The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285 Fighting Alone

He had expected creatures from the Demonic Dimension to hunt them down, but he had never thought that it would be the Demonic God of Six Paths himself!

With his strength, who in the galaxy could be a match for him?

Apart from the Death Deity, no one else would have the confidence to fight against him.

The sudden disaster made Su Yus heart sink into an abyss.

Judging from the message sent, their location was less than a two-day journey away from the Great Western Alliance!

Two days! Where could they find the Death Deity? Even if they did, how were they going to coax the Death Deity into helping them fight against a powerful opponent like the Demonic God of Six Paths?

The hall was filled with dead silence.

The Demonic God of Six Paths left a stupefying, horrendous impression on Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan.

Ximen Jian was especially affected. Previously, he used to doubt if Su Yu was being overly cautious in wanting to migrate so soon.

However, having witnessed the projection of the Demonic God of Six Paths with his very own eyes, Ximen Jian understood that all that Su Yu had said was true.

The Demonic Dimension had horrifying forces that far exceeded what they could ever imagine!

The entire Great Western Alliance was vulnerable in the face of the Demonic God of Six Paths alone, and he had not come alone this time.

Behind him were about ten Demonic Gods with powerful auras.

Some of them were not in the least bit weaker than the ten demon-fighting deities.

This this is the true strength of the Demonic Dimension? Ximen Jian felt a lump in his throat as a sense of hopelessness rose in him.

Su Yu shook his head. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Nearly a hundred of the Demonic Gods of the Holy Magic Hall had not appeared yet, as well as the Giant of the Bitter Sea, who had not attacked the outside world up till this point.

Ximen Jians face turned pale with fear.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The consecutive demises of six deities were only slightly less severe compared to the bloodshed from before this. All deities were greatly alarmed as they rushed to the Alliance Masters mansion.

Eh, so the Ximen Deity and the Linlang Deity are already here. What actually happened? Six deities have perished! Did the Alliance Master make the decision to carry out a purge again?

Shh! Do not speak! Didnt you see that Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan arent looking well?

Why is Ximen Jian looking so desperate?

A hundred deities were talking ceaselessly as their glances kept sweeping across the three of them. They were trying to guess whether the cruel-hearted Alliance Master had done something shocking again.

Quiet, Su Yu said.

The deities fell silent immediately, waiting for the Alliance Master to speak and explain the reason for the deaths of the six deities.

With deep regrets, Id like to inform everyone that an unprecedented, major crisis is about to befall the Great Western Alliance. There was an inexplicably stern, somber look on Su Yus face.

At this point in time, some of the things about the Demonic Dimension did not need to be kept a secret for any longer.

Alliance Master, the Great Western Alliance has seen many bad days and hardships, and we have pulled through countless catastrophes. Is there something we cant get through?

Right, Alliance Master, we will defend and protect the Great Western Alliance even at the cost of our own lives.

Su Yu waved his hand to quieten them. In a deep stern voice, he said, None of the crises that the Great Western Alliance experienced in the past can compare to the imminent one.

With a flick of his sleeve, the projection of just now emerged once again, clearly displayed before the eyes of all.

The deities saw a dark red Demonic God, stepping on a deity of the Great Western Alliance with one foot, rendering the deity completely immobile.

The destructive air given off by the dark red Demonic God made the confident faces of the deities freeze at once.

Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang!

The scene gradually fell completely silent.

The sounds of hearts pounding intensely reverberated in everyones ears.

Even the resolute, staunch deities shuddered upon seeing the dark red Demonic God as dread crept upon their faces.

The weaker ones were trembling in fear, nearly collapsing onto the ground.

Throughout their lifetime of fighting demons, they had never seen such a terrifying Demonic God. It was merely a projection, yet it made them tremble.

They felt as if they were at the bottom of the food chain, with the opponent being the apex predator.

Su Yu wasnt surprised by the deities reaction at all. Even Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan were frightened by the horror of the Demonic God of Six Paths, let alone the more minor deities.

The war had not even begun, yet they felt like they had lost.

He couldnt count on them anymore!

Besides, an entity like the Demonic God of Six Paths wasnt one they had the capacity to deal with.

Now, do I still need to explain why we need to migrate? Su Yu questioned placidly.

Previously, the deities appeared as if they obeyed his orders, but they were lackadaisical when it came to action.

They held many grudges and were displeased by the idea of migration, hence they tried to procrastinate.

However, the deaths of the six deities, as well as the dreadful projection of the Demonic God, had finally stimulated them into action. How would they still doubt his words?

All you have is two days to migrate. Abandon all the unnecessary things, even if they are valuable resources, and detach from the Heaven Pool right away!

As for the cavern worlds that have detached from the Heaven Pool, all head for the Great Eastern Alliance, wait no longer!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The faces of the deities turned pallid with fright. They hurried back to the cavern worlds that they created and quickly migrated.

The deities that had been obedient enough to move their cavern worlds from the Heaven Pool already seemed glad.

Abiding by Su Yus command, they moved their cavern worlds and headed in the direction of the Great Eastern Alliance where they would congregate.

The deities who had been indolent before were all in a great flurry now. They wished they had an extra pair of hands and legs as they returned to their cavern worlds, frantically yelling at their people to migrate.

The migration that had been lacking in progress before was carried out vigorously all of a sudden.

Many of the cavern worlds had forsaken important resources. Even at the cost of depleting the vitality of the cavern worlds, they were detached by force from the Heaven Pool, after which they fled for the great Eastern Alliance.

In just one day, over 50 cavern worlds had left, leaving behind a scattered mess of resources.

