The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1296

Chapter 1296 Saving Your Life

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Concentrating hard, the big mermaid tried subconsciously to perceive divine energy behind her.

However, she could not feel the slightest presence of a god and couldnt help but wonder. Where are these God-level tomb guard spirits?, she muttered. Su Yu is acting so calm, I bet he deliberately exaggerated.

After a long time, the so-called God-level tomb guard spirits still did not appear.

They were getting very close to the giant ship and could sense the presence of the mermaid clan.

The big mermaid heaved a sigh of relief. Confident that she was right, she half-smiled, Where are the God-level tomb guard spirits you were talking about?

Su Yu shrugged, They have always been around us.

Why cant we see them? The big mermaids half-smile slowly disappeared as she asked herself, If the God-level tomb guard spirits were really here, how could he be so calm?

Su Yu said, It is normal that you cant pick up their presence.

Su Yu carried two Celestial Energy Spheres endowed with divine powers. Hence, his sensitivity to the presence of other divine beings would be magnified.

The big mermaid belonged to the category of a Level Four Mortal Fairy which was miles away from being a Prospective Deity.

She shook her head and smiled. Well, even if I am not aware of them, today you saved my sister and I. The mermaid clan will give thanks to you.

Without Su Yus help, the sisters could not possibly escape from thousands of tomb guard spirits.

I didnt save you for any reward. Say no more. Let us proceed to the giant ship! Su Yu said, as his eyes flashed with light.

After an hour, they finally arrived at the giant ship.

The ship was half the size of the cavern world. Close up, it was impossible to take in its full appearance. Only a dark wall could be seen extending to the depths of the sky.

Upon closer inspection, the surface of the battleship appeared to be lined with buildings and undulating hills.

It looked like the ship was part of the cavern world itself.

Su Yus eyes widened. The entire cavern world was built into a warship. Such an extraordinary method of construction was unheard of at Xing River.

Looking at the battleship, it was apparent how prosperous it must have been during the time of the Ancient God Realm.

There was a faint red-colored barrier layer over the surface of the entire ship.

Su Yu inspected it briefly and was taken aback. The strength of the barrier was tougher than anything in the cavern world of Xing River. Even the barriers of the demon realm could not match up to this.

It was so strong that any ordinary deity, even the Demonic God of Six Paths, could do nothing to penetrate it.

Other than the Giant of the Bitter Sea, no one in Xing River would have any chance of breaking through.

Furthermore, this was just a remnant of the barrier that had previously existed on the giant ship.

Back then, the complete barrier must have been awe-inspiring in strength.

Su Yu had the feeling of suddenly entering the prosperous civilization period from the primitive society of the Stone Age.

The Ancient God Realm, exactly what kind of era was it? Su Yu could not help but murmur.

After hearing what Su Yu said, the big mermaid nodded her head. Yes, we often wonder how such a prosperous era could have been destroyed overnight! And that a broken warship could shelter our mermaid clan for billions of years. How must the Ancient God Realm have looked at its peak?

The little mermaid pouted and said, The book says, that it was an era of divine warriors, entire generations of Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth were born. They opened up the world and created the legendary Gold, Silver, and Bronze Clans. Sadly, the three legendary clans are no more. However, there are still a few survivors of the Bronze race. The Gold race, Silver race, and the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth all fell together. Since then, for billions of years, no new Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth has been born.

As the three of them became nostalgic, they moved towards the barrier.

There was an entrance that could only be opened from the inside.

If there was no response, even if the Demonic God of Six Paths came, he could be trapped.

The big mermaid sacrificed a drop of her blood onto a jade plate placed at the entrance.

The droplet was absorbed and caused some kind of induction effect. Soon, an excited voice could be heard from the inside, The two princesses have returned!

Princesses? Su Yu was taken aback and re-examined both of them.

The big mermaid said with a tinge of pride in her voice, Are you surprised? My sister and I are actually princesses of the mermaid clan.

Whether you are princesses or not, what does it have to do with me? Su Yu smiled. The mermaids had not revealed their identities for safety reasons, in case Su Yu harbored evil thoughts.

The big mermaid frowned, You are so cold and unemotional!


There was a slight squeak and the entrance opened halfway revealing another barrier behind it.

Both sides were now able to see each other.

Inside was a mermaid squad, each holding a quaintly styled halberd.

There were both men and women. The women were outstandingly beautiful and graceful, and the men were handsome and spirited.

At the head of the squad was a merman. His huge fishtail was triple colored, his body was majestic and strong while his features were handsome and his eyes had the sharpness of a hawk.

He had a most imposing aura that matched those of the middle stage prospective deities.

His manner appeared arrogant, but he was civil towards the two mermaids, Bai Yi welcomes the two princesses back to the clan.

The little mermaid glanced at the big mermaid, and said with a smile, Sister, your elder brother Bai Yi came to pick you up in person.

