The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287 Admiral White Bone

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The blood cloud was approaching, bringing intense pressure and deafening thunder with it.

The Star River was trembling under the horrible pressure.

The waves in front of Su Yu, which were created by the pressure, became more and more furious.

Finally, they have arrived! Su Yu said as he stared at the blood cloud. He saw nine majestic figures vaguely outlined in the cloud.

Fifteen minutes later.

The blood cloud had arrived.

The Star River became blood red under the blood cloud.

The milky Heaven Pool also became a blood pool because of the blood cloud.

The Star River was roaring under the horrible pressure as if the entire river was being boiled.

Nine magnificent divine auras descended and stopped in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu was not afraid. He stood up and calmly said, So many acquaintances! Demonic God of Six Paths, Admiral White Bone, the Demon Cloud City Master, Calin. and the Book Deity!


The blood cloud, with a deafening bang, transformed into a cloud of mist and was instantly absorbed by the Demonic God of Six Paths.

Nine majestic figures appeared in the blood cloud in front of Su Yu.

Each of them was able to disturb the Star River easily with a stomp!

Now, all of them had arrived at this location because of Su Yu.

The most powerful one among them was the Demonic God of Six Paths, who was the number one expert in the Realm of Demons.

His skin was dark red, which was different from the rest of the demonic gods. His indifferent eyes and arrogant attitude revealed his distinctiveness.

The Demonic God of Six Paths fixed his eyes on Su Yu. Even his gaze created waves on the tranquil surface of the Heaven Pool.

The entire Heaven Pool trembled at that moment.

Su Yu also felt a momentary mental breakdown.

The Demonic God of Six Paths gaze could definitely kill most creatures in the universe.

Did my son suffer when he was killed? the Demonic God of Six Paths asked coldly.

It was just a simple question, but Su Yu had sensed a horrible, murderous intent behind it.

Apparently, the Demonic God of Six Paths was about to force Su Yu to embrace the pain his son had suffered before his death!

A look of compassion appeared on the face of the demonic gods who had come there with the Demonic God of Six Paths.

They knew Su Yu would face a quick death if he told the Demonic God of Six Paths that his son hadnt suffered when he was killed.

However, Su Yus reply stunned all of them.

After being chased by me for seven days and seven nights, your son died miserably in desperation because I killed all those who dared to provide him with shelter! So, before his death, his heart must have been full of helplessness! So, does this seem like a miserable death to you? Su Yu asked.

Su Yu seemed to be trying to tell the Demonic God of Six Paths that his son had been tortured to death.

The Demon Cloud City Master smiled coldly. Did that mean Su Yu starts to talk rubbish when he knows his death is imminent?

He also started to look at Su Yu sympathetically.

Hearing this, the Demonic God of Six Paths said nothing. However, his murderous intent grew even stronger.

That was not the answer he had expected. He planned to terrify Su Yu so that Su Yu would start to do his best to beg for mercy and whitewash what he had done.

However, Su Yus reply had not met his expectations at all.

You are trying to annoy me, right? the Demonic God of Six Paths asked.

Su Yu shrugged. I am not good at lying. So, the truth slipped from my mouth just now! he said.

Fine! The pain you will endure when you are killed will be ten times that of my son! the Demonic God of Six Paths said coldly. Then, he prepared to dash forward and kill Su Yu instantly.

The order of the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine was that Su Yu had to be taken back, dead or alive.

The Demonic God of Six Paths worried that Su Yus corpse would drop into the Heaven Pool. So, he had to kill Su Yu directly.

However, at that moment, a voice was heard. Demonic God of Six Paths, please wait a minute! it said.

Hearing that, the Demonic God of Six Paths, who was about to dash forward, stopped and turned around to look at the Book Deity in surprise.

The Book Deitys Divine Meteor Doom had not been removed. However, strength was added into his body to suppress the curse.

According to the aura of that strength, it came from the Demonic God of Six Paths.

Havent you noticed that those traitors who ran away with him dont show up? the Book Deity said as he looked calmly at Su Yu.

Hearing what he said, the rest demonic gods secretly nodded their heads.

The Great Western Alliance had disappeared together with the princes and princesses!

Now, only Su Yu was standing above the Heaven Pool.

According to my knowledge of him, he is definitely planning something. Demonic God of Six Paths, please stay away from him, or you will fall into his trap! the Book Deity said. He had seen through Su Yus plan.

Hearing his words, the Demonic God of Six Paths glared coldly at Su Yu, but he didnt charge towards him.

Su Yu sighed internally. How repulsive you are! he said as he stared at the Book Deity.

If the Book Deity hadnt reminded the Demonic God of Six Paths, Su Yu might have easily won the fight!

Then, the Demonic God of Six Paths turned around and looked at Admiral White Bone.

Seeing this, Admiral White Bone turned around and looked at the Demon Cloud City Master.

The Demon Cloud City Master, who was smiling secretly, was shocked when he realized Admiral White Bones intentions.

Apparently, Su Yu had set a trap. Admiral White Bone planned to activate Su Yus trap with the help of the Demon Cloud City Master.

If you dont want to do this, just devote yourself to the Demon Emperor as a sacrifice! Admiral White Bone said ruthlessly.

Hearing that, the Demon Cloud City Master was terrified because he knew what would happen to sacrifices devoted to the Demon Emperor.

They would be devoured alive by the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

At the thought of this, the Demon Cloud City Master dashed towards Su Yu, clenching his teeth while thinking to himself, As long as I am careful, Su Yu will not be able to kill me!

