The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294 Underwater Ruins

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Is he here, in Xing River? The Book God, who was thinking about his escape strategy, suddenly raised his head. He was rather shocked by this question.

Eh? Su Yu was confused. The Book Gods response meant that Yun Yazi did not belong to the Xing River.

Might there an unknown world beyond the Xing River?

So you surely know of his existence. What is your relationship with him? Su Yus eyes glowed coldly.

The Book God looked perturbed. His eyes darted right and left, and he was apparently still in shock to have heard about Yun Yazi.

Su Yu was even more suspicious, and his expression grew colder: Ill search through your soul if you dont speak!

The Tree Goddess flashed green, and two vines were drawn out to catch the Book God.

The Book God was shocked and wanted to avoid it, but alas, it was difficult to escape the Tree Goddess.

However, just as the Tree Goddess was reeling him in, suddenly, there was a loud noise under the Heaven Pool, and a ten-meter-high water wave appeared out of nowhere.

A black sweat hair pierced through the waves and caught the Book God, who was next to the Heaven Pool.

The Book God screamed and struggled. He tried to pull out the black hair probing out of the water as he moved.

The sudden scene and abrupt events made Su Yu stupefied. How could something come out from the Heaven Pool?

When he saw the black hair, Su Yu shouted, Tree Goddess, hurry up and push the Book God in!!

Was it not the hair of the Giant of the Bitter Sea? Ten thousand feet long, it was full of the corrosive atmosphere unique to the Giant!

However, the Giant of the Bitter Sea was in the Demon Realm and could not have suddenly appeared in the Heaven Pool.

The only explanation was that after the Demonic God of Six Paths fell into the depths of the Heaven Pool, he used the hair of the Giant of the Bitter Sea and stuck it out of the Heaven Pool. He intended to use it to grab the Book God.

There was no doubt that the Demonic God of Six Paths was attached to the hair!

Once the Book God pulled the hair up, the Demonic God of Six Paths would also be liberated!

Su Yu felt chills all over. He could not perform the Domain of Life again and it was impossible to find yet another Dead Soul Worm. It was even less likely to find another deity like the Purple-Eyed Demonic God who burned his Divine Path to save him.

If the Demonic God of Six Paths got out of the Heaven Pool, everyone would die and nobody could run away!

The Tree Goddess lingered for a moment. Upon realizing that the situation was bad, she immediately took the initiative and used the two vines that caught the Book God to push him into the Heaven Pool instead.

The sweat hair was being pulled whilst the vines were pushing it. The Book God was not at all useful in this situation.

Wait! Dont do it yet, I


The Book God was pushed into the Heaven Pool.

Immediately, the black hair loosened its grip on the Book God and tangled into the two vines of the Tree Goddess.

The Tree God immediately cut off those vines.

The sweat hair pulled hard, but could only get the two cut vines into the water.

Failing once again, the sweat hairs pulling force plummeted and it seemed unable to continue pulling.

However, at this moment, the hairs suddenly burst out of the Heaven Pool and stretched out, sweeping from one side of the Xing River to the other.

The Tree Goddess screamed. Using divine light that surged through her body, she grabbed Su Yu and was ready to teleport out of the area.

Alas, the sweat hair was too fast. Just as she was about to teleport, it caught and entangled Su Yus feet.

The Tree Goddess immediately grabbed and pulled hard, but the hair gripped Su Yus leg so powerfully that they couldnt break free.

At the same time, the sweat hair, using Su Yu as a lever point, climbed upwards at a frenzied speed.

The breath of the Demonic God of Six Paths was slowly but surely looming.

The Tree Goddess was so anxious that she tried to cut the Sweat Hair. Alas, no matter what she did, she couldnt break it at all.

Beneath the water, a dark red ominous body was about to climb up again along with the hair!

Its too late! Let go! Su Yu stared at the Tree Goddess, sighing softly.

The Tree Goddesss crystal eyes shone resolutely: No, I cant let it go! If I let it go, you can never come back!

If you dont let it go, no one can come back, Su Yu was extremely calm facing this life and death situation. He extricated himself from the grasp of the Tree Goddess.

He had just released himself when almost immediately, he felt the infinite power drag him in.

Under the water, the dark red demon shadow that was about to surface issued a desperate roar: Nooooo!.


With Su Yu falling into Heaven Pool, the pulling power sucked him, the Demonic God of Six Paths, and the hair into it.

No! The Tree Goddess screamed and rushed over, but could only see ripples on the surface.

Su Yu! The Tree Goddess looked at the gradually calming ripples and murmured softly. Across her pretty face, there were two streaks of crystal clear tears.

Standing beside the Heaven Pool, she wept for a long time. One could sense her sadness and utter despair, but a sad smile soon appeared on her face: You took me away from Jiuzhou. I will now follow you to the end of the world.

She decided that she would enter the Heaven Pool and follow Su Yu wherever he went.


Right on time, someone arrived at the scene and intercepted her from acting foolishly.

You are crazy! The Sixth Princess rushed back to Heaven Pool to stop her crazy act.

The Tree Goddess said, Su Yu had fallen into the Heaven Pool. I want to follow him.

The Sixth Princess was stunned. It was as if she was struck by lighting. He actually

There was an inexplicable feeling in her heart. The Sixth Princess looked at Heaven Pool blankly, without saying a word.

Not long after that, the First Prince, the Sheng Deity, and the Second Princess rushed back to the spot as well.

They had heard that Su Yu fell into the Heaven Pool. They were all silent.

