The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286 The Archenemy Arrives

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Su Yu raised his brows. Oh? Has she attained the fourth realm of Mortal Fairy?

Of course, all the good-quality resources are sent to her first. Combined with her unique Death Phoenix Constitution, her training speed is multiplied!

If she hadnt been deliberately restraining it, once her Divine Decree condenses, she would have made her way into the list of Prospective Deities already.

Upon hearing that, Su Yu was beside himself with joy. Without telling him anything, Xianer was about to rise to a deity soon.

In fact, since he came to the galaxy, he hadnt had any time to meet Xianer. Su Yu couldnt help but feel sorry.

With the cavern world available for her use now, the difficulty of becoming a deity on her own has reduced marginally. I believe that before long, you are going to have a Prospective Deity as your wife.

To repay his kindness, God Kylin made special efforts to look after Qin Xianer.

Thanks a lot! Su Yu said.

Im just offering her a favor at your expense. Oh right, the Black and the White Dust Immortals have also stepped into the realm of early-stage Prospective Deities.

Lately, they are reinforcing their cultivation. Several others are also using the godly spirits that you captured to attempt breakthroughs into the realm of Prospective Deities.

I believe that very soon, my Jiuzhou Cavern World will be teeming with deities, God Kylin stated with excitement.

Su Yu nodded. God Kylin can make decisions for the affairs of the Jiuzhou Cavern World. I will not interfere.

God Kylin fixed his stare on Su Yu. After a long moment, he said, Su Yu, I think you must have found it weird before that a devil-like me creates humans.

Su Yu had always wondered about it.

The cavern worlds created by any deity would constitute predominantly of the creatures of that deitys original race.

However, God Kylin was an exception.

However, Su Yu had never really contemplated the reason behind it. From God Kylins tone of voice, there seemed to be some profound reason for it.

Indeed, I have wondered before, but is that really important? Su Yu asked.

God Kylin nodded intently, which he seldom did. Yes, very important! I have been entrusted by someone to create humans.

Yeah? Who is that? Su Yu queried, curious.

God Kylin replied, He is the last remaining Overlord of the world who is hidden within the galaxy. I believe you will encounter him very soon, in the midst of the catastrophe brought by the Demonic Dimension.

Overlord of the world? Upon hearing that, Su Yu gasped in shock.

An Overlord of the world from the glorious era still existed within the galaxy!

He was a Divine Master that could destroy more than a hundred cavern worlds with a point of his finger, according to historical records.

Su Yu got goosebumps all over from the mere thought of it.

What was his purpose of ordering you to do so? Su Yu queried.

God Kylin shook his head. I cant say it, because I promised the Overlord that I would not speak a single word about it. If you meet him, I think hell tell you the entire sequence of events involved.

Upon finishing, God Kylin left, unwilling to say another word.

Su Yu stood unmoving on his spot for a very long while.

Inadvertently, he had learned quite a few secrets.

The Path of Faith that the Evil God mentioned

The Overlord of the world that God Kylin spoke about

Both of them were extraordinary.

Shaking his head, he set that information aside. Su Yus face grew stern, and he waved his sleeves.

Nine figures appeared right in front of him.

They were the First Prince, the Second Princess, the Sixth Princess, and the six city masters-Demonic Gods.

I have good news and bad news. Which do you prefer to hear first?

The nine Demonic Gods had not recovered from their trance, while the Sixth Princess was the first to react. Her gorgeous eyes flickered. Ill take the good news first.

The good news is that you people will probably be emancipated soon.

The First Prince and the Sixth Princess were stunned for a moment, and the Sixth Princess blurted out, Really?

However, she quickly realized that Su Yu had not mentioned the bad news. In a solemn voice, she asked, How bad is your bad news?

Very bad, extremely so.

How exactly?

The Holy Magic Hall creatures that were hunting us have arrived, led by the Demonic God of Six Paths!


The First Prince lost control of himself for a second, and the demonic sword fell from his arms because his body trembled. His eyes flickered with shock. Are you serious?


Su Yu flicked his sleeve, and the projection of the Demonic God of Six Paths emerged.

The pupils of the First Prince, the Second Princess, and the Sixth Princess constricted forcefully, and their faces fell.

The Demonic God of Six Paths! The Prince and Princesses were raised and taught by the Demonic God of Six Paths.

The image of the Demonic God of Six Paths in their minds was of someone enormously powerful and impossible to defeat, like a gigantic mountain that they could never conquer.

It was totally out of their expectations that he would come after them in person.

With the condition of the Demonic Dimension during this period, its rulers needed the Demonic God of Six Paths to hold the fort and pacify the riots and upheavals.

How could they send him on a mission out here?

The Sixth Princess put on a look of despair. The bad news that you mentioned, is it that even if we are emancipated, we might not be alive to enjoy our freedom?

Su Yu nodded placidly. Exactly.

The First Prince and the Sixth Princess were solemn and grave all of a sudden.

Even you people have lost the fight? Su Yu sighed.

The Sixth Princess laughed bitterly. You have no idea how powerful the Demonic God of Six Paths is. Even if we join forces, we will not inflict the slightest bit of harm upon him.

So what? You know that death is certain, so you choose to sit back and wait for it? Su Yu remarked with nonchalance.

The deities of the Great Western Alliance know they stand zero chances against him, so they left, but could you leave too? Dont tell me that you have no clue whom the Demonic God of Six Paths is hunting down this time!