There were even deities who took drastic moves by refining the cavern worlds into godly spirits and running away directly. With that, the cavern worlds that they painstakingly created vanished overnight.

A great half of the 50-something remaining deities would most probably clear up their world completely in a day.

Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan said, Alliance Master, you should go first!

No, Ill stay, Su Yu replied.

You cant! The Demonic God of Six Paths has come for you, Alliance Master! If you dont leave, how are you going to fight them? Linlang Fan persuaded anxiously.

Su Yu was now the leader of the Great Western Alliance. If he passed away, the Great Western Alliance would suffer civil unrest. Before the demons came for them, they would be killing each other, and a rapid downfall was expected.

The fact that he has come for me is exactly why I cant leave with you, Su Yu said with a solemn look on his face.

They would only have enough time to escape if Su Yu drew the firepower towards himself.

Otherwise, hardly any of them would succeed in escaping otherwise.

Ximen Jian, Linlang Fan, you should leave soon too. This is an unfinished business between me and the Demonic Dimension, Su Yu said.

How would Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan agree to that?

If youre going to exchange our lives for yours, what would be the meaning of our survival? No matter how far we run, well be doomed after all, Ximen Jian said.

Su Yu shook his head. No, you are not meant to resist demons such as the Demonic God of Six Paths, but to fight the deities of the Holy Magic Hall!

Even if hes insanely powerful, there is only one Demonic God of Six Paths out there, and he cant destroy the entire galaxy alone. Those with such capacity are all the deities of the Great Western and Eastern Alliances.

Just like in a war, even if the general is powerful as an individual, he could not determine the outcome of the warfare. The real determining factor is the millions of soldiers in his army.

Preserve your living manpower. Only then can you resist the great-scale invasion of the demons in the future! If you still regard me as the Alliance Master, go.

Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan were moved. At the junction between life and death, the Alliance Master still chose to sacrifice himself to protect them.

The deities who were in the midst of migrating stopped mid-action too, stunned.

But arent you seeking your own death if you stay behind, Alliance Master? Ximen Jian asked. Su Yu had earned his full respect and admiration.

Su Yu was calm and composed. I wont necessarily die!

This was where the Great Western Alliance was born, and this is also where I will fight the greatest strong creature of the Demonic Dimension, to decide who wins!

Leave now, I can sense them approaching! Su Yu touched his chest. The curse was starting to become scorching hot, rendering the Tree Goddess seal completely useless.

Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan, as well as the fifty other deities, bowed to Su Yu all at once.


It the thunders of the heavens, as if some intangible entity had awakened.

Only the Great Paths of the world had the ability to be bent by the deities.

The way Su Yu had accepted it openly triggered the unusual phenomenon.

The ten-thousand-foot-tall virtual shadow of a deity behind Su Yu solidified substantially.

His dignified, aloof manner with the jet-black hair fluttering in the air made people tremble.

In the meantime, Su Yu discovered that his own godly spirit had expanded marginally the moment the deities paid their respects to him!

From the level of an early-stage Prospective Deitys godly spirit, it was boosted up to the level of a middle-stage Prospective Deity.

What is happening? Su Yu was utterly shocked. Theoretically speaking, there were only two ways to elevate ones godly spirit.

The first one was, through a continuous transformation of the Mortal Fairys Strength inside ones body over a long period of time, turning it into divine energy, and allowing it to slowly nourish the godly spirit.

Secondly, by plundering someone elses pure godly spirit, but then the effect was minimal, only enabling one to absorb a tenth of the godly spirit. Furthermore, long-time consumption was not advised.

Nonetheless, the worshiping act of the deities made Su Yus godly spirit boost up explosively, completely defying Su Yus conception of godly spirits.

At that moment, a contented sigh resonated in Su Yus mind: Before rising as a deity, you have opened up the Path of Faith.

I am truly envious of your master. That old fellow, how lucky is he to have come across a precious pupil like you!

Opened up faith? What is that? Su Yu asked, surprise.

The Evil God carefully replied, It concerns the Great Path, and I dare not to speak openly about it. All you need to know is that you have embarked on a Path that many deities cant even imagine walking, despite their immense envy of those who can. Congratulations to you.

When he finished, the Evil Gods voice trailed off.

Su Yu was extremely curious. What kind of Path had he gotten himself on? However, the Evil God seemed to be dreading something and dared not speak clearly.

Suppressing his curiosity, Su Yu dismissed all the deities of the Great Western Alliance.

Half a day later, the Heaven Pool that had been full of cavern worlds was now bleak and barren. The cavern worlds of the six deceased deities were all that remained because no one moved them.

Su Yu couldnt help but feel emotional. A cavern world that had lost its deity was just like the precious godly spirit of a deity, from which they could derive the strength to build cavern worlds.

Under normal circumstances, they were rare treasures, especially if preserved in such an intact condition.

However, right now, no one gave them another glance or bothered to take them away.

Ill keep them, then, Su Yu said and summoned God Kylin out.

All these belong to you now, Su Yu pointed at the unwanted cavern worlds.

Upon hearing that, God Kylins eyes glimmered. He was exhilarated. Heheh, Im rich now! These are intact cavern worlds without the slightest bit of damage, and if refined into godly spirits, not only would I recover my past divine post completely, but I would be able to cultivate at least three deities!

The way of cultivation was similar to how the Central Prefectures King became a deity with the help of the Jiuzhou Cavern World. Like a silkworm, he would ingest the vigor and vitality of the cavern world and slowly develop into a deity.

Choose a reliable Jiuzhou creature to be your candidate, Su Yu said. He did not interfere with God Kylins decision.

God Kylin chortled. Rest assured, I will prioritize the people youre familiar with, like your wife, Qin Xianer.