Unmoved, the big mermaid said, Open the door! I want to see the mermaid king immediately.

Ba Yi bowed his head and nodded. He took a head-sized key from his neck and penetrated it into the barrier.

Click Cluck Clank

A series of strange sounds were heard. It seemed that some internal mechanism of the giant ship had been activated and the countless gear transmissions turned one after another.

Then, the huge plates of the hull moved and slotted together, and the entire surface of the giant ship became active, emitting an eclectic mix of loud noises.

The majestic grandeur was like science fiction.

Finally, with a loud bang, there appeared a door in the barrier that only one person could pass through at any one time.

The big mermaid took the arm of her sister and they went in.

However, as they entered, a five-colored light suddenly flashed in front of them.

The big mermaid was startled and saw that Su Yu was standing calmly at the entrance with his hands behind his back, looking at her nonchalantly.

What are you doing? asked the big mermaid.

Su Yu said, Since Im here, let me help you uncover a sinister plot. You can go in, but it would be better to let go of that little mermaid in your arms.

The big mermaid became irritated, What are you talking about?

Oh, I am merely making a suggestion. However, if you have no problem letting a God-level tomb guard spirit into your mermaid clan, then you can ignore what I said and go ahead with whatever you wanted to do, Su Yu said lightly.

The mermaids inside the barrier were taken aback. A God-level tomb guard spirit?

Warrior Ba Yi, close the entrance immediately! The other mermaids hurried him after hearing Su Yu.

Ba Yi shouted in a cool-headed manner, Everyone, calm down! He is an outsider, how can you believe this nonsense? Follow me out right now and kill this person.

The big mermaid held the little mermaid tightly, and with a sweep of her tail, she suddenly stopped and stared at Su Yu. Who are you?, she said coldly. What exactly is your motive for being here?

In terms of his identity and what had just transpired, Su Yu was a very suspicious figure indeed.

Now, in saying her sister was a God-level tomb guard spirit, it made her even more suspicious of Su Yus identity.

Su Yu was amused, Seriously if I hadnt wanted to gather useful information from your mermaid clan, I would have simply stood by and watched you fools destroy yourselves. It would have cost me nothing.

The big mermaid was disturbed but thought hard about it. What good would it do him by slandering her sister as a God-level tomb guard spirit?

There must be easier ways to cause trouble for the mermaid clan.

Looking at the aggrieved sister in her arms, the big mermaid said, Can you provide any evidence to back up your claim?

Evidence? Its very simple, Su Yu stared coldly at the little mermaid. Ive been wondering how the tomb guard spirits caught up with us!

Why is that so strange?, the big mermaid said. The tomb guard spirits are not only sensitive to sound but also to smell. Even if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away, they could still sense our presence. So is it surprising that they eventually caught up with us?

Su Yu smiled, What if I told you, I had secretly wiped out any trace of us?

A silver glow emerged from his palm.

To be rid of the tomb guard spirits Su Yu had irradiated all trace of them as they moved.

Hence, it was simply impossible for the tomb guard spirits to track them.

However, the tomb guard spirits had found their way to them, even in the vast underworld.

The only explanation was that someone amongst them had guided the spirits to them.

As that person could not be Su Yu, it could only have been one of the mermaid sisters.

One of you two sisters must be a God-level tomb guard spirit, so I deliberately set up a trap by telling you that God-level tomb guard spirits were following us, and I secretly observed both your reactions. Su Yu stared at the little mermaid and said coldly, When I said that the God-level tomb guard spirit had caught up with us, do you remember how you reacted?

The big mermaid froze. She realized that her usually timid sister had not said a word, nor uttered a sound.

Exactly! She did nothing, said Su Yu. The normal reaction would have been for her to keep looking over her shoulder, but she did not do so. So what does that tell you?

Hearing this, the big mermaids face changed, and she gradually let go of the little mermaid, slowly backing away, saying, Hai Luoyou!

The little mermaid lowered her head, and her usual bright voice turned into a monster-like snarl.

She suddenly raised her head, and her lovely little face became savage.


With a growl, the little mermaid exuded an imposing aura. Her petite body was fluttering with light and instantly broke through the group of mermaids that were poised to capture Su Yu. Suddenly, she dived straight into the depths of the fleet.


However, just before she managed to penetrate the mermaid clan, a hill suddenly appeared from above and flew towards her body.

The little mermaid looked up, panicked and hurriedly retreated.

She barely avoided suppression by the five-colored divine light. She somersaulted and dodged to the side. As she was about to try and break into the battleship again, she discovered the entrance was blocked by the hill.

Her instincts told her that the hill was extremely dangerous and seemingly untouchable.


The little mermaid turned abruptly, stared at Su Yu in anger and made a horrifying sound with her mouth.

Su Yu folded his arms. With a stern expression, he said with a cold piercing look, If I were you, I would get out of here. You should know that my body is stained with the blood of your fellow spirits.