Die, Seawatch City Master! The Demon Cloud City Master said as he appeared above Su Yus head. Then, he took out a long whip and started to attack Su Yu with it.

The long whip, which was a copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact, flew straight towards Su Yus neck like a horrible dragon.

However, when the long whip approached, a green vine flew out from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl on Su Yus arm. The long whip was captured by the vine.

Oh, no! The Demon Cloud City Master was surprised by the scene that had unfolded before him. Was this the trap set up by Su Yu?

The next moment, the Demon Cloud City Master dropped the long whip and turned around to attempt to escape.

However, when the Demon Cloud City Master had dropped his long whip, a golden mountain appeared above his head and suddenly pressed down on him.

Ah! the Demon Cloud City Master shouted in great terror.

The Five Elements Mountain might not have been able to wound him, but it would press him into the Heaven Pool.

Seeing this, Admiral White Bone snorted. What a good-for-nothing! he said.

Then, his arm exploded and became a snakelike demonic beast. The beast pushed into the Five Elements Mountain and knocked it off of its path a bit.

At the same time, the demonic beast grabbed the Demon Cloud City Master and started to drag him back.Read more chapter on

Su Yu was not surprised at all. On the contrary, he started to smile when he saw what was happening.

Giggle! Ive been waiting for you for a long time! Along with a cunning smile, the Tree God appeared. The vine that had captured the long whip was divided into two parts.

One part of the vine captured the Demon Cloud City Master, while the other captured the snakelike demonic beast that had been formed by the arm of Admiral White Bone.

The green vine, which was full of magnificent divine strength, started to drag the Demon Cloud City Master and Admiral White Bone toward the Heaven Pool.

The Tree God was now much more powerful than before. The Demon Cloud City Master was not able to rival her magnificent strength. He was being dragged down directly toward the Heaven Pool.

Ah! No the Demon Cloud City Master shouted as he desperately struggled. He even began to beg for mercy, saying, Seawatch City Master, please show mercy! I


The Demon Cloud City Master was thrown into the Heaven Pool and didnt float back up after that.

What a wimp! the Tree God said, her lips twitching. Then, she fixed her beautiful eyes on Admiral White Bone, who had been captured by her vine. Now, its your turn!

She tried to drag Admiral White Bone into the Heaven Pool again.

She hadnt expected Admiral White Bone to snort when he approached the waters surface. You are too naive! he said.

Then, his arm, which was captured by the Tree Gods vine, broke away from his body.

The Tree God snorted. What about this?


Dozens of vines flew out and wrapped themselves tightly around Admiral White Bones body.

However, when the vines tried to drag him down, Admiral White Bones body transformed into hundreds of lumps of flesh.

Then, each lump of flesh became a ferocious small snake.

As I said, you are too naive! all of the snakes sneered at the same time.

What about this? The Tree God said, annoyed. Her black hair turned into countless thin threads that captured all of the small snakes.

However, the small snakes then divided into two parts. It was impossible to capture all of them.

The Tree God started to use her hair to cut the small snakes she had caught as she clenched her teeth.

More and more smaller snakes continued to appear as she did this.

At last, Admiral White Bone had been turned into a pile of black dust.

Thousands of voices called out from the dust pile, saying, Hah! Hah! Hah! You cant kill me easily! But I can kill you at any time!


A handful of dust, which was full of blood-red liquid, flew toward the Tree God.

Seeing that, the Tree God was shocked. The water of the Bitter Sea! she shouted as her body trembled in terror.

She had previously fallen into a coma after the water of the Bitter Sea had entered her body.

If a piece of one of those thickly-dotted dust clumps got into her hair follicles, the water of Bitter Sea would be injected directly into her body.

It was impossible for the Tree God to defend herself against the dust.

However, before Admiral White Bone had time to celebrate his victory, a deity-level wild beast appeared in front of him with a roar.

Then, the beast opened its mouth and devoured all of the black dust, swallowing it.

Instantly, Admiral White Bone realized Su Yus plan. Stop! he shouted in terror.


The deity-level wild beast dropped into the Heaven Pool with Admiral White Bone, the two of them swallowed by the rippling water.

The entire area was enveloped in dead silence at that moment.

Had Admiral White Bone been killed?

A wild beast had devoured him before jumping into the Heaven Pool!

Everyone there was completely dumbfounded.

They had not been surprised by the death of Demon Cloud City Master, who was only an ordinary deity of the Holy Magic Hall.

But Admiral White Bone, who was one of the ten admirals in the Realm of Demons, had also been killed!

The Book Deitys expression darkened as he stared at the Star River Scripture in Su Yus hands.

Hah! Hah! Well done! the Tree God laughed wildly. He was so arrogant just now. Nobody expected him to die in such a disgraceful way!

Su Yu shrugged, saying, This is the so-called instant karma!

The Demonic God of Six Paths and his underlings were quite frustrated at that moment.

It should have been a simple task. However, they hadnt expected that Admiral White Bone, who was a powerful expert, would be lost at the very beginning.

It seems as though he is relying on this Tree God to drag anyone who comes closer into the Heaven Pool! Cailin said as she squinted her eyes.

Humph! Let me handle this woman! The three of you capture Su Yu! Lets do it together to avoid being defeated one by one! Cailin said. She also saw through Su Yus trick.

As long as she could stop the Tree God from saving Su Yu, the rest of the demonic gods would be able to capture him easily.

The Demonic God of Six Paths stared at Su Yu coldly. It seemed he had figured something out. He nodded his head as he squinted his eyes. Be careful! I guess there might be more hidden deities there! he said.