The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Four Rising Stars
Chapter 129: Four Rising Stars
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After taking a deep breath, the Second Elder's expression calmed.

She lifted her face up, looking at the horizon. Her lips formed a faint smile, her voice was no longer raspy as it turned into a crisp, melodious sound. Her voice did not match her ghostly appearance!

"Wu-er, do you remember how you felt the first time you saw me?"

Mo Wu froze, feeling guilty as she stuttered a reply. "I I respected you."

"It was not an expression of respect on your face, but fear and repulsion. My face is uglier than a ghost's" The Second Elder laughed. Her voice was gentle as if it came from a fairy.

Mo Wu blushed, kneeling in a fluster. "Teacher, forgive me for being young and ignorant, I was judging a book by its cover." Her guilt showed on her face.

When she first saw the hideous face of the Second Elder How could the thirteen-year-old her then hide her true feelings?

Fear and repulsion were, indeed, her initial reaction upon meeting the Second Elder.

It was only after spending some time together that she realized that the Second Elder had a really good heart; she was more kind than any handsome face in the faction.

Now that she thought back about it, she was filled with guilt.

Even though her teacher did not express this, Mo Wu knew her gaze had hurt her teacher.

"Then do you know what Su Yu looked like when he first saw me?" The Second Elder had a compassionate smile, deep in her eyes was a look of warmth and gratitude.

Mo Wu hesitated. "He's only fourteen, was he mature enough to remain calm?"

"He was not calm instead, it was a look of compassion." The melodious voice of the Second Elder showed a ripple of emotion.

That day flashed in her mind.

The sun had been warm, with a slight breeze was blowing around her.

It had been a normal summer afternoon when a silver-haired, purple-robed, smiling stranger made his way toward her, asking her about the rules of the depository.

After seeing her hideous face, he wasn't afraid or flustered. He didn't despise her, instead, he had a look of compassion.

For the first time, a stranger had looked at her hideous face and showed compassion.

Those clear eyes were like the midsummer sun shining deep into her heart.

Since she was young, she had endured the strange looks of many. She had already become numb to all the staring and glaring.

Su Yu's gaze was like rays of sunlight penetrating the black clouds, shining deep into her icy inner world and causing her soul to shudder.

She had remembered the silver-haired, purple-robed youth. She had remembered Su Yu.

Because of his compassion, she had decided to help him.

Mo Wu clenched her fist, feeling guilty but also unjust.

She deeply understood how much pain her teacher was going through, so she could understand why her teacher was helping Su Yu.

It was all due to gratitude. She was thanking him for never once belittling, despising, or hurting her.

But why can't I be the one she's grateful for? Mo Wu felt indignant.

The Second Elder turned to leave.

"Tomorrow, I shall help teacher observe the fight and tell you of the details. You should tend to your injuries," Mo Wu said.

The Second Elder did not turn around, though her melodious voice was gentle. "It is a fight concerning his fate, how could I leave him alone?"

Clenching her fists, Mo Wu stomped her feet. "I cannot accept this... Why is he the one teacher is happy about, not me..."

In the middle of the night, a lone candle lit up a single room.

"Xianer, it's late. Go back to sleep in your room." Su Yu lightly patted Xianer's back.

Ever since they were reunited, Xianer had clung to So Yu and refused to let go.

"I don't want to, I want to sleep with Brother Su Yu!" Xianer whined, her arms hugging Su Yu even tighter. "If I let go, you're going to run away!"

Once upon a time, he had knocked her unconscious and sent him over to Elder Qin. Another time, he had lied to her to get her to leave without him.

Su Yu had no choice. He held her lovingly and went onto the bed.

Xianer buried her head deep into Su Yu's embrace, enjoying the long-awaited hug. She closed her eyes, her cheeks forming blissful dimples.

Hugging the petite Xianer, Su Yu was filled with love and no immoral thoughts. "Sleep peacefully."

Xianer nodded obediently. She laid in Su Yu's embrace, satisfied as she slipped into a deep slumber.

Looking at the girl who was as cute as a porcelain doll, Su Yu's gaze was clear and free of indecent thoughts. Xianer was too young to do anything beyond cuddling each other as they slept.

Su Yu could not love her enough, how could he let her come to harm?

Su Yu had to win in tomorrow's battle!

He had to fight for a place within the Liuxian faction, for him and Xianerfor their future.

If he was to lose and Xianer was to be violated by Cao Xuan, he would spend his life in guilt and regret.

Clenching his fist, Su Yu hugged Xianer and slipped into a slumber.

The next day, Xianer awoke and yawned like a cat.

