. In a low voice, he said, The Great General of the Holy Magic Hall, the Demonic God of Six Paths!