The frenzy in the First Princes eyes gradually faded off. Caressing the demonic sword in his hand, he emitted an air of menacing ferocity. You are right, running away wont work. Even if we know we are doomed, I will use my sword to get a drop of the enemys blood. Even if hes the Demonic God of Six Paths!

The Sixth Princess laughed in misery. She, too, adjusted her frame of mind slowly. What good would come out of fear?

Even the Second Princess sighed helplessly. So anyway, we didnt manage to escape!

As for you Su Yu looked over at the six city masters-Demonic Gods.

They exchanged glances, all of them intending to give in.

They were not under Su Yus control, they were only following Su Yu because he could give them a bright, honorable status.

However, the life of Su Yu, as well as of the three royal heirs hung in the balance at the moment, so what was the point of following them now?

Catch up with the Great Western Alliance. Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan will settle you down properly.

The six city masters seemed as if they were just granted amnesty upon hearing Su Yus words. They bowed to Su Yu in gratitude and took off immediately.

Although it was an act of worshiping by the deities too, it did not trigger any unusual phenomenon this time around, let alone augmenting Su Yus godly spirit in the least bit.

The three royal heirs did not object to Su Yu letting the city masters leave.

Their capacities were far too weak as far as the Demonic God of Six Paths was concerned. They would serve no purpose, so they might as well be gone.

Alright, please get ready, were about to get into a war of life and death with the Demonic God of Six Paths. The Sixth Princess took in a deep breath, as she set up her mind for it.

The First Prince and the Second Princess looked desperate and resolute, all geared up to affront death.

Death? We wont necessarily die. With proper arrangements, we still stand a chance of survival, Su Yu assured them.

What? Could one possibly get out alive from a confrontation with the Demonic God of Six Paths?

If anyone else had said that, they could hardly believe it. However, it was Su Yu. A deep sense of hope rose in them.

All of their experiences with Su Yu made them believe that this young human had the ability to create miracles.

His words often turned into reality.

For instance, the matter that took place in the Great Western Alliance of late. Su Yu told the Gongsun Deity that as long as he apologized with sincerity, the matter would end there.

At that time, everyone thought Su Yu was absurdly arrogant, didnt they? An insignificant Mortal Fairy, so shameless and unapologetic in front of deities.

However, the consequences that arose from the Gongsun Deitys retaliation were totally unexpected.

The Great Western Alliance was almost overturned. Being an outsider, he succeeded in seizing control over the entire Great Western Alliance.

At this point, he said something that instilled the hope of survival in them, invigorating their spirits all over again.

You said we wont die? You mean that we still have a chance to live? The Sixth Princess had profound admiration towards Su Yu, but she sounded disbelieving.

Su Yu smiled placidly. I meant that we wont die, but they will!

The First Princes eyes went as wide as saucers and he queried in utter disbelief, Youre talking about the Demonic God of Six Paths?

Yes! If properly arranged, we can kill him!

The three royal heirs were completely stunned. Kill the Demonic God of Six Paths? They dared not to think about it!

But the Demonic God of Six Paths is so powerful The Sixth Princess wavered. She felt that this plan would be much harder than their miraculous escape from the Demonic Dimension.

Su Yu replied, His strength is matchless indeed. However, absolute strength differs from place to place as well. If it were in any other place, I would have no power over him, but here

Su Yu turned around to look at the massive Heaven Pool behind him and laughed softly. He isnt necessarily matchless!

The cavern worlds had all been moved, revealing the Heaven Pool that stretched across the galaxy where its edges could not be seen.

The milky white lake water undulated tenderly, surges of ripples gently drifting.

This is the Heaven Pool of the Great Western Alliance? As royalty of the Demonic Dimension, they had a certain degree of mastery of the ancient knowledge.

It was not a secret that there was a creepy Heaven Pool underneath the Great Western Alliance.

However, trying to use the Heaven Pool against the enemies would be hopeless, wouldnt it?

Master, I think the Demonic God of Six Paths most likely knows that the Heaven Pool is capable of devouring each and every item in the world. Im afraid that trying to use the Heaven Pool against him isnt a very bright idea.

Su Yu flashed a mysterious smile. So what if the demons know? It is exactly because they know that I could devise my strategies more easily!


The group of four teleported to the center of the Heaven Pool, less than ten feet above the water surface.

The three royal heirs were extremely cautious and alert.

Next, act by strictly adhering to my plan, which goes like this Su Yu explained slowly.

When they finished listening, the three royal heirs were stupefied. There is such a thing?

Su Yu only smiled mysteriously. They were anxious yet excited. Perhaps they really could annihilate the opponents!

Time passed, little by little.

The curse on Su Yus chest kept intensifying. The mark of the demons skull was leaping. It seemed to have sensed something and was eager to jump out of Su Yus body.

They were near!

Even though they had not shown up yet, the vast, immense starry sky had fallen into dead silence.

The wild beasts that usually rampaged the galaxy had all shrunk away to distant corners of it.

They were shuddering in dread, not daring to reveal the slightest bit of their scent, as if something extremely horrifying was slowly arriving.

Two hours later

An eerie gust of wind blew across the galaxy.

Small waves rippled through the silent space.

An hour later

The ripples of the galaxy had become stronger.

Half an hour later

The ripples had turned into waves that were half a mans height!

Moments later

A humongous wave a hundred feet high rose within the galaxy!

Minutes later

The initial ripples gradually transformed into gigantic waves that were as immense as the sky!

As their gazes penetrated the waves, a patch of blood-red clouds could be clearly seen at the end of the galaxy, fast approaching.