They originally thought that the Demonic God of Six Paths had been eliminated. Who would have thought that his vitality was so tenacious that he not only survived but also managed to drag Su Yu into the Heaven Pool?

What should I do now? The Second Princess yelled. Without Su Yu, their group felt lost.

The Tree Goddess said, You should head to the Great Eastern Alliance. Ximen Jian and Glittering Deity are there, and you should be able to settle down there in peace. As for me, you dont need to care about me.

What she intended to do was well understood by everyone present.

The prince was silent for a long time, and his eyes flashed. I dont think its necessary to be so pessimistic. Think about it! The Demonic God of Six Paths hasnt died in the Heaven Pool after being in there for so long. So maybe Su Yu didnt die either?

Hearing this, everyone cheered up. The hollowed eyes of the Tree Goddess were able to focus once more.

The Sixth Princesss hopes rose as well. Yeah! Anyone might die if they fell into the Heaven Pool, but Su Yu is not an ordinary person. When he first came to the Demon World, he was a nonentity, but what happened? Not only did he succeed in leaving the Demon World, but he also managed to turn it World upside down!

Even in our Demon World, he could come and go freely. Maybe he can do so as well in the Heaven Pool?

The Tree Goddess was now completely reassured. She said, You are right, he will not die. He escaped twice from the Giant of the Bitter Sea, so what is a mere Heaven Pool to him?

Sheng Deity, you take them back to the Great Eastern Alliance, unite the two major alliances, gather all the Cavern Worlds across Xing River and complete his unfinished business for him! the Tree Goddess said.

What about you? The Sixth Princess asked.

The Tree God smiled slightly. She looked at the waters of the Heaven Pool and her smile was soft as never before. I will wait for him to come back. I will wait for a year, and if it is not enough, I will wait for ten years. If ten years are not enough, I will wait for a hundred years. After all, I have become accustomed to waiting.

The Sixth Princess felt a sense of pity and sympathized with how the Tree Goddess felt over losing someone dear.

She tried her best to hold back tears from welling up and reluctantly said, Alright, lets go.

The Tree Goddess looked back at her and said, I will wait for you as well.

Thank you. The Sixth Princess bowed and teleported away in an instance. Only a crystalline teardrop was left behind, drifting across the river.

The First Prince sighed quietly: The Sixth Princess is arrogant and stubborn. She never fell for anyone. However, if she did, it would be forever.

When the rest went away, the Tree Goddess sat cross-legged on the edge of Heaven Pool. She turned herself into a giant tree of this galaxy, standing quietly beside the pool.

Su Yu was pulled into Heaven Pool, and he took in a few sips of water.

The water in the Heaven Pool Lake was extremely cold. It quickly entered his body and froze it.

What rendered him even more helpless was that, under the water, there was a tremendous power. No matter how he resisted, he was mercilessly dragged down.

This dragging force continued for half a day. The Heaven Pool seemed to be a bottomless pit.

Half a day later, Su Yu saw a dark cave at the bottom of the pool. He saw that the sucking power was emitted from the cave.

The surroundings of the cave were smooth and there was no hiding place around it.

He decided that he should take some precautions. Su Yu transformed the power of the five elements into gold while protecting his body with divine power.

With that, he was then swallowed into the cave.

The tide rose and Su Yu was washed away by the rapid current. It took a while before it finally came to a halt.

When the water flow gradually eased, Su Yu opened his eyes and found himself in a deep underwater world.

There were ancient buildings everywhere, across the entire bottom of the sea. They were extremely archaic in style and eroded by water.

What a huge ruined city! Su Yu exclaimed. He estimated billions of square meters of land were covered in ruins.

At this moment, he saw a black shadow ahead, as if there was something swimming above him.

Su Yu was startled, but he was not willing to let his soul out to investigate. To think that something could go across the top of his head without him noticing!

Su Yu felt the slightest sense of danger and swam into a well-preserved ancient ruin.

Unlike flying through the air, moving through water was slower.

An even stranger thing was that the power of the five elements was not useful here. It seemed that the power of water within the ocean floor was too strong, causing the unevenness of the five elements. It was therefore very difficult to gather enough power of the five elements to complete the shift.

How unlucky! Su Yu secretly said to himself. It was really bad luck to be dragged by the Demonic God of Six Paths into this strange underwater world. However, he wasnt dead yet.

Ahhh Suddenly, a faint voice reached his ears.

Eh? Su Yu was stunned, and he was on high alert. He turned and glanced around, but there was no one in the ruins.

However, Su Yu always believed in his intuition.

His eyes glowed white as Su Yu activated his all-encompassing eye, which penetrated through everything.

Suddenly, he saw something in the corner of the ruins. Two strange creatures came into view.

Those creatures were half-human and half-fish. Their upper body resembled that of a human, but they had scale-covered fishtails instead of legs.

Judging by their appearance, they were two women.

One looked to be in her early twenties, while the other was about fifteen or sixteen years old. They were both extremely beautiful.

This was especially true of the older girl. She had golden, soft and long hair. Her eyes were green like spring leaves, and she had beautiful and delicate features. Placed among human beings, she would be one of the most beautiful women.

The younger one was also good looking with fair skin, a slightly rounded face, and a pure complexion.

Each of them carried a small basket on her back. They hugged each other tightly as they looked at Su Yu in fear.

When that realized that Su Yu was looking at them, they froze in terror.

You dont need to hide, I can see you, Su Yu calmly said.


As soon as his voice sounded, the two mermaids swayed their tails and immediately left the area.

Su Yu smiled. With two fingers, a force of five elements condensed into a chain and flew out from him.

Soon, the chains returned with the two beautiful mermaids.