Opening his eyes to look at the silently sleeping Xianer, Su Yu noticed she looked like an adorable pixie.

Suddenly, Su Yu's gaze fell on her neck. A mark of a fire phoenix was clearly visible. This was Xianer's mark of her bloodline of the nine phoenixes, it had been there since her birth.

But what Su Yu could not understand was a faint, black fog surrounding the fire phoenix.

Had it always looked like that?

Xianer yawned again and turned her body, blocking the seal. Su Yu could not observe it further.

Seeing the sunrise, Su Yu got out of bed.

The fight concerning the fate of Xianer was approaching!

As he left the yard, a lady stood silently at the door. She was about twenty years old and beautiful. She had fair skin and a sharp chin; her features were gentle and exquisite like cherry blossoms in April.

A green silk robe was draped over her. Her yellow shirt hugged her mature body, accentuating her curves.

What a beauty. But her demeanor was cold, making it hard for anyone to approach her.

"Finally awake! Hmph! My teacher ordered me to take you to the Law Enforcement Tribunal!" The beauty's expression was cold and composed, making it hard for anyone to discern her feelings. But Su Yu could faintly feel discern some animosity.

She was the personal disciple of the Second Elder, Mo Wu. She was also one of the four core disciples of the Liuxian faction.

Her abilities were in the Dragon Realm.

Slightly nodding, Su Yu remained calm and followed her to the Law Enforcement Tribunal.

The Law Enforcement Tribunal was the punitive agency of the faction. It needed to inspire fear amongst the disciples of the faction, and so it's entry requirements were very high.

Every month, they organized a small sparring contest to train the disciples.

Today's sparring contest had an extraordinary purpose.

The elders of the faction were going to be observing this contest.

The Second Elder and the Tenth Elder were going to be present.

"The battle between the two of you will take place at the same time as the Four Rising Stars of the Law Enforcement Tribunal." Mo Wu stepped forward with her slender legs.

The Four Rising Stars of the Law Enforcement Tribunal? Su Yu raised his head. "How strong are they?"

"At least Third Level Holy King," Mo Wu coldly replied, pausing for a moment. "Meanwhile, I wish to remind you that the Law Enforcement Tribunal is the strongest organization in the Liuxian faction in terms of battle power. Its members have access to Legacy level techniques as long as they are above Third Level Holy King. They are not comparable to the black-armored guard you beat in the past."

Cultivating Legacy level techniques? Su Yu was calm, he had never belittled the Law Enforcement Tribunal, and thus he can't say that he was surprised.

Looking back to see Su Yu's calm expression without a hint of nervousness, Mo Wu thought that he was overconfident. She sneered. "You had better take this seriously. It's alright if you lose your woman, but don't dishonor my teacher!"

"Yes, Senior Mo," Su Yu replied with a smile.

"The Four Rising Stars are the best disciples the Law Enforcement Tribunal has recruited over the past five years. Each of them has punished evildoers by themselves. Their skills are stunning and they have much experience in actual combat. Among them, the strongest is Wang Shenxue, a Third Level Peak Holy King. He once sparred with Fourth Level Holy Kings!"

Su Yu was shocked. Wang Shenxue was strong, he had no competition among the Third Level Holy Kings.

"During the fight, if you lose against other people before facing Cao Xuan, it will mean that you have completely lost. According to the agreement, Qin Xianer will have to marry Cao Xuan and you cannot object."

In the backyard of the Law Enforcement Tribunal, there was a practice venue. The area was encompassed by a murderous aura, A group of men dressed in black stood at the side. Their every breath carried incredible pressure.

A weak-willed person entering the Law Enforcement Tribunal would undoubtedly be terrified by their presence, but Su Yu was calm as he approached the practice venue.

Four black-robed youths had long since arrived. They did not speak much as they stood under the arena, a cold aura spreading through their bodies.

"When is it my turn?" Su Yu took a light breath. He wanted very much to fight Cao Xuan as soon as possible so he could resolve the issue once and for all.

Mo Wu was impassive. "The second battle!"

After a while, the Second Elder and the Tenth Elder arrived. The Great Elder had considerable status and did not have time to observe such a small sparring.

The Master of the Liuxian faction had achieved his aim. No matter the outcome of the fight, the animosity between the two parties would be solved.

Cao Xuan came together with the Tenth Elder, shooting a cold laugh at Su Yu from afar. "I, Cao Xuan, will definitely take your woman!"

"I, Su Yu, will definitely take your life!" Su Yu coldly replied.

They locked eyes, murderous anger evident in their glares.

Their battle would decide the future of Xianer and Su Yu.

Su Yu had to win.

If he lost, he will destroy Xianer's future!