The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292 The Death Of The Demonic God Of Six Paths

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The Dead Soul Worm, whose wings were cut into half, did not die. Instead, it let out a piercing scream.

Even though the people didnt understand the language it spoke, everyone knew that the worm was completely enraged.

After the high-pitched scream, the Dead Soul Worm glowed blood-red.

The red light in it flashed between the heavens and the earth. When this happened, the Demonic God of Six Paths held his chest in pain as another of his demon hearts was destroyed.

At this time, everyone saw a blood-red remnant that intermittently penetrated the chest of the Demonic God of Six Paths.

Then, the Demonic God of Six Paths groaned again. This time, his palms, which were covering his chest, were also penetrated by that bloody red streak of light. It too disintegrated into powder.

Another demon heart was gone.

Another aftershock between the heavens and the earth ran through his chest.

Then, the third, fourth, fifth

One after another, the blood-red remnants ran between the heavens and the earth before penetrating through the chest of the Demonic God of Six Paths.

In just ten short breaths, ten blood-red residual lines ran through the chest of the Demonic God.

The Demonic God of Six Paths was unable to resist. He could only look on as his hearts were destroyed, one by one.

This continued until his own demon heart remained. It was a dark red heart far beyond the ordinary demon heart.

When the Dead Soul Worm turned into a trace of residual thread and tried to pass through this heart, the heart didnt break immediately. Instead, Divine Path continued oozing out of it.

The Demonic God was hit hard liked never before.


The dead soul worm screamed and wanted to launch its final blow, but its reddish body gradually burned. It then dimmed in redness, becoming a transparent entity.

Its life had come to an end.

Even so, the dead soul worm still turned into a remnant line and headed straight for the Demonic God of Six Paths.

As its speed was getting slower and slower, the light within it was getting darker and darker. Eventually, it thundered and turned into a ball of fire. Then, it disintegrated within inches of the chest of the Demonic God of Six Paths.

The Demonic God of Six Paths was covered in cold sweat, which was visible on his forehead. Had the worm died just a bit later, he would have perished here today.


Su Yus life, too, would finally end.

Everyone has lost the items that could save their lives.

In contrast, the Demonic God of Six Paths, despite losing so many demon hearts, could kill them all once.

The Demonic God of Six Paths was no longer self-assured. He stared hard at Su Yus eyes and saw the killing intent was strong.

Too dangerous!

This person, Su Yu, was indeed very dangerous; much more dangerous than Princess Yunxia had expected!

He must die!

The First Prince could stay alive for now, and he could also ignore the Second and Sixth princess at the moment.

But not Su Yu. Su Yu had to die. The Demonic God of Six Paths felt Su Yu would be the bringer of doom to the entire demon world in the future!


The dark red demon body of the Demonic God of Six Paths flashed and he instantly moved towards Su Yus chest.

This killer move required him to use all of his demon power!

The First Princes demon sword rushed forward. The Second and Sixth Princesses also struggled to move forward to block the blow.

Scram! The word thundered out of his mouth and the three of them flew backward.

The Demonic God of Six Paths killing intent was unprecedented.

At this moment, no one could resist him.

Su Yu, having exhausted almost all his tricks, had nothing left to defend himself against the powerful and matchless Demonic God of Six Paths.

However, at this moment of life and death, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God, who was always silent in the background, emitted purple light from his eyes.

Purple light penetrated the dark starry sky and enveloped the world.

As for his physical body, it burned with a layer of purple flame.

He is burning his Divine Path! Said the First Prince in surprise.

The Divine Path was the foundation of all deities. Burning Divine Path was tantamount to self-destruction.

Although it could help one to release a great burst of power, it would never be used useless a god was about to end his life.

Heavens and Earth as the Prison! The Purple-Eyed Demonic God shouted. Two purple lights shot from his eyes and into the abyss. It was as if he was seeking to latch onto something invisible that nevertheless existed.

When the reflection came back, it carried with it a hidden power of the heavens.

The burning of Divine Path was tantamount to abandoning ones desire to become a god. Inevitably, it would lead to the consequences laid out by the laws of heaven.

A slip of Heaven and Earth as the Prison landed in front of them and reflected purple light. Altogether, the lights were interweaved into a purple cage, and the Demonic God of Six Paths was trapped within it.

What a weak god! You thought that by burning your Divine Path you would be able to trap me? The Demonic God of Six Paths yelled, grabbed the purple light with both hands, and attempted to shatter it.

The prison cage started shaking violently and looked like it could actually be broken open.

The purple flames of the Purple-Eyed Demonic God became more and more intense. He turned his head and looked at Su Yu. There is only so much I can do for you. Su Yu, treat my disciple well.

With those words, he resolutely turned around and went forward into the Heaven Pool with the cage.

No! The Demonic God of Six Paths now realized his intentions and let out a scream of horror. Despite being in the cage, his scream managed to reach the body of the Purple-Eyed Demonic God. It shook his body considerably.

However, it was all to no avail. By then, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God had already submerged himself in the Heaven Pool.

A shocking swallowing force pulled everything towards it. The cage, which was closely connected to the Purple-Eyed Demonic God, was also quickly swallowed.

The Demonic God of Six Paths roared with a fury that shook the entire Xing River. No! I dont want to die!

With the cage submerged into the Heaven Pool, huge waves splashed upwards. Then, the voice of the Demonic God of Six Paths came to an abrupt end.


The First Prince and his sisters seemed to be on the brink of fainting. They collapsed to the ground like jelly.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God sacrificed himself, dragging the Demonic God of Six Paths along to die with him.

Everything that had just happened was like a dream, fleeting and seemingly unreal.

Su Yu had a sad expression on his face. He stood by the side of the Heaven Pool and made a deep bow. I will take very good care of your disciples.

Without the sacrifice of the Purple-Eyed Demonic God, they would not be able to escape.

He wanted to help the Purple-Eyed Demonic God enjoy his old age. Su Yu didnt expect that he would sacrifice himself so that the Demonic God of Six Paths would finally be defeated.

The Sixth Princess stared at Su Yus sadly hunched form. Pulling herself together, she pursed her lips, approached Su Yu, and said softly, The Purple-Eyed Demonic God couldnt become famous when he was alive, but he was able to win over the top-ranked Demon in his death. Im sure he died happy. Compared with enduring mediocrity, I think he was more willing to die with a blast.

Su Yu nodded slightly, looked back at her, and said, Thank you.

When will come the time when no one would have to sacrifice themselves? Su Yu looked at the vast world ahead.

The Sixth Princess replied, When you break away and become the creator of the heavens and the earth. If not, we will always be a mere speck of dust in the vast skies, always at the mercy of fate.

Su Yu seemed to have thought of something and looked far out and away.

Although the Demonic God of Six Paths was gone, he still couldnt relax.

There was still someone who was infinitely superior to the Demonic God of Six Paths.

The First Demon Emperor!

He was the most terrifying being in the entire Xing River.

Within a day, he would destroy all living things. They would be= his nourishment to become a Middle God.

Demon Realm, if you didnt exist, how peaceful would the Xing River be? Su Yu said with a cold look upon his face.

Whether it was the Zhenlong Continent, the Jiuzhou world, the Great Eastern Alliance, the land of the gods, or the Great Western Alliance, all their misfortunes and tragedies were related to the Demon World.

As long as the First Demon Emperor existed, Xing River would never find peace.

There was a twinkle in Su Yus eyes now.

He knew what he had to do.

He would create a tomorrow and a future for himself and for everyone!

However, before that, some things had to be done.

Book God, if you were hiding in the demon world, I would not be able to do anything to you. However, since you came out of it, our grudges will be written off completely! Su Yu said with his eyes glowing brightly.

If the Sheng Deity didnt rush back in time, Su Yu would not have had the chance to release the Dead Soul Worm.

The strength of the Book God was not great, but he was extremely good at seizing opportunities and causing harm to any gods he partnered with.

If he was given a chance, Su Yu had no doubt that the harm he would bring would be comparable to that of the Demonic God of Six Paths.

The Sixth Princess frowned. The Book God is cunning. You had forced him to face death many times, but he could always use the book as his stand-in to prevent his own death. Without careful preparation, it would be difficult to eliminate him.

Su Yu replied coldly, He has no chance to escape; I have already learned why he was able to get away every time.

He could use the book as a stand-in once, twice and even three times.

Even if Su Yu were stupid, which he was not, he could make out a simple clue.

Lets go and catch up with the Sheng Deity! Its time to fight against the Book God! Su Yu shouted.


He and his team quickly broke through space and chased after the Sheng Deity.

They didnt know that when they left, a black pillar a thousand feet in length suddenly rolled out from an inconspicuous part from Heaven Pool.

If one looked closely, one would find that the long pillar was actually a hair!

Half a day later

In the distant horizon, the Sheng Deity was guarding the entrance of a dead and silent Cavern World, and said coldly, Book God, you dont have to hide anymore. You had done many evil deeds and you shall meet your fate today!

There was dead silence in the Cavern World, and the Book God did not respond.

However, the Sheng Deity could feel the breath of the Book God from within, as well as the fluctuation of his divine power.

Hesitating for a moment, the Sheng Deity gritted her teeth and decided to step into the Cavern World.

Dont go in! Just then, Su Yus voice came from the other end of the world.

The Sheng Deity was stunned for a moment. Then, she saw Su Yu leading the prince and princesses. They quickly landed next to her.

She rejoiced upon seeing that they were alive. Did this mean that they had managed to escape from that terrible demon?

Why are you here? Sheng Deity asked.

Su Yu landed, stared at the Cavern World and said in a low voice, If we didnt come, we could only wait to recover your dead body!

The Sheng Deity was displeased. The strength of the Book God is far inferior to mine. For you to say that to me, it is really

Then you should see this, Su Yu pointed to an area outside the Cavern world that was hidden by the formation.

The First Princes eyes flickered and his Demon Sword swiped forward, breaking the formation.

Then, in that area, three lacquered black rune-breaking symbols emerged. They were roaring with momentum, waiting to be activated.

World Destruction Spell? Sheng Deity was taken aback. If these runes were launched, the entire Cavern world would be destroyed.

Even though the Sheng Deity could resist the power of broken amulets, due to the destruction of the Cavern World it would be impossible to keep her from being seriously injured.

If Book God took the opportunity to attack her, her probability of falling from her gods position would be as high as 80%!

After thinking about it, the Sheng Deity broke out in a cold sweat: So the breath of the Book God that I detected was fake; was it to lure me in and trap me?

Su Yu nodded. Yes, probably, he said.

However, I saw him walk in here. I couldnt have possibly seen wrongly, could I? The Sheng Deity was surprised. I kept watching outside. If he had escaped, it would be impossible for him to get past me without breaking open the Cavern World.